Sept. 21, 2022

Steelers Offense or Offensive? Let’s meet on the porch to discuss.

Well… Steve is in charge this week and the Steelers have some issues…. And of course we have some opinions.

Well… Steve is in charge this week and the Steelers have some issues…. And of course we have some opinions.

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Now, we're live, boys. Now, we're live.
I even did the music. Okay. Alright. I got it all going on tonight, boys. You do.
We got a new, we got a new technical director.
I have retired. Now, do you know how to turn the music off? it's done just like that boys. And we're we're live. We're live. Yes. How about that? Alright. Uh yeah. There we go. We'll take it away Steve. You're the host. Take it away.
Welcome to the porch people. We are here. You're looking live. I'm in Greenfield. This guy to the side of me here is down in Flow Rider and this guy below me is in the real place that everybody wants to be. Mister Fox Chapel, Mark Schwapp. What's up? Welcome boys. Good morning. Welcome, boys. The mayor of Fox Chapel, Mark Schwab.
2 AM.
It's Steve you're you look a little dark there Steve. You might want to turn on the lights. I know. Look at that. Like, just suddenly, everything went dark. Well, it's Greenfield. It is. Well, what can you, what can I say? We don't, we don't really have sunshine in Pittsburgh. So, that's more appropriate that way. There's no turn on the line here either. So, alright.
What? All of our iHeartRadio listeners. Yeah, let's thank let's thank everybody for listening on American Busker, iHeartRadio, 150 million registered users, 2000 devices, hundred and 150 platforms. I guess I'm just going to have to take the the host spot back from Steve now for a minute while he gets the lights on him and say welcome to Sports Porch. I am down in well I'm at an undisclosed location somewhere in the vicinity of Palm Beach, Florida.
He was running the show tonight. Running the show. So. And I'm running it right into the ground, baby. That's okay. Because it's only one time and that's all that matters. We got all the usual folks here. We got Yo Carey And he's got something to say about Mister Trubisky. Can you guys hear me now? No. Yeah, we can hear you. Yeah. I I sent my I sent my wife a text. She was taking a little snooze up in the room and I said, honey, we're starting the show down here. Steve's running it. I'm going to be on the on on you know don't call me and she calls me.
So she just wants to be on the show. Everybody wants to be on the show. You can't blame her. It's either that or she. Killers lose a close one.
Uh disappointing I think. Uh all around.
Defense, Offense. special teams. Uh. Yeah. We definitely have to talk about the offense for sure Mark. Yeah. No doubt about that. Let's start talking about the offense right now. Big question. I think I think Amy actually says it perfectly.
Canada. Canada State. He must go. What do you think about that? I've been saying that all along.
But I mean what's visible? They're they're not going to make it they're not going to make a change in the offensive coordinator position after two games. No No. of course not. So let's just talk about how the offense went yesterday. Mark what was your what was your synopsis of the offense yesterday other than they terrible home. Uh well, they lacked imagination. Uh that's for sure. I mean, you know, basically, every play was generally a run up the middle to the left side or right side or a pass that didn't go beyond ten yards.
I mean, I think there was a pass beyond 25 yards in the entire game. There was not. You are correct. The longest pass was 23 yards to George Pickens and that was right before halftime. So, so what are so what are we doing here? We've got these weapons on the outside. Now, I understand you know, you're a little squeamish about the line but at the same time, I mean, you can't just not go out there and play aggressive and try to make plays with your playmakers.
I agree. I, you know, I saw on Instagram, some of the sports writers in Pittsburgh, they wanted to lay the, you know, who, who, who should the blame be placed on, the line, the quarterback, or the coordinator, and two out of three of them said, over fifty percent of the blame should be on the play calling in the coordinator and and you know I I just I I don't think the guy knows how to game plan.
I mean, I've been saying that for the last 2 years and I I think it's very obvious. I mean, look, you can, you know, like Steve said last week, you can game plan to be conservative but you can't win in the NFL being conservative. You just, you can't and he's got the tools. He, he, he's, look, Trubisky's a, he's a seasoned quarterback. I don't think he can lay the blame on him.
Uh, the offensive is bad, of course, but how are they ever going to get better? You know, if you don't play football, it just doesn't seem like they're playing football. Well, I mean, it doesn't look like Trubisky is running for his life back there. So, you know, how much blame can you put on the offensive line? I think at some point, you know, and I said this is the beginning of the season.
This is Canada's offense now. You know, last year, it was like, well, he can't run his offense because he doesn't have a mobile quarterback. Well, he has a mobile quarterback now. So, it's definitely his offense. The question how conservative how how longer can this team be without TJ Watt in the lineup? It's clear that the defense is not elite with him out of the lineup. So, they're going to have to open it up at some point in time for them to be able to win games.
They're just not going to be able to win games by saying, let's not make any mistakes and and to me, I'm I'm I'm agreeing with the there is no creativity. It's the same offense that we've seen the last two, three years. I I agree with at and at some point, they're going to have to some some splash plays. They're going to have to throw it down the field. They're going to have to allow wide receivers and running backs to make plays on their own because exactly what the Patriots did.
They basically just outplayed the Steelers at their own game which is they only have to make two plays and they made those plays and they won the game by three points and that's that's all it takes to beat Steelers. If you score three touchdowns against this team, you're going to win the ball game and that's to me not a rest for winning in the long run.
Yeah, I mean, it was, you know, but but really, you know, like, if you really think about it, I mean, I also kind of wonder, you know, is Canada just one of those guys where he's a college guy? You know, I mean, if if you look at the at the kind of offense he's playing right now, I mean, you know, when you're at a good college program, you know, and you're, let's say, your running back is just flat out better than the linebackers on the other team.
