The Sports Porch

The Year that Changed the World

It was 1988.  The 80s.  Yep.  THAT decade.  The one that spawned video games, pop music, cable news, Combos and more.   It was also the year 3 guys from Pennsylvania met in Philadelphia.   At a school called Drexel.  Steve, from Pittsburgh, Chris, from York (Central PA) and Marc, from Philadelphia.  Same state... wildly different backgrounds, and wildly different opinions on sports.  Steve, the classic Steelers, Penguins and Pirates fan.  Chris... mixed up as a Redskins, Orioles and sometimes Flyers fan.  Marc, totally Philadelphia as an Eagles, Sixers, Phillies and Flyers fan.   Oh, the misbehaving that occurred.   And the arguments.   Then, one day, when we got older, we decided it should be  a show.

1988 would change our lives forever.   1988 would change the world forever.