Aug. 16, 2022

The PORCH is LIVE - Pickettsburgh is Official

Is Pickettsburgh official? We talk about take-aways from the first Steelers preseason game. Our headlines blow your mind and catch up with our streaming picks. It's all up here on the porch. Take a load off and sit in!

Is Pickettsburgh official? We talk about take-aways from the first Steelers preseason game. Our headlines blow your mind and catch up with our streaming picks. It's all up here on the porch. Take a load off and sit in!

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Welcome to the Sports Porch. We are so happy you're here. We're really psyched up because football season is here. It's been one of those days. Bringing the music down. Steve's got the white claw. Mm hmm. Um let me tell you guys.
It's been a heck of a week for Steelers football. A heck of a week. So listen, first of all, I want to thank you if you're listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio. You can catch us on Thursday nights at seven. American Busker, 1 50 million registered users. Thank you, iHeartRadio. 2000 devices.
60 platforms. We just had a double shot this past Sunday. And I think. Shout out to that. I think and Steve's going to have a double shot. And thank you the viewers for keeping our ratings high and letting us continue to be on the airwaves of iHeartRadio American Busker. Thank you. Mark is super grateful. Can you tell? I am very grateful.
Alright. Alright. Let's just jump right into it guys. Pre-season football. Now one of the things that we want to remind you all of is that we do have a website. The porch is live. com. The is live dot com and this week, we're going to jump right into, right into my five takeaways from the Steelers first preseason game and I'm going to let these guys chime in on. Well, I also want to just mention that this was surprisingly well written.
Well, thank you.
He acts surprisingly. Yeah, I mean, I, for a minute, I just, I thought it was somebody else. Did you really? I, well, it, you know, it goes, you know, radio. Right. Right. Usually can write. That's funny. That's right. Whether it's it's, you know. One draft, fellas, one draft. No, I might have changed. I I don't know if I believe that. It was. It was one graph.
I'm telling graph. I'm telling you.
Tim Comanto from Palmetto is checking in. Thank you for being here, Tim and of course, our number one fan DJ is in the house. Bringing this gentle How you doing? So, let's just jump right into this. Everybody wants to talk about the Steelers. Uh so, if you go to the Porches Live. com, we've got a new blog coming up and we're going to be posting there on a regular basis.
So, I'll let you guys read it but these are my five takeaways and I'm I'm going to listen to these and then Steve has his own post. We're going to go into that. My first takeaway is Mitch Trubisky is the starting starting Steelers quarterback. Um they had him in for two series. He performed well. Uh idea taking him out but he looked like the man. He's the starting quarterback. What do you guys think? I don't think it matters what we think.
It's what Tomlin says. And Tomlin has said he is the number one quarterback. And you know Tomlin is pretty loyal when it comes to this sort of thing. Like you literally have to be going out there with one arm or throw three interceptions in like a quarter to get taken away from that title. Right. So so Tomlin says it's true. And Trubisky played great. Maybe didn't play great he played he played like a starting quarterback should.
Ninety-yard drive. Um and then you know the second one stalled a little bit. But yes he is the starting quarterback. 100%. No matter what Kenny Pickett did. Schwaber. Yes I agree with both of you. He executed the offense. He made no mistakes.
Um he showed some mobility which is something we haven't seen for quite a while around here. True. It's been a decade. And you know he he followed the script perfectly. So, he did nothing to lose his job or really even put it in question.
So, I fully assume that mister Risky is going to be your starter week one. Uh barring some kind of injury and Roger says, hope so, can't deal with Rudolph or Bears XQB. Um well, I think he's talking about Kenny. So, my my next takeaway was Mason Rudolph was Mason Rudolph and by that, what I mean is, look, his stats weren't bad. He didn't play horribly and that that throw to Pickens.
Uh I I thought was a good throw but really I give credit to Pickens for that. He had to do the to keep that ball in bounds. And you know, later on in his in the in that second quarter, he started forcing the ball into traffic and that's what Mason does. So, you know, and that leads me to my third takeaway and and why don't we stick with number two for a moment? Well, what I what I was going to do, what I'm, what I'm going to say, Schwaber is that I think that Mason Rudolph actually and look, we all know it's preseason game number one but I think Mason Rudolph actually may have moved down the depth chart.
Even though the Steelers aren't officially saying that. I think he may have fallen down the depth chart. What do you guys think? Possible. I I don't think so but it's possible. No I don't think he did because if you think about it, the only way Kenny Pickett's playing for any length of time this year is if Trubisky gets hurt. If if if Kenny can get like a four or five-game run, I think they put him in.
See what he can do for four or five games but if in a in an emergency, you need a backup like Mason Rudolph. He knows the whole, he knows everything about that offense. He can run the whole offense.
Kenny's still learning it. I know he looked good but he still has a lot to learn guys. So, you don't want to just throw him out there for like, you know, two or three downs or you know, just as a part time. He want, you need to make him your emergency quarterback so that if things go bad, he's in or if the next week, Trubisky is going to be out for four to six weeks then you can have the conversation but he's still a rookie. I know he maybe look better but I don't I don't agree.
