Oct. 25, 2022

The Porch Is Live - Be Patient with the Steelers

Is the season over? Is Pickett playing poorly or is it the play calling? Canada must go... that's our opinion! The Pens are off to a great start. Catch up with us on this Porch episode!

Is the season over? Is Pickett playing poorly or is it the play calling? Canada must go... that's our opinion! The Pens are off to a great start. Catch up with us on this Porch episode!

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Alright, I brought the music down real quick 'cuz we got a hell of a lot to talk about tonight. A hell of a lot to talk about. First thing I want to do is say, welcome to the sports porch and thank you for being here.
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Leave us a message and let's get let's get right into the show guys. We we might have a hello comment. Of course, I knew that. DG is in the house. One of our faithful, faithful supporters. Thank you, DG. DG. Also, check out The Porch es Live. com, the merch page, the the store is a great T shirt, a mug there. Uh I think it looks like that right there.
Okay, guys. Uh here we go. Here we go. Pittsburgh, let's just recap real quick. Everybody already knows. If you watched last night's game, the Steelers lost 16 to 10. They had two chances in the fourth quarter with 6 minutes or less to go in which they could have won and unfortunately, they didn't pick it through some interceptions. The defense played pretty well. Uh Tua was back.
Uh they shut down Waddle and Tyreek Hill for the most part. They got their catches in but they didn't blow em away. Oh they did. Um I I'm going to start right here and I want to get your comments if you're listening or you're watching us. I'm I'm going to start with I'm going to start with Schwab. I want to get your take on take on the game Schwab and then we'll move on to to the questions from the game.
Tell us what you think.
Well, I think it's a very depressing time to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I gotta I gotta be honest with you. It's it's really really frustrating watching that team play.
because the offense is just without imagination.
Uh it seems like you know, being a guy who never football at any level beyond flag football.
Um you know, I'm ready for the Jets sweep. You know? Oh yeah. You know, I mean. Frustrating. It's it's just ridiculous. Um I I feel like no, Kenny Picket t has not been good but I also think he's been put in a position to fail.
Um and you know it just seems like they don't really have any answers now. I don't like the way they built the team. I like building the team from the inside out.
And they did not do that. It's it's a team of skill guys. So it's hard for the skilled guys to win. When you're not winning in the trenches. Um so for me I feel very bad for Steelers fans because it is going to be a long season. I I don't see it getting a heck of a lot better. I really don't. Um and I'll I'll just hand it over to you Steve. Well you shouldn't feel too bad for us.
I mean we do have six Super Bowls. So we always can rest on those laurels but. They they always go to that. I mean, honestly, honestly. I mean. That's the past. Dude, the past. Nobody cares about the Super Bowl. Everybody cares about the history of the NFL, right? Right? Right. But what does that have to do with now? I'm just telling you why we could take some solace in downtime. Ah. Okay.
Alright. Alright, I'm with two thousand eight, 2010 was the last one that we lost. 2008 was the last one we won. Okay, let's move on to the game. Okay. But we can go back. I'm just, I'm just saying it's it's now 12 years since you've been in a Super Bowl. Mm hmm. And before you know it, all of a sudden, it might become 20, twenty-eight, thirty-five, and then all of a sudden, nobody cares about the seven Super Bowls.
So, we've never gone about his debt. We've never gone. Right.
Including us. We've never gone more than 16 years since nineteen to make a Super Bowl. So, I'm not that worried. How was 19 thirty-3 to 1973? Yeah, well, okay. Alright. Alright. Listen. I'm going to take control of this right now. Okay.
bring us back to today. We're talking about.
Started in the sixties. Yeah, right. We're talking about the Miami game last night. Yes. Give, come on. Let's let's get back track. I just don't want anybody to feel too sorry for Steelers nation because we have a rich history of winning and we will be back. Trust me, nobody feels sorry for Steelers nation. Well, Park was, you know, I'm just saying that. Well, he's an Eagles. I'm just saying sorry for everybody including themselves. I'm just saying sometimes that's what people think. Right. And then, it doesn't happen. Okay. Alright. Your shake on the game. So, we're going to move on from that. Okay, that's.
My take, my take on the game is this. Another opportunity.
They literally could've won that game. They could've stole it from Miami. There's no reason why they couldn't have just pulled a Trubisky and went down the field with the ball. One of the three times they had the ball in the fourth quarter. All they had to do was make a couple third and twelves. And they couldn't even do that. Right. And Picket t just throws interceptions. Not so not only on top of that. They turn the ball over. So it's disappointing.
