September 13, 2022
The Porch Is Live - NFL Week 1 in the BOOKS

We are LIVE on the Sports Porch and oh boy... week 1 of the NFL season was a great one! Missed field goals, OT, a TIE, injuries and more. We review our week 1 predictions and make them for week 2... PLUS... Headlines and more of what we're...

We are LIVE on the Sports Porch and oh boy... week 1 of the NFL season was a great one! Missed field goals, OT, a TIE, injuries and more. We review our week 1 predictions and make them for week 2... PLUS... Headlines and more of what we're watching. The Porch is always the place to be... take a seat and enjoy!

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sticker down. No way, man.
The Porch es Live. Come on. Come on, baby. The bundles are back. We are on tour, guys. We are on the porch, week one of the NFL season is almost in the books, almost in the books. Can't believe it. Uh thankful you're here. Thank you for listening on American Busker iHeartRadio, iHeartRadio, a hundred and 50 million subscribers, 2000 devices, 150 different platforms, and we got a lot to talk about, a lot to talk about.
We sure do. Whoo. And but first thing we want to point out, catch the Sports Sports Podcast on iHeart, Spotify, Apple, Podcast, anywhere you get your podcast. Catch up with us. Listen to it in the car. I listen to it in the car all the time. How about you guys? I put up. I'll take that as well. Yeah.
now and then you put it on.
I just want to listen to us, you know, while I'm at work, I'm doing some mindful things. Mindless. Yeah, because when you're at work, you do mindless things. Yeah. You save the real work for when you get home. I do a lot of mindless stuff all the time. Yes. And we got a couple introductory comments in here and then we're going to jump right into it. BT, Brad Trombley, three weeks till Berg Bound.
Can't wait. Yeah. My son is pumped up. Awesome, bro. Tim, and I'm not putting those comments up. There it is. Tim Pomato from Palmetto. He is in the house, Cha in. Thanks. Uh Steve obviously watching us from Chicago. Go Bears. They did have a good win. Hey. They beat the forty-niners which kind of blew me away. It's a big win for them. It was pretty fun the way they did the slide in the in the rain at the.
Did you see? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That went viral. That went viral. Make sure to check out the Porch es Live. com. That's our website where you can get your own sports guy in the middle mug or sports sports T-shirt and subscribe to our Email list. We're building that as we as we go So guys, listen, let's jump right into it. Uh we are a Pittsburgh-based sports show. So, we're going to start with the Steelers.
And you know what? I as soon as that game was over. Yeah. No lie. I don't think I've ever done this in the 30 years plus that we've known each other. Okay. As soon as the Steelers game was over, I called Steve. Did you? Because that was the hardest game I've ever had to watch in my life. It was like pulling my own teeth out with no anesthetic. No anesthetic. It was it was actually hilarious.
Uh on my end. Right. Cuz because you weren't even watching it. I I wasn't watching the game. I, because I, I follow another team, so I taped it, and I watched the tape afterwards. Cool. What I was doing was I was watching it like on a ticker, where I couldn't actually see any plays, right, right. And like, the whole thing was just like, okay, it's second and goal from the one.
It's second and goal from the two. Right. Second and goal from the three. Yeah. Okay, what now? Oh, missed the field goal.
I was like and and that continued to happen. I know. I know. Listen, it was. Yeah. That was. Repeat. It was crazy. That was one of the hardest games I've ever had to watch. How about you? I mean, from a Steelers perspective, the last game that was kind of like that was when they beat the Bengals in that in that playoff game where perfect and Batman Jones did the doofest thing at the end of the game, right? Right.
Yeah. Only this, the kind of, you know, did some good things instead of the Bengals just doing dumb things. I mean, I would say that that would probably be the closest thing as a Steelers game Yeah, that that's exactly what I thought of. I thought of that that playoff game and I and I thought, you know what? I don't know that there's two games out there that I can even think of that were like sure wins, Bengals over Steelers, that they somehow found a way to blow.
I mean, missing an extra point. You know, you know, it got blocked. Yeah, it got blocked and and and it got whole lot because of. He missed it because he got blocked. Yeah. But it got block because the long snapper was out. Right. And the whole cadence. Well, let's let let's dive into this and of course, Yo Carrier. So many things.
Yo Carey's in the house and he says, Boswell, he did not, he did not pull his groin. Of course, Richard in mechanicsburg is like, we're leading off with Bucko talk, right? Yeah, sure. Uh Tim, Tim Pomona says incredible game. The boys played their hard time. Look, I'm I'm going to start. I'm going to start by putting this up on the ticker because I really, you know, I think this is where people are going. How do you feel after the Steelers win in and what I'm going to say is this, that defense, you know, and we can, we'll talk about the Watt injury later and the prospects of of what's going to happen or may or may not happen there but that defense played its heart out.
I mean, they really took it to him, okay? So, the good part for me, the positive, the defense looked like it got off to that elite start that we all wanted to see. They were handling the running game. Now, Mixon ended up running for like eighty-five yards. Still, they were handling the running game. They were putting pressure.
Admittedly, Burroughs line. I think I said it. I you guys during the game. I think since his offensive line is almost as bad as the Steelers offensive line. Maybe even worse. Right. It is worse. And and I and and I felt like the defense this is a good sign because if the defense gets off to this kind of start and we can ride this, you know, they don't have to be elite but to be in the top ten, that bodes well.
Then, we flipped over to the offense and this what I what I did when I called Steve, I went off, okay? Matt, Canada. He doesn't have to go. He's got to go. I, the, the most brutal part of this game was the fact that, now look, Deontae Johnson made an incredible catch. Mm hmm. Trubisky made a couple pretty good throws under pressure.
But the play calling and you guys tell me what you think about this, and let's stick to this right now, then we can move on to the other aspects. The play calling by Mac Canada for the last three years and don't give me the excuse Roethlisberger was a different kind of quarterback. Look, it sucks. The guy, all due respect to Matt Canada as a person, I don't know him, okay? And yes, he's much, he's a football expert and I'm not.
But I've only watched like 30000 football games in my life. I've never seen a guy. A lot. Play, well, maybe a little less, maybe a little more. You know, I've seen a I've never these, these, these, there's no, there's no game plan. The the players don't know what the game plan is. It it's very obvious that he's calling it by the seat of his pants, depending on what, you know, maybe he's got, okay, it's second and six.
So, I have a list of 10 plays. Okay, well, why are you only calling the same play over and over again? Yeah. I mean, you know, I still know I'm going to come out on that. Yeah, I just felt no imagination.
