July 26, 2022

The Porch Is Live... Take a Load Off...

Glad to see you back on the Porch... the deadzone is almost over... Steelers camp is set to begin, and we debut our new Top 7 List... our personal list of the best 7 albums of all time. It's all good on the Porch!

Glad to see you back on the Porch... the deadzone is almost over... Steelers camp is set to begin, and we debut our new Top 7 List... our personal list of the best 7 albums of all time. It's all good on the Porch!

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for being here. Uh I love our new intro music. I want to thank you. So great. At American Busker, iHeartRadio. Absolutely. The sports porch. It makes us legitimate. It makes us, you know, big time. Now, move over Barstool. Come up on the porch, hang out with us. All I gotta say is, what's Barstool? Barstool, yeah.
I was almost ready to tell you that. So, anyways, guys, thank you for being here again, 730 on a Monday night. If you're watching on, social media. Of course, we got a lot of things going on here. But first, we, we once again, we want to wish Steve a speedy recovery, but I mean, is there any more dedication to this guy? Last week, just for those of you guys who weren't watching last week, last week, Steve had tooth pulled two hours before the show and showed up.
This week, he announces today that it is now turned into a full-blown infection but there is no way that he's going to miss the show. So, if he seems a little bit, you know, muted today, I I guess there's there's a reason for that, right Schwabber? What do you think? Great ones, play through pain.
Absolutely. I called him the cow Ripken of the Sports Porch. I almost came in with the ice pack on my cheek but I figured I was a little too dramatic. This is delicious.
our kind of version of Ronnie Lott cutting off the finger. Yes.
in the old in in the new in the in the films, you know, and even in spite of missing his left tooth. Steve the Flitch went on.
Went. I got plenty of other teeth. I got plenty of other teeth. I know. I know. You seem to be losing them very quickly though. So, anyway. Alright. Last night, I lost them all. So, there you go. Yeah. Well, yeah. Spoiler alert, Steve loses all his teeth later in the show. Okay, anyway, Morning from I'm guessing BKK is Bangkok. I have no idea.
But thanks for being here. Really appreciate it. We got a jam-packed show tonight. We're going to get to it right away. First of all, you know, we talk every week, right now, the Dead Zone, The Dead Zone, The Dead Zone. Well, it's kind of winding down because we only got two days til camp starts on the twenty-seventh. It's almost the Alive Zone. It's it.
We're getting there. We're getting there and one of the takeaways from this week, one of the great quotes that I saw when they were interviewing Najee Harris and he said he's not going to go with a visor. He wants to look those MFers in the eye. Oh. Okay. I think that's great. He's a tough guy and I'm loving that. And maybe he should tell Marshawn Lynch to his face that he's not a tough guy.
Yeah. Maybe he should. Well, right now, he would probably win that battle. I mean, Marchand's had a couple subway subs. You know what I'm saying? So, and also, he said, you know, there there's a lot of these these sports guys out here. Uh he's going to too many touches. He's going to wear down. He said he'd be happy to take either 500 touches or 100 touches.
Whatever it takes for the team to win. Now I'm going to let you guys talk in a second here. That kind of that kind of ties right into some things that Ben Roethlisberger said this past week about the old guys versus the new guys and the team generation versus the Me Generation and right now so far, I feel like Naje Harris is part of that first guy, don't you? I do.
I do. Seriously. No, I I do. I do. I I think he's got his act together. He doesn't do any silly juju dances, you know, in the middle of the field. He just kind of puts his head down and works hard. Absolutely. And you he had plenty of room to complain last year about that awful offensive line. Never. Never said a word.
Never did. Never said a word. So yeah, I like his makeup very much.
Yeah. Yeah.
I I agree with Mark. I mean, I think that Najee is a throwback player. He's definitely a a player's player if you will in the sense that he he just he wants the ball and he wants to do what's right, you know? And and if that means 500 times, he'll do it 500 times. Look, he's out of that mold where he knows what it takes to win.
He's done it in college. Uh he wants to continue to do it in the NFL. I think he recognizes, you know, this team is kind of without a leader right now on the offensive side. So, why can't it be him? You know, why not I am surprised he's going to take off that visor. I thought that was kind of a a vintage look for him.
But whatever. You know, maybe maybe he was actually causing him some issues last year. I don't know. Maybe he's just, you know, spinning it the right way but I agree with you. I think he's I like the way he speaks. I think he's he's a tough guy and I think he he shows it out on the field. Yeah, I I agree. I I am actually more excited this year to see him play than I was last year.
Much more excited. Because not only did you have the line issues last year that we've just we've beat the hell out of for the last year and a half. But you also had a running back who was learning to to learning new offensive line schemes in the NFL. And had to find holes. So I you know this year for Najee, I think it's it it potential to be a huge year. And what I love is the people that under sell him on other teams and in other sports broadcasts. When it's like, look, In my mind, he was probably given his situation.
You know, he was probably overall the best running back in the NFL last year. Now, you can argue Derrick Henry.
I'm not talking about statistics. I'm talking about in in fact that if you think about the way the Steelers played, he did carry them on his back. Look at you guys. Oh. Look at you. Even the homer. I mean, come on, dude. Jonathan Taylor last year was an absolute. Alright, Henry. I'll I'll give you two I'll give you Taylor. So, DG has a typo here. He says, he means Najee says he trains to carry the load and that's what we're talking about. Yeah. Absolutely. So. You're you're a huge Najee fan.
