October 04, 2022
Pickettsburgh is Official

The moment we've all been waiting for... Kenny has been crowned king. But does it matter? Should it have happened? What is going to happen now? Steve has a melt down.

The moment we've all been waiting for... Kenny has been crowned king. But does it matter? Should it have happened? What is going to happen now? Steve has a melt down.  You can see my official take on Kenny Picket as the Steelers QB right here.

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You are looking live at the sport forest. The sports porch. And boy, do we have a lot of stuff to talk about tonight. Welcome to the sports porch. Thank you for listening on American Busker iHeartRadio, iHeartRadio, a 50 million registered users, 2000 devices, 250 platforms. We could not be happier that you were here. And of course we know why you're here. You're here. Because Steve is here. Right? That guy over there. That guy right David today is a difficult show. Dave, welcome to Burke Pickettsburgh. That's right. That's right. Difficult show for me today, boys. That's right. I don't know how many F bombs are going to be thrown but I, there are going to be a few.
It's it's it is possible. It is possible and of course, we all know by now, what has happened in Pittsburgh yesterday. We're going to, actually, guys, we're going to just jump right into this. So, chime in. We got, I know, I know I got a lot of a lot of you guys out there. You got a lot to say about this. We got a lot to say about it. Uh this is probably one of the most pivotal shows we've in a long time.
I don't want to overdo it but what I do want to encourage you to do is go to the Porches Live. com. The Porches Live. com. Check out my most recent column. I ran downstairs right after the Steelers game was over and I penned this column because this is exactly the way I felt. This is exactly the way I felt. Picketts charge. Finally, Kenny Pickett was a Steelers quarterback. And is it a good thing or a bad thing? Or was it too soon or bad or not soon enough.
Um and that's kind of where we're going to go. Uh you know I'm I'm interested in in hearing what your opinions are on this. And of course you know the big question right now. And and and Tomlin does this, okay? This is the one thing that I that I find ridiculous. And I'm actually going to start here. I didn't know where I was going to start. Tonight. Cuz during that game.
I know I'm not having to act. Well then I would call it anger. But I I would definitely I would definitely call it perturbedness. Because you're mad that he took your man crush and didn't set him up for success. No, no, maybe, maybe. Actually, what what gets me, what gets me now is that you, you, you, you bring Pickett in and then after the game, you're non-committal about who's going to start next week, okay? See, this is what I've been talking about since day one.
They never had a plan to move on from Ben Roethlis okay? They thought their plan was going to be Trubisky and I write about that in my okay? But he obviously, even if he was the plan, he was going to be the Band-Aid, okay? So, if he got a band-aid, you want to leave the Band on to see if things heal and what did they do? They go out and they get Kenny Pickett and now all of a sudden, Kenny Pickett.
Kenny Pickett. Thank you, darling. You will know.
for property diva, our biggest sponsor in the house. Thank you for being here We added Sassy tonight as our as our new analyst. She answered a couple questions for us. Well, she could be like your mascot. And she is our mascot. So, so really my whole, the whole, my pet peeve in this is, if you're going to commit, you you commit. And in the article, I I said it.
You know, if you were going to put him in at halftime in the Jets game, why didn't you just start the season with him? If that was even a chance, if that was even a chance, what what do you guys say? I'm going to let you go, Mark because Cuz once I start talking, he's done He's got nothing good to say. Nothing good to say. Well, to me, I don't think it was a good move by Tomlin but I also want to just also say to that, that if the Steelers had a defense, then, this whole thing would have worked because he wanted to bring in Kenny Pickett because Trubisky was playing terrible.
He was and you know he wanted a spark and Pickett gave them a spark and got them a 20 to 10 lead and if the Steelers had a defense it would have been a heck of a story and here we go. Right? So, I want to preface that first.
However, knowing what we know, which is the Steelers are not a very good football team.
It wasn't, you know, and of course, it's easy to play Monday morning quarterback but it doesn't seem like this was the best route to take.
Because the next three games are against Buffalo, Philadelphia, and somebody else good? Miami? Miami. Miami. Right. So on the road. So three good teams. Steve's already out of breath. So he's real. I mean so so Picketts really if he does continue to start. Which I think he probably will. He's really being thrown into the fire. You know. And also thrown into the fire in this game. You know without you know the first team any first team reps.
You know, would it nice to, for, for, you know, Tomlin to have said something like, hey, you know, we're, we need better play at the quarterback position. We're going to split first team reps this week. You know, something like that. Um the bottom line is the perfect plan would have been to get through these difficult games. Two weeks during the buy, bring em back in after that to finish off the season and maybe you go on a nice run which I think still could possibly happen but it it it just it could've worked but it didn and and it didn't because the team as a whole Isn't that good? It's not to say they don't have some good players.
They do have some very good players. In particular, Mika Fitzpatrick. Let's at least say something good about someone. Um but it didn't work. So I'm going to get a few comments in here before we countdown to Steve's Uh Tim Pomato from Palmetto checking in from Florida. Tomlin does not want to tip his hand from Buffalo as to who is starting. Uh Tim I I hate to tell you this but I don't think it matters starting.
I don't think there's any tipping of the hand here. Um Jim says maybe it's Kenny Pickle. Mike Lawrence says the real impact in the game was except for Fitzpatrick. Our secondary is worse than awful. Uh Yo says tip passes make the QB look bad but he sure made us some points more than Turd Biscuit pushing us to field goals. Uh going to Miami game with my sons and friends says Tim good for you.
And Mike confirms an X-rayer. Buffalo, Tampa Bay, and Miami. We will be at the Tampa Bay game by the way. Absolutely. Um and then Philadelphia. And then yeah then Philly Probably. So, For the Bible. Are are we going to countdown to meltdown here? Five, four, three, two, one. And meltdown.