Uh, you know, if you run the ball to one more time, I mean, it doesn't surprise anybody. Horrible. That that play call supposed to be a surprise once again. Yes. Or twice. Surprise six times a year. Yeah. Right. Six surprises. Right. I mean just no imagination. I thought it was a a dreadful performance. Um I'll give it up to Trubisky because he did. Enough to complete a couple passes to set up a game winning field goal.
I think Trubisky looked fine. You know like like to be let's let's be honest. Like you know if this was if it was Ben Roethlisberger out there, we would be saying, you know, you know, hey, hall of famer does it when it counts. That's right. He got him down the field. They won the game. It's all that matters. Yeah. All that matters, right? I guess you're right. You know.
I guess you're right about that. Absolutely right. But he really was not great but I also don't think he was put in position to be great. I think you're I'm going to actually shock you guys. I think Canada played the right, I think he played the right game. Look, this is what the Steelers are going to do. That's not what you said on our phone call yesterday. I don't. You totally agreed with me.
I I don't like the way the Steelers offense is. But between that phone call and this very moment, I had an epiphany. Oh my god. I did. And the epiphany is this, they did it on purpose. They don't want to make mistakes. They're going to let their defense win games for them, right? So, how do you do that? You run, run, pass, run, run, pass, run, run, pass. And you don't pass the ball over the middle, you don't pass the ball deep down the other side of the field.
that's where it gets intercepted. What do you do? You dink and you dunk and the only time he kind of made a pass that was iffy was because the guy came over the line by five yards and he knew he had a free play. So, that's where he threw the over in the middle. This is what the I'm sorry Steelers nation but this is what the Steelers offense is and if Najee's hurt, on top of that.
Yeah, it's only going to get worse. It's you're only going to see more dinking and Duncan and and this is just this is their for surviving an offense that can be talented but doesn't have enough talent in the quarterback position yet to be able to really throw it down the field like like I think Kenny Pickett can't. And CD thinks you had a Canadian epiphany.
Look, I I. This is, this is, but I'm telling you, this is don't think like suddenly Canada's going to throw in some crazy stuff where they're going to start chucking it down the field six or seven times a game. They're just not going to be that offense. That's that and that is not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is just in general, there doesn't ever seem to be a game plan with this guy.
It it is it is the same scripted. Look, you've got, you've got an offense of seasoned NF veterans now. Some rookies, younger players but it's it's the fact that when you go into this, they don't even come close to trying to establish a run. They try to establish jet sweep as the run and you you're just not there's just no plan. I understand where you're coming from. Here's the whole defensive thing again.
Here's where the here's where he needs to get more creative.
Inside of the red zone. Inside of the red zone is where you have to score touchdowns. They scored three field goals off of those turnovers. That's never going to work. And that's why the game got to where it did towards the end. Because they let them stay in the game. They did. If you get even two touchdowns out of there, this game's over by the third quarter. Right.
And and that's what they gotta they gotta figure out. They gotta figure out when they get down to the 30 yard line and they know they can kick a field goal. How do we get it into the end zone then? And if they can't figure out a way then I I actually think they're in trouble anyways but that offense is in trouble anyways but that's what they're going to do.
I hate it but that's what they're going to do. You have you have to you have to come with me to this epiphany moment. Sure. And and enjoy it. Well, here's the thing. I I think that Canada doesn't trust his offensive line and so he a very conservative offense. So, there's kind of two sides to that. Is that the right thing to do or do you gotta play football aggressive? Uh I'm kind of more along the lines of you gotta be aggressive.
Right. And the bad stuff happened. bad stuff happens but you know, I I just don't think he's a great coordinator. I think, you know, you're you're supposed to make the guys that are in front of you better and I I don't know that he's made any offensive lineman any better. I think they'll be more aggressive when they get down by more than like ten quarters. Well, they would have to be.
That's that's what's going to happen. Well, the only way to get every NFL team. So, Richard says, how long til Kenny it seems everybody would prefer him to start. Really? You know, I I don't think that's a question that is that, you know, and all part of it. Apologies, Richard. I don't think that's a question worth answering now because I go back to my previous comments. I think Trubisky played well.
I think he played fine. I think the offense actually played fine. I just think the play calling was terrible and that's my opinion and we've and and we've been there. So, let's let's move on to this real quick. This to answer a question, how do I feel after the Steelers defense? That was, that's where I was going. I feel great. Yeah. I mean, we just the AFC champs in their house.
True. And they were they were favored by almost the touchdown. Mhm. And we we didn't kick their **** But our defense kicked their **** Actually yes. They did. That was the point. And they humiliated Burrow. Oh yeah. He did not. Chase looked great. Chase looked great. But they knocked out Higgins. They had a chance to win it twice and they didn't. Yes. That that Cincinnati team. I'm telling you.
The Bengals are back baby. They are going to really like the way this season's going to go for them. Here's the thing. Now, I I'm kind of of the belief of Steve is a win is a win and and let's be happy with it. Sure. But at the same time, you know, I do think that there are a lot of Steelers fans out there that are looking at the potential loss of TJ Watt as being a significant decline to future defensive performances and I think a lot of people sort of felt like they won the game.
they lost the season.
Yeah, you know, I I wouldn't go so that far yet but I mean, maybe if if there's a miracle and what is back in six weeks, if they can hold maybe to a, you know, a three and three or three and four, four and three but I don't know. I think it's going to be really tough without TJ Watt and possibly Najee. Yo says you need to play to win, not to catch up or stay close, go all out or don't even play.
Tim agrees with me. Canada needs to go. Uh Jeff chimes in and says being able to dance in the locker room after that brawl shows some damn good physical conditionings. Yeah, I mean, absolutely. I mean, they, look, they left it all out on the field. They definitely did. How do I feel about this? Uh I I I really I'm kind of it's kind of a toss up for me. I'm I'm I'm looking at it in saying, you know, the defense look like, you know, not just Everybody else did play better and and and you can say that Watt brings that dimension that makes people better but for I saw him watching that defense even if Watt is gone for the majority of the rest of the year.
I still think the defense has a chance Bush was making He was making tackles. He made two tackles. He did but he was around the ball.
I mean, hey, come on. Bush played great. He did. But you but you have to agree. You can't take one game and say it's the season. That's the especially the first game. That's right. Cuz the first game is when you catch teams sleepwalking. That's. And I think the Bengals certainly it was a Super Bowl hangover type of performance and and the other thing is like guys, we gotta be honest here, right? The defense may just be average. The reality is, they're not going to have another game this year where they have five turnovers. They're not going to have another game where they have four four interceptions.