Did I think they were going to win? No. Right.
I happy they only lost by six? No. I am not. Yeah. Because they had the opportunity to win the game the defense actually did do a good job like you said of stopping their their big plays. That being said, they did give up a tunnel like twenty some yard plays. Yes. In the first half. Oh my god. I mean, it was like whenever Tua wanted to throw it across the middle, there goes 20 yards.
There goes 25 yards. There goes. Well, in most dirt, most dirt was running all over them for a period of time there. Well, so I think what Miami. A little bit too. I I think what Miami did wrong is they they didn't after they had the lead. Just go to the run. That's how you beat the Steelers Yeah. You go to the run and they just didn't go to the run.
Well, they I I think they split. I think they they split the difference. Uh. So, that's the way I felt about the game as I was watching it last night. I think Picket t looked terrible. I mean, I think he looked lost in in trying to win a game. He didn't know how to win a game. He wasn't showing how to win a game. He wasn't around when Ben was around to be able to see how to win a game.
So, I think he's gotta figure that out. He absolutely has to figure that out. If If he's going to be our and he will be our quarterback for the future but man, I mean, he's off to a terrible start. I mean, two touchdown passes, what? Eight interceptions, seven interceptions? Yeah. I mean, it's not, it's not good. I mean, he's just, when he and I get it, you know, he wants to make plays.
He wants to throw the ball downfield. I encourage that. I think it's a good thing and you know, maybe even that first one there was some, there was some holding going on there. There was, you know, the tangle up of the feet, you know. So, even that one, still say, hey, you can make a better throw but I'm I'm frustrated by this team right now. Okay. So, there's a lot going on here today and obviously, whenever you have a team, which I've been saying since the beginning of the season.
Is in transition. Thank you very much. Uh, you're going to have issues, okay? So, the first thing that I'm going to say is that no, Picket t did not play great. Okay? That's obvious. That's obvious. But, I am still going to put this on Canada's shoulders, okay? Because Picket t, I believe, and and I was saying this during the game, I said it during the Tampa Bay game when we were there, not sure Steve remembers much of the Tampa Bay game.
Oh, I did. But because we won. And I said, and I said it last night, They, the, the, the, the play calling especially in the passing game. Yeah. Is atrocious, atrocious, okay? These and safeties cover the sidelines because the only thing that they really throw are out patterns. That's it. And first of all, on an out pattern, you've got a very, very small window to begin with.
Because it's an out pattern. Yeah. Second of all, when they know it's coming, they're going to jump the route. They're going to jump the route. So, if if all Tom Brady through, and we'll get to Tom Brady later on, but if all he threw were out patterns, if all Johnny United's three were out patterns, they would all have a lot more interceptions, and they were Kenny Picket t's a rookie.
He's going to make mistakes. He's not in a position where he feels like he can take over the offense and change the call because rumor has it, he's not allowed to anyway, okay? Where is the middle of the damn field? Especially when you have 6 minutes left. 6 minutes left, okay? You can get 10 to 15 yards. Why? When it's second and 23 or third and nineteen, are we throwing an out pattern that's seven yards, okay? And you have 6 minutes left.
Alright, so to me, you know, there Terry Bradshaw had seven interceptions in his first two games. He went on to win four Super Bowls. I'm not saying that Kenny Picket t is going to go on to win four Super Bowls, okay? What I'm saying is that you cannot say that Kenny Pickett, nobody can say Kenny Picket t is bad or doesn't have it based on these first two games. What can he pick it doesn't have is an offensive that understands what his strengths are, okay? That's number one for me. That's number one. Number two is, I'm guys And I'm sorry Steelers nation. Naje Harris is not the running back of the future for this team.
He's just not.
and I'm nothing away from the look whenever we say this kind of stuff the first thing I I always say because I feel guilty is that it it's no on the guy's work ethic or character at all. But Najee Harris does not have it. When he finds a hole he can't he get through the hole quick enough. His vision once he gets passed it is bad.
I saw make a couple runs the other day where if he just took a step to the left instead of the right, he had an open lane, okay? The offensive line is performing a little bit better. The jump on the third and one was really awful. And jumping on that third and one. I agree. And and and so they've got running game issues.
George Pickens is the only guy that knows how to catch the football. And they don't throw to him. Why? Because they have him running out patterns. When are we going to see George Pickens? Did you hear? Run a post on what Tomlin said about that? No you didn't go back to Pickens. He said, it was the contour of the routes that didn't. I don't care.