I am. Absolutely. I am. You're, you know, you you love him almost as much as you love Kenny Pickett. Uh not quite. Not quite. I don't have a man crush on Najee. I just think he's a **** Kenny Pickett, he, you know, I don't want to say anything but I'm just saying that I I can't pick. It's a good-looking dude. Yeah. I think the situation is Oh yeah. Get myself in so much trouble. The situation is perfect for Najee to take a huge leap in year two.
I think that's. Absolutely. That and that's really what I'm saying. I'm excited for that.
I don't know if he's going to take a huge leap But I think he will. I mean I I I think he can because you know last year I I think he like led the league in the amount of yards in which you get your first contact. Mm hmm. Uh he he like led the league in that like you know he had the least amount of yards moving forward.
Yeah. To where he was contacted. So you know with some improvements on the offensive line. Uh either quarterback that he's going to play under this year has the ability to run the ball which adds another element the defenses have to pay attention. Very true. Very true. And I also think that you know you're probably until these quarterbacks sort of get the new system under themselves. It's going to be a lot of short passing game.
Uh so and I know the Steelers did a lot of that last year but I I just think it sets up much better for him. Um you know Well, I can't argue with that. That I mean, he definitely did lead the league in place at times where he actually got hit first and he still falls forward and he still gets two and a half yards. You know, so.
Yeah. I think. Yeah. I think you're right there, Mark. So, yeah. This place he can improve. It'll be on how many longer runs he gets. I think his longest. Yeah and and I think a lot of this we can save through until we see how he's doing in camp. I I think the the greater point here is that he's already talking the game right. He's already saying, look I'm here to carry the load.
I'm here to do whatever needs to be done. I'm pulling off that visor because I want to look them right in the eye when they're trying to tackle me. He's kind of lining it up that like this is this is this is my year to take that on my shoulders and show that I can be a leader and that impresses me. So, breaking news, Trey Edmonds released for the fifth time by the Steelers.
Uh does anybody care? Well, it's definitely more upsetting than the fourth time.
I think that says it all right there. That's hilarious. Uh Brad Plumlee says he's a special teams player, right? So, I mean, are you going to miss a special teams player and only if it's Chicolo? Only if it's Chicolo. Maybe, maybe they're making a space for Chicolo to come back. Uh wouldn't that be fantastic? Greatest name ever. Brad Trombley says, 67 days til PA.
Uh that means he's coming down here. Uh Jackie Page says, a lot of good looking men have played for us. That's why I started watching 50 years ago. Are you talking about the sports porch or Steelers. That's what I want to know. We weren't around 50 years ago. Well, we were. But we weren't doing this. Yeah, we definitely weren't playing football for the Steelers. That's right. That's right. Couple cute little babies. Yeah, that's right. That's right. Okay, real quick. I want to I want to jump on to something here that I saw online. I'm just going to put up this picture and and this confused me. You guys will know what this is when you see it but and you'll also know what I thought it was.
What do you guys think of this? It just awful. Yeah.
It's yeah. You know. That's my gut reaction. It's just wrong. It's another cruddy Chicago Bears helmet. I I I actually think the helmet that they have currently, the black with the C on it. That's your classic Chicago Bears. I mean, I saw that. You know what I thought? I thought, holy **** the Cincinnati Bengals have decided that they're going to have the same logo. I I I never in my life did I think the Bears would go to a an orange helmet. Almost looks like the Cincinnati Reds a little bit.
Yeah. Yeah.
You do have orange in there like throwback in. Yeah, I, I, I, I know that, but it's, it's always been monsters of the Midway, you know, it's always been like they, yeah, their, their, their color is black. Let's see if these comments reflect that. Uh, right. Uh, Moja Token, who has been with us for a few weeks. Thanks for being back, says Red Bears, Jackie Page, Steeler, and then all Pittsburgh Sports, you guys are looking good too. Thank you, Jackie. Thank you so much. You too So, I'm not a fan of that at all.
Not a fan of that at all. I mean, I'm not really a traditionalist when it comes to uniform. I like some of the new uniforms. I like some of the color rushes but why did they choose to use that color? I mean, they could use the dark blue. They could've they could have kept the orange in the sea. They could have done so many other great things just to keep the that logo such a franchise. Everybody knows the Chicago Bears uniforms are classic. Wow. And now they're just ruining it.
There's always someone in the marketing department that's for a promotion. Yeah.
Well, you know, they're having an issue trying to figure out a new deal for a stadium there so. That too. I think I think it could be thrown them off. You know, they're spending all their time on on that issue and they're like, oh **** we gotta put out a new logo. Oh, let's just try it with the orange. You know, they're they're they're running around the office. Hey, did you click approve on that? Yeah, right.
Yeah. Oops. Oops. Shane says the C looks like a toilet seat. I I actually agree with that. Yeah. It kind of looks like the Cincinnati Red Sea. It does and and and Jackie says they did too much. So, I I just wanted to get your guys' opinion on that. I wasn't even looking for anything along those lines. I just think, I just think overall, the, you know, I'm going to just say overall, I think the whole helmet situation is ridiculous.
Um do you, I mean, do you guys know that like, you know, unless they, unless the NFL tells you something, like, hey, this this year in 2022, everybody is going to get to do one retro helmet. Like, if you just want to change your uniforms, like, it's like a three-year process of having to get it approved. It's it's ridiculous. And by then, it's out of fashion. It's it's just ridiculous. I mean, this whole thing. I mean, it's, you know, they, I, I know the Eagles have wanted to go back to their Kelly Green uniforms.
Yeah, which were horrible by the way. Well, they were kind of. No, I just think the Eagles. That's my favorite. You're cool in a retro way but you know, but they didn't want to wear a midnight green helmet with, you know, light green jerseys. Right. Right? And so, it's now, finally, next year, they've finally been approved to to, you know, have a few throwback games with a, you know, a light green helmet. It's just ridiculous. I mean, all this, it's all about like all that kind of stuff. Sounds like Steve's liquor truck is pulling back up again.