Maybe not. They're probably not. Probably.
Highsmith is probably not going to have a three-sack game, right? Especially not with TJ Watt over there. Right. So, I think there's a lot of concern still on defensive side of the ball and remember, you said that going into the season. So, you're you're just going to throw all that out there because of one great defensive performance. Well, he's a homer. But I'm just saying. I'm just saying.
You gotta be realistic here. Look, wow.
I'm allowed to do that. What we all said at the beginning of the season was, this defense needs to be elite. Not just for them to win. They have to be elite. They were elite yesterday and they had to take AFC champions to overtime.
Kick a bonk field goal. They missed the field goal. Block a PAT. But they still won the freaking game. Yeah. So so the reality is they were an elite defense. They if they can play at that level they're going to be great. Now they can't play at that level all year. I understand that. Everybody understands that. But this offense is going to get better. And they're not going to play the talent of a Jamar Chase.
You guys love Joe Burrow. You think he's the greatest thing since maybe Justin Herbert. So I think they're not going to play against this type of talent all year long. So, they're not going to have to bring this A game every night But the the loss of Watt for the season is I'm going to call it right now. The the loss of Watt for the season does is a big thing. But I would rather have it happen in the first week as opposed to the middle of the season.
Whether it's nothing you can do about it. They can make some changes now to to help that out. And honestly Devin Bush played great. When did when was the last time he played great? Maybe his rookie year. Yeah. Right before he got married. I I wouldn't say he played great. I gotta be for a hit for him. He played great. I gotta be honest. I watched the game. I didn't even notice him. That's why he said he played great because you didn't you didn't you didn't notice guys bowling him over.
You didn't see Joe Mitchell running by. That is true. I didn't notice any bad. That's that's right. That's when you notice it. Yeah. He plays terrible like that. And I happen to agree with Tim on this in in in this case. Let's see how the first four games play out. See if they open up the offense. I I I'm willing to give I'm willing to give Canada a little more leash on that.
and I I you know, and you're, you're absolutely right. The first game, you can't, you can't make a whole lot of, you can't take a whole lot of out of one game out of a 17-game season and then, of course, you have the Watts situation and now, Naje is, he's got an injury. They're saying that he might play again this week but that's some, it's an injury that's going to nag him and maybe maybe one of the maybe we should have the doctor on.
The doctor said that Watt's injury is bad. Right. And he said that Najee's injury is not so bad. So, right. Maybe next week we'll have the doctor. Yeah. Maybe we should have the doctor on to give us some opinions. Well, I guess so. Aging doctor deflects. So, it. Be on call. Exactly. So, you know, listen, guys. Whatever you think about the game, we'd love to hear your opinion. Go to The Porch es Live.
com. Sign up for our Email newsletter. You can actually leave a message for us and the little black button on the right-hand side says say something. Give us your thoughts on that. We'd love to hear. We have to put up this comment from And Steve's going to put up Mark is is being realistic about the Steelers. You two are not. Amy, I am a fan. I will never be realistic about the Steelers.
As long as long Jason admitted. In case you haven't figured that out yet. As long as you can admit. And and I don't I don't know where I don't know where the unrealistic part of my stuff is coming from. I'm just saying that Canada sucks. You know I mean I I thought the defense was was great for this game and I thought Trubisky played well. I just thought the play calling on offense was horrible.
And we should have been out in front by a lot more.
It love we're going to need some more stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Anybody want to we need stars, you know, can we put in another doctor? Click the little.
you're not the only doctor out there, Chris. And Yo Carey, of course, is very.
Thank you. Yeah. Undefeated. Absolutely.
Absolutely. That's where I was going next year. CJ gone is still the doctor's opinion is TJ is is gone is is until September.
Thank you. Uh Amy says Trubinski did not play well. Uh wow. Not a Trubisky fan. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What don't you like about him, Aaron? Is it his terrible beard? Cuz that's what I don't like about him. Yeah. Alright, we're getting off topic. It's Beards gotta go. We got a lot of coverage. It's gotta go. We got a lot to cover things. His wife can't like that video. Thanks for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio. Really appreciate it and don't don't forget to catch our podcast and check out The Porch es Live.
com. Uh we kind of covered what. That was going to be the next topic. What? Mm hmm. Um let let instead of talking about or speculating about his injury because you know, he's he's trying to get two or a second and third opinion and who the hell knows where that's going to go? No way. Um watching that defense yesterday, again, with the caveat, one game, okay? Watching that defense yesterday, watch out for the season, Where do you think it goes? Where do you think it goes? Does it just just drop off a cliff or does it, do they, does somebody step up? No.
Middle of the pack.
I think their secondary looked better yesterday in coverage. For sure. They're not going to have to cover Chase Jamar Chase this week. Mm So they got that going for them. Mm hmm. Um they still are going to have to stop the run. So, I don't know. I think they they kind of got it easy in the next three games. You know, you play against the Patriots who look terrible in week one and I know we're not supposed to take anything away from week one but I'm going to say.
Right. The Patriots are terrible. Um and then they play the on the short porch, that could be a problem and then they play the Jets. So, if they can, if they can win two of those three and they go three in one, you guys pick them to go all in four. So, I think that's pretty good. No, we didn't pick em a lose of the Jets. I did. I didn't. I did.
but still moving on. Three and one moving forward. I mean, so I think their defense just has to play okay. They don't have to play. Yeah. They're not playing against Burrow and Chase. It makes it. Yeah. And. You know. CD says they become an average D not only without Watt. But you have to remember that this defense last year was dead last to get the yeah dead excuse me.
Was dead last against the run last year. So and it is only one game. So Naje Harris, his injury, I don't know. I don't know. I I mean. It shouldn't have been playing in the preseason. You probably shouldn't have played in that game. Neither should Watt. Yep. Yep. Come on. But. Guys are just baiting. You know. That's the truth though. Now here here's one thing that that we did not touch on and and we'll just we'll just breeze right over Harris.
Yeah. Because we'll we'll see what happens next week. Um Yo Carey says I can't believe they didn't challenge that touchdown for the win. You know I I'm I'm telling you right now. I that's the first thing I said to Steve was if if there any infractions. It did not matter. It did not score touchdown.
Cuz they scored a touchdown anyway but. It doesn't matter. Well, but the the pace of the game. That's the whole thing. Like, you know, it changes the but to me, that, that is a huge, I mean, you can talk about clock mismanagement. You know, Tom Lynn has trouble with the clock. Look, you got a guy who caught the ball. His foot's in the end zone. The rule is very specific.