Listen. Right. Because they have a choice. They can go. Right. Go this way or that. Well, and I I want to go back. I want to go back to one thing. I I I see some comments coming in here. I want to get em in here. Of course, the first one I'm going to get is DG agreeing with me on Naje, Cheryl, of course, you are absolutely nailing it.
Thanks, Sheryl. Uh. She's talking about me. Uh. Six Super Bowls. Brian, Brian Lee says he was not given the play calling to win either from Canada. Uh right, Cheryl also She's a die-hard Steelers fan. They're depressed but we'll move forward. I'm a Picket t fan. Right. So, I mean, the whole the whole point is that again, transition year. Uh I think Kenny Picket t is the kind of kid who's going to bounce back from this.
He he he made a comment that that the one thing that's surprising to him is the number of defenses he has to learn but he's the kind of guy where he's going to learn those defenses, okay? Now, I do want to give a shout out to Tomlin for one thing and you guys want to go off on Tomlin, please do. But I'll tell you what, for a defense that was decimated and looking horrible Tomlin showed that he can coach a defense, okay? He's put players in positions.
I mean, look, they play great defense. They shut him out in the second half. Now, Miami wasn't playing with a totally full deck but it they shut him out in the second half. Those four interceptions they dropped. If they made two of them, that game is totally different. They win. So, you can't put it all in Kenny's back. That that is part of it.
You know like there are guys who catch the ball and there are guys who don't. That's what makes you a great corner and an average corner is a crappy corner. Of course. But there's a lot of lots of great corners. Like sometimes you're not expecting the ball and it just ends up there. So you know, I I I'm just saying that that defense definitely is playing above itself, right? Played decent defense.
And they're going to be tested next week. Well, they didn't play decent defense in the first quarter. No. No. Everybody came out and said this defense sucks. Yes. We're terrible. But then they rated the ship. And I think the idea of the Steelers. They have good coaching on the defensive side where they can make changes Mm hmm. To suddenly go from a team that gave up 13 points or whatever was 10 points in the first 6 minutes to no three points in the last whatever minutes.
Yeah. You know, it just, I mean, that's what I like about this defense and yes, they still screwed the pooch on those four drops. I mean, yeah. You you intercept some of those balls and then. Game up. Going the other way. Game up. And and the momentum changes and suddenly everybody's looking at Tua and you know, not having a good game and all those things So, but you have to capitalize on and that's my point and and it's what it's what the defense isn't doing now.
It's what Picket t isn't doing now and clearly, the offensive scheming is off and Tomlin is a leader, needs to do something about that offensive scheming. Yeah. As far as the defense go, I don't know who's in charge of the defense. That's. Who is it? Is it Florida? It's supposed to be Tomlin.
Is it Tomlin? It's always Tomlin when it goes well and it's always Tomlin when it goes bad, you know? Or it's it's always, you know, what's what's Flores doing? He's not doing anything, you know? So, I I think I think they can get it together. I just think that by putting Picket t out there so soon by making that knee-jerk decision against the Jets to try and save the season which didn't work. Now, they're stuck and they have to continue down this path.
Well, he's going to have. I don't think they would have been better off keeping Trubisky in there for a few more games. So, Picket t can understand the whole playbook and then he can come in a much better and a much better position. I agree with Mark I think they set him up to fail in this situation but hey, right. It's a transition season. So, it's going to suck. So, whether it sucks for four more games than it would have otherwise, who really As far as your things about Najee, I have to take some offense.
Yeah, I I disagree with that. I think with Najee, the problem is that I don't even know how to say this. I think it's a combination of he's injured one. Mm hmm. Two, the offensive Is n't that great too? Yeah. And three, they run the ball way too much and you know, you're going to run it downs. Run on first down, why? It's stupid. It's dumb. You're not going to get six or seven or 12 yards on first down with this offense.
You need to do things differently other than the Jets sweep. Yeah. Differently. Yeah. We don't even want to talk about the game. So, so so that's that's where I say pump the brakes on being a failure because I think that would be fine if the play calling was a little bit better. And I get it. You could say the same thing with picking, right? You absolutely can.
So, I think everybody agrees that Canada's real problem and that when that goes away, I'm going to step back for one second. Canada did put together an offense that did beat Tampa Bay with Trubisky. I'm just curious why Picket t couldn't do it against Miami and Trubisky could do it against Tampa Bay. That's the only, that's the only gripe I have about Pickett and it and to me, it because he's young and he just doesn't know how to do it. Alright. Can I have the floor for a minute? It's all yours.