No, that's the guy with all guns. Ah. Gotcha.
He almost took all the Subaru. It was actually. Is that Tommy Shelby? Stay safe. Tommy Shelby. I'm not allowed to look at his face.
Uh alright. So you know they I the big thing this week is that camp starts on Wednesday. Uh that's that's great. Can't wait. Is there actually was one article that came out? I don't know if you caught it. Uh it I hesitate to bring it up because I just feel like it's just like beating a dead horse. But Roethlisberger had commented that Colbert was ready to move on but the Rooneys wanted one more year of Ben Roethlisberger. Like I don't know why he has to come out and say that but he did.
Go ahead. It's pretty simple. I mean, you know, the guys going through retirement withdrawal. You know, this is the time of year where he'd be getting packing up all his stuff and heading over to Saint Vincent. Well, not Saint Vincent the last couple years but at least this year. So, he thinks he's still in the news. So, he just he's gotta make some news.
He's he still thinks he's relevant. Unfortunately, Ben, it's time for you to realize that, you know, throwing sour grapes on your legacy will not help you in the long run. So, let's just move on. Let's just keep your mouth quiet and let's just listen new Steelers stock. You're no longer relevant as a Pittsburgh Steelers. I I'm not so sure that I would make that argument.
I I I think that at the same time there was an article that came out that said Kenny Pickett said to him hey look or he said that he told Kenny Pickett, you know, hey, look, people are going to try to compare you to me and you're not me. You do your own thing. Don't ever try to be, you know, Ben Roethlisberger. When I came here, people try to compare me to Bradshaw.
Now, I don't remember that part being true because Bradshaw was far removed by the time he got here but maybe he could be the next target. Yeah, yeah and and it ended up being, you know, he didn't win as many Super Bowls but stats wise, he was better than Terry Bradshaw but but I, you know, I think that the one thing that that's right about that is the fact that Ben's not ready to leave that that kind of spotlight.
He he's got. Yeah.
you he's very nostalgic for this time of year and you gotta give it to him. You just you gotta you gotta give it to him. Yeah Ben it's it's your time now to walk out onto the field in plain clothes as you're being honored for something and the way of your terrible towel. And and and go. That's your that's your job now. And goal. Yep. And Jack. And and now you can get on the motorcycle because it's not as much of a problem if you if you crash. I think I I think the wife would soak. I think the wife would still have a problem with that one.
So, Jackie Page says it was necessary. I'm guessing she's talking about Ben going. Amy May says, Ben isn't on the team anymore, Neesa Ballock, gracefully. I, I, I, I, I think he did. You know, Jackie also says he needed to go sooner. Uh, and that ego makes people act foolish. Yeah. I'm not, I, I'm not so sure we're not making more out of this than it really is.
I mean, you know, what what quarterback most, most professional players who have the pedigree that Ben has, have trouble walking from the game and also the media seeks them out in the first couple years after they leave because it's always good for a soundbite. What I take away more from and and then we'll end it after this and move on to the next part of the show.
What I thought was very very telling is the fact that now that he's retired, he is willing to say that he's disappointed in the fact that most players today and you know, he's he's talking about your ABs. He's talking about your jujus. When he first came into the league 20 plus years ago, 20 years ago, is about the team and he said, when I arrived, it was a team, team.
How do we win? Team. By the time I left, it was all about me. It was all about me and I think in this 20 years, he's absolutely right and he couldn't say that last year. He was playing. Hmm. Mm hmm. So now, it's going to be interesting as to how many more retired players are going to talk about. I I think it's a yes and no thing though.
I I I think it is dependent on the team that you're on. I mean, there are still some teams that that function that way that don't have people that are, you know, all about themselves. Now, of course, as a whole, yeah, I think it's more a me culture but you know, because everybody's got their own brand now. Uh you know, with Twitter and all that kind of stuff.
Yeah, we talked about that with Joe Orbito a couple weeks back. Exactly. Right. Exactly. But, but I still think that there are teams out there where, you know, it it's 100% a team. Like, if you look at like New England Patriots for example, you know, Belichick doesn't put up with anything over there. Well, I mean, they they they were some people that have I I I can't name the player because I can't remember but they came out and said that Brady bailed him out a lot and then, I mean, it's it's an NFL team.
You know, there's going to there's going to be egos here. I want to say hi to Joe from Kentucky. Thanks for being here. Joe, really appreciate it. Joe. Um so, that being said, once again, camp starts on Wednesday. Things are starting to heat up. The dead zone is almost over. Um hey, let's move on to some quick NHL stuff. The Penn Sign Cappy, 2 years. What do you think, Steve? He laughs.
I don't. I I, actually, I actually think they should've, that's one guy they should've let go. I mean, they could've, they could've signed Niederreiter for another million more. They could've find found the cap space to get him. He would have been a much better player. I don't know. They just don't give up on this guy. I guess, I guess maybe that means something and maybe it will mean something this year but man, the guy just showed nothing all last year.
Like, literally, the whole season, he didn't show anything and it just confuses me that they would want to sign him another 2 years. Put him on a line with Gino and and think that he's going to do anything different. I mean, I don't know. I'm I'm really confused by that signing but I mean, he is a first-round pick. I mean, so he he should have first-round talent but he's never showed it but maybe one year in his entire career.
So, I'm not expecting big things out of him. I'm not expecting him to to help Malkin out on that second line at all but we'll see. Maybe he ends up on the line with Carter. Uh I don't really know but I I don't I don't really see that as a good thing. I think he was definitely one of those players you should have went away. But he's not and his back so we'll see.