That's a touchdown. The refs blew the call. So, they're not going to review it because they didn't call it a touchdown and you don't challenge. That? They had, they said that wrong. If this foot's over the line, that doesn't matter. He's in the end zone. The ball still has to be. Yeah, though. I thought. But the ball was in the end zone. Well, I didn't think it was.
So, that's. There was an angle. The ball was in the end zone. I go back to the very the third play of the game where Deontay Johnson looked like he clearly had the ball over the line and they said, no, was inconclusive. Why waste it? All they had to do was get six inches and get in. Yeah. They blew it on the next play when. Yeah.
The mixing got blown up. Yeah. That's when they really blew up. That's true. So, and and they did end up scoring a anyway I do like, I do like to see the crying Bengal ladies. So, that makes me happy. And if that gives him more reason to cry about the loss, then so be it. Cry away Cincinnati. Cry away. Yeah. Well, and that's that's what you have to take pleasure in.
Absolutely. Okay. So, one one thing I want to point out that, that, that I thought was unbelievable, was Johnson's catch.
Yeah. Deontay Johnson's catch. Incredible. Yeah. I mean, that, that, to me that was up there with an OBJ catch. That was the crazy thing though is why is it that he can make those catches but he can't catch it when it's right in his hand. I I don't know. Only he knows that. You know. Only. Does he he really does make a lot of spectacular catches.
Yeah. Right. Right. He drops easy ones. Yeah. It's almost like you have to make it hard. You know what I think it is? Yeah. I think it's a ball is coming so hard. Yeah. He can he can he can get his hand on a ball that's like far enough away and pull it in. Yeah. It's easier benefits right here. Right. Then his hands just become too rigid.
Mm hmm. He's not, he's not, he's not in the right mode. But we spent. Well, you know what? Had a really awesome catch too. He did. Didn't mean anything. No. But he did. His catch, he was like one handed, falling down, reached back, and grabbed it with one hand. I think it was only for three yards. So, nobody really noticed that. Mm hmm.
But he had pretty incredible catch yesterday too. The surprising thing was Pickens.
Yeah. Only not in the game plan at all. I think he had two Yeah. I think it was three targets. He caught one ball for three or four yards and that was it. But you know what? He did help out on that interference penalty in the end zone. Yeah. He was the one who who did pull that. And CD says don't worry. Trubisky will make the hard catches all.
Yeah we'll get to see him all year.
Alright. Alright. Moving on. We want to talk about some of the other games in the NFL. There were other games? Yeah, we're other games in the NFL. Um and Guys, teams won. Yeah, I did. Anders, who cares? Uh the Eagles look pretty good except for the fact that Detroit was able to make a late comeback. You know, you you were scared about that.
You were scared of, remember? You were worried that Detroit could, you know, could surprise. I did but then when they were up like 31 to 17, I didn't, I wasn't worried about you. Until it was thirty-eight It was over. For some reason, I just felt like there's no way they're going to come all the way back but they almost did. Yeah. They they really did.
So, let's let's let's talk about the Cowboys in the NFC East.
Is it over? Is it over? Do the Eagles just walk through this division now? Well, I don't think they're going to walk through the division. I mean, the Commanders might be better.
Um yeah, obviously, they're a first-round pick, wide receiver is very good. Uh Wentz has the ability. He just hasn't put it together Um so, he's a wildcard. Right. And you know, hey, Giants went to Tennessee and won. Mm hmm. You know, granted, I mean, if their field goal kicker could kick for the Titans, they don't win but you know, it didn't happen. Right. So, they they won. So, you know, I imagine it'll be tight all year long but I do think the Cowboys are done.
Well, I think Jo Perry has a brilliant idea. I know and I was just going to put that up. I think we I think we trade Mason Rudolph for Micah Parsons. It's the perfect trade. Yeah. Yeah. They'll do that day long. Yeah, I mean, come on. Yeah, right. You know what? It will, you know what? And we'll we'll even throw in TJ Watt this year. Yeah. Yeah, this year. Right. How about that? Let's do that.
Right. No, you're right. I mean, I mean, you think about losing defensive player of the year which is what the Steelers are facing potentially and the Cowboys who are losing their their starting quarterback and they already have wide receiver issues. Right. That's a disaster. That's a that's a big and Zeke looks done. Yeah. Uh Zeke looked a. He actually looks strong in the beginning. With with Pollard, I think I think those two can run the ball but now if you're stacking guys in the box.
get about. You become a one dimensional team. But who'd you say their backup was? Cooper Rush. Cooper Rush. So, you know, he's a 300-yard thriller. One game. Maybe he's their guy and I I agree. Maybe they do need Mason Rudolph. Well, I'm sure we'd be happy to send him that way. Yup. Yup and that that it's interesting that you bring that up because a CD says the Giants and Commanders are not that bad. Cowboys are clear fourth. Yeah, without. Um and once again, our favorite number one fan, DG is in house.
Greetings, DJ. DJ. Um now, now there's talk, of course.
Everybody immediately went to Garoppolo, Garoppolo. Garoppolo. But that that whole Mason Rudolph thing. I think there's a there is there's some potential there. Because the Steelers they you know they need draft picks. Alright? Next year's the year to draft an offensive lineman. Rudolph is he's an experienced backup.
I don't know. I mean see if you're if you're Dallas. Are you you know are you saying Mason Rud is better than Cooper Rush. Well, they're going to need another But he he's, I mean, here's the thing here. There's a there's a. Right. Right. And and and honestly, I do actually think Mason Rudolph is better than Cooper Rush. However, he's not good enough that you're going to give anything for him. You know what I mean? Dak is going to be.
Yeah, I mean, there, there are, their mode right now is, you know, let let's go four and four and that comes back. Hey, they, they already have James Washington down there. Yeah, he does it for the year. Yeah, he's out for the year Yeah. Yeah. And Yo says they could call up Cam Newton. That you know. They could. They could. They could. Yep. Yep. And you know Jerry Jones he does like to make a splash.
So he's a splash. You know who knows? All right.
Alright. Well now every every day if wait what about the Colts? I know. I'm going to you're way ahead of me buddy. You're way ahead of me. I just wondered. How did we all do? How did we all do with our picks last? Well we're going to we're going to do that. That's last we make our things. That's last when we make our picks. Okay Okay. So, the Colts, what do the Colts do? They tied, right? The Colts tied.