So, okay, solve this stat and I think this kind of really says it all with regard to Met Canada. So, Met Canada now has his, you know, young mobile quarterback and before that, he had a hall of fame He's got a total of 2-5 games as offensive coordinator of the Steelers. Only five of 25 have they scored more than twenty points? In an NFL that's geared towards the offense, that's pretty terrible. And so what that leads me to is, is kind of the next indictment, which is on Tamil, I feel like a real strength of a strong leader is, you know, it's the ownership piece.
You know, you gotta own when you've made a mistake.
It's pretty clear. I mean, we're talking about it. They were actually talking about it on the broadcast last night at the play calling with suspect.
Everybody's talking about it. So, the bottom line is Mike Tomlin has got to know that, you know, the basically, the results are telling you the answer.
So, are you going to do something about it and make a change? Now, look, it's not going to make them a winning team this season but it might breed new life into the offense and and here's the other thing that I also find very frustrating.
Um I heard somebody on the radio say this today and I really thought it was smart is, you know, with with Tomlin's expertise being on the defensive side of the ball.
Is n't Tomlin looking at this offensive game plan and saying, Wicked. We could stop this game plan.
You know, you know. Yeah. Or like, you know, so, you know, the the bottom line is like, you know, at some point, you have to say like, you know, look, you can take somebody from college and they can be great. More often than not, they're not but they can be great but you know, you're talking really about a college coach. He's really done nothing to show that he can succeed at the NFL level and you know, at one point is is enough enough.
Yeah and I we're at that point. Yeah, yeah. I think we're way past that point. Yeah. I agree. Yeah, I I I think most of Steelers nation would agree with us on that. Absolutely. So, last thing here, wide Uh we had a comment earlier. What would you do with Claypool? Trade him. Uh that's what Steve said. Yeah, but here's here's the crazy thing. The crazy thing and and I don't know if this is just a try to get a better pick but I kind of think they believe it.
You know, like they're talking like they need at least two number one picks. That ridiculous. Like, who on earth would give you that for Chase Claypool? absurd. Yeah. Right. Right? Yeah. Right. You know, I mean, that's that's insane but you know what? Mark my words. He will not be traded, okay? Okay, I can. And somebody will offer, I bet a second round pick for him, probably.
And they won't trade. No, but they should. They should. Because the second round pick is probably about what he's worth. Right. And the reality is, in the future, there's no space on him for, on this team. They signed they're clearly going to keep picking. Right. And they still got Calvin Austin who's injured right now but talk is he's going to be back after after the by week.
So, they can plug him in right away. So, they it's not like they don't have somebody they can plug in there and if they needed to, they could play Gunner Olszewski, you know, as a fourth wide receiver. Right. So, I mean, they have players. So, why not if this is a truly a rebuild, why not get another pick for next year? And if it's a second round pick, you absolutely should do it.
Right. Now, two first round picks, that's ridiculous. Right. That's that and that's just the Steelers up in the ante to see them where. Yeah. If they can get one first round. But here's the thing, I don't know though. Like, you know, like one of the questions you gotta have is, has Tomlin and yeah, I guess, you know, the the Steelers GM hierarchy. Have they sort of lost their way on their judgment of talent? You know, maybe they think Chase Claypool is that kind of talent.
You know, like Christian McCaffrey, he went for what? Like, two ones and a three and a 4, something like that. A lot of picks. You know, a lot of picks. Now, look, Chris McCaffrey has been hurt a lot. Mm hmm. But when he's on the field, he's a great player, right? Now, Chase pool had like eleven great games as a rookie and hasn't done anything since.
Right. You know what I mean? True. Like so where on earth do they think that he's got, you know, that kind of value. I mean, honestly, if it was my team and I needed a receiver and look, he's got he's got great, he's got a great body, great football body, height and size, and look, we know he can make some plays. He certainly did with Ben I take a flyer on him but I wouldn't take a on them for more than a third.
Yeah. You know. Yeah. I mean that that's kind of where where I come from. Well and and I I I think Pickens is not in the game plan enough. Uh at all. And I also think we Titans. Where is the seam route with the tight end? Where is the over the middle? He's had a pretty big game. He had a lot of receptions but not for a lot of yards.
And only when it was an absolute necessity. And he's the only guy catching balls over the middle. Yeah. Right. Right. Right. Right. So you know when when are we going to start to do this? Okay. So I think that's enough about the Steelers. We'll get on to our predictions a little bit. Uh a little bit later. Tim from Palmetto in the house. From what I read, the Steelers have to make a decision on Austin by Wednesday this week.
