Aug. 9, 2022

The PORCH is LIVE and so is the Steelers QB Competition

Hop on up to the Porch for our latest debate on the Steelers QB situation, headlines that mean something and so much more. It's always a porch party!

Hop on up to the Porch for our latest debate on the Steelers QB situation, headlines that mean something and so much more. It's always a porch party!

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There you are. Up to the top. Welcome to the sports.
We are on the porch. My porch George.
Join us up here and we want to thank American Buster iHeartRadio and Nancy Haunt for having us on. Yeah, Nancy.
Every time I hear this music, even though I can't really technically hear it, I love it. And by the way, if you like a podcast and you're on iHeart, you can catch our podcast on iHeart and you can catch us on iHeart, American Busker Radio, Thursdays at 7 PM. So, American Whisker. Welcome to the Porch. I'm Chris. That guy over there is Steve. Whoo. That guy down there is Mark And I say all the time guys. I say it all the time. Yeah yeah. Uh still the Dead Zone.
Still the Dead Zone. Still the Dead Zone.
Coming up this weekend my friend. It was a game this weekend. And there was a game last week. Yeah. Officially. Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? It's a game. It's a game. You're right. Probably one of the least exciting hall of fame classes of all time. Yes. I I like Dick getting in Dick for meal. Uh I I don't like how you said that. But I mean he's fun. You know what I mean? He just clarified.
He's fun. Yeah. But yeah like the rest is like. Wait. Super Meal was a former Eagles coach. Yeah. Why do you not need that? No he's not. Oh Oh. Oh. You like people? Okay. You like City? That's what I'm saying. I actually said that. That actually sounds like a a an Italian dish. I'll take the dick for Actually, you know, he went in as an eagle. Yeah. Uh. Yeah, you can actually do that. He went in as an eagle.
Yeah. He said, he felt bad for them. No.
Well, he he still lives in Philadelphia. Oh. There's a lot of talks in the community. Uh so, he's actually. That's a good question. If you had all the money in the world, then, you would pick to live in Philadelphia. What's the greatest place on Earth? I mean, no. Come on. Mostly I'm on Philly. I live there. I loved it but you know, I've got Turks and Caicos written all over me. Yeah, there are plenty of other.
I would honestly do it.
Alright, guys. We're going to launch into this week's four sports right now. Um we're going to we're going to talk real quick about camp. Um Mark and I were talking pre show. Uh Steve and I were we we were all kind of tossing this around a little bit. Um you know, we all know the Steelers have three quarterbacks on their roster. Um they're in a they're in a very difficult position because they haven't been in this position for 20 years and it it seems to me that every single day, all I hear is You know, Mitch Trubisky, missed fist on those seven shots and Kenny Pickett did that and Mason Rudolph looks good and this and that and everything else and I I think the bottom line is the starter is going to be the starter.
That sounds like something Tomlin would say. It's all a bunch of Hogwarts, right? So, I threw this out. I threw this out to the guys before the show. Uh I think they're going to keep three quarterbacks on their roster. What do you guys think? I think if they can't trade Nathan Udoff in a pick. League for real roster. I mean they might as well at this point. Yeah. With with losing your hall of fame quarterback, you're better off having three guys.
You don't know what's going to happen between all of them. Yeah. Yeah. Try to mute your mic and and Amy, if you could, please let us know. Looks like we're having that echo issue again. So, I apologize. Um.
Apologize. Apologize. I'm muted. Apologize. Yeah. Maybe I won't let go. Maybe I will. And she says Mark is echoing the worst. Of course.
G says, greetings. So, can anybody hear us? That's what I want to know. First and second, again, Steve, three quarterbacks on the roster. Go back to that. Three quarterbacks. I think it makes sense just because you lost your hall of fame quarterback. So, you gotta have three because you don't know if any of them are going to work out at this point. It looks like Pickett isn't as seasoned as people thought he might be. Sounds looks like he's having a little bit of a trouble finding that second and third target when he needs to.
So, so he's probably not looking like the starter which means you're going to start the guy who you want to get. Trubisky, right? Well, yeah but that that's. And you got the fallback position with, you know, Mason Rudolph. If, if, if he's not ready, if you're number one quarterback of the future is not ready, why rush it? It doesn't make any sense. Right. Right. Well, and and that's Really, my question wasn't who's going to be number one. My question was kind of like, the, the speculation is that and has been and we've actually been guilty of this of are they are they kind of trying to showcase Mason Rudolph for trade bait and I don't think they are.
I think they want to start the year with three QBs on the roster. I don't know if the third one will be active but I I I feel like the third one will be active. Well, look, I mean, if a if an NFL team is looking for a quarterback and you've got Jimmy Garoppolo and you have Mason Rudolph.
Who are you going to take? You're going to go for if you need a quarterback, you're not going to say, I'll take Mason Rudolph instead because he's cheaper. So, my point is, nobody's really, nobody, at this point, needs a backup quarterback that doesn't know their system and I don't know what system Mason Rudolph does know but I think it makes sense to keep him. I actually think they were trying to shine him up, you know, for some debate but as it turns out, Pickett's probably not ready so they're going to keep it.
Yeah. There's nothing wrong with that. That's why you go to camp. What do you think, Schwaber? I agree. I Think that it's always been Trubisky Uh the only reason why Pickett is going to play is if the team is just below average with Trubisky. Yeah. Um and I also but but I think the the reason keep Mason Rudolph is if you want Kenny Pickett to sit for eight or ten games and Mitch Trubisky gets off to like a you know one and four starter something. You can bring Mason Rudolph in before you get to the midway point of the season.
Right. Right.
Well, it's kind of it's a pickle. I I see them keeping three quarterbacks. Um I I think that the fact that Mason Rudolph while they say he looks better at times than these other guys in camp. They're they're not glowing reviews. Like this guy looks great. Right. And he's had an opportunity to read this playbook for a long time. Yeah. Thinking that he may be right. The air apparent. And I think that speaks more to his black their parentness. Yeah. Yes. He's he's mediocre talent.
His lack of air apparentness. Yeah, there you go.
So, okay. So, you know, you guys. I have, I also have a theory about why the offense looks so bad. I think it's because the defense is so good. They're playing against the defense that that really got beef up this year and I think that defense is out to prove something and they know, I mean, I'm going to throw away the first three preseason games because I don't think they mean anything for this defense.
They know they gotta be ready.