I think I think you need to keep Rudolph for that reason. And that's why I think they kept him. That's why I think they kept him. What do you think Robert? Well in assessing Mason Rudolph I think what we see is what we know we're going to get. And that is a guy who can make all the throws. But often doesn't make all the threats. Right. Right. So he he doesn't have the arms straight. Yeah he he basically he had the best pass of the night and he had the worst pass of the night.
right? And it's true that his numbers ended up looking good but pro football focus said that through all the preseason games, Mason Rudolph had the most turnover worthy throws. Is that a new spell? Yeah. Yeah. Oh my god. But but basically what that means is there were two balls that he threw that should have been intercepted. Yeah, I remember this. And and if they were, his rating would have been in the 60s or 70s. Well, the thing is, is an NFL quarterback, you have to be able to drill the ball in there.
You're rarely going to get coverage that's not going to be somebody going to be close to it, right? Mm hmm. The problem with Rudolph is his arms just not strong enough. He's accurate but it's just not strong enough. I think he thinks he can throw it faster than he can. Mm hmm. And so I think as long as he works that out, I think he'll be fine because the reality is and I know we'll get the Kenny Pickett in a second.
Kenny Pickett drew nothing but safe passes. He didn't try and throw it over though. He didn't try and make that pass. You don't know that he would have looked just as bad if he tried to do that. So, that's that's where I come in.
by saying at least Rudolph is trying to do that. Now, if Kenny comes out and he throws some some darts down the middle, okay, I'm going to say, well, maybe there's something else there and it's worth giving in that second spot but not until then. And Mike, Mike Lawrence says, I'm not a Rudolph hater but as I remember, he threw in the double coverage at least three times. That's kind of it's. Yeah. Right to your point. And also too, I think we need to stop with the preseason Mason Rudolph booing.
Enough. Were they booing him? I mean.
I mean, I was watching the game when I wasn't here. Well, they're doing it because he fumbled and if anybody was watching the game, the guy came untouched. Right. The left defensive end position or the right defensive end position. Yeah. And just whack the ball right out of his hand. At least he recovered the ball. That's an offensive line issue. Yeah, that's a that's a line issue. So. Uh my my third takeaway was Kenny Pickett is the real deal and by that, I I I mean exactly what I said.
You know, Pikachu that he had command of his offense. He found his check downs. He made decisions quickly Uh and that decisive nature translates to the NFL. He's also steadied down the line when the Steelers need a late score to win the game. Look, I know. He was playing against third stringers, plaque, practice squad people. Yeah. But how many young quarterbacks do you see come in and it doesn't matter even though their third string or practice squad, they're still a step ahead of that college defense that they played and they struggle with it and even though they they made it safe the point is he made the passes.
He made and when he had to make a decision, he made a decision. I think he's the real deal. That's why I think he could he could replace Rudolph as the number two. He could end up being the active quarterback on the roster more often than Rudolph is. Here's what you learned. Uh which is good. Tell me what I learned, Shawan. You learned the Kenny Pickett is at least.
second string quarterback because he handled the third and the fourth team. And he handled and he handled it very well. Alright. Um I would also say that keep in mind I don't know that you scoured this like I have.
All of the rookie quarterbacks taken in the first four rounds performed extremely well except one. Only Matt Corral was like one for nine. Um and the rest performed really really well including a Washington commanders. Yes. Wow. Yes. So. Yeah. So, I think we just need to pump the brakes.
Pump. Yeah. Pump the brakes. Alright, Swap. But it was look. You must have been reading my article, Mark. Yeah, it was it was fun. Bring that up next. Yeah, I mean the the bottom line is Kenny Pickett made it fun. Um look, he did make throws. I mean, look, would we be saying the same thing now? It just like Steve is going to tell us a little bit later. If the if the defensive player and the Steelers doesn't strip the ball, we just say like, oh well, you know, Kenny Pickett took a bad back at the goal line and took a terrible sack on fourth and one and lost eight yards.
Right, right. And you know, he's got a lot to learn. Right. Right. Yeah. Right. So, without that defensive play, that's what we're saying. Now, it did happen and then he did perform. Right. But you know, it's you know, so and DG says I thought all three QBs looked okay and I think the order stays the same. We'll know more when they're going against stout first string defenses. That won't be for a while, Dave. And that be for a while.
right. My fourth takeaway from this was that George Pickens will make an impact this year. I I think just in that look, small sample size but I think the way the two catches that he made, two of the, I think he had three catches. Um but two of the catches he made, the touchdown catch and one along the sideline were great catches. I think the guy has the makings of definitely the number one wide receiver on this team and a great block and a great block.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So, I I think he makes an impact this year. No doubt. What do you guys think? I agree he will make an impact. And I mean an impact. Not just. No, I can. I agree he will make an impact this year to be honest.
I'll tell you what, I'm actually disappointed about is that I feel like Claypool and Deontae Johnson are going to slow his growth.