I will not meltdown.
Okay, I promise you. I may explore. First, let me just say that I said this team was awful. I picked them to go seven and 10.
But I didn't think they were this awful. And by this awful, this is what I mean. The Steelers actually had a plan coming into the season. You play mediocre quarterback. You play great defense and you sneak out games.
It's clear that wasn't working. And it's clear that Tomlin had a plan B that I should have seen it all along. And that was when he put Pickett as his backup.
I should have known something was going to happen then. But I didn't. I'm like he just wants him to have first team reps. And all week long he said Trubisky's doing better and then what does he do at Poof. Like magic Third biscuits out.
And Picketts in. Okay so let's just talk about the game for a second. And then we'll talk about the ramifications for the rest of the season. It actually worked. Okay? It worked. Mhm.
Pickett came in and he definitely offered a spark.
But he also made rookie mistakes. So, he, this is what you get when you play a rookie You get mistakes and he made three of them and I don't care if the interceptions were tipped, so was Trubisky's. And he got pulled because of it.
It's clear Tomlin wants to play Kenny and that's going to be okay. but you have to recognize that that means a **** season for the Steelers.
Period. Because their defense is awful right now. They're oh seven and one without TJ Watt. And they're not going to have him for several more games. Nobody's talking about him coming back, right? So he's not coming back anytime soon. He's smart enough to know wait until after the buy.
Clearly Tomlin's not smart enough to take his shiny new quarterback and wait till after the buy and and try and make this work because he has no confidence in his coaches. He has no confidence in his and now he's got the Steelers in an absolute **** storm for the rest of the year.
Alright, we'll we'll see you next week. Yeah, I I, listen, I, I said this last week.
This is a team in transition.
And I think that the Steelers faithful for the last 20 years, have assumed a couple things. One of the things they've is that Ben Roethlisberger will always bring you back in the fourth quarter. He did a lot of that.
They've also assumed that Mike Tomlin, and here's where, here's where the rubber's going to meet the road. They've also assum that Mike Tomlin was the kind of coach that's going to that can coach a winning team.
You know, he can turn a team into winners because as you had pointed out before, it's almost in the mantra of the NFL now. Tom has never had a losing season. Well, you know, another guy who I'll talk about later in the show never had a losing season. His name was John Madden, okay? And he only won one Super Bowl, alright? So, the the the point about this is for me anyway, is that if you knew going into the season that this was going to be a transition, then, why didn't you transition with your rookie quarterback? Yeah.
To begin with. That was why I was on that bandwagon. What you did was, I, I'm telling you right now, I think Kenny and and look, none of us are in the boardrooms and that by the way is what makes our show so special because nobody, first of all, no commercials, no commercial interruptions, three guys sitting around, having a good time known each other for a long time. Talking about the, you know, sports.
We're experts in the sense that we've watched it for a long, long time and I think we're as good as any other expert out there that's in the locker room. So, that being said, I'm not in the locker room. I don't know what his real plan was but to me, it looks like he didn't have a plan that included Kenny Pickett when they signed Mitch Trubisky and then Kenny Pickett looked like, oh my god, he might drop into our lap and then you're throwing out the idea of Willis to what? Keep People away from Kenny Pickett.
Well, if that's the case, then you really **** the bed because nobody wanted Malik Willis for two rounds after you drafted Kenny Pickett. So, how much of a plan did you really have? I think you got so excited that you had this shiny new gem in Kenny Pickett and you were going to make the fans feel really really good. So, you went and you got Kenny Pickett and then you said, oh, **** What do I do now? And you know, Mitch Trubisky from from day one and and Schwab, I want, I want to go to you on this next.
Mitch Trubisky from day one, watching him in interviews, all this other kind of stuff. Once they drafted Kenny Pickett, he looked like a guy that was looking over his shoulder.
He looked like a guy that was like, oh man, what did I get myself into? Because when he first set foot, stepped off that plane here, it was like, sign here, you're the quarterback. And I'm not saying whether he's good, bad, worth it, or not. But, you know, now, I think Steelers nation needs to realize that a transition years means you are going to lose. And no transition year comes for any team.
where every player is bad. So, it's going to be unfortunate. You're going to have a couple years where you're probably trying to build, hopefully, pick it, develops into what he's supposed to be and I think he can. But by the time Picketts ready to really make a run of it, TJ Watt's going to be gone. He's not going to be the player. Well, he's not going to be the player he was.
He gets it. He gets injured all the time. I'll tell you what, you know, in in today's, in today's game, if you draft well and you you know, do job in free agency Not, you know, Steelers maybe it's a it's an area. They they tried harder at it this year. Um you can turn around fairly quickly. You you can turn around in two, three years.
You really can. You really can. That's true and you. Um and but you know, here's the thing. Um Trubisky, I'm I'm a little disappointed in his play. Um I I thought he was going to play better. Yeah. Um I think that you know, whether he, you know, the line is is that he knew they picked Kenny Pickett in the first round. So, he knew Kenny Pickett was going to be the eventually but I'll tell you what, he also knew that he was going to have about three or four games and if he made it so that Kenny Pickett couldn't go in, then, he would have kept that job.
Potentially, even the whole year. So, you know, his poor play is what led to Pickett going in. I still think that that his his you know, he's putting in Kenny Pickett you know, to get a a some juice, a burst. It worked but I also think because of what happened at the end of the game, you know, it's kind of a little bit of maybe a panic move.