First, first set of downs when they play against Cincinnati in Cincinnati when they raise that or AFC champions. They know they gotta be ready. So, I think they're bringing it every day and I think that's hard on a on a quarterback or a bunch of quarterbacks. You're trying to learn the system. And I think that's why you're seeing Trubisky struggle in that in the red zone because we're just pretty good.
Defensive wise. Yeah I I think also defenses tend to start out ahead of the offenses. The offenses really built on timing. Right. And you know. Learning to play. And the defense is build on reaction. Right. Fill in your apps. Staying in your pretty much have the same defense as last year. A little bit better with some quarterbacks but. Yeah. I'm pretty much the same defense.
Well, we'll see. We'll see. I mean, I think I think the the most important takeaway from all of this is that this is uncharted territory for the Steelers and for Steelers fans. So, patience is the better part of virtue on this. Um now, what about Cleveland? You mentioned Garoppolo. Yeah. Okay. So, we we've talked and and and a lot of people have talked at length about this.
Situation but couldn't happen there. Who knows? People that are higher up than us are going to make those decisions.
Should Cleveland get Garoppolo? There's been some rumors that that might be on the table. You know what really truly baffles my mind when it comes to Cleveland is they have 3-5 million dollars if Deshaun Watson doesn't play. 35 million dollars in quarterback money that's garbage. And if they go out and get Garoppolo and by the way they have enough under the cap to go get Garoppolo if they want to get him.
They have $25 million dollars more to put. Who else are they paying on that team? I mean, they can't be paying anybody else on that team. Well, that's why Kareem Hunt wants to leave. Yeah. Cuz he's not getting paid because he's not getting paid. Right. To play half the year. But I mean, should they go get him? That's a really difficult decision because let's say, if, let's say he's successful and let's say Deshaun Watson, they know Deshaun Watson's going to be out for the year And he's successful.
What do they do? Do they let Garoppolo just go and bring back Deshaun Watson who they just paid 25 million dollars to sit? I mean it's just. Yeah. It's not a good situation. and by the way, I don't feel sorry for the bounce because why would you? Well, they brought it on themselves. Why would you give all that money to Shawn Watson and be and and be in a situation you're in. That's just, just, just, I mean, you can talk about the Steelers organization.
You know, and and doing some ridiculous thing. That is so far over what the Steelers would even think about doing. It just doesn't make any sense. Yeah. And and good for the Browns. I think they're going to suck this year and happy to say that out loud. Yeah. And and I I don't believe any of these people out there that are saying that the Browns are going to finish ahead of the Steelers. I I don't know where that I mean I I don't know where that comes from. I just don't I mean it comes from the fact that they went they got out of they got Amari Cooper and and it and it's these guys thinking that Deshaun Watson's only going to get six games and he's going to play the the eleven one.
They have a very good run.
defense is pretty, pretty decent. Yeah. I don't know. But, but the whole point is, without, you know, like, if, if Jacoby Brissett is the starter, they're not going to be an over 500 team. No, but, you know, there there, look, there, as an organization, they're a dumpster fire to use one of Mark's favorite favorite terms. Um, and if anybody understands a dumpster fire as an organization, it's me.
You know, so, I, I, I would say, that's going to play, that's going to play into it. Uh Joe from Kentucky says go Steelers all the way. Thanks for being here, Joe. Uh Paul, Pomato from Palmetto is also in the house. Uh thanks for being here. So, I I mean, I I get it but I think there's so much going on underneath the surface in that organization that to expect them to be over 500.
Uh to have a sports journalist, a writer say they think they're going to be over 500 taking into account just the six games suspension. Yeah. Uh I still think that's just the That's really strange. And I think the bottom line is the NFL is going to win the appeal. The the question is. They wouldn't go after it if they didn't think they would. I agree. Yeah and they handpicked the person for the appeal.
Yeah. So you know Goodell can. That's where they supposed to be. Right. So so so the question is is will they you know will they give them you know the indefinite one year suspension or will they sort of like meet in the middle and call it like 10 or 12. And if it's 10 or 12 seasons though. Yeah. I I think it it always has to be an indefinite suspension. We talked about this last week.
Not many women coming out against it and and so much evidence still yet to come out. Mm hmm.
There's no way they're going to say, well, we're going to give him six games and all that stuff still coming out and he's playing. Yeah. In an NFL. I don't think he's. They just they just don't they just they just don't want that kind of publicity. Right. Yeah. I don't think he's going to play. So, so Joe from Kentucky asks who starts for the Steelers at quarterback.
Go back to the beginning of the show, Joe. Um we're pretty much saying that Mitch Trubitsky is the number one that's why they brought him in here. Um and Mike Lawrence wants to know if the Steelers can win 10 or 11 this year. What do you think? Mike. What do you think? No. Not like. No. Very unlikely. I mean they're over under is eight if you're a betting guy.
I just looked and it said seven for DraftKings. Yeah so. So it's it's seven seven to eight depending. I mean I I think you're looking at. I'd call it like a a seven to a 9. I mean in order for them to get to 10 or 11 wins. I mean you're basically saying they're going to have to either sweep or Cincinnati. Right. Now, maybe if you if you come to preseason, I think they can't, they can because of the preseason, they get to play Seattle and Jacksonville and Detroit.
Now, if we told you, if you open the season again. I was getting confused there for a second but that's kind of normal. Yeah, I was like, wait a minute. If we against those three, then, yeah. Alright, we're in for 11 but. Well, you know what it is. If if if the Steelers win 10 games, that means Mitch Trubisky starts every game this year. That's true.
Well, any place really and he plays really well. And it also means that Najee is an all pro. Yeah. You know. Yeah. So, I mean, but and those things could happen but I think also one of their either Claypool comes back to his rookie season form or Pickens ends up being the guy and gets, you know, 60 or 70 receptions for 1, 200 yards and four.
No. Touchdowns. One thing that happened That's what it would take, Joe. Well, the thing that happened since the last time that we didn't bring up was the two-year deal for Deontae Johnson. Oh yeah, that's true. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. I thought it was a three-year deal. Uh well, it's a. With an option. Two with an option. This year is his contract that he keeps.
Gotcha. 2 years after. I have to say, I I think that's an amazing deal on the Steelers part because if I'm the Steelers, I don't want to give Deontay Johnson like a five-year Superman wide receiver deal. But we can keep him for 2 years. You know get two of his best years out of him and kind of let him go after that. Yeah, I mean, 18, 18 million dollars a year is not that much for a wide receiver these days.