I think that, you know, like, I think he, I think Pickens after this year, I'm sure, but will be one of the two starting receivers. Um, but I think he's going to come in into a number three role this year, you know, maybe Claypool and Johnson are out. He's, you know, taking on a, you know, a, a starting receiver type role. Right. But, I just feel like he not going to get as many touches as he otherwise might have if he was actually being thrown to like a number one or a number two target.
Yeah, my take and it's in the article so we can just skip that when we get to mind but I think the issue that I have is he is a I think he's a better Deontay Johnson.
So, what do you do when you have two of the same wide receivers? Do you play two guys in the slot and then you put Claypool out wide? I actually think Claypool was the winner here because when I saw Pickens go down the field. He didn't look like he had great speed and he didn't look like he could necessarily like outweep people to get to the ball. Like he's going to have to the pass is going to have to be like that behind the shoulder catch where he'll make it beautifully.
So, I don't think and I think for that reason, Claypool isn't in trouble as long as they keep sending Claypool down the field. Um and I think they have other weapons in that wide receiver too. So, but I agree with you. I think he's still going to make an impact. I think he's easily going to catch 50 balls. I think he's looking at at least 800 yards receiving and that's an impact for a rookie in in in a in a in a rookie season.
It is. The only thing I'm saying is like my my projection is you know, 63 catches, 825 yards. However, if there was no Claypool or Deontay Johnson, you might be looking at a special year. You might be looking at like 85 catches, 1, 200 yards, and ten touchdowns. Well, there's also something to be said for chemistry. Yeah. You know, I mean, sometimes, if you have some chemistry of Trubisky and Pickens, you know, end up having that chemistry.
Well, that's usually who your QB goes to. So, we'll see. We'll see. We'll see. Um alright. My last takeaway from this and and one of the things that I was really impressed with was Jaylen Warren. I think he could make the team. I think he actually has the skills and the heart to be that Swabber Singh. From the Braves. The Braves. Yup. Pump the brakes. Yeah.
was the most, well, not the most important but the most significant thing he did was fumble. Yeah. Okay. Cuz because of him and the dog. Cuz if you fumble, you often don't get the ball, especially in a regular season NFL game. Yup, I agree with that. That I think that is the most significant thing but I. But he did. Yeah, he showed. He did. Yeah. He did look good. I mean, he falls forward. If I was, I would have the I had the ability to listen to the radio for the first half and watch the game on the second half and I think it was who was saying, he always falls forward.
No, it's Max Starks actually. He was like, he always falls forward. The guy always falls forward. He's just a big body and he always falls forward which means he's always going to gain yards. So, but yeah, he's gotta hold on to that ball. Okay. Alright. So, let's move on on The Porches Live. com. Steve's Takeaways. Uh what's going on with his hair now? His preseason reflections. Yeah. Well, you know, you you were all about chilling out and that looked kind of to me.
That look said chill out. Mm hmm. I did say chill out. And I'm not you know. Yes. Mark is saying pump the brakes. I'm saying chill out. Yeah. So Steelers fans love Pickett. We know that. Um you know no comments needed there. How about how about this though? I I would have I have to say.
Probably the most people ever at any preseason game that stayed till the end. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. Of all time. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know about that.
Right. Right. Right. Like normally it's like half right in people are like where's Right. I don't want to spend $16 here. Let's get out of here. Yeah. Spend six bucks down the road. Yeah. So, yeah. Normally, that is the case. Well, and and it it was, I, I cannot remember. I'm sure I have but I can't remember the last time I watched an entire preseason game start to finish and was interested in the whole game. Some of the fair weather fans that I were talking about, that's exactly what they said. They had one guy and specifically said, the last full game I watched was when that James Harrison got that interception and ran for a touchdown 100 yards. Well, that was the Super Bowl.
Yeah, Super Bowl forty-three. That's that's a definite fair weather.
He watched, he watched the whole preseason game. Yeah. Yeah. There's excitement about Pickett for sure. It's Canada's offense. Talk about that, Steve. So, I think it's clear that Canada's offense looks really good when you have an athletic quarterback in the mix and and I think that's where Pickett has an advantage because he's clearly a little bit more athletic than Trubisky is. But and I think that's why I think that's why Mason Rudolph looked a little stale.
Because he just doesn't have the ability to roll outside of the pocket. He doesn't have the ability to do that play action really smooth and really fast. And the other thing too is there's just been a lot of pre-staff motion. Yeah. And and I think that puts defenses kind of like oh **** I'm not not really sure what to do. So I think that's really good.
I think and you know last year whenever they ran that end around, you're like, oh, the guy's in motion. They're going to give it to him and boom, they did it. Now, it's like, the guys are always in motion. So, you always either have to protect against that or not protect against that and I think Sims was one of the guys who ran for like 35 yards on one of those end of rounds.
So, I think I think that's a really good thing for the offense. Um I was surprised looked better than I thought it did. Okay. Although, we have to give we do have to kind of couch it a little bit with a lot of folks feel like this Seattle Seahawks defense could be one of the worst defenses in the whole league. It could absolutely. You know.