Um we'll see what happens there. So. Yeah, November 1st is a is November 1st is the trade deadlines. Right. Right. Uh they got through the weekend. By the way, did Sims get hurt last week? Yeah. Okay, because I was wondering why wasn't he out there for the. Yes, you know. Oak Sims was hurt. Alright. So, moving on. We got a couple questions here. We want to get to.
Um. Oh, Tim's right. Sorry, about Austin. Austin, yeah. That's to put him on the long term IR or or bring him back. We're bringing back. Right. Uh Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.
Are they done? Are they done, man? I'm going to say no question mark. But okay? And what that means is Aaron Rodgers, I don't believe, has done, but he needs a number one Yep. He does. Uh, Tom Brady, I don't think is done, but I think, you know, Todd Bowles is proving why when you lose at other you are a losing coach.
Yep. That's unfortunate because I like Todd Bowles. Yeah, you're right. Right. You know, right. You're right. I don't think he's a good hit. You know, he's just not a good head football coach it was a curious decision kind of when when it happened for me. Um Brady, I think, it wouldn't shock me to see him on another team next year. Uh.
You know, I agree with Mark with this one. I think Brady will end up on another. Like I, like, I I could see Brady ending up in like San Francisco next year. No, no. You know where I can see him? Where? Back in New England next year. That would be. That's always a I can see that happening. Maybe we'll go around.
Yeah. Especially Especially if he is divorced at that time. Yeah. You know why? Cuz he hates me. Yeah. Yeah.
Roger, Rogers, I also think could be very good again on another team with better weapons around him. I don't know. I think Rogers, well, he just. Rogers looks like a different guy this year. Yes. Right? And and it's clearly because he doesn't have Devonte Adams. I mean. Right. You lose Devonte Adams. I mean, come on. Right. It's and it's the reason why the Houston Texans are terrible. They got rid of DeAndre Hopkins and that guy was clearly talent.
Right. And now, the whole team is just garbage. You know, so and I think that's what's happening in Green Bay. I think they have a lot of talent but man, I don't, you lose that much talent and not replace it anything. Right. I mean, I hear Chase Claypool's out there. Yeah, I don't think he's going to, I don't think he's going to build the shoes of Devonte Adams. Yeah. Um I I think I think Brady's done.
do. I don't think he's got. I think he's finally hit it. Yeah. I think he's hitting. Pass to Mike Yeah. Yeah. Of course. That wasn't his fault. That was not, that was not his fault. DG says back to New England, especially since he was just a craft wedding. Yeah, I mean, anything can happen. I and the only reason I say that I think Brady is done is because he is forty-five, okay? I I get it.
TV twelve and all that kind of stuff. But I I just don't I just, I, I, I, I don't see that passion. I don't see the zip on his passes. He, he is not as accurate as he was. Um, And another year, another year? Uh I don't think so. Rodgers, I also happen to think is done. I don't I I know. He doesn't have the weapons but the point is there were there were quite a few years where he was incredible.
He made everybody else look great. And yeah, neither one of those quarterbacks is now at a point in their career where they are elevating other players. Right. They're at a point where they need other players as well. And I think that Dunn necessarily mean break. I I I don't know that Brady will retire You know, could I see him on the on Tampa Bay again or on on the Patriots or any other big team for that matter.
Uh Rogers, could I see him coming back to Green Bay? Yeah, there's an ego there. You know, of course. Well, there's a paycheck too. As far as done goes, yeah. Uh you know, skill level definitely diminished. Not the quarterbacks they once were. Um I don't I don't see them playing much longer.
I think they're both done. I think your best point was the fact that they used to elevate guys around them. Now, they need guys around them to to make them look. Right. Like, think, think about like Josh Allen, what does he do for Gabriel Davis? Everything. He makes him a star. Yeah. Right. Gabriel Davis on any other NFL team is third receiver at best.
Yeah. And he's good. Yeah. Yeah. He's not a top notch number one wide receiver where you want him on your team. Right. And this is a this is a the torch kind of thing. Mm hmm. Yeah. I mean, you've got your you've got stars now. You've got Mahomes, you've got Jackson, Mahomes, you've got Allen, you've got some up and comers, you know, you've got Tyler Hertz.
If you're a fan. Kyler Murray. Kyler Murray.
If you're an Eagles fan. Yeah. Yeah. He's pretty good actually. No, he's pretty good. I hate saying. Manage the game.
It's a pretty good example of for Kyler Marriott. Look at the difference with DeAndre Hopkins versus the other. Right, exactly. Right. Yeah. Can't do anything without him. Yeah. Right. True. Well, I mean, he can always run them. He can always run but that lasts for so long. Right. Right. So, I'm going to get one more comment in here on Brady. Uh I've been following Cheryl says, I've been following Brady for many years.