Right. So, and that will be in next year's doll. Mm hmm. So, they get to keep the contract that he's in for this year. So, I think it's I think it's a good deal. Why not? Yeah. I mean, the question is, what does that mean for guys that are becoming up like Claypool Mhm. Cuz he in that in that contract extension Claypool's going to want to contract extension.
Yeah. And Pickens will at the end of that it's a good timing for them because Pickens will be out of his rookie contract by then. Hopefully he's going to be good. He looks like he's going to be really good. Yeah. He's got great hand skills. Can run routes really well. Uh we'll see. I mean I I think it's a good sign though. Yeah. I like that condo.
I like the condo. I mean I'm not even a fan fan. I I just think that it was a good signing for the money. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Good good player. They keep their number one wide receiver. You know the really didn't have number one last year but if you were to say who's the number one, you'd say Deontay. But he's not really a number one in the NFL.
Yeah and and well and I think his biggest issue is dropping balls.
Yeah, he he goes through periods of it. Yeah, yeah. If he, if he could just hold on to the football and and for every draw, every catch he or every drop he has, reduce it by one. You know, that's going to because he had some big drops last year. I agree, you know. I mean, that that's really the issue. The difference between Deontay Johnson being a number one true number one receiver and a pretend number one receiver is his drop passes.
That's really what it is. Yeah in his yards after the catch need to get a little bit. Of course. Of course. But if you're worried about dropping the ball, you're you're not looking to, you know. So, okay. So, I, you know, I think more more with camp coming up. We, of course, we have the first preseason game this weekend. We'll report back to you next week on that on our thoughts but not a whole lot.
I don't expect to gain too much by. No. Watching that Seattle game to be honest with you. Are they going to not play very many people? Uh because that's the way a lot of teams are on. Yeah they'll probably script the first team out there. I mean it's a little bit different this year I think because you want to get your first team out there a little bit with having a new quarterback.
Mm hmm. But how much you really going to learn you know playing against Seattle? Right. And and Joe says I feel like Pickens is going to be a great player. I I I think he's definitely got potential. We've all been we've all been heartbroken by what we think are going to great player. So let's wait till he gets on the field. He's got the skills. He knows. And and we have every intention of rooting for the guy.
Yo Carey is in the house. Yeah.
What's up? What's up my man? Okay. So, then, we ran the gamut. We went down to the Browns actually a dumpster fire. Uh the rest of the NFL. Well, the only person who we didn't talk about yet is Matthew Stafford. Stafford in his injury. So, you know, what do you think? I don't know. I mean, you know, an elbow injury is serious for a quarterback.
Yes. The fact that he's not rolling the ball as much as he has been in the past is not to be a red flag but it it signals trouble. You know. And anytime you're coming off a Super Bowl win. Yeah. Do you really care about the first four games? Maybe not. Maybe not. Maybe they're just saying hey come back nice and slow if you got a little aggravation.
He's probably getting some treatments on his his his arm. Hopefully they're legal. And right. Hopefully he's not using those Brady treatments or he is using those Brady treatments. They kind of get under the radar of detection. So, as long as he's doing that, he'll be fine. I think he'll be, he'll be back and he'll be strong but that I I would be really concerned if I was a Rams fan because without him, clearly, they're not good.
No, they're not. Yeah. And the Rams kind of strike me as a team that's like destined to be a Super Bowl winner that doesn't make the playoffs next year. Yeah, you know. Yeah. I I know that division is kind of weak if you think about it. It is. I mean, they they could. They could not but it wouldn't surprise me like, you know, a little beat up this year, misses 6, seven games.
You know, they don't have the fire in the beginning of the season. You know, look, let's face it. Like, and this, I know it's crazy to say this at all. But like, when I think of like last year, the Saint Louis Rams won the Super Bowl? I mean, the Los Angeles Rams. We're with you. Out of Los Angeles. We know which I am, Joe. Okay. Uh, right. Bottom line is, like, that's not a team I'm ever going to remember as a great Super Bowl team.
You know what I No, would you remember? I agree. So, you'll remember.
They're one of the worst teams to win the season. You'll remember that Stafford moved from Detroit to win the Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams. That maybe. Yeah, but but you know, the bottom line is like, look, number one, they beat the Bengals and number two. Who won't make the playoffs? To be honest, I don't even know if they really should have beat the Bengals. I mean, there was that there was that they call that pass interference.
It would have been like fourth and eight or something. I thought that was just a weak call. Yeah, well, that happens in every football. It it does but beat the Bengals. Come on. Season's over Schwab. Season's over. Alright, let's get one more question in here before we move on. Um Mike, Mike says, Mike wants to know what the local Pittsburgh gossip is about Matt Canada for the season. Well, there actually isn't any gossip.
I think, I think everybody's mildly excited and I don't excited in Miley really don't go together but I think they're interested to see what he can do without an old quarterback. Yeah. Who move. You know, with a young guy who can move the ball around. I think that's what's, I think that's what I would look for. If I'm going to look for anything, I want to see how much the offense is moving before the snap.
I want to see how much motion they have because that's really the Canada offense. The Canada offense is about pre-snap movement to see what the defense is doing and they really couldn't do that too much with Ben because you can't roll the pocket with Ben because Ben really couldn't run. He needed to give long 2. 4 seconds. So, I think that's what's that's the interesting thing and I think if there is a buzz and there really isn't a buzz about Canada, the buzz is still more about picket, believe it or not.
And to prove it year for Canada. Yup. And and to be honest, I wouldn't want to be him because with his quarterback stable, you know, I think he's going to realize that he could have done a better job with Ben Roethlisberger. You know, you really, you should be catering, catering your offense to who you have and maybe that a little bit of not rolling Ben out.
But I didn't find him to be very imaginative at all. Yeah. No and I agree with you. We haven't had an imaginative offensive coordinator since Cower was here really. To be honest. Yeah yeah. True. Um but I mean everybody's excited about Najee still. Everybody thinks that he's going to be. Yeah. He's going to be the best back in the league up there with Derrick Henry like stats so.
Yeah. So Tim so so Tim says exactly Steve well said on your comment about Canada earlier. Uh we've got Dan Shi in Saint Harris. We'll have a huge year. He believes Pickett will end up the starter. See Dan. Barbara says she feels like it's going to be a long season and the defense will have to win games. Not necessarily right? I'm with Barbara there. Alright.
Barbara speaks a little bit. Um Barb's making some sense. Yeah. And and Yo Carey says can turn Biscuit to a decent QB snake. Is that the name for Trubisky? I love it. I love it. Hey. Come on yo. Come on. I love the fact that we have a quarterback now that can do a quarterback sneak. Yeah that's true. I'm not so sure about named Turtle.