And he hey at least he's not 30. I mean at least I I can say that that for him. He's he makes him a little younger. Right? He keeps him. They keep him a little bit younger with him. You know I think he's 26 or something like that. So he's not like he's not a spring chicken but he is a spring chicken when it comes to scoring goals hopefully that will change this year but we'll see.
Alrighty. Um and that'll be it for Penns News and hockey news for right now because things have kind of died down. I'm sure you know it it hockey season is so long and involved that before you know it we're going to be talking hockey again. Mhm. Um last thing I want to go around is as far as sports is concerned is I thought I just created this banner and I and and I didn't. Uh I'm going to put this up and I think you guys already know what I'm going to be talking about here.
Uh it looks like it started.
Uh it looks. Pittsburgh Pirates Fire Sale. The Pirates Exodus has begun. Um they got rid of that great, big, huge guy in the middle of their lineup. Vogelbach goes to the Mets. The Mets. The the catcher, Cortez, to the Mets. What they got back in turn was little to nothing.
Um Brian Reynolds is now going to be activated I guess. Uh just in time for him to be traded maybe? Probably. Right. Mhm. Uh O'Neill Cruz. Uh he had a home run the other day didn't he? I think he had a home run. But you know you know here's the thing. We're going to keep talking about this every single year.
Okay? And and and I can't even believe at this point right now. Mhm.
I can't even believe there's teams that want to trade with the Pirates.
I mean, think about what they've met Scott and Vogelbach.
Well, I mean. I and listen.
I'm not taking away from the fact that the guy plays hard but he also eats hard. Okay. I mean, there, I mean. Hey, he ran the whole way from second to whole way to home. I watched it. He didn't even have to slide. He's lucky to be alive. I mean, look, there's there's good major league players on on the Pirates that can help another team like kind of in a reserve role. Help their bench. You know, right, great, you know, and and and the thing is too is, you know, you probably don't gotta give up a lot for them.
Yeah. So, it's a great place to trade.
And cheap, they're cheap guys. I mean, it's not like any of these guys have a huge salary. I mean, you're not taking on a huge salary. They might get something decent in return for Reynolds if they trade him.
Maybe. They might. Maybe. Right.
you know, be like some top prospects. Yeah. Which, you know, could turn into like O'Neal Cruz, right? Right, who is a top prospect still. You know, there's a difference between a top prospect and a bonafide Major League player. Right. He's just a top prospect who came up here, showed he can throw the ball a million miles an hour. He's got a fairly quick bat. He's fast around the bases but what's he batting? You know? I don't know.
What is he batting? Like, I don't know. Two oh 3. I was going to say I think it's like seven strikes and he's got like sixty strikeouts in like 110 at bats. Yeah, he strikes out a lot a lot. Okay, so, so now, now they have a perfect reason to send him down so they can get one more year out of him. Right and and and as DG says, when they sell off the only fat guy who can hit and sub for security, you know they're cheap.
Well, we already knew they were cheap but this is just ridiculous, David. So, now, here's an interesting thing, Schwaber, right? And and and I'm going to cut off the Pirates talk right here because the Exodus has begun and we can make fun of them going forward but we do have somebody from Chicago would like to know if we have already talked about the Bulls. So, do you have anything yet? Now, Mark is our our basketball Moses and at this point right now, the NBA Draft is over and we're kind of in the dead zone for basketball.
Uh huh. So, is there anything bulls wise that you'd like to bring up? I mean, I don't think so. I I I think, you know, they they resigned you know, their their big free agent I'm just trying to grasp his name here. Um but they're they're pretty much putting out the same team as as last year. Maybe with a little bit of an upgrade here or there. Um you know it it's a team that's going to probably fall somewhere between fourth and sixth in the east.
It'll be a playoff team. Uh they got a chance that they might surprise somebody in the first round but I don't think anybody really sees that team going past you know the second round. I mean they just they just need a little bit more high end just star power. That that's really what they need. Yep.
So, and we'll have more as the season progresses and we get a little bit more close in. In the summer, they're in the summer league right now. Uh huh. In the rookie leagues and all that kind of stuff. But thanks for the question.
Mojiton, which I think is one of the most interesting first names. Uh and at this point, I want to remind you that you are listening to the Sports Porch on American Busker iHeartRadio.
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7 PM.
choke that I had seven no seven on American Busker iHeartRadio. 730 right here. So alright. So, now that we have taken care of all the really important sports news during this last part of the dead zone. We are going to move on to one of our favorite things here on the porch and that is News headlines. Headlines that mean something.
that means something. We scour the internet. We spend hours and hours upon time looking for headlines that are going to make a difference in your life. And this one is definitely going to do it. This is we're going to start with Mark. Mark's headline this week is Army finds evidence of abominable snowman. As footprints are discovered.
The abominable snowman is real everyone.
I didn't know this happened. This is SL News. Yeah, this is the Indian Army of the country of India.
Of what? The Indian Army of the country of India? You know, just in case, you know, people didn't know what I was talking about. Right, gotcha. Um and you know, they talked to some researchers about it. Apparently, I think it's the brown bear. Uh actually walks in a way in which one footprint kind of will go over the other footprint which you know, creates looking like. Bigger. In much bigger, larger footprint. Um you know, one and there was actually one really funny comment Um somebody said something like I somebody in the news said like, please tell me this is a joke because the army is supposed to be doing important work.
So, yeah. I mean, I think, you know, when you're, when you're in the army, you know, you don't really want to start off your press conference with without if I'm a little snowman.