You know, maybe he sort of was sitting there at halftime kind of saying like, oh boy, you know, we got the Jets and next next couple games are pretty tough. You know, we we need to win this game. I I to I need to mix it up and see what happens. You know, without really kind of thinking it through. Yeah. I'm kind of more impulse decision maybe.
That's that's a good question, Swaver. What do you what do you think, what do you think was going through Tomlin's head? Because I, what I, what I heard was that at halftime, this is according to Trubisky, that basically, all Tomlin said was, eight's going in. Eights in. Yeah. Yeah. So. Same thing. What what do you think was going through, Tom? I know.
I know Tom. Yeah, we need a spark. What do you think was going through his mind? I think what should have been going through his mind and what went through his mind were two different things. I think he second guessed his whole plan. Look, I'm going to take the TJ Watt injury aside because they should have seen the TJ Watt injury coming and I think they did when they went and got Malik Reed and they tried to get some other guys to rush the quarterback.
I think they knew. He gets injured every day. They they they knew that his time was was you know, going to be out for a little while. So, I think they tried to address that. Um and let's face it. They spend a lot of money on the defense. So, even addressing it more meant that they knew that that was NFL. They knew that that was a problem if he went down.
So, he went down. So, I think Tomlin didn't wrap his head around. How do I make the defense better and instead started thinking, how can I use Picket More and and what happened with the Jets was we all watched that first half. It was an abomination of offense. Yeah. On both sides. Really. True. Yeah. And and I think he just lost it.
Like he was like I I don't know what to do. I can't fire my offensive coordinator. And by the way. We haven't even talked about. By the way Matt Canada is the happiest man alive. Now the Picketts in there because all the talk goes away from him and goes right on Pickett. Yes. And we should not discount that he's still running. Matt Candler's offense which is still terrible and awful.
But instead of instead of trying on defense out how do I cover that middle instead of letting Minka roam, maybe you put Mink in the middle and they don't make those passes to the the tight end who is making all those catches across the middle, him and Corey Davis. I mean, instead of that, he was like, I'll just put in my new quarterback and he'll offer a spark and you know what? He was right.
He did offer a spark but the fact that you're putting in your new quarterback who could be your franchise quarterback for the next five or six years if things work out well.
To beat the New York is the wrong way to think about this. The right way to think about is stay the course. Let's see if Trubisky can get it done and if he can't, then, we'll make the changes later and clearly, he did not give Pickett any heads up. Although, Pickett had been running first team reps. I mean, he does. He does it. He does as a backup quarterback.
Okay. He gets a fair amount of reps. Okay. So, he didn't come in stale. He knew what he knew the game. He knew the game play He knew what what he what he had to do and here's the thing. Kenny got good legs. He's got good grit. He got knocked down and he in the guy's face. That was pretty cool. I love that. I love that.
The fact that he was able to run in on like a third effort to get that touchdown. Pretty The fact that Tomlin let him run it on fourth down from their own 3two yard line. Right. I mean he never would have let do that. So. Right. Right. Is there some truth to he trust Pickett than Trubisky. It sure looked that way to me. Yeah.
Just in the half he played. But I'm going to go back to this.
If now you've got a new game plan for your year and and it's Kenny Pickett and it has to be. You can't go back at this point. Right. You cannot go back at this point. No. You can't pull him unless he gets injured. You can't pull Kenny Pickett. You can't do that to a rookie quarterback. He's in. He's the quarterback.
the future. The future is now. But you've basically abandoned your, let's just play safe because he's a rookie quarterback. He's going to make Yup. And you gotta let him show his talent by running the ball which means he's going to fumble and passing the ball deep which means he's going to throw interceptions. So, you gotta change everything up now. The whole season has changed because of that impulse decision in the locker room against the Jets and that's my problem with this whole thing. If you just would have stayed course, I actually think Trubisky probably that game.
he doesn't turn it over three times in the second half. I don't know. I I. And Minka had that interception. I mean anybody could've from the four yard line. Yeah. Even would have from the. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know and then all they needed was one more play and not throw an interception. And you win the game. Yeah. And and I guess I have faith. I had faith enough with the process to that point that even though the offense looked terrible and awful in the first first half.
I think that that that would have worked okay. Against the Jets, just against the Jets. In the long run, that's a **** **** way of running a team. Because A, it's boring and B, nobody wants to watch it. I almost turn the game off at halftime. And when Pickett came on in the second half, I I had the game on anyways. Even though I I did know Pickett was coming in. But it was much more So, it's, this is what we got now.
We have entertainment, but we have a lot more losses because of it.
let's think a little bit about about the positive. You know, Pickett definitely showed that he can use his legs at the NFL level and and that that does mean something because just because you can run in college doesn't mean you can run in the pros. Right, right. It's it's it's a different level of speed. Right. Uh he made a really nice throw to Friarmuth where he.
Yes. Stud in the pocket and took a hit. Oh yeah. Which is. That was a pro throw. Which is good. I mean, that that's. Yeah. That's fearless. He hit a back shoulder on Pickens that was. Yeah, that was a great. That was an absolute back shoulder and and but what was good about that pass was it was decisive. And it was and it was quick.
You know where Trubisky tends to hold on to the ball too long. Yes. He did, right? And and to and to to be fair, I mean, I know people are going to say interceptions and interception but I also will say that both of the interceptions that matter because I'm not going to count a Hail Mary. Both the interceptions that matter could have been caught.
Uh especially especially the first one by Claypool. Oh yeah. That was a horrible effort. I think I heard somebody say today that that's a six five receiver plus three. Six three receiver. On a 5 eight. Playing like he's five eight. No no. He was actually playing against a 581 back. Oh okay. Yeah. Yeah. He let that guy take the ball. He let that guy take the ball from him.