Yeah. You know, you can the ball up the middle or off tackle and you're going to win most of the time. You know, and I I just think that he's you know, or, or for example, if you've got a wide you know, like, for example, like a Larry Fitzgerald at Pitt, you know, you can throw him a ten yard pass, and he's going to go all the way.
Right. But it doesn't happen as much in the NFL. You gotta have scheme and you've gotta have, you know, enough time to go through three reads. You know what I mean? You've you've gotta just game plan much, you know, much better. I mean, I I felt like there was also there was no no adjustment either, right? But if, but if, yeah, I agree with that and their adjustment is just don't make a mistake.
Then, we don't have to make adjustments, right? We can continue going down the same path that we always go down and I get it. I mean, I replay and and I was focusing on some of the third down where Trubisky maybe didn't make a throw or look like he you know, hesitant to throw it somewhere and I think guys were open. I agree that, you know, maybe Trubisky is not doing that but when three of your four targets are within five yards of the line of scrimmage, it really allow you to, to be able to drive down the field relatively quickly, and, and, and, I think that's where the comes into play, and and they gotta, they have to do something about that, because the teams that they're playing against, get it, like they know all they have to do is make a couple splash plays and they're they're going to end up winning the game.
That being said, the Steelers did have a chance to win this game in the fourth quarter. I mean, it was. Yeah. It was in the fourth quarter, right? Yup. And you know how many plays the Steelers ran in the fourth quarter, Mark? Do you know how many I don't but I'm going to guess it's less than eight.
It was less than eight. It was exactly six plays. They had two drives. They went three out and they only gained a total of twelve yards in the fourth quarter. I mean, if that doesn't tell your offense, you have to wake up. I don't know what does and granted, I I agree with let's see. You made the comment. No, I don't I don't ever agree with you.
I don't agree with you.
But I'm just trying to punch.
I'm trying to find a place where there's no music. Which I think I found.
Um I agree with Ed. Ed says, I don't think the defense played that well yesterday and I agree with him. I mean, without TJ, they they didn't make, they didn't get any sacks.
Yup. And they didn't, well, they did get the turnover. I mean, Minka had another interception. I think playing great by the way. I don't think you can say that that Mink is doing anything but being a pro baller right now but they had a chance to stop that team and they couldn't in the last 6 minutes of the game and that's just unacceptable for a defense that wants to be a ten defense.
They have to give, they have to give their wow, that's, that's quite, quite the bird you got down there in Florida. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I have to feed the birds. I'm sorry guys. It's just. Okay, make sure make sure you feed the bird because I think they're they're they're squawking about the Steelers offense too and it's they sound pretty angry. Yeah, I sound pretty angry. I think they're agreeing with you and you know what, Steve? I mean, I think, I think the the defense, I I think there needs to be a little bit of patience about the defense because one of the things that's very true is yes, TJ Watt is huge.
You know, he was the defend a player of the year last year. He's a force no doubt. But you do have 10 other guys on the field that are capable of playing and I do think that that that Minka is is a fantastic safety. He he he's an exceptional player. So I think the the defense is going to end up being okay because that that's an adjustment. I just keep going back to the fact that I don't think Canada can call a game in the NFL.
I think he's horrible. Did you guys see the video that Snoop put out? Yeah. Snoop Dogg To you guys. Oh that was you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. I'm a big fan. Right. Right. Right. I mean when when when guys like that are calling him out. I mean it's it's not just obvious to us. It's obvious to everybody. Um. But you know you know the the other part of it too is like you know there's it's still I mean I I know we don't want to harp on it but when when we talk about lack of imagination.
You know it's like think about it like this. I mean you know okay so you've got a mobile quarterback right? So you know do a, you know, do a designed run for him.
'em out to the right, you know, to have 'em throw kind of on the run.
You know, there's all kinds of different things that you can do and and they're just, you know, they're just playing like, like, they're almost playing like, like, pre-season vanilla football.
You know, they're just running base offense. Yeah, and that's how they're going to run, You know, my Canadian last week. basically you All you need to know about your shopping. It's it's not going to throw the ball down the field. It's not going to try and make any And it's just going to play it safe. 100% of the time. I mean they don't they don't have any downfield down the field plays.
Where they just chuck it deep and try and let Claypool go up and grab it and and come down with it. They they the play just doesn't exist. I heard something today on on Sports Talk Radio where you know somebody who says they're a no and who knows if they're in the know. They don't allow their quarterbacks to audible at the line. Like, what kind of has a quarterback and NFL-ready starting quarterback, take the, take go up, take the team up to the line and be like, this play is not going to work.
We need to try this play and do an audible at the line. If the Steelers are truly not doing that, then, I agree with, you know, 90% of the comments that are basically saying, Canada, Canada is a fraud. He's never going to be a a he's never going to be a coach in the NFL, that's true. He's certainly not being a very good offensive coordinator. Um so, I I I'll I'll agree with that and I think the fact that they went to get Trubisky and really didn't have a competition to see who's going to be out there.
They basically knighted him and they said, well, he's going to be the guy who's going to just manage the game. It's not going to work for the Steelers with this defense being okay.
Uh it looked like it might be good if the Ste were elite like it was in game one but let's face it. That Cincinnati team is not good. They just lost again to Dallas. So, you know. Yeah. Maybe, maybe.
Yeah. Right. Exactly. With a backup quarterback. So, maybe we only beat the Bengals because the Bengals aren't good, not because our defense was that great. Um so, you know, I think I think Steelers have it rough. Especially going into this week. I mean, think about it They're one on one. And pretty much the whole everybody's one on one except for Cincinnati's oh and two.