Uh. Yeah. Yeah, it's really not going to be one that folks tend to believe. And I would like to know for one, what makes a snowman abominable? I don't know. Yeah. I haven't been able to figure that one out. I really, I really don't even know what abominable means. Does that mean hard to find? No, I think it means big and bad. Big and bad.
I don't know, Steve. You got any thoughts on that? Apologies. Yeah, I'm going with Big and Bad. I think it it all stems from, you know, that that Christmas special. The yeah I think I think they just stole it from that because that's what they everybody thinks of when they think of the abominable snowfall. Well and that that sounds like a word they used in the 18 hundreds.
Like that man is abominable.
Yeah. It gives it some credit, right? Oh we've got we've got the definition. We've got the definition right here. Abominable means causing moral revulsion.
The uprising was suppressed with abominable cruelty. Very bad or unpleasant.
But if somebody's actually seen him or her, how do we know? Well, the abominable snowman apparently is the, is, is, is the revolting snowman.
Okay, so Mike, Steve, Steve, Steve is been given a break from the headlines tonight because of his injury. We're just happy he's on the bench with us. My headline tonight is less of a, a news story and more of a, well, there was a new story behind it, but I didn't think it's worth, you know, I just think the headline speaks for itself. Mhm.
a death of a loved one isn't easy but there are companies and services here to help you every step of the way.
I love this. I love. Wow. First of all, who approved it? Right. Yeah. Or was it real? You know, like, hey, if if you need, if you need somebody you care about to die, we can help you out. It's difficult but we'll get it done for you. Well, what is this? I mean, it's a it's a newspaper headline. Is this like Kavorkian stuff? Like, what is this? Possibly.
I told you there was no article behind it. It was just the headline. Okay. But I just. I'm thinking that they mistaken, they mistakenly used the word death and they meant to say like a funeral or bereavement. Yeah. Yeah. Or something like that. You know. Possibly. But but according to them arranging a death of a loved one isn't easy. Right. But there are companies and services here to help you every step of the way.
Yeah. I wonder if that includes disposal.
So, headlines, it means something. That's what we got for the night. Thanks again and thank you for listening to the Sports Porch on American Busker iHeartRadio. Um now, we have been doing lists top, top, top seven at 7. Uh and I think it's time for us to move on to the next top seven, the previous, was the top seven greatest action heroes of all time.
Yes, it was. My number one was Tom was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Your number one was. Keanu Reed. Keanu Reeves or Reeves And Steve's was Clint Eastwood. Mhm. Now we are moving on to the top 7 albums of all time. Best records of all time. And I'll tell you what guys. Strap. This was hard. This was very because we got some very different taste in music here.
So I'm sure you're aware. Oh yes.
I thought it was definitely good to go that way for sure. I'm going to put I'm going to throw on a little wrap. Steve's probably going to dice in a little Taylor Swift. Uh you know Chris is probably going to list, you know, seven Pearl Jam records. Um he's got big country's going to be in there.
What did you say? Big country. Big country. They almost mingled.
They almost oh god. You know me way too well. You know me way too. Oh I gotta have to redo my list now. I'm going to have to redo my list. I totally believe Mark's going to get some Eminem in there or you know something along the rap genre. I'm not sure which ones but I guarantee you're going to see some some some rap from Mark. Guaranteed.
Before Before we get started, Mojiton says, night night guys, gotta go for work. Thanks for being here, man. Really appreciate it. Emoji. DG says albums. Now, you're talking. Now, here's how we're going to qualify. Albums were hard by the way. This was. They they were hard but one of the first rules that that Mark set up for this. Yes. Is it cannot be a greatest hits album? Right.
So, for example, Bob Marley Legend can't be it. No. Grenade can't be a greatest hits album. Um however, I think you are all going be surprised because we're not going down. This could actually be on off the grid as lists that really mean something. Because we're not going down the like greatest, you know, the the Indy 500, the countdown of the greatest rock and roll albums all time.
Right. These are our personal grades. Right, exactly. Personal. Like for for example. I mean, I I'm sure I could argue that one of the Beatles albums should be on the list. Sergeant Pepper, should be on the list. Yeah. The white album. But you know, yeah the wildest thing is white out. But you know what? Like you know I love The Beatles and I love them for a long time in my life.
But I really don't know if I've gone out and intentionally listened to The Beatles very much in the past 15 years. So they're not in my list. There you go. So we're going to start right now. Uh top seven albums on our own personal list of all time. Uh we are actually going to start with Steve. We're going to allow our our Guy our injured injured reserve list to start.
His number seven is I love this number seven. He knew I was going to love this number seven. Number seven. Mark will hate it. Mark love it. Number seven for Steve. I know of all time. Number seven. Ten. Oh counting crews. That's a that was a good one. Oh wow. I I I you know I know you make fun of that song round here. You like to make I did.
I I grew to like the Counting Crows a little bit more as I got older.
Yeah so the reason this made my list was it maybe you know granted this was on the outside of when Pearl Jam and and smashing pumpkins and the real grunge bands were kind of fading away and you're like coming into some new new music. This was like one of the greatest for me because I can listen to the whole album and not skip one single song. I mean, they're just all great. Back to back to back to back. They're eleven songs. I thought it was just masterfully done. Adam Dirts, fantastic. As it turns out, I guess he's not so great live.
I've seen the Crow a few times and the only thing I can tell you is in the early days, very good. Now, my problem with the Crows is they've gone from where they were to being mostly a folk band and I don't like that transition but this album definitely top ten, top seven. I agree. I love it. So, made my it made number seven. It was really hard by the way because I was thinking of albums by the way as like do I like every song on the album.