That that was ridiculous. Yeah. Um and you know look, Fryermuth, okay, it was not a good throw, wasn't a good choice. Um, but it did hit him in the hands. Yeah. You know? Yeah. If the ball hits you in the hands, you're supposed to catch it. So, you know, and and I'm, I was impressed by the fact that, you know, there are a number of things that went wrong for Kenny Pickett and he still battled out there.
He didn't, he didn't, he looked poised, he didn't look afraid at all. Yeah. Um, I said, I thought it was actually a pretty positive and and just so you know I listed like three guys for you. One of which was Peyton Manning, who threw three in his first game. Right. So, you know, look, I mean, look, don't compare to Ben Roethlisberger. Well, I don't think anybody is.
Well, but. I don't think they are. Well, I think but I think some people are thinking like, well, hey, if he's that good, then it'll be that good. You know, Ben Roethlisberger, number one, was that good. We don't know if Kenny Picketts going to be that good but Ben Roethlisberger walked into a Super Bowl team around him. And they didn't even ask him to do much.
I mean, he he was handing the ball off. Like, he was throwing 15 passes a game. You know what I mean? So, you know, it was a much different story for Ben Roethlisberger. You know, like, can't, can he, Kenny Pickett goes into the game like Ben Roethlisberger did when Tommy Maddox gets hurt, he wins that game. Uh by the way, Roethlisberger wasn't handed a Super Bowl team the year before they were six and 10.
Well, no.
That's why they got the pick they got. They were six and 10. Oh that's came in and he turned the team into a superstar. And I agree with you. We should know we should not compare this team to Roethlisberger. Likewise we should not compare Kenny Pickett to Peyton Manning either. And Peyton Manning played the whole game and he threw three interceptions. Kenny Pickett only had half a game and he threw three interceptions. But that being said I agree with you that those those balls like terrible throws and were simple okay? Mm hmm.
But the reality is we gotta slow the amount of Kennywood that's going on around here. He's not going to be the next Ben Roethlisberger. Right. And now, he's got a tough stretch of four really. Oh, yeah. Really, really tough games. So, now that he's our starter, let's see how he does. Yeah. I mean, at this point, that's all you got. And Mike Lawrence, he's he's trying to get in on the he's trying to become an insider here.
I agree.
Swaber. I agree. Schwaber hit him in the hand. Should've been caught. Hands of ground on our receivers. You know, that that's you know, in the in this pick a thing for me is all about patience. I I and and again, I've said it over and over again. Yes, I'm a pick a groupie. I wanted to see him play. I wanted to see him drafted. But the reasons that I wanted to see him drafted, besides the fact that he's just a damn good-looking guy.
Is that. He's got great flow. He does. He does. But it is that had he has intangibles that you could even see yesterday. You know, he keeps his eyes downfield. He's not afraid to take a hit. As a matter of fact, right now, he enjoys. Yeah. Getting hit. He's got an throw. He can throw the ball pretty deep and I think he has all of the tools. That being said, it's still a learning curve but he is definitely in a position right now where he knows he needs to learn.
He knows he needs to and to me, Trubisky, unfortunately for that guy and he's really a nice guy from everything we've seen but for me, Trubisky literally, once they drafted Trubisky was on, I can't lose my job mode as to being able to go out and play quarterback. Yeah. Yeah. So, that means. Playing scared versus playing playing exciting. Right and and so for that reason alone, I I think Trubisky was his own worst enemy.
Um Tomlin trying to play cute with next week. To me is it's a farce and and I have been one of the biggest of Tomlin. You guys know this. For the last 10 years. Where they've said ah ah you know he hasn't won a playoff game in 10 years. And then I would say yeah but he's got a winning record. We'd go down that whole road.
I would say yeah but he's an NFL coach. You've gotta be a good coach. No matter what your situation is to cons consistently put a winner on the field. Now he did win a Super Bowl.
you can argue all you want about well he was handed a Super Bowl team maybe he was but he still had to coach him there You know, nobody said, nobody said that about Jon Gruden when he left. Yeah, but like. When he when he left the Raiders and then went over to do we, do we think of George as a great coach or do we think of Bill Walsh? No, right.
I I'm I'm with you. No, no, that, that, that's not the, the point. I'm, the point I'm trying to make more is that, is that, is that we have to, we have to, we have to have patience now. And that's what I was talking about in my article on the Porches Live. com. Now, you're a Steelers fan. You may want to have pain.
You you don't want to have it's okay. I know. You can have the patience you want. Here's a guy who had patience for what? The first 49 years of your life? Yeah. Right. Yeah. Miserable experience. The last five years has been good. Right. Right. I've had patients for the last, let's see, 32 years, 32 years. It's a transition, my friend. It is. It's going to take a while.
I'm okay with that. And I think Kenny Pickett absolutely I I will go on record saying, I think Kenny Pickett, if he stays healthy, that's always concern. No matter how good conditioning you are. If he stays healthy and he continues to the way he matured through college. If he doesn't let that hole, I'm the starting quarterback mentality get to him and he and he goes, I've been watching a lot of NFL films lately.
One of the biggest things they talk about is the they they talk about the difference between yeah, I'm going to have to I'm going to have to block this comment. I'm I'm I'm really sorry about whatever your situation is but nobody here is going to donate anything to you. Um what? Yeah. We get spam comments on our on our live feed once in a while.
Sorry, that's that's my brother. He's just. Oh. He's just trying to he's trying to be funny. Is it really your brother? Oh, no. Okay. Uh Scott Wallace, hello gentlemen and Chris, how you doing? Tim Pamato, the defense have gotta show up. Haven't been around since the Bungles game. So, I I I guess I'm going to finish my whole thing and then we'll move on to other things or whatever you guys want to talk about.