They have this this week against the Browns is almost a must win for them. Because if they if they go one and two and the Browns go two and one and they have the tie breaker against them. They're already up they're already up against it. But if they beat the Browns, if they can beat the Browns, they not only are two and oh in this division, but they've beaten two divisional you know, on the road, that actually could work out okay for them.
So, despite, I know, you know, this week, look, everything looks lost but if somehow, they can manage to put their game plan together to stop the run in Cleveland. I think they have a chance this week. Well, here the thing. Um I I think one thing to think about especially with the you know, miserable loss by Cleveland and the miserable loss by the Ravens. And of course, the Bengals are just looks like a Super hangover year for them.
Um the bottom line is this division's wide open. You you can have nine or ten wins winning this division. And and really think about it this way. And usually what that means is nobody's out of it. You know until maybe there's a week or two left. Uh even if they lose this week. Let's say they go one and two. They come home for the Jets. You win that game. You're two and 2.
You're probably right in the mix.
You know I it's going to be like that. I think all year long. Well, I look at and look at beating the Browns on the road and I think they are going to beat the Jets and then they're actually in a much better space. They do have one. Three in one. Right? And they beat the Jets who already just beat the Browns, right? So, they're really making the Browns look like bottom dwellers with the with the bundles at that point, you know? I don't see, I just don't see any hope at this point and I'm I'm not trying to be funny. I'm being serious. Um you know, I picked them to go oh and four oh, and five.
that's not going to happen now because they, you know, they beat Cincinnati but you know, I think Stevie might be right. In two games, it's still a small sample size but one of the things that I think is that that I've noticed is, you know, you always feel like in the preseason, you know, they they always play conservative. They don't always play the starters. You know how teams act that way.
They don't really unwrap that offense. I feel like I'm not watching anything different than is what's happened in the and that being said, look, if you're going to continue to call this ridiculous offense the way you're calling it and not play to the strengths of your players and not take some more chances and push that line, you are not going to win very much at all and and I I I've always said, you know, the Steelers are horrible in trap games.
Well, they basically got two trap games in a row right now and I I I don't I just, you know, I I I don't see it. I tell you what comes to lose week in the beginning of the season. I still think they're going to lose in Cleveland on Thursday night. You know, that's just I'm I'm just not not too high on that idea of them even pulling out of this with more than one.
Guys. If they get beat down against the Browns, I think you're going to see Kenny Pickett in game four because you've got a home game against hopefully a lousy Jets team. The Jets aren't lousy by the way. What's that? The Jets are not lousy by the way. Well, they're not terrible. Yeah. Um but you know, but still, it's it's one of the lesser teams in the league.
You got 10 days to prepare to get your rookie quarterback ready for a home game. We're just going to have a lot of support. So, I I I mean, I think Trubisky still holds the job but if they get blown out by the Browns next week, I think Pickett's going to become the starter. Well, and anything's possible on the road when you're playing Cleveland but I don't know with Brownie the elf at the at at the center of the field.
They're all in one So, I'm I'm not thinking bad luck. I'm thinking maybe they need they need to erase the brownie, the elf at the middle of the field and put that big brown helmet back on then maybe they've got a chance. So, let's talk about the game. Um let's talk about the game against the Browns. Chris, you already said you're going on record.
You think they're going to lose? What do you think the score is going to be? Oh, gosh. I, you know what? It's impossible for me to tell because both of these teams are are in my estimation bad but I did pick the Browns to beat the Steel in our in our preseason I I would say this is this has the potential to be another low scoring game.
And so I I'll say seventeen to 10 Browns.
I'll say 2713 Browns. Oh you think they're going to light it up? Well, I wouldn't say that's lighting it up. To be honest. I think of Jacoby Brissett wasn't their quarterback, they might light it up. Yeah. But I think he he kind of prevents you from anything bigger than a good running attack.
I think I said last week that the that the the only way the Steelers will win if they win the turnover battle against the Patriots and they didn't and they lost. I think it might the same about the Browns. I think the Browns will manhandle them on the ground. I don't know if they'll get impatient to the point where they feel like they have to throw the ball. If they do, that will work in favor of the Steelers. If they decide just to run Chubb and then the run hunt and then the Chubb and then the Run Hunt up and down the field and Devin Bush forgets how to tackle again. It's going to be a long night for the Steelers. I mean, a long night.
I mean, you see a 35 to 10 game.
And that would be that would be bad, and that could, that could in Mark's theory about picket play next week. However, if the Browns fumble the ball or Brissett gets too fancy with play action and thinks he can hit across the middle, and Minka runs one back for a touchdown. Then, I think the Steelers have a chance, but let's face it, this offense can't score more than two touchdowns. So, in order for them to win, Chris, I think the 1710 would be a Steelers win in my opinion. Um, but I'm going to go with the middle ground, which is, I think it's going to be twenty-eight, 17.
And I think the Browns will be the winners in this game. Uh. Uh, no, the homer picks the I, I picked the Browns in in the preseason. Actually, I had them one on one at this point in the preseason picks. So, I'm going to stick with that, and, but I really think if they can somehow manage, manage Somehow that that run game is really good for the Browns.
I mean. Yeah. And and yes April they absolutely do have the ugliest helmets in the world. That is true. That's a proven fact. We agree. Um but I think those ugly helmets will somehow outplay our Pittsburgh Steelers this week. Um especially who knows? That loss against let's talk about their loss against the Jets. The way they lost against the Jets could affect them coming into the short week.