I mean so my first statement was this is the preseason. Right. You can't. Yeah. Yeah. You can't say with 100% certainty because you can do it against the Seattle Seahawks. Right. That it's going to be like that all season. But I was looking for things they were doing. The plan. The not necessarily how it ended. And I did like Okay. Like that. And and I was a little down on the defense.
Yeah and and and that that's one of the things that I I I'm not really you know I discounted the defense in this game because the starting defense. Because of your crush on Kenny Pickett. Right exactly. Uh a love of over consuming. Oh Kenny. The defense. Oh the defense is out there. No. No. All you can see we're hearts in your house. I'm talking about the Steelers defense guys.
I'm I'm I'm just saying I discounted their performance because the starters weren't in the game. And this is more and first preseason game. This is more of a tryout game for the defense. You know, who's going to fill that spot? Yeah. Um so, but you had some thoughts on Devin Bush. Devin Bush just looks like the old the the old Bevin Bush which is a guy who can't tabble, a guy who gets blocked all the time and if this continues to happen, he's gotta go or or Splaine's going to overtake him and maybe they keep him on the roster.
They probably aren't going to cut him but I mean, he's just just awful. He's just, just, as bad as I thought he be. And he doesn't seem to care like like. He was completely disinterested on that play that's going around the internet. I mean almost every play. Like I was trying to focus on him when I when I went back to watch the game because I listened to it already.
So, I wanted to see what it looked like. He looked like he was just out there getting blocked. Right. Yeah. Right. I mean. Literally. I mean, and that's just that's not good enough. I didn't even notice him on the phone. For an elite defense, if this team, if this defense wants to be top five defense, they gotta something about that. The next one I'm giving Miles Jack a pass and because I get it.
The defensive line, the the the core three on the defensive line, nobody played. So, okay. We'll see how it looks better. Right. Um and and maybe preseason game two or three. Let's go back and get a comment from Tim Pamato. 17-game season. All those receivers going to get their fair share of receptions. Absolutely.
Holly, it's only been one preseason game. Absolutely. We're with you 100%. But we just love the animal pumping the brakes and. Holly's pumping the brakes. DG DG agrees speaking of defense. I watched Bush chase players around with little impact. So. Yeah. Absolutely. absolutely. So, here here's he's talking about the quarterback battle. Absolutely, we just went through that. Yeah, we know what that's about. Uh we talked about the receivers. So, you know, at this point, but I mean, I think you have to, you have to, you have to know the Gunner looks like he can be a player.
Absolutely. I mean, you know, he's he plays that step back. You know, who they try and do it with that idiot from Dallas. Oh yeah. Yeah. That guy's. And he was terrible. Yeah he was terrible. Like he would run. He'd run this way and that way and this way and that way. Like two yards. No. Beasley. Beasley. Cool. That's on the Bills. It it was like him. Switzer. Switzerland. Yeah. Ryan Switzer who by the way retired I believe. Yeah. He should have retired that. Good for him. Good for him.
Two years ago. He retired due to lack of ability. Yeah.
Yeah. So I think I think they have a lot of good wide receivers. It will be interesting to see how Pickens fits end with Deontay and Claypool when when the season starts. But we won't know until then. We really don't. Yep. Yeah so I guess it's now time for the Schwabber Downer. That's we have a new segment on our show.
By by Mark Schwab. That's Robert. That is while there's so much positive report on the Steelers this week and we don't want to take away from that. But we always want to have a little bit of a Devil's advocate view. And this is a view actually shared by Steve and I think just about everybody.
The down of the week award goes to Devin Bush.
Twenty-eight. Anybody know what that means? Twenty-eight? Twenty-eight. You're going to tell us. Those are the number of Steelers that made a statistical play during the Steelers game. Uh Devin Bush was not one of them. He was 29. Uh there were special teamers that got tackles. There were boys. I think there was a yeah there was a I think a running back got a tackle. Um and Devin Bush was nowhere to be found.
I I think it's one of those. Now I I sort of refuse to believe that he just what he is now after having a good rookie season. I believe it was the injury and he's just never come back from it and I think because of that, he probably knows he's not the same and he's not playing with the passion that he originally had. So, I think he's just going through the motions for the paycheck.
and probably depressed that he's playing so poorly. That that's the that's the psychologist.
Yeah. Yeah. Former psychologist. So, you know, outside of my cats being diagnosed with feline aids, it's Devin Bush who is the slobber downer. You don't have cats, do you? No. You just. That's that's from Debbie Downer. Oh. Uh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't even know what he's talking about. Alright, thank you for the Schwabber Downer of the week. So, in other NFL news this week. Zach Wilson is unfortunately has been injured and it looks like all of his friend's moms should be on the lookout.
Mm. Anybody want to chime in on that? Well, he's not going to have the movement that he's had before. Right. Yeah. The movement might not be the same but he'll have a lot of free time to practice. That's right. Free time. Yeah. Yes. And you know how Mama's boys are. Right. They're going to be bringing over noodles and soup and. Right. You know. Yeah. Other stuff. I think there'll be some noodles flowing. Yes.