Well, back in the day, Ben was very good at it. He was. He, it's because he was so big. Everybody forgets. And one last question on this, we've kind of already touched on this. Joe says, does Trubisky remain the starter all season in our opinion? Well, if he's winning, if he's winning. Uh, I don't even think he has to win. As long as he is showing he's competitive, and he's not throwing interceptions.
Mhm. He's not turning over the ball. Mhm. Because let's face it, he's not going to have to throw for three hundred and 150 yards with Najee back there. So, so. True. You have to really kind of temper your expectations for Trubisky being, you know, Ben, gunslinging it, and winning games in the fourth quarter. That's not the. That's not his MO. Right. And that's what Steelers fans are going to have to adjust to.
They're used to seeing that and it's it and I think that's why Barb says it's going to be a long season.
Everybody loves it when Ben slings it deep and he was the old gunslinger. That's not.
He can't. He he he can definitely throw the ball and probably better than Ben could in his last two seasons. Right. Okay. So, we're we're we're going to move on now. We have another segment of this show that we want to get to real quick. Uh you know what? Uh I'm just going to say it. The Pirates still suck. Uh and it's unfortunate. The Exodus has begun. We talk about that every week.
So, we're not going to waste any time on it this week. I do have to mention however that my Baltimore Orioles are over 500 and they're vying for a playoff spot this year fellas. They might do it. I might bring out the O's happen. We'll see what happens. Bears, you and you. That's right. You and me. Me and me and that's all I care about. Yeah. So, okay. So, ESPN has come out with their goat list, greatest of all time at every every position and we're going to do a little debate here real quick on ESPN's greatest of all time at every offensive position.
Now, we're going to leave out the guards and the tackles and the center. We're going to leave out the offensive line. Not that they don't deserve a place because obviously they do. Mike Webster was the center. Steelers guy. Uh but they're just not as exciting to talk about. Yeah. So I'm I'm going to bring the list up here on the screen. Um and already don't like this. And we want to know what you guys think.
Uh so, ESPN is saying that the and and and I'm having a little trouble here with you guys with let me just we can see that. I know. I'm going to bring that. Well, I can take over by saying that I don't think that Tom Brady is the goat quarterback. I don't either, actually. Yeah. Uh for me, I I still go with Joe Montana.
You know, Joe Montana won every Super Bowl that he was in.
He Uh you know, late game comebacks with the best of them.
And you know like the bottom line is Brady is to me, he's more about longevity.
And his surroundings, you know, being with Belichick, one of the greatest coaches of all time. I mean, what is he? Is he six and four, seven and three in Super Bowl, something like that? Yeah. To be, to be honest, you should be five and five.
Um you know, if Falcons didn't lose a 28 to 3 lead.
If if if what's his name? Uh Pete Carroll would have ran the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the one yard line. He should be five and five. You know and that's not really that great to me. Okay, so. So, he but okay, forget, let's just go with the fact that he won them. They won those games. He still lost three Super Bowls. It's a lot. Yeah, Brady's 7 and. That's a lot. Three in Super Bowl. Okay. Yeah. Right. He's seven and three.
Yeah. And Montana's four and oh.
But take out the three losses in Brady's four seven and oh. I mean, I don't I don't even think there's an argument here. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback that ever played. Joe Montana was the greatest quarterback of the Ace. No, but no question.
Terry Bradshaw was the greatest quarterback of the seventies. What we're talking about? What we're talking about here? No, he didn't win four Super Bowls. What I'm talking about here is this, it's not all the numbers. It's the eye test. It's the eye test. You know, if you're telling me you've got one guy to come in and win the game for you. Um taking Joe Montana. I'm not taking Tom Brady because I've seen Tom Brady lose those games.
I've never seen Joe Montana lose those games. Well, first of all, I'm sure that Joe Montana lost a few. Joe Carey says, if it's not Warren Moon, I call BS. Warren Moon was a hell of a. He was a great quarterback. Uh Brady has won seven Super Bowls. He was 10 Yeah, I I I'm just telling you right now. I I look, you guys are Brady haters when it comes to this.
I'm not a Brady. Here's why. Really not. I'm fast forwarding ten years into the future when they realize that either Brady was mechanical and not human or they find a substance in his body that allow him to do the things he could do and when that happens, I'm going to say, see, I told you so. Okay, well, you can't until then. So, the runners up were Joe Montana and Peyton Manning.
Uh I'm just telling you, first of all, just lost two, too much head to head.
And and and I I'm just telling you right now John is number one to to argue that Tom Brady is not number one to me is ridiculous. He was he went to he went to 10 Super Bowls. He went to 10 Super Bowls. It doesn't matter. Let me ask you this question. And he switched teams. And went to another Garoppolo. Let me ask. Got in inside of Tom Brady. Yeah let me let me just ask you this. Let me just ask you.
Can you still go to 10 Super Bowl? If Tom it's just a question. Yeah I'm just saying. I don't think he does. I'm just saying if Tom Brady is not drafted to the Patriots would be even be talking. It doesn't matter. He must draft it. That that that that's not something. No because I can tell you that Joe Montana would be good wherever he'd be. I think well, that's that's exactly my point. Bray went from New England to Tampa Bay and because he went there, he led them to a Super Bowl.
They won.
Period. Just him showing up turned that team into a Super Bowl team. Well, yeah. But then you could say Gronkowski gave him the Super Bowl. But they were also. Oh, don't give me that. But they were all fun. He went he left and went with Brady. They were also a stacked team. That's a better argument than the Joe Montana. They were a stacked team. I'm not arguing Joe Montana. I'm arguing on human.
No, I that's that's okay. Perhaps, you know. Perhaps, maybe we should use the word alien. Well, you know, we'll, you know, we'll we'll feel. Now, you're. Now, I got you. Now, I got you. We'll feel the team and I'll take Joe Montana and you can take Tom Brady, his three Super Bowl losses, his two that he should have lost, his deflated football and five. And the fact that he cheated against the Eagles and the Steelers Here we go again.
Here we go again.
The bottom line is it's all out there. Yeah. It's all out. Yeah. The NFL somehow lost those tapes. Alright. Somehow. They lost the page. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. Any issues with Joe Montana? No. Great guy. None at all. Maybe I mean he wears those those Skechers, those shoes that kind of like. Any happy any happens be a Western Pennsylvania guy as well.