I mean they had at game one. And the Jets just came storming back. There were what? Four scores in the last two minutes of the game. And the Jets get an kick. I mean that's ridiculous. Well do you know what's really even more ridiculous? And and I think about this all the time because I once saw somebody do this the right way. And while I am in Nick Chubb fan because he's on my fantasy team.
Um he scored you 42 points this week. Yeah. But go Chubb.
Nick Chubb had the game one and he gave it away.
You know, all he had to do was slide before the end zone and the Jets have no timeouts And then they just kneel. But he had to get his You know he got his touchdown and then they kicked it off and they scored and they got an onside kick and then they scored.
Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, that that is definitely a possibility. If the Browns come out fast because of that loss, I mean, it's very possible the Steelers can take advantage of that. Although I actually think it's going to probably be the opposite. You know, there there I think they're going to be mad and angry about that loss and you know, really want to kind of go off against Well, that's how you pick them to win. Yeah, I I I don't know. I I I just think that both the Steelers and the Browns have I mean while the Browns definitely have the leg up on on the running game, I think the but the Steelers and the Browns are franchises that are kind of in flux right now for different reasons and I I think this game could be a brutal game to watch just like that.
Just like the opening game 2 weeks ago. It just I I get no sense of excitement of thinking about the Steelers playing football. Even with, you know, at least last year with Ben in his last season.
just knew that it, you know, and I don't want to compare anybody to Ben because we know he's gone, you know, but, you know, at least last year, it was kind of like, okay, when's he going to throw the default? When's he going to, you know, when's he going to lead him down the field? Even with a poor offense and and going back to what you were talking about earlier, Steve, about not being able to change the play in the huddle or anything like that.
I mean, give me a break. Okay, this is an NFL franchise, okay? You you gotta be, you gotta be, you gotta let the quarterback call the game at times. You gotta, I mean, I I mean, just Canada's gotta go. Yo yo Carey's comment was right. He should go coach the Pirates. He'd have more success there. I mean, it's just, it's just, it's just ridiculous to me.
And and to be honest with you, I wouldn't even, I wouldn't even blink twice if they fired him right now. Like, okay, you're not going to fire him two games into the season. What has he got to pull out of his out of his sock that we haven't seen before? You know, a different jet sweep to a to a guard. Picket in college. I think he did, didn't he? Yes, first, I think for year, right? Yeah, so that that's what they're going to hang their hopes on.
If, and if, if he can't make it work with Kenny Pickett, then he's gone. I, I, I don't, I, I think that's horrible. I think they need to, I, I, and I'm not saying they should start pick it now, because I don't think Trubisky has been given a chance to lose the job. You know, I think, I think. And that's exactly it, like I, did you hear Claypool's response this week? You know, I did.
Basically, he was talking about, you know, not getting any deep balls, and like, hey, you we don't call the plays. You know, we can we can only do what we're asked to do. Like, that just shows you right there like the the players even believe in 'em.
Well, I can tell you our fans actually believe in the Steelers this week. We got Brad taking the Steelers. 23 13.
We got Ed taking the Steelers fourteen. They think the defense is going to show up. It's looking like and and they they they very well could. I mean, if that defense can stop the run, I don't think, honestly, I don't I don't I don't like Brissett I don't think he's that great of a quarterback. I don't think he can he can he he does have Amari Cooper who I think is a very good talent but with just one like at.
Uh I I'm just not convinced that they can get it. They can get it to him. So. Hey and and I hope they win. I I you know I want them to win. There's no no doubt about that. And anything can happen in the NFL. Who knows? Maybe they have a bounce back game and all of a sudden something connects and you know and they score some points and they beat Cleveland.
That could happen. But if we get the same old play calling it's just it it seems to me like the and the what I read you know even the players are starting to question you know the process behind calling place. So. Mike, I think to answer your question, could Tomlin fire Canada? Yes, of course he can. He's in charge of the team. Um for sure. I I think Tomlin at this point in his career being a tenured coach like he is could easily get it done.
The question is is, that means he would have to make the play calls or or and I don't think he really wants to do that. I think he needs somebody else to to make the play calling because it's not like they can hire somebody to bring in a new offense mid season. And that's the problem with iron. Who do they have sort of on the bench? Like they got a like a coach or an offensive run game passing coordinator? They don't have anybody that could step up and step in I think.
Oh. Yeah. They they do not. No they hang their hat on Canada. Yeah. That's exactly right. Um so before we go on the week three picks let's talk a little bit about the Miami game. Another barn burner. And I just about these games because our divisional rivals to go down in flames. Yeah. And it's just great to watch. Right? There is hope.
There is hope. The Baltimore Baltimore basically was beating the Jets or beating Miami the whole game. And then Tua just decided like, hey, all I really have to do is throw it deep to this guy called Tyreek Hill. Remember him? He used to play with Mahomes? Yeah. And I remember him. It works. How how do you think about that? Pretty amazing too.
Chris is sure enough since you're in Florida, why don't you give us the Miami perspective here? Well, I'm not sure anybody around here even realizes that they play football down here. Um but no. No. I I think that I think it'll be interesting to see is is this is this too is breakout game. We we talked about this before the show. You know, I made the comment weeks ago. You know, was it Mahomes that made Hill or Hill that made Mahomes and you know, Schwabber, you said it was both, you know, and I kind of left it as an open question.
Um I I think after watching, you know, two games with Mahomes and and his receiving core and now seeing Hill, you know, get open for Tua. Um we'll see it. It it might be kind of leaning towards the whole Tyreek Hill thing. Uh because, you know, was that a breakout game for Tua? Or does he just have these incredible receivers? One of which was Patrick Mahomes, you know, played with him. Um I shocked that they won that game because they they they were down big early and I thought that game's over.