And and honestly, I think really the the the whole point behind this is does anybody really care about the Jets? Other than Jets fans who there are a few out there? I'll be honest with you. I looked at the Jets and I think they're over under was like six and a half.
They're pretty bad. I, no, it was five and a half actually because I'm like, they'll probably win six games.
I'm not sure about that at all. Maybe. I think they, I think they would've with a healthy quarterback because look, I mean, they they have a they have a rookie running back who's good. They still have Carter from last year who was a rookie running back. They have a lot of young talent on that team. It's unproven but in their offensive line got a little bit better, I think they would have been okay but if if they're starting quarterbacks out for any length of time, especially at the beginning of the season of a team that kind of needs to win early to gain some confidence, that's a problem for that team for sure. And if you're missus Wilson, the last thing you want to hear is your friend saying, I'm bringing over a casserole.
Alright, moving on. We've got another segment here. We're going to debut. We're not sure we're going to keep it around or not but we want to know which is worse. Which is worse. Uh and we're talking about Watson, his apology. These are two terrible human beings by the way. So, neither one is really good. It's just which is worse. Or Fernando Tatis Junior, his excuse. So, let us in on this. Who who wants to take the apology? Who wants to take the excuse? I refuse to take apology.
Well, that just shows us who you are, Schwabber. So, you're saying Tatis? I'm saying Tatisse for those of you who don't know, he said that he got ringworm and had to take a drug for it that would make him get better and cure the ringworm. Turns out it's a performing enhance of Drug. Drug. Yup. Um and basically, it's now come out that the story is just a lie.
Um and he just took steroids.
Yeah, I mean, as much as I'd love to jump on the the Shawn Watson bandwagon again and bash him, I have to agree with Mark on this one. It's just such a horrible excuse. Like, he plays Major League Baseball. So, if he's putting anything in his bodies, his doctors know what a performance enhancing drug would be. So, first of all, he wouldn't have to know.
His doctors would say, you can't take this because if you do, you're going to get suspended. So, I mean, the excuse is just a non-starter to begin with. Right. And then on top of that, think of, I mean, that team was actually going places. Yeah, they're in the hunt for the playoffs. They're, I think currently in a wildcard spot. So, you completely let the team down.
And the team spent a lot of money to get to where they are. Yeah. And now, he's like basically saying, I'm a **** and I'm going to come up with an excuse for being a **** and I I it's hard for me to to not vote for that. So, tell me about Watson's apology. Did it just sound disingenuous? He was basically saying, hey, I want to cut a deal now.
Like. Right. Like, I don't, I think in his mind, he doesn't actually believe he did anything wrong. Like, yeah. I think but he was like, if I just come out and say, hey, if you give me a games, that's it. Here, I'll give you $30 million dollars and we'll just we'll just call it, we'll call it a day. Like. Right. I want to cut a deal now.
Essentially, it's what he was saying. So, basically, it's just like, you know, hey, you know, I apologize to all the women that I hurt. You know. Yeah. And it just, I mean, it just rings hollow. Yeah. You know, because now, if you're the NFL, you're saying, see, now he's admitting to it. So, right. You have to give him at least a year.
Well, yeah and admitting to it, admitting to what he did. I I mean, look, I'm still on the bandwagon that says, he needs to be kicked out of the NFL. And by the way, did you hear, did you hear the crowd's chants toward him? No, no, I didn't hear but I heard they were rude to him. Yeah, they were very rude towards him and it's kind of a look that I don't think the NFL wants.
Yeah, I. We don't want to put have him out on the field. It was basically, they chanted, you sick F. Wow. Wow. My gosh. Yeah. **** They got it. They gotta dump this guy. Well, and.
and seriously, you really have to question and it look, there's a lot of organizations that are in disarray. There's there's a lot of organizations that they go through periods of time where the the organization is like likes to say a dumpster fire.
Even as bad as that organization seems to be. I still find it.
Incredible that they decided to give Deshaun Watson all this money and they guaranteed every single bit of it Gary. Guaranteed. And and and they dumped Baker Mayfield. I mean let's put those two guys next to each other. Right. I don't and I don't know and and and I can't predict the future. I'm pretty sure Baker Mayfield is never going to be accused of, you know, sexually assaulting 24 women.
Well, it's never happened. Right.
You take that's true. Right. Yeah. I mean, I I looking at that and saying, I mean, what what what backroom deal with Bielzebub who is the devil if you didn't know that. Oh yes. Did you make to bring Deshaun Watson to the Browns and and now, literally, look, this guy probably, first of all, if the NFL give him a year suspension. When he gets on the field, there's not going to be a single person in the stands rooting for this guy.
Mm hmm. Nobody. Here's the thing that I have against the NFL and it's a small one but they like said, okay, it's going to be six games and then it's like, oh well, we're, you know what? We're going to we're going to relook at this after they said six games. Come on. Just make a decision. Like the NF. Right. I I get it that they can do it by the contract. I understand contracts, you run contracts.