Like, would I listen to the whole album? And and then, then, I kind of threw in, how long have I been listening to it? And do I still like it even after all these years? So, that was kind of my, when I was looking at my criteria for albums, there were some that really should have made the list. Like, there are some bands that I love like the cars. I love the cars but I couldn't find one album where it was like, yeah, that that album just totally kicked **** and for me.
I kind of I thought about looking at it that way but then sort of decided not to, and I kind of like, if there was an album where there were like six, 7, eight songs that I thought were great, but then maybe three or four that really weren't much at all. I, I would still, that kind of qualified is my like great album.
Okay, so. That's interesting.
Let's move on to number seven for Mark. Number seven for Steve was counting crows, August, and everything after. I think that was ninety2 or ninety-three is when it came out. Mark's number seven favorite of all time or best album of all time is? Nirvana Nevermind. That's a that's a good album my man. Excellent. Excellent. Yeah. You know, this this basically to me, this is the, to me anyway, the number one album of the Ground Years. You know, this is really where it all started. I remember when I was in college and we were all at a bar and you know, smells like teen spirit came on and just like everybody started like mosh pit dancing. You know? Yeah.
And then you, you know, you see this on like MTV alternative nation.
You know, like late night videos and and it's one of those where this one is pretty close to like almost every single song is good.
but just, you know, some real classics like lithium and smells like teen spirit.
Come as you are. Yeah. And a lot of the other ones like I just liked like, you know, stay away and lounge act and you know, on a plane and just on a plane. Pray it out.
Alright, marks number seven.
Nirvana. Never mind. Now, I'm going to kind of shock you guys with this first one. A shocker? Because I know what you're looking for. I know what you're looking for but. Yeah. For me, shocker. This is going to be a shocker for you guys because this actually falls on the the number one song on this album, not the first song, but the song we all know it best for. Uh, I, I, I will still sing that song every single word, every single time it's on. The first couple songs. This is an album, a really old throwback album. I will, I am still listening to, to this day. Ace, Ace of Bass. Let Led Zeppelin four. Sure, yeah. Led Zeppelin four. To me, that is what started my my journey into that really.
Dark place. Sure.
Oh, and that's all I have to say about that. Led Zeppelin four, you can't go wrong. It's clearly one of the best albums of all time. Robert Plant, you know, what's his name? Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page.
You know, Hey, hey, mom the way you move going to make you sweat going to make you groove. I remember and the movie Fast Times of Ridgemont High. Uh there was the guy who was teaching the kind of the dorky guy how to be cool and he was and he said to him, he's like. Cashmere. He's in the food court of a mall and he's just like and then what you do is you get her in the car and you put on Led Zeppelin four.
Something like that. There it is.
I can't. I can neither confirm nor deny that I ever tried that. Alright, number six, top 7 albums, personal albums of all time for Steve. Number six, this one kind of surprised me Just at where it was. Okay. Okay, can't can't argue with it. Great album. Yeah. Great album. Yeah. I don't recall Steve playing Purple Ranger. That's why I'm saying that. Right. Yeah. Right.
Purple Rain to me is more of a headphone song kind of album, right? You listen to it in your headphones. Nobody really knows what you're what you're listening to. And I just love it. You know what's interesting? Like I did you guys see the movie? Yes. Yeah. It was a great movie. I did not see the movie. So there you go. So I actually picked this up. Well you have to remember my high school was two years behind everybody else's high school. When I grew up.
So when it was which which is why Steve.
Which is why Steve you wore that outfit to Prague.
You know you did. You know you did. No but I mean it's it's just a great soundtrack on top of that. The movie is just a it's it's just a great movie. And then you put all those songs together on one album. And I mean come on. Who doesn't love Prince? I mean. No it's a great album. Prince is the all time greatest. So so I I really would surprise. I thought maybe it wouldn't make the list but as I thought about albums.
The only this is this is the only album where like there's one song. Like Nikki mm do I really like that song that much? Probably not. But it may be the old new song on all the albums where I can say I may not like that one song. But it was just one song and all the other ones are just so great. Let's go crazy. Take me with you. The beautiful ones. Clearly Purple Rain is his is his most classic all time.
Um just love it. Just love it.
and there you have it. Purple Rain. Number six for Steve. Number number six for Mark. This one is a shocker.
The dog.
The dog. The boss. Paid the cost to be the boss. Now now all I all I all I can think of when I saw this because producing the show I see a lot of these ahead of time was does this guy look like a rap fan? Meaning you.
You know you you know my my dad. You look like that. My dad was a very good dancer and some people just have have the moves, you know? Neil was a good dancer. I love it. I love it. Yeah. So, there's a lot, I mean, there's a ton of Snoop Dogg albums. This is kind of my favorite. Um this is like early two thousands.
This is kind of like, you know, Snoop is kind of like a more mature rapper. He's sort of really mixing in a lot of different elements and a lot of different kind of stuff into his craft. The big song on this album was beautiful. It's the song that he does. Um in Brazil that, you know, was like a huge video but there's a lot of good stuff on here. You know, my one and only is just, you know, a song about him just coming up through the rap game, suited and booted is one of my favorites of all time.
Um I'll have to play it for you guys sometime. Please do. Um and there's just a ton of good stuff. I mean, there's a song called Papered Up which is like like a remake. It's it's it's very much like like sort of like a seventies dance tune with a great rap set to it.
There's a lot of really good songs on this album.
Um you know, would have been easy to go back to like Gin and Juice but Gin and Juice, that's where I thought you were going to go. But the dogfather, he brings it and he brings it hard. And C says, Mark looks like a Caesar rap fan.
I don't I don't really like those kinds of raps. Oh, that's a hilarious. CD says Purple Rain deserves all the stars. DG, want you to check out Morris Day and the Time.