And I was watching the highlights as they were coming over on my phone because I was traveling. But I think they scored twenty-eight. They scored 28 points in the fourth. I think they did. They did. They did. Yeah. Yeah they did. Oh and by by the way that that Browns game you might find these statistics interesting.
Um the last time a team was down what was it. 13 points with a minute 55 left. Something like that. Yeah. Okay, the last time a team came back to win down in that situation was over 2000 games ago.
Wow. And to and to make the Browns feel even worse, over 2000 games ago. The team also beat the Browns. Nice.
Alright, maybe I should change my prediction. Maybe maybe the Steelers are going to win on Thursday.
Well, just to come full circle on this, I actually do think Tyreek Hill makes is a is a difference maker. I think his speed and his ability to catch the ball on the run like that. I mean, if you can get it deep into a can clearly throw it deep. Um I think that makes a big difference especially for young quarterback who who's trying to, you know, trying to make his mark in the NFL. I I think that was a great pickup for them and I I really didn't think that I I wasn't thinking that at the beginning of the season but I do think that Kyrie Hill is a bigger difference maker on that team.
Yeah. And and I think the Kansas City they definitely are still going to do well without him but they look a little lost without having that deep threat. They just go back. Just go back one one more going back to this Canada debate and then we'll then we'll move on from here with our fix for week three. This is a really interesting take from Yo Kerry. Call it Big Ben. Yeah. And and Ed Ed believes the same thing and so does Brad.
They're all in on it. So I don't think that's going to happen but I'd love the concept. I absolutely love the I couldn't do any worse to be honest with you. I I you know Ben at least called the place in the huddle. So he knows how to run an offense. I don't think that's really a bad idea. I think that's a good idea.
It's actually not a terrible idea. And especially let's say let's say things the wheels really fall off of this bus. And the Steelers are and ten. Why not? Why not? Definite. Bring them in then. Yeah that that'll be too late. I think he'd want to come in with a chance to actually win. And it would probably dispel the rumors that the Cowboys are thinking about signing him. Did you see those? Well they're definitely not now anyway. Yeah.
No. No. Not now. No. Not now. No.
Alright. Wait. What's next? Let's move on to week three picks.
And speaking of week three, the first game we're going to be picking is the Bills at Miami game. Yeah. And I'm going to start I'm going to start. Game, it? I'm going to start with Mark. Yeah, Mark. I want you to start start us off. Potentially both two and oh teams. I'm I'm assuming that the Bills are going to beat the Titans tonight. Mm hmm. And maybe they already are. I know game's on live. But who you got? Whoo. It's it's just a tough one. This is this one is going to be one of those absolute shootouts.
going to say it's going to be the over and 51 and a half by the way. Wow. Well, hey, that's that's not going to be any kind of problem for my Um I'm going to go with Miami, shocks the world, and wins this one forty-eight to 45. Oh my god. That I am watching that game. I'm and I'm all in on that one. How do you feel about that, Chris? Miami for Mark.
It is or is it the Bills in Miami? Yep. Uh yeah at in in Miami. Yep. Okay.
That's really tough because I I definitely think that Miami showed their ability and Tua had that game and and coming back and and throwing the hill. You know gives a quarterback like him confidence. That's what that's what they need. Um now they're going to be tested. You know you've got you've got Josh Allen coming in. So I'll try to keep it short. I I I think the are going to that game. I don't think it's going to be a shootout Uh I I think it's going to be they're going to score some points.
I I'm going to say 28 to twenty-four I like the Bills also. I think the Bills will have a better chance at getting the Tua in the pocket. I I I think that will cause problems for Tua. I think he'll throw a couple interceptions. I like the Bills. Thirty-five, twenty-four. What a, wait, wait a minute, Mark. What was, what was Mark's like ninety-five points? Total? Yeah, forty-eight 4five. Yes.
It's it's going to be going to be reminiscent. Do you remember a while back there was that what was it? The it was like the Chiefs versus the Rams or something? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Which was. Yeah. It was like that. That that's what I'm predicting. Yeah. I don't think there were any punch that game. Yeah.
Excellent. Right. Okay. Let's go to game number two. This is an NFC matchup. We got Green Bay at Tampa A. By the way, before we go on on this prediction, I just have to do a little rant on Tom Brady because you know how much I love Tom Brady. Oh yeah. That **** he had, he had to start a fight in a game that they were already winning and he got his wide receiver kicked out because of it.
Like, that guy's got anger issues. If that happen to anybody else, he would have been gone out of the game. But no, Tom Brady, you can't touch him and you gotta protect him. So, you know, he he gets kicked out of the game. You know, Tom needs to take a chill pill. And by the way, what are you going to say about Tom Brady? And by the way, I think this, this could be a factor that Mike Evans, the his best receiver because the other guys are hurt is suspended I think for the next game.
I didn't hear it. It's like we're going Green Bay. Yeah, Mike Adams. I didn't hear that but good. I'm happy about that. That makes me happy. Well, you.
As you predicted, Steve, Tom seems to be having some issues on the home front and nobody wants to talk about those.
And maybe that anger is just getting built up inside of him. You know, we we've all had our issues and I think you just need to be a little kinder to to Tom. He's got a tough life. You know. He's got a lot. I will not be kinder to Tom. That will He could actually be wandering around the property here so I should probably be careful or at least some friends.
So, Chris, when when you make your picks, it is true. He is suspended for one game because of that. So, Okay. So, pick accordingly. Uh I'm I'm I'm going Green Bay with this game. I was going to go Green Bay with this game anyway. Um I just I feel like Aaron Rodgers you know, he's just right now, he's just a better quarterback. You know, I think Green Bay is going to win this game.