Yeah. They tie. Texans. They tie. Yup. Yup. Texans are twenty. Terrible though. Well, Davis Mills looks like he has some skills. Mills has the skills. Hmm. The Mills skin. They might be terrible. I mean, it's a bad loss for the Colts. Well, it's a bad tie. Tie for the Colts, yes. How can, how can your, your starting running back run for 161 Your starting quarterback throw for over 350 and you only score 20 points.
Yeah, it's pretty offstanding.
a problem. It's pretty hard to do. If the Steelers did that, they would have probably beat Cincinnati 42 to 20. I mean, here's the thought. Are we just, are are we too quick to crown Frank Reich? I mean, just because he was the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl Champion Eagles. I mean, he has gotta get that in. Are we, but are we giving him too much credit? I mean, everybody just says Frank Wright's the best.
He's the best. You know, apparently, it was Frank Reich that made Carson Wentz so good. What happened last year? No, I agree with you. You know what I mean? I don't think I don't think he's gotta point. You've got a point. You know. You can move the ball up and down the field all you want but you gotta get it into the end zone. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. But a lot a lot of even even Tom Brady had problems getting it in.
Yeah. Yeah. He did. He did. And he will. I was in that receiver. Yeah he was going to have a lot of as well as well and this is not a family show. Alright, what do we think about the Packers losing to Minnesota? This looks like a replay. Remember last year, opening day, the Packers got crushed. Mm hmm. I I I think they come back and they put it behind him but it was a big win for Minnesota and Kirk Cousins.
Well, you know, that's that's another one here. I mean, like, I heard a number of people saying today like, Kirk Cousins could be the MVP this year. Wow. Like, come on, man. I mean, give me a break. Like, actually, could. We we see this.
We Look at his weapon. We see this every year. Throwing to Jefferson. You can win it anywhere. We see this every year from Kirk Cousins. He puts up great statistics and they go somewhere between 7 and 10 and 10 and 7. And win either one playoff game or to lose the first playoff game. I mean, they're nothing special. No, the Vikings are going to be something special this year and the reason I say it and and I'm going to tone it down a little bit because the Green Bay Packers just look not ready to play.
I mean, but they did last year. Same exact thing. I know but they have Devonte Adams last year too and they don't. I mean, Allen Lazard probably going to come back. Hopefully, comes back for the squirrels. I mean, the the the Green Bay Packers in week 2. The squirrels are my favorite. Is that a new team? Squirrels? Yeah. Yeah, squirrels. Um and and but I mean, he's got nobody to throw to now and on top of that, I mean, let's face it.
Aaron Rodgers looks different.
different person now. He's a hate the face, isn't he? He, he, he's, he's just different. I mean, face to face means you, he's so annoying and so unlikable that every time you see his face, you're just like, ah. Is he on your list? He's like. All the kids say. Might be. Hate the face. Yeah, hate the face. You never heard that? You guys never heard that before.
No. No, but I'm going to use it a lot. Yeah. So, yeah. So, I think that's the problem with the with the pack. I'm going to think of you every time I think of that. But they're going to get it together. Their run game looked pretty good but I I think the Vikings were ready. They're loaded for Barrett. They that's a game they have to win coming right out of the gate because if they want to challenge the Packers, they have to beat them and the only way they're going to have a chance of beating them is beating them at home while they're got their B team.
By the way, little side note, I saw on Twitter, hilarious caption. They had a picture of Kirk Cousins doing his post-game press conference and he was wearing a a shirt. And the caption said this guy looks like he's rolling in Cole's cash.
Cole's cash. That's awesome. Let me get some comments. Let me get some comments in here. Uh CD goes back to the forty-niners. She played Jimmy G, Rupert, Dan Rupert is is going back to the Steelers game. Kenny, by game three or four, Chicago got rid of Mitch for a reason. I think we all disagree with you there right now. Correct. Um you know, Carrie enjoyed laughing at Mayfield, talk **** then got by team Pooh, got beat by Team Pooh.
Chris Jackson says, Mitch is a good QB, the play caller ain't no good, totally agree with you. Yo, Carey is. Seattle is booing the **** out of Russell Wilson. Not surprised. Todd Ross chimes in. The Cowboys look bad last night. I'm a big Steelers fan. We're after your year. Double hand. One more from CD. The Packers will be below 500 this year. Rogers is doing too many shrooms.
He does look at that. Yeah. Yeah. And he probably is doing lots of shrooms. So, he found his Zen Garden. Now, here's one more game we want to get in here and talk about a little bit about. I watched this game yesterday because our fantasy team. Obviously, we have Pat Mahomes. The Chiefs kick the ever-loving **** out of the Cardinals. Now, I think this game shows that we talked about this before the season started.
Did Tyreek Hill have you know, make Patrick Mahomes help to make him. I mean, they're both very skilled. Yes. Or did Patrick Mahomes make Tariq Hill? Yes. And Mahomes, he's got it going on. He's got it going on. And we all knew that. That's a surprise. Yeah, it's not that it's a surprise but it was kind of like when you have somebody as dynamic as Tyrek Hill, you know, he made, he made two of them.
Look pretty good yesterday. Well, so. Yeah, but I I've always felt that, you know, Mahomes is one of those guys that like, you know, it's hard, it's hard to think about starting a receiver on that team because Mahomes can throw it to anybody. Anybody. Yeah. You know, so, I mean, and and he does have, I mean, Kelce is arguably the best tight end in the game.
So, no argument.
that's a that's that's a top weapon. Yeah. Right. You know, and you've got, you know, his receivers aren't stars but they're serviceable. You know, and and the types that he will actually make better, right? Well, and and and we do have a we have a a Steelers connection, How about that fumble? Did that remind you of something Smith Houston? Yeah, he caught he caught a nice ball. Took two steps. He was running. 15 yards. Looks like he's going to break in the open. Yeah, yeah. Poof. Yeah, the ball goes out. But I do think that his statistics this year are going to be remarkably better.
I'm sure they will. Because Mahomes is.
obviously targeting him. Yeah, I mean he's. A lot. He didn't get a touchdown yesterday but he's is probably the best receiver on the team. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Because Mahomes is throwing the ball. Uh clearly Kelce is the best. He's going to get the most. Yeah. Yeah. But Kelce at some point season will get injured because he's an old man at this.
Right. Yeah. But it doesn't matter because they've got some young guys willing to step up. They actually played two tight ends now on Kansas City which is bizarre. Yeah, that is bizarre but. Right. But it's working for them. They. Yeah. So, that's one thing I like about Andy Reed and I know he's not maybe the greatest coach of all time. I mean he's pretty he's up there though.