Absolutely. Great stuff. Yeah. Great stuff there. So, moving on, my number six, this is not going to be a shocker to you guys. Uh my number six, I'm just going to put it up there. Technology.
Simple minds.
Once upon a time, baby.
I'm telling you, I saw these guys live at the Tower Feet Theater in Philadelphia and that you know, it's kind of a small venue. You know, I don't even, is the town theater still there? I think, I don't know but. Man, Jim Kerr puts on a show. I mean, there there's there's Scottish bands, The Soul Behind it. I'm not going to name any of the songs because most of you guys don't know them. Uh Alive and Kicking was their big their big hit.
And I just, I just, I, I, I'm a huge, Simple Minds fan. I listen to this album to this day. If you haven't listened to this album, put it on. That's all I can tell. Breakfast Club song on there? No, that, that was a stand-alone song. Okay. That, and, and that was the song that got me into Simple Minds. You know, don't you forget about me. Yeah, I was kind of wishful thinking on my part.
So, Judd Nelson.
Um, comments. Getting back to the core.
Uh, wham Thompson Twins. Klein, you don't disappoint. No, the Thompson Twins with Schwabs. The Thompson Tins with Schwab. Yeah. Okay. Now, we're hitting number 5 for Steve.
Uh I I can't argue with this being in the top seven or a top 10 list. Absolutely. Can't argue with it. Oh, yeah.
So, for me, I I had to pick a YouTube album and actually thought it was going to be the Joshua Tree but looking at the versus Octong Baby. There to me I just think there are many better songs on Octong Baby. There are more songs and just every single one of them just goes crazy. I mean one clearly is is the best one on the album. But I mean Love is Blindness at the end. I mean that song is totally underrated. I just love that song. And I think it's I think it's their best work. Even though all they got all their accolades for Joshua Tree.
I this is by far their best album.
And and Steve I agree with you 100percent. Joshua Tree I mean that you there's nothing you can say about the Joshua Tree that's negative Uh incredible breakthrough album for them. But this album Octane Baby it was the pinnacle of you two. I don't think they've been able to come close to its sense. And I would put it up there probably in the top albums of all time. So you're saying it's it's common on clients. See? I think it's. Maybe. It's possible. I think. It was hard. It was hard. I didn't really know where to put it because I felt like I was disservicing Joshua Trees so much.
I didn't want to I know.
take it too high. But I could've taken it a little bit higher I think. But I left it at five. I left it at five. Alright. Number five for Mark. Staying in that same genre. Gotta admit the last this one and the one before. Never heard a single song off this album. You have. You just don't know. Maybe. Maybe. Now this for those of you who don't like rap you'd be pleased to know that in my list this is the last rap album. Thank goodness. I figured all your rap would be to the bottom. So, what is the Mark, tell us what is it? It is late registration by Kanye West and I know Kanye West is crazy.
you get. Right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. Yeah. He is one hell of a rapper and this is really, in my mind, his best album. This is the album that has gold digger. The you know, the collaboration with Jamie Foxx.
This has touched the sky, which I think is probably his best song.
This has heard him say, which is his collaboration with Adam Levine in Maroon five.
Um, this has drive slow, and this also has diamonds from Sierra Leone which was in a movie that what's that guy's name? Leo DiCaprio was in. It's kind of like a song about you know, how. Blood Diamonds. Yeah, Blood Diamonds. Blood Diamonds, right? Yeah, blood. So, it it's just an all-around great album. Oh, it also has Hey Mama which is kind of probably his best ballad I guess you would say. Uh they wrote for his mom. Um so, it's it's great, man.
It's it's an unbelievable album.
Alright. Well, we'll leave. You're having a hard time not laughing. I I am having a hard time not laughing.
Of course, but when I put up mine, when I put up my next one, I think you're going to have a hard time not laughing too because I put it higher than these other albums. My number five, top seven album of all time, number five for Chris.
In excess, listen like thieves. Listen, like thieves. There is just nothing like Michael Hutchins. As a matter of fact, I didn't realize you did with this enemy. I'm surprised it's that low on your list actually. Oh my god. Yeah. I I I'm loving excess. I love Michael Hutchins. What a what a tragedy it was when he left the Earth. Uh happened to be great friends with Bono by the way and on one of their albums, Bono writes a song to him. I I felt like Kick was the best album. Yeah. This is their best album by far.
Okay. By far. Uh down on your knees.
Listen like thieves. See? It's Robert can sing in the other shows. Uh huh. I cannot sing in these shows. Uh anyway, yeah. It was a good try. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. No, I I I just I'm I'm a huge inex fan. Always have been. And and throwing that criteria in, that's the way I did it. Cuz of course, we started talking about this.
Well, how am I going to do this? You know, but what are the albums that to this day, when I throw em on my Apple CarPlay, it's like, I'm listening to this entire album the whole way home. Listen Like Thieves is one of them. So. Well, when when Mark, when Mark said no greatest hits, it immediately, I immediately got rid of Billy Joel, the cars, and there was another one can't remember.
Tom Petty.
Tom Petty, yeah, definitely. Tom Petty.
Bob Marley.
Um there was a Rolling Stones album that was the greatest hits but I. Yeah. Eagles greatest hits, clearly, one of the best. Yeah. Of all time. Yup. Yup. Somebody's trying to get your attention, Steve. They got it. They got it. Well, I just want to remind everybody. I'm trying to steal a car. You are live on the sports porch on American Busker iHeartRadio. So, you know, your portions are reported.
Come on up and experience.