Uh score, jeez.
Is it in, is it in Tampa Bay? I don't have this stuff in front of me tonight. It is in Tampa Yeah. Uh this is going to be, this going to be another tight one. You know, I don't I don't think Tampa offense now that now that you know, he doesn't really have any of his receivers. Um I'm going to say they're going to eat another frustrating night for Brady. Uh they'll get two touchdowns out of it and Green Bay is going to get three. Uh maybe with a field goal. Twenty-four 14, Green Bay. Who you got, Mark? Uh it's a one. I mean, in the midst of this conversation, I've gone back and forth.
Yeah. Um I guess I gotta go Green Bay here. Um you know, what what it really comes down to, honestly, I think this is going to be an ugly game. Yeah. Uh because, you know, Tampa has no receivers and Green Bay has no receivers.
So, that's true. Yeah. It's probably going to be like Leonard Fournette versus Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon you know? Yeah. Um so I'm going to say that Green Bay kind of eeks it out. They win 1714.
Mark, I think your philosophy is right on but I think your analysis is off. I think Tampa Bay is going to win the game because I think that it is going to be the Fournette Show. I think he'll run all over that Green Bay defense. They don't have anybody who can tackle him. And I think that the Tampa Bay linebackers and that defense can stop. Um I think They can stop the run.
The question is, will Aaron Rodgers have Legarde available to him. I think if he does, I think they got a chance. I I think it is going to be a close one. I think twenty-four, 21, I'm taking Tampa Bay, last second field goal. To win it all. Okay, last game, we're going to be predicting for week three. San Francisco, it's the Sunday night game. San Dunbright.
I believe this one's in Denver.
Yeah, this one is interesting because you gotta feel like at some point is Russell Wilson going to break out.
Um, hasn't yet. Which is kind of surprising. Yeah he hasn't. And you know, how about San Fran possibly the best move of the off season.
Resigning Jimmy to a one-year deal. I don't know why he's not the starting quarterback period. I mean, I I think that's. Well, he is now but I I just I I never got that, you know, but Yeah. Anyway, go to Schwaber. Well, you you invest in like the third pick in the draft. He's going to be your starting quarterback. He's got, I think the kids got a ton of talent. Now, you know, now start throwing in a season-ending injury. Um you know, it could be tough on him but to be honest, I I think that I'll take San Francisco.
You know, I just think that you know, they've got a team that went deep into the playoffs last year and I think the team is actually energized by Garoppolo being on the field with them. Uh and I think that you know, I'm going to put a little bit of Denver's issues on their new coach who see Yeah. Be a little bit overwhelmed. Not not saying that he can't be a very good coach but he looks like he's not ready yet. So to speak.
Um and maybe the Broncos know that and they were fine with dealing with some growing pains. But I don't know. He hasn't really impressed me much at all. Um I just don't know how you can have Russell Wilson look as bad as he's looked for two weeks.
That's just my. So march down San Francisco. Are you giving a score? Sure. I will say twenty-four to 14.
Twenty-four 14. Alright. Chris, what do you think? I want to, I, I want to know how hard Jimmy Garoppolo has to work to prove that he should be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I mean, he's only, he's only got like a what, 51 and fourteen record or something as a starter. I don't know. I could be overblowing that but got a great record as a starter. He's led a team to the Super Bowl couple times.
I mean, what more does this guy have to do to be a starting quarterback in the NFL? And you know, somebody was talking and and forgive me, I can't remember who it was, but there there was some big football analyst basically said that Trey Lance has is not a quarterback, is not that great. And I, I don't know if that's true or not, but. Well, he is interested this year, I can tell you that.
Well, yeah, yeah. so, so, to, to, to, to not, I'm not going to turn this into a rant, I'm going with San Francisco over Denver on this one. I'm, I'm going to say Garoppolo marching back and proves once again why he should be the quarterback of that franchise right now and they win 27 to seventeen and as far as Russell Wilson is concerned, he had a great career in Seattle but it's obvious to me that his skills are diminished and that he's not the quarterback he once was and I don't Uh I just lost you guys.
Sorry. No, we can hear you. Oh, you can hear me? Okay. Yeah. I don't I don't see him coming back and playing with the skills that he that he had before. So, Do you think he's just on a downward spiral? Uh yes. I I do. There we go. Sorry about that, guys. So, you got San Francisco. So, I got San Francisco. What did I say? 2717.
Yup. Sounds good Yeah. So, I really like Denver but I agree with Mark. I think they're head coach for Denver. Looks a bit overwhelmed. He looks like he could manage the hell out of the tenth grade math class but I think he's struggling. I think he's struggling. Coach Yeah, they're both, they look very much the same. They're they're both the other guys. Yeah. You know, yeah, maybe sixth grade for that guy but he he's he's off to a much better start.
Anyway, I just can't take Denver. I just don't think they got it all together yet in that San Francisco team will be really well coached for this game. I think I and I think you're right. That team's better with Garoppolo. Uh I don't know what they were thinking with Trey Lance other than they drafted him in the first round, you know? Look, fast forward by the way to later this year early next year for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
We could be looking at the same damn problem. Um only we're not going to have a Jimmy Garoppolo behind. Yeah. Pickett. So I am I'm going to go with San even though I want to try and make up games on you guys.
Because let's go to the year standings. Actually let's go to last week. Chris how did you do it last week? How did you do that this week? I think I was three and oh last week. I think you were three and oh last year. There we go baby. Mark. Mark was a steady Two in one and I had the first losing picks of the season.
I was one and two.