He's good. He's up there. But he's he's willing to change his game around for the people who are in the game. Right. And that's what I that's what I think is going to be fun to watch about Kansas City this year. They are going to still pass the ball. Oh yeah. They're going to they're going to have some running. They got I mean Edward Solaire got two touchdowns like that yesterday.
Yeah. And so he's going to be more in the game. I like that team a lot Well, what's not to like? I mean, seriously. Their defense isn't that great and and that's. Chris Jones, I mean, yeah. He's a beast. No, Tyrone Matthew. That's true. No. The Honey Badger is gone. Where did, where did he sign? I can't remember. Saints. Saints. That's right. Nowhere. Yeah, but I mean, there, that's what, that's what's fun about watching Kansas City.
You know they're going to have to score twenty-eight, thirty-five points. Right. Their defense is probably going to give up twenty-four. Yeah. Yeah. Alright, so before we move on to last week's predictions and what our records are and the upcoming predictions for this upcoming week. I want to we got a lot of comments coming in. We love we love your comments. We this is one of the only interactive sports shows out out there that's live on social media.
That's why we're on the porch. And that's why we're on the porch. We're in. So Dan Rupert says seven sacks. Uh I guess he's talking about the Steelers game. DG says maybe I'm the not the maybe I'm the only one but I was not super impressed with the biscuit. Uh he's adopted the turd biscuit name for Trubisky. No. I I I it wasn't about him not impressive.
I just think he played well.
Um more of a comment on how poor the Cardinals are and talking about that Chiefs game. I think you're right. Uh Dan Rupert says seven sacks, 5 4 steroids by your defense. We would have lost him if it wasn't for the blocked extra point. Yes, we know. The offense was offensive back to the Steelers again. We're a little heavy on Steelers this week as always. As always. Um so, moving on. every picks. Every week, we are going to pick three games. We're going to pick the Thursday night game, the Sunday night game, and then one floating game. We're going to add our records up and at the end of the year, us is going to have to do something ridiculous. I just made that up but.
I'm feeling like I had a first place finish. Last week.
Last week. Didn't I? Last week, we all did. Last week.
Uh we picked the Bills at the Rams and Steve and Chris picked the Bills.
Bills. Mark picked the Rams and they did look horrible.
Uh I'll tell you what. I'm not so sure that they they didn't look great. But I'm not so sure that it wasn't the Bills just looking fan. Yeah absolutely. I think the Bills defense is better better than you get you gotta get. Yeah. That team looked incredible. Yeah you know what? That's and I picked them to win the Super Bowl. Absolutely. Stafford.
Somewhere otherwhere than Coup. Peaking too soon.
Game one, done. Yeah. Alright. Alright. You're the that that's coming from the Colts Wait, you know. Steelers started like. So, next game we picked was a Sunday night game, Bucks at the and myself and Mark picked the Bucks. Steve picked the Cowboys because he actually picked them to go to the Super Bowl this year. Yeah. And So good though. Not looking good. Raiders at the Chargers, I took David Carr because I don't want to just pick my man crush on a whim and these two guys the Chargers and that leaves.
Never pick Carr over. Right now, we are all two in one. Yeah. All two in one. We are all two in one. Put that up on the ticker there. Oh, yeah. That's our record right now. Two in one. Two in one. So. This is three really good football minds. Yes. Yes. And and how can it not be? We've watched 30, 000 football. No, I did the math.
It's more more like ten thousand, 4 hundred and eighty-two. Really? Yeah. What did you do? How did you do that? Well, I figured. One game week. Two games depending on when you started watching. It could be 16 to 14 games a week. Multiply it by sixteen. Do it over about fifteen, 20 years. You get there. Really? Yeah. You didn't need a slide rule for that? No, no, it's all up here.
Alright. Okay. So, Let me check me on that. This week, we have the Chargers at the Chiefs on Thursday. The Bears at the Packers on Sunday and we decided. Back. We decided. What's up, Kyle? Put that up there for us. What's up, Kyle? Kyle Haynes from Atlanta Welcome back to the porch, baby. We miss you, buddy. You missed the TB 212 talk. So, we're not going back.
Uh yeah. Hey, guys. How's my fantasy team going to do? I don't know. You'll have to send the show. Terrible. Your thing. Hey, Pittsburgh Hometown boy, Michael Keaton just won an Emmy. Mister Mom Forever. Thank you for bringing that up. Uh so, Marks, Chris, and Steve, we're all tied. The pick this week. At two in one. Let's start with Chargers at Chiefs. Chargers on Thursday night.
You want me to take this one first, Mark? Yep. I'm going to say That's a tough one. That's a tough one. Pump the brakes.
Chiefs win.
Playing in Kansas City, right? Yeah. Thursday night game. Hometown crowds all pumped up.
Herbert comes in and beats him. Ooh. He says, don't pump the brakes. Push the pedal down. Herbert, I gotta tell you. Pass. I I I gotta tell you, this is going to hurt those out. There's lots of love in your heart right now. Yeah.
Yeah, these guys, you know, I got a man cry. You know, he's doing commercials now and he looks fine. He look, he's he's got great hair. He's fire. We didn't ask him. His hair rivals my hair. It does. We didn't ask for any of this. Yeah, I know you did. Uh I'm I'm actually going to go. You know what? Oh, god. I, I, I, I can't delay my pick. Can I wait? No. No. Take it now. Gun to your head. Gun to your head. Last meal of your life. Um I'm going with the Chiefs. There you go. I'm going with the Chiefs. Here we go. First place. I love you, Bobby Herbert but you know, is that really his name, Bobby Hebert? Bobby.
No, there wasn't Bobby. There was an aberry. Yeah, Robert. Let's see. Yeah. So, yeah and of course, Kyle's like, make it, Chris. Make it. Uh CD says, is a tough place to play. Loudest and best barbecue. Well, we're not talking about barbecue here. We're talking about football. Kyle says Chiefs versus Chargers. Obviously, the Pirates. Well, yeah. Uh Todd Ross is going to log in saying Chiefs, Packers, and Steelers. So, okay. So, Chargers, Steve, Chiefs, Chris, and Mark. Next game, Bears at the Packers on Sunday or yeah, Sunday night.
Well, I think the Bears got their win in and I think it's time for to get there a loss. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm a I'm not thrilled about this pick. I actually think the Bears can win this game but if the Packers lose to the Bears, you might as well put em in the Dallas Cowboys Yeah. Because they're not going to, not going to survive losing two divisional games like that. I'm going with the I'll take the Packers well. I just can't see it happening. Yeah and unfortunately, I'm going to go with Packers too. Uh that was too easy. Alright.