I get it. I'm I'm not an attorney. I only play one on the internet but the reality is that was wrong. They should have just said, you're out for this year. Yeah. You're out. Right. Just just you're you're out. If you want to appeal, you can, you're going to lose but you're out. This is six games and then, now, we're going to go through it again. Why would they want that in the news cycle at all? Yeah.
Right. The NFL did mess that up. Yeah. They totally screwed that up. They did. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So yeah well so I look at it and say, what's worse is Deshaun Watson's apology. I mean, look, Tatis lied and he's and and he's stupid. and that that's really dumb but I mean, let let's let's line the He didn't physically hurt him. Right, let's line the infractions up against each other and Tatis told a lie to try to make himself look like, you know, like the innocent victim.
Watson, Well, I think we chose Tatis because we didn't want to give anymore Time to Deshaun Watts. Yeah. Uh yeah. Right. Right. He deserves it. And and and that being said, we're done with that time. So, want to take this opportunity to thank you for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio, iHeartRadio reaches a and50 million subscribers, 2000 devices, and two hundred and sixty platforms and manner, we psyched. Whoo. Yeah. So, it won't be any surprise if we might be buffering.
Oh no. Does that get the technical director back out? Traffic is heavy.
Traffic is heavy. Let's not. Let's let's stay away from the hey by the way. I I know our our fans on iHeart can't see this. But look at my camera. Isn't that nice? Yeah. It's really good. I mean. Yeah. This is real bad. I I have to I have to get on this this camera kick here. Yeah. So I'm I'm starting to look like a pale ghost. Yeah. Well but I don't think the cam's going to help you with that as well. Alright. Thanks Chris. You're welcome. Great friend. We're going to move on to the next segment of our show.
the next we're just happy football season is almost officially here.
Absolutely. The dead zone is over. So 100%. Headlines it means something. Our next segment right here. One of our most favorite. We're going to start we're going to start. Since since Mark is is since Mark is feeling bad about my comments. Yeah. We're going to start with Mark's headline. Well thank you Chris. But this doesn't make up for it. Okay.
Mark's headline this week is recalled Capri Sun may contain cleaning solution. But it's 25% less sugar. Yes.
Guess what? So guess what folks? The reason why I chose this one is this because this is near and dear to our Pittsburgh community. You like Caprista? This is the Heinz Company. No. The Heinz Company makes Capri Sun. Uh oh. Yep. And the Heinz Company got a lot of phone calls from distressed parents saying, you know, the Capri Sun isn't tasting right.
So so they looked back and apparently there were some cleaner used on some food processing equipment that may have gotten into some of the Capri Sun packets. That's a problem. So, recall be careful about your Capri Sun.
Well, that's kind of like the whole Coca Cola thing. Now, you can take Capri Sun and put it on a bumper and get the get the rust off. You know how you can do that with Coca Cola? Well, you can. The more Coca Cola. Yeah, I I the real stuff that actually tastes good that you guys. Right. Yeah. Alright. Headlines it means something. We're going to move on. My headline is going to be next. Uh and this is one where I just pulled up the headline because these sometimes they just speak for themselves.
Hospitals resort to hiring doctors. Okay. How dare they? You gotta hire someone. Physician. And and apparently the physician shortage is prompting this move.
Administrators say. So I guess normally they don't hire doctors. I want to know who they hire. Well bring them in. Even if they're at the bottom of their class. Yeah that's right.
Maybe they meant to say hospital resorts. Like the they put an extra S in there and it was a hospital resort. And it was supposed to be like a place you go to to have fun. Yeah. Now I now I do want to go back to the Capri Sun one because I missed this comment. I apologize DG. Capri Sun cures COVID. There's a new conspiracy theory. Oh. That's great. That's air. There we go. You don't want to get it started on the COVID thing here Gigi. You don't want to get us started on that one. Soon enough we'll be talking about COVID cancellation.
Yep. I'm sure of it. Absolutely.
Absolutely. Okay, next set line. My son ready. Steve seems to have a fascination with what we're going to talk about next. This is just, this is just perfect.
It's a.
Nasa? What do you, I can't, I can't. Nasa has plans to probe There you go. Well, what? NASA has plans to probe I mean, come on.
How can you not see this headline and say, hey, we have to talk about. Well, those of us who've had colonoscopies have already been through this. Yes. I got another one coming up soon and I I'm looking forward. Guess what they're actually looking for in Uranus. What is it? Gas. Interesting. That's great.
Absolutely perfect. I bet it's there. I mean, it's probably only going to cost somewhere around twenty-five, 29 million.
That's gotta be one heck of a uranium. It's going to cost twenty-five million to find gas in Uranus. Yeah, it's exactly what. That's awesome. I mean. I mean, inflation is kicking in here. NASA is very thorough. Yeah. When they want to pro gas. We could probably feed a country for 10 years with that money. But you wouldn't know exactly what kind of gas is in Uranus. Correct. Now, well, that's and Steve is also exploring Uranus.