So, four. So, for the season, that puts us down below, cruciate at five and one, market four and 2, and me at three and three for the season. So, I guess. It's kind of an easy thing. It's like in reverse order of knowledge of football.
Exactly. That's right.
That's good. From the guy who played through the guys who never played.
Hey, you don't have to play to, you don't have to play to be able to pick games. That's for damn sure. That's true. Yeah, that's true. Alright, boys. We done with the NFL for tonight.
Sure. If you say so, boss. I believe we are. I think it's time to talk about what we are watching, my friend.
Let's do it. Um. What are you curious? Let's see. Hm. I think I want to start with Mark tonight because I'm really interested in in in what Mark has to say about what he is watching.
let me pull it up.
and Mark This is what Mark is watching.
House of Gucci.
House of Gucci. What exactly is a House of Gucci, Marcus? Well, do you know what Gucci is, Steve? Gucci is like high fashion, I believe.
Yes. Yes. They're really well. Okay, good. I got it. Yeah. Really well known for their Gucci bags and their shoes and their, you know, fashion shows and all that kind of stuff and you know, the the crazy thing is is if you would have told me, if you would have asked me, you know, before I watched this movie, tell me about Gucci. I would have told you. Yeah, it's it's it's you know, a really wealthy, old, Italian-fashioned family.
You know what I mean? And really, what this movie is, is it's a story kind of, kind of about all the ups and downs of Gucci, and about how family invited, and, you know, one part stole from the other, and then the other stole from the other, and then, you know, by, you know, going public, it got stolen from them, and, and There's murder involved and it's it's it's really it's like a crazy story and it's and it's all true.
Like, you know, it's a fun kind where they tell you at the end like, this is what happened to so and so, this is what happened to so and so. So, it's really, it's really like a documentary. It's just with Well, Mark, in order for you to like it, there had to been drugs involved. So, do they tally up how much how much do they have? Yeah, were there drugs involved Schwabber? I'm sure there were drugs at some point in the movie, yeah.
Um okay But but yeah. They give a running tally of of. And obviously you know really. Lauren Klein has There were there were, you know, really good in it. You know, Adam Driver and all the Star Wars. He's in it. Lady Gaga is like the lead in it in it.
the one who like marries into the Gucci family and starts meddling with them. Um and then you've got like all these guys in it who I didn't even realize so after the the after I watched it, I went online and was like, who are those actors? And one was like and the other one. Yeah. The Irons. Like so it's it's really it's it's an excellent cast and it's good. It's long though, right? It's pretty long. It's long. It's like two and a half hours. Yeah. Yeah. That's a long time for me to watch a movie about fashion.
But I get it. Well. But I bet I bet you could watch it with Warren and everything would be fine. It's really about murder and business. That's better. Yeah. Murder in business. Yeah. That sounds better. That sounds much better. So Mark has been watching House Haltabucci. Where can you watch that, Mark? I think we rented it off of, I think it was on Blockbuster? Blockbuster. The last blockbuster? What was the, what was the other one called? West Coast Video.
Preview or something like that.
I think I think we rented it from Prime. I think it was on Amazon Prime. Prime. Amazon Prime. Okay. So, get it from Amazon Prime if you have that. Alright, House of Gucci. So, up for Chris, Chrissy went in a little bit different direction. He stayed more along in the lines of. I guess this is considered sports but.
That's funny. Yes.
Bonds on Esixty. I actually bond. Yeah, I actually I actually it was nights before we left on vacation. I couldn't fall asleep. Uh and it I just clicked over to ESPN and it was just starting. I thought huh. This is interesting. So obviously it's it's it's the Barry Bond story. And it's it's really more of the story about his career. It doesn't really address like it's not like a documentary on here.
He was born. His godfather was Willie Mays and all that. It was more like he he was a rookie with the Pirates and the evolution of all that and the Balco story and then the story of you know McGuire and Sosa and then Bonds taking over the the ultimate home run record and what's really interesting is there are a couple players. Probably more than a couple.
In the hall of fame that had either tested positive or admitted to using steroids. Jeff Bagwell is one of them. Uh David Ortiz is going into the hall of fame and he tested positive. Mhm. And even though we all know that Barry Bonds was using those drugs. Right. He never tested positive. Not one. And and you know, it if I was a hall of fame voter, he'd be in there, no doubt.
No doubt. He deserves to be in the hall of fame. Uh his biggest crime when you watch this, it it comes across that his biggest crime was that he wasn't really very personable but they do go into something, some details about what he went through while he was chasing that record and if you've, if you've watched anything about Hank Aaron and what he went through from a racial perspective when he was chasing the record, Barry Bonds went through the same thing.
And it kind of it paints a little bit of a different picture. Um and it doesn't really take a side. And it's really if if you have any interest in it all or even if you don't it's a great it's a great 60 minute documentary to watch. Bonds. And it's it's ESPN. And I'm sure I don't know if it's on Netflix or whatever but I'm sure you can get it on on demand.
Um but it's I thought it was fantastic. Yeah it's usually on their ESPN Plus if you have that. It's definitely on there. But they'll still throw it on the regular for those three of us. It have cable coming into their house. Um it'll be on ESPN too. Um yeah, I definitely am interested in that. Um I can tell that our viewers aren't because nobody is commenting on bonds.
Normally, he's a controversial guy. So, I thought maybe we get some snide comments but hey, face it. We don't really like baseball around here anyway. Yeah, that's true. Not right now anyway. Alright. So, I'm the last one up here. The thing that I've been watching, this is not a new show. It's just the latest episodes of it.
Cobra Kai. Oh man. Oh yeah. I mean you gotta watch it. So only I'm only like three episodes in. Like I'm I'm starting I watched so.