Little easy. Sunday wildcard game for us. Dolphins at the Ravens.
Interesting game Dolphins at the Ravens. Yeah, the Dolphins did not look too bad.
But the Ravens look better.
I'm going with the Ravens.
Baltimore over the the Ravens are taking out the fins.
It's a tough one.
I'll go with the Ravens. I'll say in the early going. You know, Miami is every year like, you know, they kind of have that like one and eight start and then they win seven in a row. Yeah, or they go oh and four. Right, right. They're like suddenly six and four. Right, right. So, I I feel like Miami's got a history. Miami's gotta lose a few here before they start their run. So, I'm going to go with the Ravens. Uh alright and I'm going with the Dolphins. Just just to be different or. Just to be different. Or was there intelligence mode? No.
No. I think I think that.
that's a rare thing. That's a rare. Intelligence and that. No, I I think I think that I think that Tua finally has a group of receivers around him that he can throw to. I think they've got a decent running game. He's a talented quarterback. Um their coach is pretty dynamic. Uh he's going to throw a few wrinkles in there. I am not just because I'm I'm a closet Steelers fan. It doesn't mean that I don't think the you know, I'm not a I'm not a Ravens hater but I am not a fan of the Ravens.
I I'm not a Lamar Jackson kind of guy. He he's got skills, all that kind of **** but he just, I, I just don't see him as the ultimate winner. I I just don't think that, I don't think, I think the Dolphins are an up and coming team and I think Jackson is way too focused on the dollar. Well, he's playing. He's playing without a contract. Yeah. Turned down 250 million to play without a contract.
Yeah. By the way, the Dolphins coach looks like a second-grade teacher. He does. He does but a very smart one. Hey, we didn't pick the Steelers score we care? Uh what do we got? We got Steelers, Uh we're not including that in our records because we got that one. No, no, no, no. Yeah. Yeah. That's a tough one. Yeah. Actually, Steelers, Patriots. Belichick off the noone start and the Steelers at home.
Both you guys had them lose. With the hobbling group. Yeah. So. True. Do we have to stick to that or do we change it? I think you can change it but it doesn't really matter because your prediction is still your prediction. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I I still have the Steelers losing that game.
Belichick is a chess player and right now, right now with all the the you know, the potential injuries on the defense and the offense and the play calling.
Belichick is brilliant at saying, we're going to this guy. We're going to pound it on this side and and when you just go coach for coach, Belichick out coaches Tomlin in this one. Uh I'd like to see the Steelers win. I just want to go on records and I hope they win but I don't think they're going to. I think it's going to be like one of those 1815 games. No touchdowns. Yeah. Field goals.
Yeah. Could be. Um that's very true. I'm telling you. Yeah. It just feels like that's where it's going to be headed. Yep. Yeah. I don't know. I guess I'll stick with the pick but I I certainly feel like the Steelers have a better chance than I did before the start of the season. Alright. Alright. So, we got a special guest. Oh. Bobby G. What's up, boys? Good to see you guys and Birds.
What's up Bobby G? Every seven every Monday at 730. Every Monday at 730.
Uh let's go back and get some of these comments in. Um Bill Carey says Bears, Packers is a tie.
We never thought about that. The doctor says get healthy, game, get healthy game for PAC. Tell Rogers to throw at the guy in the middle. That's hilarious. Uh Kyle of course, Atlanta is unstoppable. Go Hawks. I think. It's the Falcon the Falcons.
That's their NBA team, Kyle. CD says Dolphins, hard over brains. I'm with you buddy. Todd Ross says, Ravens didn't play anyone yesterday.
Jets sucks.
CD's back with I'm a Ravens hater. Go Fins. Todd Ross agrees with me. Uh and CD's really involved. Uh maybe we'll win by a safety. Yo, Carey thinks Boswell can beat the Patriots. If Turd Biscuit, I can't say that. I just can't. If Trubisky can get them over the fifty-yard line.
What yo-carry means. So, let's recap really quick. Chargers, Chiefs, Chris and Mark with the Chiefs, Steve with the Chargers, Packers, all of us got the pack. Dolphins, Ravens, On The Loan, Dolphins guy. These two have the Ravens and that being said, visit the Porch es Live. com. If you like this coffee mug, visit the store. I got it. Send us a send us a a message.
Leave us a message. Say something. Uh thanks for listening to us on American Buster You got one. You got you got what? A mug? Is that what you were I thought maybe you like. I got a shirt. I got a mug and a shirt. I'm thinking about hats. Hats could be nets. Yeah, let's get a couple more comments in here because I always seem to.
We need the diva says Kyle. Maybe someday. Uh no Brady anymore. Steelers win.
We love merch. Yes, we do. Yeah. Yes, we do. Beat up, Kyle. And And With that, we're going to queue up the music and I'm going to look at you guys if they what we got. Oh, no. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I can't Skip. I know. I know. I know. I know.
Pump the brakes. The sports porch is not over. Hold on. Let me make sure the music is off. The best part is yet to come. That's right. That's right. So now, we're going to move on to something. Fans, what we're watching? We're going to move on to something right now.
Headlines that mean something sweet.
Yup. The headlines headlines that mean something. Uh we scour the internet highway every week to find headlines. It means something to us and I'm going to put Mark's first headline up. We're going to start with Mark. You want to start with you? Is that what you want? Come on. You want to start with you okay? Simple. We're going to start with Steve because Steve is simple. Tonight.
Mm. How do you think about this one? A coyote found hiding in Ohio family's bathroom. How would you like to come home and see a coyote? And be like, what's that noise? You're going to the bathroom. That guy, I I that happens to me all the time. Beers, you were out. You know, you had to come back and you're like, gotta go to the bathroom. So, you're running up to the bathroom. You open the door and a coyote in there. What do you do? Run.
You say, you say, here Coyote. Very nice coyote. Yeah. Nice coyote. So, you do what this family did. They called nine one one. Mm hmm. And and then they of course took a picture of a coyote and put it on Facebook. Right. Which is I think what we're seeing. Obligatory. What we're seeing. The rest of the world. What we're seeing right here. To see it. I can't really see the coyote. Yeah. It seems like a small coyote. Yeah. Yeah. And they got the coyote out.
And the police came and the coyote was gone and everything went back to normal.
Alright Chris CD says here Kitty Kitty.