But I I think we need to have we need to have patience. If he if if he lives up to what I believe his abilities are, he is the franchise quarterback. He's already got the makings of it. Because he makes the right decisions. He does all the little things right. And now he's gotta learn how to play in that system. And they just better draft two offensive Hell yes.
Absolutely. Absolutely.
By the way, I think I found our new Chickawa. Oh, love it. Who Gunner the fumble? Gunner Hands of Stone. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Another, another great move by Gunner. Yeah. How can you fumble two punts and still be out there? I mean, it is. You did it. Uh some, didn't he make the pro ball? He was a pro baller last year.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah.
crazy. Listen, there's a lot of distractions going on. Yeah. There's a lot of distractions going on. How about Jaylen Warren? You know, watching that kid run.
to myself why don't we feature him? Honestly, look, Najee is a good. Well, you know why. Najee is a good guy, right? But Najee is a good guy. Yeah. Okay? But every time Jaylen Warren gets the ball, he explodes. No, I think they need to be running them both. Well, yeah. But the problem with Jalen Moore. I did say he would make the team too. Well, he's he will fumble the ball. If you give it to him more than 10 times.
That's true. He has a and also just not a big guy and the way he runs so fast and those big guys against that small guy. Thank you. That ball is. And also realize right now when Jaylen Warren's in the game, the defense at least right now doesn't think is getting the ball. Hey, go back to Yo Carey's post. I'm going to put it up. Oh, sorry. Absolutely right. I mean, if Kenny wins the next four games, everyone should kiss his **** because he will be a big deal at that point.
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. No doubt and that's what we're talking about. We're talking about the Steelers. We're talking about becoming winners and in my opinion, this is not going to be a winning year but I knew that at the beginning of the season. Yeah, no, I don't think. I'm okay. Yeah. I'm old okay with Kenny Pickett being the guy. I am just I guess I'm a little where, where, where did you use preferbed? Yes. I was a little perturbed over the fact that Tomlin gave him this captain.
Biscuit. Yeah. Right. Made Trubisky look like he was going to be the guy and at the first sign of panic, he is out of there. I mean, he didn't even give him a chance to show in a panic situation and maybe the last three games were panic situations. Yeah. Um to be able to to be able to do something with it. That's that's my biggest beef with the situation the Steelers are in.
It's not that they're going to be terrible this year. Steelers have had terrible years and have rebounded from it swimmingly. We'll be in the Super Bowl in the next 5 years. I promise you write that down. Write it down. Write it down. Write it down. Because the Steelers are always in the freaking Super Bowl. We'll get there. It might not be with Tomlin. It might not be with Kenny but we will be back.
I promise you that.
Write it down.
Super Bowl by 2027. Right there. Right on the screen. Down. Super Bowl by 2027. I am just frustrated with the way. Yeah. This season. Yeah. Has started. Even though I I predicted they would go. Now two and five by the Bible. Some I'll get you a commander's hat. Something you said during the pregame when you were very heated. I don't know if you still feel the same way.
But I believe I heard you call Tomlin a liar. Oh yeah that's it. Oh he was a liar. I mean he lied. He lied about he lied about giving Trubisky a chance. He lied about everything around Kenny Pickett. Like we're going to bring him along slowly. You know he's learning the playbook. He's just every, every, everything that he's done to date has pushed you away from thinking that he would even fathom a move in the middle of the second half of a game to play his rookie Right.
And and that's that's that's that's why I called him a liar. No. Because he's putting out this false premise that was our guy and and and there's no chance of Pickett ever ever happening and boom. It happens. You know, he well something interesting though. Um wait a minute. Oh hold on guys. Hold on that thought. Don't lose that thought. I just first of all I I can't help myself now.
Because I picked the Jets to win this game. They did. Right? Yeah. I picked the Jets. I picked the Steelers to go oh and five. Oh and six. Okay. But yesterday at 118 PM. Well you know we we keep we keep a group text. Yeah. Group chat going between the three of us. We chat. Yesterday at 118 PM. I'm telling you I can be the coach of team.
I'm just going to put that up there on the screen there. One18 PM Picket by halftime. Question mark. From the genius. Well, let me. So, I know nobody responded. Let me. No. No. Cuz you don't want to you don't genius. Now, I will say the real genius. I I will, I will, I will say this. Now, what Steve is saying is a hundred percent true at least in terms of the way Tomlin has presented to the fans.
Right, okay? Now, I did hear an interview this week. Um couple There's a couple guys who, you know, they constantly are on you know, National Football Talk Radio Shows and they watch a lot of film and they go to practice and stuff like that. I can't remember who it was but it was either Mark Schlereth or Great Olive. Brian Baldinger. It was one of it was one of those two and I was listening to a national show and he was previewing the Steelers game and he actually said, if Trubisky is bad halftime.
I can see Kenny Pickett going in. And they said to him well what makes you think that? Because they're saying there's no chance that would happen. And he said from what I understand, they're talking about it.
So, insider information, insider information. Yup. So, well, that's what they were telling me too. So, yeah. Clearly. Right before you texted me. Well, Sassy had it all set up. Right when you got off the phone with Franco. Yeah, that's right.
No, me, Joe was at the game yesterday. It was probably mean, Joe. I love it. So, you know, that being said, we've spent the entire first half of the show on this which I knew we would and I want to take just a a brief second here to thank you for listening to the Sports Sports on American Busker iHeartRadio and also you can catch up with us if you can't see the whole thing on social media. Uh you can catch up with us.