I'll fall off in about five years when the probe finally gets there. Alright. Thanks so much. We love that part. We love Really? Is Uranus that big? Mike's got a question. Oh god. So, Mike wants to know, will Uranus be sedated? No, Uranus is always out there. Yeah. That's a nice thing. Uranus is always awake. Big blue. is always there. I do, I do have to tell you guys. From a colonoscopy standpoint.
Yeah. When when I when I when first had to go experience that, I was very nervous. Mm hmm. It ended up being one of the most pleasant experiences of my life. Well, you're just like out and then they wake you up and you're like, it's over. The stuff they give you is incredible. Yeah, it's incredible. But the colonoscopy prep isn't exactly fun. Yeah, no, that part. Yeah. And and I guess I blocked that part out because I'm looking forward to the drugs.
Right. Uh Brian says, beginners lick. Um so. Okay. Alright. Thank you, Brian. Thanks for being here. Moving on to the next part of our show. Um this is where we like to keep you updated on what we are watching, what we are streaming, and this week, we each have one show. We'll start with Steve. So, Steve, you are currently streaming. You guys know what this is? No. Archive 81. I have seen it.
It's good. Very good. Did you watch the whole thing? Yes. Is it a movie or series or documentary? What is it? It's it's a series. Yup. But it only has one series. Yes. Right? It's one season. I think it's like eight episodes. Beginning. Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Uh oh. Hold on. Is this where they these videotapes. Yeah. Oh. And then you gotta restore em. Yeah. Yeah and and there's a tunnel.
Yeah. I've seen it. I've seen it. Yes. I've seen it. So, I'm behind you guys. I think. Yeah. Yeah. And it was filmed in Pittsburgh. Oh, was it? Was it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's right. It was filmed. Yeah. Or no, it wasn't. It it was it was based in New York but when you're when they're when they go into the office buildings. Oh, okay. You see the Pittsburgh skyline? Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Very interesting. I forgot. I haven't noticed that. I forgot.
Yup. So, yeah. So, this is, I don't know. What would you say? It's kind of like, it's like, who killed Sarah? But in a kind of Uh what was that movie? Uh Blair Witch Project? Yeah, it's kind of got like a like a little midnight mass type feel to it. Yeah, right.
Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Uh huh. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's neat though. But it is really, I thought it was, I thought it's unique in the way they use the videotape is interaction. Like, at first, you're like, wait, are they interacting over videotape that he's just restored? You're like, you like it really confused and then like, what's that old guy doing? Like, what does he have to do with things? Right.
So, I'm only about four or five episodes in. Okay. So, I have, I don't figure everything out yet in the the whole sex group thing. Oh, yeah That's coming up for me. So, yeah. So, but I think it's I think it's really good. It is good. This has been our most sexual episode so far on the sports porch. When you talk about probes in Uranus.
We just found out too much about you, Steve. We sure did. Alright, so Steve is watching Archive eighty-one. Is that on Netflix? That's a Netflix? Yeah. Netflix. Everything he watches now. Okay. Okay. Mark is has now completed and watched something both Steve and I have seen. I don't know if we had brought this up on show last time, did we? I don't know. I don't I don't. Well, Steve, Steve's brought it up.
Maybe Steve did. Yeah, but I was about to chime in and give my two cents because I. Oh, yeah. Cuz I did watch the train wreck Woodstock ninety-nine. It's great, isn't it? It is. It's it's totally insane. Um you know, it's to me the fun of this was you know, the the the two guys that put this on. Oh, right. Yeah. You know, like the. Yes. You know, the the guy.
You know, the promoter and then the guy who did the original Woodstock. Yeah. Like, these guys are just like so out there in left Right. Acting like nothing happened. Right. We just want to have Well, the one guy died. I don't get right. Yeah. Still acting like nothing happened. The whole place burnt to the ground. I know. See, you know, this. Oh, you know, a couple bad apples. Yeah, right.
And that's the thing. When I was swimming and **** right? Right. When I was explaining this to Mark for for off the grid. Yeah. He said, well, didn't people have fun? I heard the people lot of fun. Some people did that. They did. That one girl was like, oh yeah. Yeah. Well, that that's what I said. I said, yeah. I mean, there were people that they're looking back on it 20 years ago.
Right. And they're saying, well, yeah, it was still the greatest continent I ever went to. Right. But you're kind of like in that in the moment. When you're a teenager, I guess you could swim in a pile of **** and that would be your greatest day ever. I I don't know. But now you see what I was talking about. I personally think it it it's hilarious how, you know, they took like which was all like peace and love, right? Right.
And they just they didn't connect that like the music of that time was like, you know, music that you like mashed to. You know what I mean? It was like violent music. Yeah. You know? Right, right. Um they just didn't make that connection. That and that. And they didn't see it coming. And how about giving everybody a candle? Right. Well, actually one guy said, the one guy said like at the time had the candles, it was the most beautiful thing.
Right, right. And then everything erupted in place.
From beautiful. And and the thing is too, I I completely I completely 100% agree that, you know, look, I mean, obviously, every, the, anybody who participated is to blame. But I understand why. I mean, if I was out there, you know, swimming in sewage and you know, they're hiking up bottles of water to twenty-five bucks. Right. Yeah. And, you know, and you know, and the danger that was out there.