We're we're on the we're on the same wavelength. I'm not going to give anything away. Cuz you know people probably haven't watched the whole thing yet. I haven't watched the whole thing yet. Here's the thing about season five. They're just they going deeper, right? They pull out the most obscure things from Karate Kids part three and they're like saying, oh yeah, remember this dojo guy that got mentioned one time and mister garden the one time. That's like the main character now. And you're like.
Yeah, but you gotta admit, he's awesome.
He is, he's pretty incredible. Well, he was, he was in the guy, the guy they feature has actually been in. Uh, he was in season 4 also. Oh, I think. Yeah, he was. He in season 4 also. So he's not a new character but the twist they bring to it to to get him against the guy with a ponytail. You know? Right. Is like it's a new it's a new war that's being you know.
Yeah. About to happen. You know so so yeah. I I like it but I have to admit. I think it's starting in the jumps jump the shark a little bit. They're going a little bit too deep into things but I mean it is can't be. They're not trying to make it like this drama like great action film. You even in some of the films where they're driving. Like you can tell like they're using the the the dumbest film for the side and the back in the car.
You know? Like sometimes you make it they make it look like it looks real. They're not even trying. I mean it's this is low budget Cobra Kai. This is as low budget as it gets. And I'm okay with that. Because you know if you think about it you know Karate Kid wasn't like a high budget movie when it came out. You know. So so yeah. So, it's just fun.
It's just fun. I'd rather, I'd rather watch the life story of David Cassidy and the Partridge family than that. I just, I just can't, I just. That sounds like you. Well, we can't we can't we can't we can't end the show on that note. We can't end the show on David Cassidy. Of course not. I had to pause though for the Schwaber insult. You always have to pause for that.
Did you really watch the Partridge Family? I have to know now. No, I didn't. But I did while we were up in the but you will. My wife and my wife was taking a nap. I did watch how it really happened. The David Cassidy story. That's why it was right there. Wow. You know. You really are on vacation, aren't you? Yeah. Oh, yeah. When you're watching headline news at four in the afternoon and it's Hill Harper and how it really happened.
You're on vacation. Yeah. I would be in prison. In Question is this, will you be back for next week's live on the porch? I will be back for next week's live on the porch, god willing. Um unless my wife buys a house down here, which is always a possibility. Well, then, it'll be a different porch but you'll still have a porch in, right? Yeah. Yeah.
Yes. Yes. Of course you have any any parting thoughts as we go in the week three of the NFL. Oh, wait. Your your team's playing tonight. How do you feel about tonight? Eagles, Eagles, Vikings.
I don't know. I don't know. I mean, you know, the the Eagles beat the Lions in week one but you know, is Chris can attest to. Lions are actually pretty good.
Nice. Yeah. I like how you slid that in there, Schwabber. I don't know. I think I think it's just a little, it's a little too early to tell. I mean, some people are kind of really thinking that like, you know, Minnesota can do some damage this year. At the same time, you know, my my question on that one is, why? Just because Mike Zimmer is not the coach anymore. I mean, it's all the same players basically. It is all the same players. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and I mean, like, you know, like Kirk, Kirk Cousins is just like, you know, what I was actually thinking Klein this weekend.
You know, who's new Kirk Cousins? Carson Wentz.
Teams always behind, ends up throwing for yards and three or four touchdowns. But the team sucks.
I, I, I, you know, I'm not going to, I can't, yeah, I can't disagree 100 percent. The only difference that I can, I can give you and you'll appreciate it, is that I think Kirk Cousins is actually a nicer guy.
And I think he's, he's better actually, too. And he might be a little, he's had at least a little bit longer track record, but I, well, let's put it this way. I feel bad for Kirk Cousins. I think he deserves to have like a playoff run Uh even as a former Redskins fan because I I just can't I will not call them that other name.
We know. We know. I I I can still tell you that I I just I don't just I don't I I can't root for Carson Wentz. I I I hope they win. You know for my dad up in heaven hail to the Redskins. But yeah. I I I think you're right. Schwabber. You know what? Carson Wentz kind of is and this is something I introduce you guys to last week.
He's a hate the face Yeah, I think you're right.
You know, I think you're right. You're just like. Yeah.
Can't do it. You can't root for him. Yeah. Now, if somehow, if somehow by some miracle and believe me, I would be the first to admit it's an it would be a ridiculous miracle. If they won the Super Bowl with Carson Wentz, I would be happy but I would still hate the face.
There go. I think it rolls out for an ending there. It would definitely diminish your ability to enjoy the Super Bowl win but hey, we enjoy all Super Bowl wins and in Pittsburgh, we have six of em. So, Hail the Steelers. Gotta get that one in of course. That's right. Homer. Let's hope our Steelers victory and we have more exciting, happy things to talk about next week.
That's right.
I agree and with that, I guess we are out. Thanks all for being here tonight. I want to thank some people here. I want to thank anybody who's listening on American Busker iHeartRadio, 150 million registered users, 2000 250 platforms. Thank you Nancy Hahn. I said that because I know Steve doesn't have it memorized.
I don't have it memorized yet. That was not on my contract.
That's right. Isn't it more than, I mean, isn't it more than 2000 devices? Isn't it like 200, 000 devices or something? No, I I think it's a brilliant devices because is everywhere. I mean, Chris is walking on the complex there. Kicking the SnyHeart Radio if you wanted. That's very true. It's in your ears. It's everywhere. I'm going with 1 billion. Okay, of billion. I'm sure they're not going to be upset with that.
2 million.
It's gotta be.
Alright, boys.
Until we see each other again next week. Peace out, everyone. Reese. Go Steelers.
we do.