The Sports Porch


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These guys are killin’ it!!!

These guys are better than any of the regular Sports guys on the radio! They’re real and they tell it like it is! Truth!

Nothing better for Sports fans!

Just the best. Not the same talking faces and “experts”. These guys keep it real and fun.

This is the way a sports show should be done. Non-stop... good opinions, funny as hell and a little personality thrown in. If you're going to listen to one sports podcast on a regular basis... this is the one!

Good fun

We really have fun. You will too!

These guys are truly the best show ever!!!

Great sports information specific to Pittsburgh but also touching on the national sports world as well. The banter between the guys is absolutely hilarious, especially when they do a little bit of pop culture toward the end of the show!

The Greatest Porch On Earth

Need I say more? Finally a podcast where regular guys talk about regular things and are not ashamed. Oh... and sports.