Listen to the podcast. Um we drop it every night after the show. Uh you can catch the podcast on iHeart. You can catch the podcast on Apple, anywhere And also go to our website, The Porches Live. com. Really easy to find. The Porches Live. com. Sign up for our Email list. We're going to start a soon. We're going to have more posts out there. We're going to have more Steve Rantz and we're going to add some more merch. We had a lot of exciting things coming.
We actually Steve and I are going to be down at the Tampa Bay game in a luxury box.
going to do a sports And we have also figured out that you can do this on an iPhone so we can bring you in. Alright. To the broadcast from home.
doke. And unless you're paying attention to the Eagles because they're like seven and oh and you know pretty much a shoe in for the Super Bowl. 7 and oh after four games is a great record. Yeah it's pretty good. No I'm talking about Kenny It's not like they're playing Trubisky. You think they're they're salivating? Yeah. We got it. We got all. Don't worry. We got all kinds of comments coming here. Amy says what about Juju? Who cares? Uh he did make it made a comment. Did you hear that? Oh, I didn't. Let's go. Yeah. What, tell me about that comment after I get these comments in. Okay. Yo, Kerry says, get Antonio Brown.
See that one? Yeah, he's full on Austin, right? Yeah.
Bills, Buccaneers, Dolphins, and Eagles are the next four tough games. Yup. So, what did what did Juju? Oh, yeah. Juju said he's learned more. He's learned more. That was on the broadcast.
Kansas City coaches in in four weeks and entire time with the Steelers. Yeah, I thought that was kind of telling. Yeah. Well, but but here's the question. I almost use the R word. Here's the question.
cream. Here's the question. Sour grapes? Na? Or? Speaking truth. I think he's speaking truth. I think it's sour grapes. It's both. It's both. I think it's sour grape. It's both.
It's both. I don't know. I mean, Tomlin is a defensive guy. Hey, he's played much better. Juju played much better as a Steelers. He's been pretty weak so far out. You might as well light it up, buddy. We're we're just going to we're just going to we're just going to jump right into the whole, you know, let's celebrate the end of it's now officially the end of the Ben Roethlisberger era. Oh, yeah. Officially, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
It wasn't official. They couldn't get rid of the ghost of Ben while Trubisky was dancing. You know what? We gotta get we gotta get Ben's podcast in are somehow. You think he's got a virgin somehow. Yeah. Yeah. I don't even I don't even know. I'd love to see. I'd love to hear Ben's thoughts on this. Yeah. Come on, Ben. Up on the porch. Podcast. I know he does. Hop up on the porch. Let him know.
You're going to get rid of Ben Roethlisberger until somebody decidedly good. Yeah, yeah, and that that. Because I was having lunch with a bunch of guys today and one of them said, all I can tell you is, I'm a big Ben guy and he played great in the fourth quarter and if we had Ben, we'd be three in one. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, no, he's right. Yeah, he's in different. That's the difference between even right being a bad quarterback playing a hall of fame quarterback but unfortunately, we're not guaranteed a hall of fame quarterback ever again.
Alright, guys. So, you guys let us know. Please hit us up on social media. Send us an Email. Send us a message. When you go to the Porches Live. com, you see a little black button there. It says say something. Leave us a voicemail. Tell us what you think. We'll get you on the show. Um let's move on here guys because we're going to have so much more to talk about over through the whole week.
There are other NFL games.
Kenny Pickett saga is going to he's going to go on and on. So, what we're going to do right now is we're going to talk about our predictions from last week. Um every week, we picked three three games and we're keeping track. We haven't decided who the winner, what the winner gets. But yeah. By looking. That at half. By week eight, we gotta get that done. Well, week eight and a half. Yeah. Whatever. So, so last week, last week, we picked the Miami and Cincinnati game and the winner there was Scentsy and Mark picks Cincy.
You and I each picked Miami.
Of course that was that was kind of a screwed up game because of the I just wanted Miami to win to give Steelers some cover and not be at the bottom but. Chief Chiefs, Bucks, Steve is the only one that had the Uh had the Bucks. They did dominate. They did. I don't know what what I was thinking. I don't know what I was thinking either. Yeah. Yeah. Idiot. Yeah. And Steve and Chris had the Bills over the Ravens. Mark had the Ravens. So should They've totally blown.
They've really blown some games this year.
I haven't a risky quarterback like Lamar. You know, he makes some risky throws and it cost them the game. Yeah and that being said, that brings this week's records Chris is now seven and five. Mark is seven and 5. Steve is five and seven. I made some grounds. We never could. See, you were little bit every week. Totally defeated last week but I I thought I I actually if that Bills game actually was oh and three.
Yeah. Well, if they if the Bills might pick. If the Bills didn't come back and win that game, I I was and three. And I I predicted it. I'll have an oh and three. Yeah. So this week the games are first of all who we got? We got the Bills and the Steelers. And I think I picked the I I picked the Bills in that game.
I think I don't think anybody is Yeah dude. Nobody took the Steelers. Alright. Yep. Okay. The Big Al. Um okay so the first game that of our of our actual record oh by the way congratulations Albert. Pujols he just hit Albert home run number seven hundred and 3. Is he retiring officially after this year? Yeah I should say so. Yeah. The only real No, dude.
He roared. I know. I know. Hey, Sharon, baby. Of course, so So, our picks is. Before his time's over too. Our picks this week. We all do. I'm losing control because Steve is still ranting. Uh Thursday night, Colts at the Broncos. I'll start with Steve this week. It's simple. The Colts are terrible. The Broncos are terrible. The least terrible team that wins this game will be the Colts.
Okay. This is Steve is going to Colts at Broncos? Yes.