He is the goat. I named my 20-year-old son after him after being a Steelers fan. Wow. That's, I don't know. You're taking a big win. We banned her prior. What do you what is, what did, what did you name him? Uh Tom Brady Stallings Moore? Uh TB 12 Moore. Personal issues are affecting him. TV 12 more. Thanks for the comment, Cheryl. Really appreciate you being here. Cheryl breaking my heart. Alright, so I I we're going to we're going to move to something here that's actually pretty exciting.
Uh you can catch it on the Porches Live. com. The Porches Live. com. I always say it three times, Robert. The Porch Is com. That's our website. It's yours. And David's got a funny thing to say there. Steve here, our hockey Jesus is doing post game Penguins updates and analysis after every game. Exactly. Except the except on the West Coast. On the West Coast games, he's going to do a pregame and then a post-game, pregame next day but he drops it on the podcast, the Sports Sports on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Overcast, Google Podcast.
It's about a five-minute recap. After every game, tune in to the Sports Sports. Not here on Facebook, not on American Busker iHeartRadio. You gotta go to the podcast. It is our most downloaded podcast. So, all you hockey fans out there, you can get his Hockey Jesus on the Sports Porch. Please listen to it. You'll have one tonight after the game tonight. I will have one after. They're playing Edmonton tonight, right? I mean, how can you not see Sidney Crosby versus the Hockey Jesus equivalent on the ice.
Right. Of Mick Jesus. Yeah. So, David, Connor McDavid, yeah. So, I mean, you know, they both have 10 points going into tonight's game. So, this could be for the league lead in points. Although they have to get like four or five points to catch Paneren but you know, the bread man's up there.
So. The the Penguins are scoring an awful lot of goals. They are. They're off. Six goals, 4 and 11 against. Yeah. Highest point differential in the league. Yup. Peaking too soon.
I guess same could be said for the fire. But you know this. It's all about goaltending.
hot now. So is Carter Hart. I mean. Yeah. When you have a hot goalie and people don't know how to score against you. You win games. It's really. Well and and when you have a line when you have a number one line like the Penguins have right now. And then you have some follow-up scoring after that. What you like to refer to as secondary school? Secondary school. And some defensive players that are scoring from the blue line and all that. They just seem to have it. They just seem to have come out of the preseason skating the right way.
Yeah and the good thing is like Gentzel's been hurt and he's hurt again so he's not going to play tonight. That's two games in a row. But they place Danton Heinen on the first line and he scores two points. So I mean that's the that's a sin Sid's amazing still. I mean I know he's not he's not Connor McDavid. He doesn't have the speed. He doesn't have the hands. He's not he's not that type of guy. He actually never really was.
But he still can play.
All aspects of the game. And he does it probably better than anybody else. Uh just I mean if you're not watching Sidney Crosby, you're just really not a hockey fan. I guess I'm not a hockey fan but.
Well, you get to see him the five times.
Flyers. Yeah. So, you know, just remember, tune in to the Sports Porch Podcast after every Penguins game for Hockey Jesus analysis and of course, you can catch up on the Sports Sports Podcast for our show. Um want to give a shout out to Schwabbers Phillies. Uh for making the World Series. World Series bound. Yep. Bryce Harper the superhero. Bring on the trash can. There you go.
Houston. Houston. Bring on the trashcans. You got it. You got it. And something exciting if you're a Philly sports fan. We will be launching the sports sports Philadelphia. Uh we might have to we might have to go in a little early on this since we got the Phillies in the World Series buddy. Yeah. We might have to talk about that. Yeah. But anyway you you continue to still be undefeated.
We'll add that. We'll add that.
So, let's move on here to something that we love to do and that's our predictions. We're going to relive last week and I I can't wait to relive last week. Some people love this section more than others. Yes. Yes. And I would say that I, this week, love it more than both of you because our predictions last week will go over them real quick. Uh last week, we predicted the Saints at the Cardinals. All three of us got that one right.
The Cardinals beat the Saints.
game that was. A lot of point scored. Lot of points scored. Yeah. Well, Hopkins was back. So, alright. The Colts and Titans last week. The Titans won that game. Steve picked the Colts.
And Chris and Mark picked the Titans. Well, the good thing about the losing is now we don't have to worry about Mark's prediction for Super Bowl. Definitely not. Now that. Sam Ellinger becomes the next Tom Brady. Which is always a possibility. Hey, it's possible. In that division, anybody can win that division. That is true. And Chiefs at the forty-niners. Uh Steve and Chris took the forty or took the and Mark took the forty-niners. So, last week. Forty-niners looked terrible. Oh. Steve was two in one.