Alright. Headline number two. Mark. This is funny. Alright Mark. Lay it on us. Alright.
Viral TikTok Corn Kid, honored as South Dakota's Cornbassador.
Cornbassador. Yeah. So, if anybody doesn't know, Corn Kid has gone viral. Oh, yeah. We saw it. Seems a really really funny juice. Yeah Corn has the juice and everything changed with butter. Right? Yeah. And for those of you who who want to know what they said here in South Dakota was Tariq loves corn and encourages everyone to try it. Even if it's only one bite. And the world's only corn palace is in South Dakota. There you go. And they came and he came down. They brought his family out from New York City. Gave him a key to the city. A key to the Corn Palace. Wow. That is awesome. And you know things are things are everything changed.
Things are looking good. If you haven't seen the video. Corn kid.
go out and watch it. It's great. It's great.
And CD's comment is precious.
Uh okay.
I like headlines that are a little off beat and this week I found one.
There I actually I actually printed out some notes on it because I just I it needs some more. I'm going to read you a story. I always need some Here's my headline that means. Grandpa Chris. Here's my headline that means something.
Florida man on drugs kills imaginary friend and then turns himself in.
That is Jeff Gaylord. Hey, that's taking responsibility. That well, hold on. Hold on.
The thirty-6 is not going to tell one. I I I actually call this guy the most honest guy in the room.
Alright, the 3-7-year-old entered the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Tuesday and turned himself in. For all you looking for the story, it's actually like two years old. It wasn't the other day. For killing is friend, Mister Happy. His room was a mess all the time with his toys and dolls, he told the police. He left his empty vodka bottles all over the kitchen. Never picked up his empty baggies and let the toilet seat down when he peed. Oh. He messed up my apartment to the point where I just couldn't get it clean. Before Happ started doing drugs and acting weird, he was my BFF.
We go dancing, play on the Children's Park equipment.
Both huge fans of Doom Metal do it for hours with the lights turned off.
That's was with his imaginary friend. Police said Gaylord was extremely intoxicated and threatened to kill them after they told him they could not give him the death penalty for killing his imaginary friend. They searched his house and found drug paraphernalia and a machine gun. Oh boy. Gaylord was booked on multiple charges but not murder.
with some of those multiple That's a real guy. That was a great one. Great comments by the way. Yeah, get em up there, Steve. Get em up there.
G saying he's got a similar photo of Chris for the one day to go party. You probably do. Yeah. I agree. Please don't post it.
Bing bong is dead and maybe my favorite.
Was he a Jaguar? I think you already know the answer to that question if you're asking you Todd. Alright. Headlines it means something. Alright. Moving on. Now we're going to talk about what we're watching. Why do we do this? Well, because we watch a lot of stuff. And sometimes we find some good stuff. We think you should watch. And we just tell you about it. So, this time we're going to start with Mark and Mark is currently watching Went to the movies this weekend, saw the invitation. You can still go to the movies. Yeah, you can. Wow. Yeah. You do. Yeah. It's a vampire movie and it was decent. Wasn't great but you know, if you like vampires, you'd probably enjoy it.
okay. Moving on. Yeah, it does. It does. It's very concise. Mm hmm. Uh. How much are tickets these days at the movie theater, Mark? Did you go to the matinee? I always go to the matinee. Yeah. Where you get the the low price. Mm hmm. But to be honest, I always get that and corn and popcorn and a drink. Of course. And I never really break down what the difference is.
So, I'm sorry. It's a it's a jungle.
Mark goes for the jungle. Yeah. It has the juice and butter. Alright Steve is watching. Tales of The Walking Dead. Oh, is that so about? Is that started, right? Yeah. So, I guess they have like, I've, so I've only watched three episodes, but I think there are four or five that are out. Okay. For some reason, like, DVR, yes, I still have a is not recording them.
So, I'm going to have to go back and watch a couple. No, they're really good. Are they? What I like about them is, is they go to the old school Walking Dead. Okay. Where, like, you don't know, like, I think one of them was like kind of pre, the, pre window. Oh, really? Just got started. Uh-huh. And then some of them were like, clearly, they've been in it for a while and they have some PTSD associated with it and yeah, they're great.
They're they're. Really? They're great and they're like, they're they're an hour but they're like just for that, that's all it is. It's just one episode and that's it. Like that. That's one show on it. One show, you get you get closure from the beginning to the end. Yeah. You know what happened. Okay, cool. The whole thing. Really, really well done. Kyle chimes in. Not more Walking Dead.
Negan was the best keyword was.
Um okay. What I am watching now is something that I just picked up. It's it's got three seasons and it is Shooter on Netflix starring Ryan Felipe. Uh and it's a it's about a former marine sniper Did tours in Afghanistan. One of his old buddies now works for the CIA. Comes back. Ask him to do a favor. He gets pulled into this controversy and accused of a lot of stuff. And then of course. I like Schumer. Yeah. It's it's a good show. And and of course you know one of the things that I pointed out was talking about it on another show was I think it's really funny how all these like these heroes and these innocent dudes resort to murder, mayhem, and revenge to prove they're innocence.
So, it's kind of like you get wrong but then you commit every heinous crime in the book to prove you're innocent and then they let you go. Well, no, it does make sense because the people that you're killing are bad people. Right. And if and if that was the case, I'd be a killer. Okay? And you. Have the checklist. You got it. The checklist. You got it. Alright. That being said, I think that it's going to be now.
It must be getting late. Now, I can put the porches live. com up there and say, visit our website, leave us a message on the website, a voicemail to say anything. Check, check out the store, buy the merch, send us an Email, send us a comment, and next week, we're going to have a special version of the porch. I think Steve is going to be the technical director.
That could be trouble. I will be out of town. I will actually DG if you're still watching. I'm going to be down in Palm Beach. So, we're going to have to connect up. Whoo. And I may a guest appearance on my own show. Oh, how about that? Only if we send you the link. Yes. Only if I'm invited and only if my wife lets me.
If your wife says okay. You guys heard her. She said it was cool. I think she was like yeah then like going to do it. Yeah that's that's with us here. Yeah, true. Maybe I'll wear the maybe maybe I'll wear the shirt. How about that? Yeah, she tries to come off all all wonderful with us. Behind the scenes. April. In April, April is back in the house.
Love from Canada. Thanks. Uh Kyle's going to ask Lauren to verify.
says great show boys. Thanks so much guys. Really appreciate it. Bringing the music up. That's the sport sports. We love the fact that you're here. We love you all guys. Stay real. And we will catch you next week.