Ooh Boy, Russell Wilson looks bad, doesn't he? I don't think they're easy. The Denver defense is the best. Yeah. Like for points against in the NFL. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'll tell you right now. That's why they're doing. I'm I'm I'm going Broncos. Uh. That's me.
boy. You need a coin? Tails never fails. Tails never fails. It did an overtime.
I got I gotta stick with it is is the running back hurt? Jonathan Taylor? Yeah. No. He's not. Um well, he might be. Yeah. He's he's injured now but they're saying he's going to probably play.
Questionable. Going into practice on one. Colts I like it. He's not good anyways this year. Steven Mark have the Colts at the Broncos. I have the Broncos. Alright, next game. Bengals, Ravens for the Steelers. Hops. Steve said Broncos. No.
Yeah. I oh okay. You said Broncos? Are we taking? Wait. I'm taking the Broncos. No. No. I definitely got the Colts. Oh okay. I got the Colts. Yeah. Sunday night is Bengals, Ravens. Oh, Bengals, Ravens. Yeah. Oh, I'm not ready for this. Go ahead.
I'm not ready for this. I didn't know we were picking that game. You had all day. I didn't even think it's at Ravens. Bengals at Ravens. I'll go Ravens.
I'm going Bengals. I just think they're going to go on a Honda. They're going to go on a hot run. I'm I'm I'm going the Ravens this one. They just lost a tough one to Buffalo. They this is a division game on Sunday night for the national audience. Yeah.
our John Ravens. And our pick em game. Rams at Cowboys.
at Cowboys and Dak Prescott's trying to get back. I think I think it might be Cowboys at Rams. Are you sure about that? Uh I don't know. You're the one that gives me the damn games. I mean.
Um. Does it matter? Come on. Yeah. It does. Yeah. I'm going to say Rams. Yeah. definitely.
Hm. That's this is a tough one because I I like the Cowboys defense. They're going to they're going to get at Stafford. Yeah, it's it's Cowboys at Rams. Yes. Stafford will make God, my heart says Cowboys burnt my my head says Rams. I'm going to go with the Rams. So your Rams, Marcus Rams, and believe it or not, I'm going with the Rams. Yeah. I I it's hard. Uh you know, there may be a time where I pick the Cowboys.
I think. But it's hard pressed for me to ever pick the Cowboys and put myself in a position. I feel that. To to root. When they play against the Eagles. You can just root for the Cowboys. You know what? What I actually pray for when the Cowboys and the play? Nicola Baum going off on the field. I was going to say like a mass shooting event. But No.
No. We don't.
So. What's wrong with people these days? And you wonder what's wrong with society. How about a bus crash? You know, something like that. That's terrible. No, but actually if you think about just a smoldering fire. I have to think about. No, no, no. Let innocent people get hurt. It what it really means is hurt. Is is I spend a lot of time trying to figure out if there's possibly a way for them to both get a a loss in the loss column for that game? Well, you're high.
Yeah. A tie. How about a tie were they both people a loss? Exactly. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. You got, you're a genius. I'm a You've just hit genius level. No, I think I think I've lost my mind. Alright, next week's games, Thursday night, Colts and Broncos, Steve and Mark have the Colts. Watching that game. I have the Broncos. I'll watch you. You can't make me watch. I'll watch it for you. No, you you'll be watching it on the group text.
Uh Bengals and Ravens, Steve as the Bengals, Mark and Chris have the Ravens. Uh Cowboys at Ra watch the Pirates before I watch that game. We all got the really you'd watch the Pirates before you'd watch an NFL game? Well, they won't be playing. That's tough. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, it's this Thursday. Yeah. They're still playing baseball this week, right? This is potential clinch night for the Phillies. By the way, by the way, by the way, hey, yeah.
The Oates winning record.
record. Winning record, baby. Got a big freaking bug on your head. Yeah. Or is that a leaf? It's a leaf. Okay. There it is. Winning record. Winning record. Congratulations to my Baltimore Orioles. Like you're probably right. Gunner Henderson, Abby Rutchman. Gotta love it. Gotta love it. Cowboys probably will fold like a cheap lawn chair. Yeah. I hope they do. After Dak gets better.
He'll do worse with that.
Rush is a really good quarterback. He looks pretty good. I'll give you that. I'll give you that. Hey. Cooper Rush was our quarterback. We would not be playing Kenny Pickett.
I mean these are things that don't matter. So. Yeah. Alright. Just like our next segment which is headlines at Means Something. We scour the internet for the world's best headlines. And this week start with Mark. Uh Mark, your headline. Yes, sir.
Dream Job, the Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing. Hey, that sounds like something I'd like to do. Sounds like. Versus job now. I knew that was coming. I knew that was coming.
So, it's a living.
So, the story here, okay. I love it. The story here is that this guy from Japan, his name is Shoji Morty Moto. They're all named Yeah. Well, anyway, he's 38 years old and he was you know, basically at a job and he people were complaining like, you, like, you do nothing at your job. You do nothing and so he was like, maybe I should try to package this skill and and see what happens.
So, 10, 000 yen, which is $71 in American money. Uh he basically rents himself out to do whatever the person wants to do. That's all. Some. Dangerous. Some things have in like some guy just wanted to ride a seesaw with somebody Uh that was that was a job. Uh there's does he put these on like Upwork or I have no idea what he puts him on.
But bottom line is he's got he's has booked in in the past couple years. He's booked 000 sessions.
Um and there are repeat people too. Like wow. You know lonely people want to walk with somebody in the park. You know. He just you know shows up and he's he's like a companion for hire.
Seriously. So, what's a promotion look like in that business? I think you have to go to Vegas. Oh, that's great. It's a living.