So, of course, of course. Alright.
Radiators. Okay. Well, next, the next group is running backs. Okay. ESPN says the greatest running back of all time. Got the most votes. Jim Brown. Wow. 23 out of 50 votes for Jim. Well, it's been, well, if you think about it, he only played, he only played 9 years, 9 years. Yeah, but I think they had like a glow. I think he had. 12 and 14 game season. Right. I mean, he had like 2000 yards in those of games.
Yeah. Well, he was 29 years old when he retired in 196-five. I I it's hard to argue against Jim Brown. Yeah. Even though he had a short career, his career was amazing. It was buddy but let's let's talk about you know but if you're Chris Klein, you know, you gotta be around for like 50 years and you gotta play in 10 Super Bowls to be the best running back of all time. 30 years. So, I guess it's Emmitt Smith.
30 years, Schwab. It's not Emmitt Smith.
G wants to get in here and says, I'm not a Brady lover but you can't dispute that Brady is number one. Mark is up a tree with the argument. You're up a tree, Mark. The Patriots. The Patriots were not stacked in many of those winning years. I do love Montana though. Of course. Montana is a legend. Brady is just a bigger. I feel, I feel, I, I feel, I feel like things are not jumping in on the aliens.
Well, they're they're not taking me seriously. Well, that's okay because I do take you seriously. You know that. In 10 years from now, you watch Brady's going to be an alien. Okay, let's go back to the running bulls. Jim Brown. Jim Brown was number one. The runners up were Barry Sanders, Boulder Payton. Yup. And Emmitt Smith. Yeah, I mean, Barry Sanders was one of the best runners of all time.
Yeah, but I I like Eric Dickerson too but once again, too short of a of a career for him to do anything about it but man, that guy was the fastest, straightest runner I've ever seen with the ball. I gotta go with Corey Dillon because he won six Super with Tom Bra no. We only want one. The only one. Um choices. Come on. No. That's a good list.
I it's hard to argue with anybody on that. I'd go with Jim Brown number one over Barry Sanders simply because Jim Brown could run through people and Barry Sanders could only run around people. Okay. See, I go with Barry Sanders because watching Barry Sanders run and I've gone back and I'm in the Super Bowl. Barry Sanders win. Zero. I I how many did Jim Brown win? Zero. Well, championships.
They weren't called Super Bowl. They're like nine championships? He didn't win nine championships. Maybe a.
6 or something. I don't know where the hell you've been getting your information from. Alright Barry Sanders. Look, just go, just go watch the tapes, okay? No, you're right. Very good. Watch the tapes of Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith. All incredible. Incredible tapes. So, if I put all five of those in front of me and I, the one that I watched the most is Barry Sanders.
I I don't care what you not only could Barry Sanders run around everybody. He could run backwards around everybody. He could run over people. He did that. He ran through people. He ran around them. He could run through the freaking stadium. Every single person there and score a touchdown. I've never seen a guy that could actually run the way Barry Sanders did. And you also must have liked his like league leading carries for minus yards as well.
I don't know where you get that information from either. This is like a Barry Sanders game. Okay? Twenty-five yard run for a touchdown. Minus two. Minus two. Minus one. Minus three. One. Two. Minus Minus two. 97 yards. Right. Right. I'll take that in fantasy all day long. Alright. Alright. So. He was a great runner. The watch him run. Crazy. He was special. Crazy. Okay. Wide receiver. Their greatest wide receiver.
I I I think we're going to agree on this all all of us. Was Jerry Rice? Oh yeah. You can't. Nothing to argue with there. The only thing that I have against Jerry Rice is why did he leave San Francisco? I mean he had to know his time was up. I mean just Just spend two more years there and retire as a San Francisco forty-niners. Yeah. They did make the championship game though the year he went to.
Actually, yeah, they made the Super Bowl. Or they made the Super Bowl. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, I mean, 85 to 2000 in San Fran, Oakland two thousand1 to two thousand and 4. then, I think, I don't know if he got traded or released and he ended his career in Seattle. Seattle. Like a lot of people seem to do. Right. America. Right. Right. So, you know, definitely Jerry Rice he was the goat.
Runners up were Randy Moss. No.
up there. You know, and the quote is only the best of all time could have his last name turned into a verb. You've got Moss. No player has ever had more receiving touchdowns in their first four seasons and his 23 touchdown catches in 2 thousand and7 are the most in a single season in league history. I I would say he's a good number too.
I would say that. There are a lot of good numbers. There's a lot of good receivers. I mean. Yeah. We talked about Art Monk. You can go Steve, Steve Larry. But but greatest of all time. Yeah, greatest of all time. I don't I and and you guys know I'm a I'm a I'm a I'm a Redskins swimmer but Art Monk does not compare to Randy Hayes at all.
I mean, Art Monk's like a top fifteen but he's not like, I don't think he's even top ten. Yeah, I, you know. Yeah. Probably not. Yeah. I I agree. I hate to agree. Probably like around like eleven. Yeah. You know. Yeah. Something like that. Yeah. Well, I'm just trying to make him feel good. I think we have them to see the greatest wide receiver of all time.
the way the league's going. Right now, yeah, yeah, of course. Of course. And with the 17-game season, I mean, records are going to get. Well, that applies all the time. Yeah. We have yet to see the greatest everything. So, we we're naming the greatest so far. So, now, last one, we're because we're not going to do the line. Titans, they say Rob Gronkowski. Who are the backups? Uh Tony Gonzales and Kellen Winslow. Yeah, Tony Gonzales. He was good. Well, again, you know, you're not talking about unless you're talking about Super Bowl ones. I mean, I would say probably Tony Gonzales was a more dominant tight end than Rock Gronkowski but he's got the Super Bowls in play. Yeah. I mean, Kelce is not been terrible either.
Yeah, Travis Kelce is very good.
Um yeah, I mean, there's, you know, you can list a bunch of people. I think Chris Cooley was the greatest Wow. For all you homers out there. Okay. So, that was our great. Mike Ditka, tight end? Yeah, Ditka. Ditka.
Alright. So, do you agree with the goat list or not? Next week, we'll do the defense on that. Um okay, moving on to some fun stuff we like to do. This is called Headlines That Mean Something. What is that? Well, you guys, there's too many news apps out there and everybody keeps playing the same headlines all the time. There's a war, there's a disease outbreak.
There's people fighting about politics.
Blah, blah, blah. Law enforcement has got a problem.