Hey, my first winning. Mark was two in one.
Chris, the genius was three and oh and that brings our record this week. There it is down at the bottom. I am now twelve and nine. Mark is in the lead at thirteen and eight but I'm closing and Steve is, hey, look. lot of games left.
eight and 13. Lot of lot of games left. So this week, this week as I peruse through my notes, real quick, we're going to talk about the Steelers versus the Eagles.
Um really. I I I think in I mean, I'll just jump in right away. Eagles victory all the way. I I want the Steelers to win but Eagles victory all the way. No way they came, no way they game plan for the Eagles defense is great. Their offense is great. Uh and we all know the Steelers have problems.
mean, the only chance I think the Steelers have is that the Eagles are on the buy. So, they're going to come out a rusty maybe. Mm you know, I guess in a way, you're, you're, you know, you're sort of wondering like, you know, at some point, Kenny Pickett's going to have a really good week. Right, I don't think it's going to be this week. Probably not. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, I guess the Eagles, everybody's talks about their defense but I mean, they're really build on that turnover Highest in the league.
I mean, they they they make the offense turn the ball over a lot. We're used to turning the ball over a lot. So, I don't think this will be that much different but the reality is the Eagles know how to run the ball. I mean, when it comes to it. All they really have to do is run the ball. They and they can still hit the big play. So, my guess is it'll be boring at first.
There'll be a lot of running. Maybe the Steelers will stop it a little bit. Then, there'll be a big play to loosen up the defense and then all hell is going to break. That's that's the way I see it happen. All hell is going to break. By the third quarter, I think we'll be looking for something else to watch. Uh you're probably right. Okay. So, the games that matter. Thursday night game, Ravens at the Bucks.
I'm going to give one to Steve. I've been starting with Schwabber the last few times. Steve, Ravens at the Bucks. Ravens at the Bucks. Well, are the Bucks really that bad? That's the only thing you really have to answer and I think the answer to that question is no. I don't think they're that bad. And I think the I think the Ravens got a bad news with J. K. Dobbins going to be out for a while with, you know, under his knee got hurt again.
Gus Edwards is back. He tore it up this week.
Yeah. Unfortunately, But I mean on the road is Tom Brady really going to lose to the Ravens. I'm going to go with, no, I don't think they're that bad. I'm going to go with the Bucks.
Yeah, you know, like the Ravens are, to me, clearly a better team. Right. But they're on the road and I'm just looking at Tom Brady after two of the biggest clunkers of his career. Yeah. I can't imagine three in a row especially at home on a nationally televised game. So, I'm going to take the Bucks with this one. Yeah, you know what guys? Uh what you said Bucks? You said Bucks, Steve, right? I did. Okay, Steve and Mark say the Bucks. You know what? I I gotta go the other way. I gotta try to pick up some grounds.
Um I I think the Ravens are going to come out.
I I I do think. I think it is a pick-up game. I, yeah, it's totally a game. I I think that it's going to be, they're playing in Tampa Bay unless it's raining like crazy. It's going to be a nice, warm night. Um I think the Bucks team is in disarray. Are they that bad? No. Their skill level is there. They've got they've got the to be a much better team. I mean, it's essentially the personnel that won the Super Bowl, right? Dude, they might be that bad though.
But they really might be think there's some questions of coaching but I think the bigger question there is I think Tom Brady is losing the team. I think he's losing the team. That's what I mean by that bat. That's exactly right. So, I'm going to go with the Ravens over the Next game we have is this is this is going to be a really interesting game to watch. Packers at Bills. Mm hmm. Pac, what do you think? It's going to be a onslaught.
The Bills are going to demolish them. Do you? Yep.
34 to 3. At Bills, right? That sound familiar? Yeah.
Yeah, I I think I gotta go with the Bills here. I I you know, I picked them to to win the Super Bowl. I don't see, I I don't see Aaron Rodgers getting it back anytime soon and that Bills defense is fast. I think, I think Aaron Rodgers might get sacked and this might be the game where he gets his his injury card. I got injured. Mm hmm. Get me out of here, boss. Yeah. And and I don't think Jordan Love's that great. So, I'm going to go with the Bills too. Yeah, I think the are on a roll.
They're playing in Buffalo.
I I and and I did. I also picked them to win the Super Bowl. Uh I'm going with the Bills, all the way. Alright, now, here's a game that I don't think when the season started, either one of us, any of us thought we would think that we would even want to pick this game, let alone these teams be in the position they're in.