Yeah, by the end I might be really pissed off. Yeah. Right. You know. I might light something on fire if they hand me a candle. Right, right, right, right. Hey, if you guys haven't had a good time, if you guys haven't had a good time yet, where do we give you these candy? I mean, I'm drinking beer and I've had a bunch of drugs. And they were promised, you know, a special performance at the end of the video tribute.
Yeah, just if you think If you think, if you think this was good, just wait till the end. Right. Yeah, it's exactly Exactly. Mike Lawrence chimes in here and says, today is the real Woodstock 53rd anniversary. So, how about that? I'm glad we can line that up. How about that? So, yeah. That was that was great. I'm I'm glad you watched that Schwaber. I'm I'm I really think I really think now now you totally understand. I think I think Fire Festival was was equally as interesting. Now, it didn't have the mayhem. Right. But but the thing that was just need about the Fire Festival is how nothing actually happened.
Everybody showed up to me. Nobody was going to spend all this money. Yeah. And then they got there and they had nothing.
Well, and you didn't you didn't feel as bad either because it was a bunch of rich kids. Right, right, exactly, right. Now, you're taking, you're taking 100 bucks off of that. Right. Their daddy probably paid for it. Right. You know. So, my moving on, what I'm watching now is something that's Robert recommended. Uh I I believe I've ended my selfish watching. Yeah, you have, right? You're you're no longer a selfish. I am a reformed, selfish wife. I am a recovering, selfish wife. You are recovered. Thank you.
Thank you. I am watching keep breathing. Actually, I've finished.
What do you think? Yeah. You know, I thought it was really good. Yeah. I thought it was really good. I I think that the the part where you said that it's possible they could bring it back. I don't see him bring it. Yeah, I don't I don't see it. No. Either. I don't see it bringing it back. But I I I thought it was pretty good.
I think Melissa Barrera, right? Yeah. The star. She was great, wasn't it? Pretty good actress, absolutely. Um she was scared in the picture. She was scared. She was? Yeah. Yeah. She was scared of plane crash. Yeah. It is. Yeah. Or about to have Uranus proved. So, you know I mean, keep breathing on Netflix. Six, six episodes. Yeah. It was actually a little shorter than I thought.
Six. Oh. Yeah. It was six. Limited with six. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's pretty good. Are they like 55 minutes or like an hour or ten? About an hour? They're like an hour. Yeah, fifty. Yeah, like you might get a, you might get a 45 and then you get a one0three. Yeah, yeah, right. You know, kind of. The last two. You know, right, regular.
Actually, I think the last one might have been an hour and a half. Uh I don't remember. Right. It it you know what? None of them seemed overly long to me. Yeah. Yeah. Because they were, they really, they really were good. Yeah. They they really were good. It's a good sign. So, and one last, one last thing we want to get in here that we actually forgot to, we forgot to talk about, I'll put that down on the ticker, is, the Pirates really suck.
Oh, yeah, we have to bring that up every week. They do. Yeah. No really bad team. They won one game on the West Coast. They beat Arizona one game and then they got swept by the Giants, I believe. Yup. Mm hmm. Yeah. Yup. They're really bad. Did you see the picture of the kid with Bob Nutting wearing the the T shirt that said, sell the team.
No. We have to get that. Say that. On. You think so? You think so? Yeah, let's get that kid on the show. Yeah. That was brilliant. Yeah. He he kind of had a a coat on underneath. Yeah. And nothing was there. He's like, would you take my picture? And nothing goes over to him and he went like this.
Wow. And it said, sell the team. Sell the team and he put his arm around them. And he didn't realize. Well, then he did look. They have a picture of him looking at the teaser really. Oh, yeah. It was. Yeah. Right. Now, if if he is my new hero. If this isn't a little bit of a prediction or a foreshadow the Nutting family did buy Wig of Whiskey. They did. Uh Pittsburgh Spirits and and Threadbear Cider. So that's kind of solidifying their their hold on the Pittsburgh region.
So I don't see them selling this team anytime soon no matter how many T shirts. Where do you think those spirits are going to be? Oh absolutely. Let me think about that. Um absolutely. Across your stadium. So Wiggle Whiskey sold out. There's something close to accuracy. Regal whiskey sold out. Something sure wearing. I think it's called PNC Park. Oh, that's right. Yes. Yeah. That would be a good place to sell it. Yup. Guys. So, See you back at the Ack.
So, we're just. We're going to keep saying it until it comes true. We're going to start making T-shirts. We're trying it. Yup. Back at the app. Back at Back at the Act. Alright, guys. Well, listen. That's it for us tonight. Wanna thank you for listening on American Busker iHeartRadio and please check out our new website, The Porch is Live. com and unless you guys have anything else you want to bring up? I'm going to cue up that incredible music that I heart created for us.
Nancy Hahn, thank you so much. Thank you, Nancy. And I think we are going to be out connecting