Issues. The that we bring you our headlines that actually mean something and we're going to start with Mark's headline this week. We just can't wait to see it. Read it for us, Mark.
Chick fil A in North Carolina faces backlash for offering to pay volunteer workers in chicken sandwiches. And I call that, that ain't no chicken scratch. That's right. From last week. Scratch. So for those of you who don't know, we won't completely bash Chick fil A. I love Chick fil A. I love Chick fil A. You know, I I don't really see what the hub up is about think it's kind of weird. Um new Chick fil A in your backyard now.
Yeah, but you gotta go. I love that. It's it's just, it's just cheap fried chicken. Yeah, it's it's garbage to me, you know? And you know. Whoa. They give their employees off on Sunday. So much for the Chick fil A spot. Magicians and everything. Like, you know, come on. It's Sunday. If I want my chicken, I'm. Okay, get to the story. Get to the story. Okay, the story is that they basically, you know, it's a franchise system.
So, it's not all Chick fil A. Chick fil A denied, you know, on, you know, supporting. Supporting the practice. But one, you know, in North Carolina. They wanted to they said the idea behind this was to instill a sense of community engagement. Oh gotta love when you hear those words. So many invasions. So they needed people to work the drive-thru and they thought hey instead of paying you money, why don't we pay you with five chicken sandwiches for every hour you work? No, there's a lot of chicken sandwiches.
Yes. But I will tell you that according to US Department of Labor.
Four props.
For profit businesses are prohibited from labeling workers as volunteers. Um and you know kind of stuff that people were saying. New low for a fast food chain. Couldn't believe the manager actually defended this. Should ask him if he'd be willing to give up his salary in lieu of food. Well did anybody accept the chicken sandwiches? No they shut it down real quick. Oh okay. But but they they've still been getting loads of backlash on it.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.
Chicken sandwich which is one of the best.
Not enough. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that ain't chicken scratch and if there is a black market for chicken sandwiches, then, I'm sure they would have accepted them gladly. Mm hmm. Okay. Headlines, it means something. Next headline up is Steve's. Lay it on us, Steve. Do spiders sleep? Did you ever wonder about this? No. No, I had no thoughts. A study suggest that they may actually snooze like humans. What does that mean Yes. Sneeze or snooze? Like they hit a snooze button? No. They have an alarm? Snooze.
When you sleep, you're snoozing. Oh, snooze. Yeah. So, yeah. Alright. We got that sorted out now, Swab. I got that sorted. See, when I read that and I saw a snooze like human and I was like, how could they actually like get a small microphone up there? They're snoring. That's what I thought. Yeah. Mm hmm. That's what, that's what you thought. I did. I'm like. They were still talking about American whiskey. Look at this. Yeah. I know. But it says they may snooze. Do they snooze, Steve? Well, they do.
It turns out they twitch just like humans do.
Thus, you know, maybe they're doing some dreaming and and they're in some REM sleep condition. Oh. So, that begs the question. That'd be hard to do with 8 hours. What do, what, what do spiders dream of? Uh, the perfect web.
I think they have reoccurring dreams of getting stepped on by humans. A big, juicy fly. Well, that would be a spider nightmare. That would be a spider mare. A spider mare. Okay. And the other, the last thing on on this is, who actually spent the time to actually watch spiders sleep? Yeah. And like, like, did they have special instruments to hear them? It's like, hello, we're hiring an intern to watch this spider sleep for 8 hours a day. Well, listen, if you pay me, if you pay me in Chick fil A chicken sandwiches, I'm in.
There you go.
Amen. Alright. If it's an offer. Somebody is earning like six figures as a ten-year professor somewhere. Yeah. Seriously. Yeah.
The spiders are sleeping. Alright. Alright. Alright. Next headline that means something. Top physicist admits discant star photo was actually chorizo. And that's sausage folks. And that is sausage. Are you sure that's not the sign? Now I had that. That looks more like sausage than that. I had a piece. I had to piece this together because that I they didn't really have a headline with a picture to it. Um so you know my my take on this is there's actually chorizo in outer space and It's hard to tell the difference from the picture. Well, what it was was a French physicist supposedly tweeted an image of a distant star taken by the James Webb space telescope but it turned out to be fake news and nothing more than a slice of chorizo.
Oops. I guess he kind of ran out of this material. Yeah and the quote was well, when it's cocktail hour, cognitive bias seems to find plenty to enjoy. Beware of it. According to contemporary cosmology, no object related to Spanish charcuterie exists anywhere else other than on Earth. Uh and then the and the physicist who by the way, his last name was Klein. Oh.
Spelled the right way. The right way. K L E I N B K L E Y.
On Wednesday, Klein apologized for the fake news. I come to present my apologies to those who may have been shocked by my prank which had nothing original about it. I thought it was pretty original to be honest with you. He said, describing the tweet as a scientist's joke. Mm hmm. Mm. Yeah, I don't think he got away with it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's not really for a scientist. There is, there is chorizo in outer space. Oh. So, what happens when scientists get drunk? You know what I mean? He was Okay, we are we are running late, baby.
We are running late but we got something else we gotta move on to here and that is our top seven at seven list and this is an exciting moment because we started through two weeks ago with our personal top seven albums of all time and we blasted through seven, six, and five, two, two weeks ago, go back and listen to that podcast. We did four and three last week. So, we're going to finish up the list tonight. Whoo.
two. Top two of our top 7 albums. And to know, there are no greatest hits albums allowed.
Uh, that's right. The greatest hit sounds. Our favorites. So, there might not be the best but there are few. I am going to start with Steve tonight. Steve's. Number two. Number two album. Is. I love this picture. I do love this picture. Oh, Boston. I didn't see that comment. Come on. Boston. Doesn't surprise me at all. Oh, no. No. This is just a classic.
Every song on here, you just. Yeah. Crank it up, go 11, and just go crazy. What's what's the big song on this album? More than a feeling. Oh, more than a film Yeah. Come on. The number two song on the album. Uh.
Uh gosh. Uh peace of mind. Peace of mind. Yeah. Uh let me take you home tonight. Let me take you home tonight. You got. If you're feeling kind of low about the glue you've been paying. The future's coming much too slow. And you want to run but somehow you just keep on staying. Come on.
You know I heard it on the radio. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I understand the value decision. That part I know. Okay. Okay.
Uh I want to apologize Everybody listening and thank god nobody else watching. Boston Royalty. We do. We do. That's okay. It's working. Yeah. Second best album of all time. Number two for Steve, Boston, their title album.