Yeah. Experiencing person getting carjacked every day in Pittsburgh. Did you just experiencing it live? I mean, what could be more thrilling? Alright. So, we're pressing it for time here. So, what we want to do is we want to move on to the last part of our show tonight. What we are watching Um put that up on the ticker there. What we are watching. Uh this is basically what we're watching on streaming services to give you an idea. Maybe something to watch because the three of us sit around and do nothing but watch streaming services come up with stupid lists or movies. Right. So and I was surprised about that.
So we're going to we're going to get this.
Uh will we see any BOC more cowbell baby? Oh. CD. Oh man. That's a good one. Okay. Mark's what we're watching is a movie I've seen hyped big time. Yep. Lately. And I actually have kind of laughed at it like you're kidding me right? I know. I want to see it.
Is it? It's a big time Klein movie because it it it's a movie about things from out of this world. I know. But to me, is it a comedy? To me, it looks like it's a comedy. No, it's not a comedy. Oh, no, really? No way. Okay. No way. That makes it better for me. Um it's Jordan Peters. He doesn't do. He doesn't do Tommy.
It was it was okay.
Um you know, Jordan Peele's got a lot of great stuff, right? Um that that first movie he had drone a blank but it was phenomenal.
Um and you know then there was another one that was really good. This one I I felt was okay. I mean, like, I think you'll love it. Okay. Um you know, here here's the thing about it. You know, like, I often try to figure out why something is named as it is, you know, and so, I'm sitting here trying to think like, why is this movie called Nope? Right? Right.
And really when it comes down to is you got the guy in the middle of the screen there. Right. He was like the star of the movie. And it's in the star of all these are movies, right? There's this alien that is potentially going to eat him. Okay? And he's in he's in like a jeep. And he opens his door to like see if he can make a run for it.
Looks up, sees the alien, closes the door, and goes, no Alright, I I understand. CD says, get out. Peel scares the hell out of all of us. Yeah, get out. That was awesome. Yeah. Um it in us was the other. Do you like science fiction? It's pretty good. It's a little different. Um but I but I wouldn't say it was like amazing or anything. I mean, it did like 44 million or something.
Not bad. But Not bad. Yeah. Alright.
Next up on what we are watching, Steve.
I'm not so sure if he's watching this or if he's making an admission.
Oh. Um no comment on the admission thing but I am watching it. This goes back to our list on off the grid of or last week of what a serial killer would need. And Mark apparently has that list.
Well, seems like Steve does too. Yeah.
Oh yeah. Definitely, they need to be watching this because this is really, I mean, I was, a, I, I started watching and thinking, what does this mean? I am a Kelton. Like, what, what are they trying to do? I knew it was a documentary but I didn't know like who they were going to interview and why they had it. By the way, it's like two seasons long. And the third there's a third season coming out like at the end of August. So so in each each season has like ten episodes and they're like 50 minutes. So they spend 50 minutes of somebody who killed somebody and it kind of dissect it.
And and every and the the premises is everybody who got convicted got put on death row. Now sometimes they get off the death row. Sometimes they don't. They haven't actually shown somebody get killed on death row yet. So it clearly they couldn't because how interview them if they were already dead. But what's what's really interesting about this is they they make you they make them like like you think a killers is just somebody who is an evil person who's got a vendetta against somebody who just want to kill him and and that's that you know.
Like all of these stories are kind of nuanced. Like there's a story about a guy you know whose girlfriend we he found his girlfriend in bed with another guy. And then it's like they should tell his perspective like well I thought we were together and then I got surprised by it and I just did it in a fit of rage. Well, if you listen to the cops, the cops are basically saying, no, this guy premeditated everything and here's the evidence that showed it.
Like, there are like three or four different sides to the each of these stories and you're just like, how can somebody, how can one instance like this be so different in so many different people's eyes. It's really amazing and like a couple of them, they're like a prosecutor clearly had a vendetta against somebody and he said, you know, well, there that guy could have never seen it that way because he was on the ground and the angle, the, of his view from down there.
He, there's no way he could've known what he was looking at while while the other person was like, no, dude. I saw it happen just like that.
Right? And the prosecutors trying to just convict this guy of of, you know, capital murder in this case. So, it's really interesting. I thought it would just be like these crazy killers, you know, they get that look in their eye like these guys are nuts. Like, I think I maybe only saw that on one episode. Now, I'm I'm in season two. So, I haven't watched them all but it's really fascinating that they can make make something so different from just one one act of murder that in many times happen like in the 19 eighties or maybe even in the 19nineties, you know. Really interesting. You should give it. If you like documentaries, this is really well done.
Well, and you know I do. So, probably will.
Alright, moving on to what we're watching for me. This is something that I'm on. I'm in the middle of and I've decided that it's it's worth mentioning over and over again. Peaky Blinders on Netflix, Killian Murphy, Finn Cole, Annabelle Wallace. You can't go wrong. Great period piece. There's actually some historical reference behind it. And and Mark was right. It just keeps getting better and better and better.
All the way.
So, next for you is Gamora. Next for me is It is Gamora. Absolutely.
Absolutely. So, that being said, are we on the docket for Monday and next week? I believe so. Some of us won't be on a normal porch next week. No, you will be on a beach is where you will be. Absolutely. Beach porch. Absolutely. So, This kind of porch you can get on. I want to thank everybody for listening and supporting us especially American Busker iHeartRadio and Nancy Ha We are so pleased and and proud to be a member of the iHeartRadio family. Thank you so much as I queue up our new music. I don't know if anybody can hear that. Probably not because I didn't hit the play button. Technical director. Oh. Technical director.
No race for you this week. There you go. I hear.
Be back here next week. Stay real. Take it easy, guys.