Giants at the Seahawks, the of Gino Smith.
It is it's incredible. The way the guy's playing now. Yeah. And and you know they love them in Seattle. He's always had the skills. I don't think. They made him forget about their hall of fame quarterback. Yeah. Like. Who by the way is. In terrible now. Yeah. Yeah. And and he's injured. And he's not he didn't even play this one. And I have to say I I for one thought that Saquon Barkley was done. No. I thought he I thought he was never coming down. I thought yeah with the with the leg injuries. Oh yeah. Yeah. Cuz he was bad for 2 years. No. He's playing for a paycheck so is so is Daniel They're both want to be in the league.
They both have great talent.
I think you're seeing a lot of them believe in their head coach.
Honestly, when it comes down to it, they just believe that he's got it going. Day Bell. Yeah and You know who it is. You know who the other famous Dabell is? Uh no, but you're going to tell me. Chad Daybell, the guy that killed those two kids with his wife, Lori Daybell in Utah. He probably. Not sure you want that name, Davo.
He probably had his phone. Netflix documentary.
documentary. First floor window open. Yeah. Watch state line. It's going to be the Take the phone out of your pocket and you're going to go murder somebody. Alright, who's going to win the game, Steve? Giants are still. Well, you know, I'm a huge New York Giants fan. That's why I'm taking Seattle Seahawks. You you're a huge New York Giants fan. Why? Because they're doing good this year. No, I told you that I like the Giants. You you guys keep saying, well, the Giants are going to blow it and I keep saying week after week.
No, this Giants team is for real. That is true.
They're a real, they're a four real team. There are contenders. They're probably going to get into the Yeah. They they can still even push the Eagles to win their division. I mean, they're only one game behind them. Yup. That being said, I'm going with the Seahawks because I don't I don't I don't want to I don't want to see the Giants lose. So, I'm going with the Seahawks.
Alright. Alright. Steve's going with the Seahawks.
Uh for me, I I guess I'm going to go with the Seahawks. I mean, I I've resigned myself to the position that I I wouldn't necessarily say the Giants are for real. I think they for real that they're going to be a good team. Like I think they're going to make the playoffs at this point. Um but I'm still just sort of waiting for the shoe to drop a little bit. I mean let's face they are winning every game by like one point.
Yeah they're close games. Yeah. I mean you know they're not not beaten up on anybody. Um so I think at some point that Luck's gotta run out and maybe it'll run out with a home game in Seattle. With you know the twelfth man helping them out. Right. So you're going with the Seahawks. Go with the Seahawks. Yeah I'm going with the Seahawks too only because I think that trip across country playing in stadium.
I I am not convinced that the Giants are for real. Uh I am convinced that they are a much better team than anybody thought they were going to be to start the year. Oh, for sure. You know, it's not a fluke. Yeah. That they're getting better. Yeah. Um but this is going to be their real test. I think the Seahawks are going to win this game but if the Giants do win this game, I'll get, I'll be on your bandwagon, Steve.
Well, they're going to win because I picked the Seahawks. So, you should take. Yeah. I mean, they think they could but. Yeah, I should. The the thing is is that if they win though, I I'd be willing to bet. They win by less than five points. Oh, yes. They're going to win a lot of games by under. You know, I'm really interested to see how they're going to do when they play the Eagles and when they play the Cowboys.
I'm interested to see that. That'll come down to turnover. Those are all, those are all tough games. Yeah. Whoo. Those are all tough games. Five. Come back. And I gotta give a shout out to my boy, Taylor Heineke. I mean, come on, man. Shouldn't he be the starting quarterback for the Commanders? Why not? Absolutely You know, comes in.
I'm not playing. Comeback victory. The guy's got grit. What can I say? The guy's got grit. We're back in the hunt, boys. He's got no. We're back in the hunt. He's got grit. He's got no talent but he's got grit. As long as he doesn't take his head and slam it on the side. Like a he's got a better chance than Carson Wentz of not having turnovers. That is very true.
00%. That is very true. Alright.
iHeartRadio, 150 million registered users, 2000 devices, 260 platforms, and remember, you can catch the podcast, the Sports Porch on the iHeartRadio app, or platform, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google The Porch Is Live. com, The Porch Is Live. com, and tonight, we will be dropping this podcast as well as Hockey Jesus update podcast after the Pens. Hopefully, beat the Oilers. So, anything else you guys want to say? Let's go, Pegs. We'll catch you next week, guys.
Thanks for watching.