Number two for Mark, we've seen this before. No surprise at all here. Uh The only problem is my picture didn't come in. So, I'm going to put up the banner and I'll bring in the picture while we're talking. Go for it, Mark. Oh, Mark. It's okay. Maybe it was in everybody's top seven. Everybody's tops. Number two for me. Uh it was so good. So. That it it it got me through long nights in college.
While my while my roommate was doing Homework. Unforgivable things at all hours of the evening. I still to this day don't know what you're talking about. I have no idea what you're doing. Yes I was just enjoying the music. You were probably asleep. It was it was great music. It depends. If it was after 3 AM. Yes. Yes. And it was all I I would also say too. It was also one of the cooler tours of all time. Oh it was. Yeah. Like with the cars with the lights. Yeah. It was on and everything. So it was it was great fun. It was awesome. Yeah I I I can't disagree with that at all.
That was one of my top albums of all time. Um Octung Baby.
Number two for Chris.
Should not be a surprise to anybody. Ten. Number two.
Another one we sell. Johnny Rose. Whoa. He went high with the Crows. Oh. But it's just a great. I thought you were you were a little down on him. No. No. No. No. I'm down on their transformation to a funky, weird folk band. Yeah. I actually went to a I actually went to a County Crows concert recently that down at Stage AE that a little too weird for you.
Well, what happened is Adam Crow was on, the crows were on the stage and they were seeing these funky folk songs and I'm like waiting for an old song to come on because they'll sprinkle one in here and there. Waiting for a round here. No, no, no. In the, in the beginning. Just in everything. In the front of the, in the front of the stage, in the front of the stage, some buttholes, started a mosh pit.
At a counting crows concert. And he was singing folk music. Ooh. So, first, he goes, he's singing, he's like, la, la, la, la, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Guys, do you think just stop. Can we get somebody over here? He's got, this is ridiculous.
Stop fighting. So, they stop. He goes back to singing.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Like a song later, same mosh pit starts up again. Oh, hold on. Stop the music. Stop the music. And he gets down on the microphone and he looks right at him. He goes, hey, listen.
You're fighting at a folk concert.
Who fights at a folk concert? And then I was like this, the Crows concert. I don't actually think that's pretty funny. It was hilarious. Yeah. Yeah. It was hilarious. But I love this album. Every single song on it. I know every word. I can sing it. I can sound like Adam Duritz or at least feel like I can. And it's one of those. Don't have his hair though. When the album I don't want his hair. When the when the album. When you get a wig. When the album comes on or a song comes on I gotta listen to the album. I'm going to go back to Steve. DG says Boston is a great pick. Tom Schultz created all those electric effects that he used on his own.
And that was in seventies.
So That was there. Before synthesizer. So, number two for me counting crows, August and everything after. Here comes the big moment. Steve. The number one. The number one album of all time on Steve's List. It's going to be a shocker.
The wall. Doesn't shock me at all. I don't understand.
It's a double album. Yeah. I mean, everything about it. It's an album. The thing about it is you can either play the second disc first or the first disc first. It doesn't matter. It goes around and around. Yeah. You could listen to. Well, that's because when you're dropping acid, everything goes around and around. And she just really There's just everything, everything brilliance about it. This was the best album to drop acid, do mushrooms, smoke marijuana, drink booze, and other things.
Or of all time. Yes, listen.
Yes. Yes. And play a light show. Or just listen to it at work. Or just listen to it at work. Sure. Right. Right. Alright. Number one for Steve, Pink Floyd, The Wall. Number one for Schwaber. Number one, not a shocker at all. Going back to back with the Whoo. You did it. It does not surprise me at all. Going back to back. You got where the streets have no name? Probably one of the best what would you call that? Arena anthems? Absolutely.
Yeah. Yeah. Sure. With or without you, probably my favorite slow song of all time. And pretty much everything else in between is really great too. Yeah, agreed. Yeah. Agreed. It's hard to argue with that. Yup. Yup. You guys remember what I said last week. The only reason this album isn't number one on my on my list. Seriously, the only reason is other than I have another number one.
Mm hmm. Is that to me, it wasn't an album, it was a message, and it, trans, it's, it's greater than all albums. So, if you were to say, what do you think the greatest album of all time is? Mm hmm. I I I would say the Joshua Tree. Mm hmm. But I don't even consider, I consider it like, like, the Bible.
I I honestly, I'm serious. It's not a serious. It's wrong. It's wrong. It's it's not like. This is the Bible of Rock. To call it an album is like an insult. That's right. That's what I'm saying. That's why it's not my number one. That's why it's not My number one. Um. We're ready for it. Here comes Ryan. Speaking of this Get ready for it. Come on. Here comes ten. Here we go. Drum roll please. Number one for Chris is Pearl Jam, Back Spacer.
There you go. But this is when they were bad? Yeah.
What is on this album? Uh I Am Mine Um I don't remember all the names. Um. He just loves it. Yeah, here's the reason. Here's the reason that it that it that it's on. Um yeah, I know. Oral Jan. Wow. You know, this really shows you. This is Chicago with verses. Couldn't go with. Yeah. Ten. Yeah. Gonna see my friend, Johnny Guitar, Unthought Known, Super Sonic, Just Breathe, one of my favorite songs of all time. Uh, that's a song of wife and I fell in love too.
Got some amongst the waves. Okay. Now, we're getting at the wife and I fell in love too. Well, here's the actual reason, okay? Here's the actual reason. It was a rendezvous. That's actually true because you know, part of August and Everything Act, they're counting pros, that's when I met Susan. It was during that time. So, they all had. Yeah. But it's not number one for you. Yeah. Well, I mean. So, obviously, the love is not that. I mean, there are other things that I love.
Almost. Yeah.
I was going to say better than when August and everything after came in better than mine. You failed to have love. Yeah. Now, I actually broke up with somebody when that album came out. I broke up. Did you listen to it too much? Yeah, probably. Yeah, yeah, probably and I was doing other things. Right, right, right. Anyway, so this loving others. Pearl Jam Back Spacer to me is not. It's those things. It's the too many secrets. Too many secrets. Pearl Jam Back Spacer.
When I get on a plane, I'm I'm scared.
Shitless, okay? Yeah, we figure that out. I fly, I fly on a regular basis because in order to go to on vacation, blah, It's an evil and you would never know that I'm a nervous flyer because I'm not that kind of nervous flyer. I just go about my business but what I do do on every single flight. Mm hmm. Is I put the earbuds in. Mm hmm. And I blast back spacer. Mm hmm. The entire flight like when I flew to Italy. Mm hmm. From New York to Amsterdam.
Nine hours of back spacer.
I always thought to myself, if Eddie can fly around the world for years I can fly around with him and I take Eddie with me and because of that, I fell in love with this album. I have not listened to any album more than I've listened to Backspacer and to me, it's become one of the greatest rock albums. I'll have to listen to it because I don't think I know a single song on it. You do? You think I do? You really do? I probably know one or two.
You probably know three or four. Three or four? Yeah, absolutely. Really? Absolutely. Pearl Jam, Back Spacer. I knew I was good. Spoiler alert, Jeremy, not on Yeah, right. Yeah, right, right, right. So, and we got some comments here. Um DG says, I missed last week. Did anyone pick the clashes London calling? No. Pearl Jams ten? No. No. That's a good one. Evis Costello is my aim is true. No. Cat Stevens, teaser, and the fire cat. No. And DG, I guess we're not going to hang out listening to music either.
Those are all great albums. They are. They are though. They are great albums. Except for maybe cats. Yeah, I can't say it. I'm not sure. That's a little sauce.
You're showing your true colors. A little soft. Yeah, it's a little soft. Next thing you know, everybody has a sauce. Next thing you know, you're going to throw a little cats in the cradle. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe it's on the cradle.
Yeah. I do still cry to that song though. Huh? I do still cry to cats in the crib. I don't know if I've ever listened to it all the way through. Yeah. Well, you don't have a very good relationship. The first person.
first verse, you've heard the whole song. Yeah, right. Pretty much. Pretty much.
Oh my gosh. Okay, moving on to the last segment of the show. Um we got a comment in here. I'm going to check it real quick. DG says, I play everything from the Muppets to Motorhead. Um yeah. What's your favorite Muppets album? Yeah. We'll we'll talk about that later. We'll we'll talk about that later. Alright, last segment. Last segment of the show. What we're watching, what we're watching. Um we're going to. Oh, yeah. We're going to switch the Oh, yeah. We gotta sneak this in. Yeah, gotta sneak while we're watching it.
Come on. Let's go.
trying. I'm trying but you guys are getting me all all crazier. Okay. Let me just jump in. What we're watching, Steve, we'll start with Steve again. You guys have to watch this. I already have. It's excellent, isn't it? Oh, it is. Like, I saw it last night. I'm not joking at like maybe six o'clock at night and I'm like, I'm just going to put it on. I had to watch all three. Tell, tell me.
Tell us what it is. For the listeners on American Busker iHeartRadio, tell us what you know this but this actually happened while My wife was giving birth to my daughter, right? Whoo. So, this happened in July of July 23rd 1999. It was one of the three days. Yup. So, Leah was a Woodstock ninety-nine baby just not there. She was. Exactly. And it basically, it, they interviewed the producers and they interviewed some of the people that were in the stands and they.
This is this is called Trainwreck Woodstock ninety-nine by the way for those those listening on the radio. Thank you. You're welcome. And and it really the disassociation with the producers thinking this was the greatest thing ever with the fans who were literally living in **** They were literally living in **** We were talking about it before the show, right? Yup. And they had no water. It was 95 degrees and then it got violent on day three.
And it's just great. It, it, you, and you have, I really have to say this out loud. You have to watch them back to back to back. Do not wait. Just watch all. Yeah, you do. I agree You will not be disappointed, I promise you. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Alright, Steve is watching Trainwreck Woodstock ninety-nine on Netflix. By the way, if you like that, I also recommend Fire Festival. I saw it. Yeah, we did.
Okay. It's very similar only. It this is much better. Alright, Mark is watching.
Dark. What? This is three seasons going into a fourth. It's the first German film on or series on Netflix. And this is this is right up your Chris Klein alley. Um this is like a little bit of supernaturalism thrown in here. Uh a little bit of you know time. Are you in the past? Are you in the present? Are you in the future? Type of deal.
Uh and basically two two boys go missing in a small German town. And they basically go missing by way of walking into a cave. And the town is also supported by a nuclear power plant. Mm. And there's some thought that there might be some sort of radioactive thing going on. Sheep are dying. Birds are falling to the ground. Mm. Uh it's good stuff. Sheep. Sheep are dying.
Birds are. Birds are falling. Dogs and cats living together.
It's good stuff. I mean I I've I've only on I'll be heading to episode five but it it's it's pretty intriguing. For those of you who like a little supernatural, it's it's right for you. Okay, Mark is watching Dark on Netflix. I am watching something that Steve recommended. Uh huh.
Um non-selfish watcher. That's right. Wow. The Andy Warhol Diaries. You can't stop watching it. You know, it's funny. I've had you can pause. Being a pit, being a Pittsburgher, yeah, you can. Be being a Pittsburgher, having gone to the Andy Warhol Museum, knowing who Andy Warhol was growing up.
But not knowing like just seeing him as a commercial artist and. Right. Look, I I have to admit, there were times when I was like, who cares a soup can.
Seriously? Right, I get you. Seriously. Um you don't get it. Well, it wasn't that I have.
I don't. But there's nowadays watching diaries. No. But this this was a look into his personal life that gave you such a such a better perspective as to who he was. And you mentioned that church off the parkway. Yeah. Um that that you drive by all the time. All the time. Whatever. What blew me away is what it looks like on the inside. Yeah. That was Incredible.
As soon as they show the inside of that. As soon as they show the inside of that church, I thought I was looking at a bunch of war holes. Yeah. Think about it. Yeah, it's true. Think about it. So, listen guys. His inspiration. Any curiosity about Andy Warhol at all. Watch the Andy Warhol Diaries. Absolutely fascinating character, probably one of the best artists. The most prominent artist of our time anyway and what a shame, died at at what, 58 years old of a gallbladder.
A gallbladder. And and they and they accused. They accused him of having Aids and he didn't. He didn't have aids. So, listen guys, Andy Warhol Diaries on Netflix, definitely worth to watch. You'll learn something and with that, with that boys, I think we are actually at the end of this week's. We did it. Another show. Sports. Show in the books. Thank you, iHeartRadio. Thank you, iHeart.
Thank you, America.
Absolutely. Thank you, man.
Work happen.
So, thank you. It is happening. Mark is happening. So, thanks for listening to us on American Buster iHeartRadio. Guys, thanks for paying attention to us. Catch our podcast on iHeart. Catch us everywhere and we will all catch you next week.