It's a living. Headlines that mean something.
Oh, Steve. Oh, well. This this headline just popped right out of me. I bet it did.
Defective sex toys are being recycled into fashionable shoes. And I call those Jimmy dildos.
So, I guess I'm not exactly sure how I fell into this article so don't ask.
How did you fall into this arm? Where did you find that? Uh but anyways, I guess. Did you surf? Did you, did you know? Did you know that there are a lot of defective sex toys? I did not need to be recycled. Oh, yeah. I knew all about that. Yeah. Of course, you did, Chris. I guess people don't want to put them in the bin on the curb. I guess, you know, I I I wonder what a defect in a sex toy looks like, first of all. Well, I could show you that. There are probably some things that you probably would be like.
Yeah, that's a definitely a defect. Yeah.
way. So, I guess. Actually, it's hard to tell what's defective and what's not on sex toys Well, but I I'm just I'm I'm just. Anyway, you know. Look at it. There are a lot of them out there and I guess this guy, you know, was, you know, got, you know, I guess he got into the sex industry and they said, we've got all these sex toys that are either defective or no good. Here or take them because nobody will recycle them because they're made of this styrene plastic and he found a way to actually melt it down and turn them into shoes and he in in the 1600 pairs of shoes for a hundred.
1600 chairs. 600 pairs of shoes. Wow. And you can buy them from a small Just to do any of them have like secret compartments? Right now there's only black because I guess they're talking about different colors and maybe melting them down so that. But you know what they say.
I'm not going to say it either. I'm not going to say either. But you too can have a pair of sexual issues.
that's great. And by the way, dude. By the way, I figured this out just because I wasn't really realizing how large it was. That guy who gets paid to do nothing.
Seventy-one bookings. If they were only an hour, okay? I mean, 4000 bookings. It's seventy-one dollars if they were only an hour. It's $284, 000. Yes, David. We all. He's making, he's making half a million dollars. Really? Is anybody out there need you want me? I gotta know. I got a big umbrella.
Uh alright. Alright. Has it has the best response to to the shoes. Alright. A classic Bon Jovi reference. It's slippery. with when last. Slippery when wet. Mike wants to know if they're waterproof and do they change if rubbed? Uh no, Mike. I think one size fits all. Perhaps a genie pops out. That's why I asked if they had any secret compartments. Okay, headlines, it means something. My headlines, something I thought was hilarious.
Did you know that spiders are actually a afraid of spiders. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Yes. I was, I was just spiders running from other spiders. Yes. It's, it is a possibility. This is. I was talking to a spider the other day. Yeah. Mentioned nothing about being afraid of other spiders. Did you go to, did you go, did you, did he see a spider and then, and then you say, kill it and he killed it or you killed it? No, I like, you know, put it on my hand.
Yeah. Start having a conversation. Yeah. And then mention nothing about being nothing about it. Well, if you're not so fond of spiders, you may find Kindred Spirits and other spiders. Spiders? Daniella Daniela Rossler worked with Jumping Spiders and found that they know to get away from the presence of other possible predator spiders even if they've never encountered them before. She talks with host Maria Godoy about her research and what Halloween decorations do.
Oh. To the poor spiders.
Scaryachnids. Oh. Born have a take down your spiders. You're scaring me. I've got some little kids would would would be upset.
I I I gotta tell you I never thought when we put our spider up the front yard that I would be scaring off other spiders. Uh all I know is that Spiders are offended.
That guy that that that makes a living doing nothing. Yeah. He's not alone.
If you think about it, all these like, who the hell cares if spiders are actually right there? the funding? Maybe that guy wrote that article. It's a funding. Well, not something. I'd like to get some funding to to discover why it is that I'm actually friends with you. You know, that's more important than spiders being scared. Don't there. Don't go there.
Okay, well, maybe next show.
Alright, alright, alright, alright. Last segment, last segment, what we're watching, we scour the internet for things, we watch things that are good, that are bad, that we're indifferent about. Uh, I'm going to start with Mark right now. This is something that he Uh, and this is actually right on the you know, the sex toy footwear thing. Really? Yeah. Uh. White a little bit.
Go for it, Schwaber. White Hot, the Rise and Fall of Abercrombie. How in the hell did they get that picture of me in college? That's what I want to know. Oh. I mean. You wish. Yep. You wish. Yup Yep, at least the bottom part. Uh you know, it's funny. Do you remember how crazy it was that you would actually like walk around the and there would be guys out there shirtless outside Abercrombie and that were like models.
Yeah, it pissed me off. Totally pissed me off. That was crazy. Yeah. But anyway, it it just it kind of goes into sort of like an ingenious marketing plan to create this brand that, you know, totally blew up. But then also, the fall, in which basically the the, the owners, the, the founders of, of Abercrombie and Fitch, all they really cared about was the image, and the image was to be really good looking.
Yep. And so, they're hiring practices were basically like, if they're not good looking, we don't hire them. Right? And, and, and, you know. Bad looking? You're out. Right, exactly. And, and, and they really kind of took it far and really kind of bent the rules on things and they, you know, they brought in like a diversity person and you know, even they couldn't really make a dent.
It was and it just seemed like the the guy who was like the owner just seemed like kind of like a really kind of greasy, gross scumbag. Mm hmm. Um. It was the nineties, man. Yeah. It was the glory days. It was the late eighties. Yeah. It was early nineties. Yeah. Nineties. It still was it still was pretty. It still was pretty They're still around too.
Yeah. Yeah I mean, I was, they have a store? Yeah. I don't know if they do. I think they might be that. But As you can see, I am you know, from that earlier picture. I mean, I'm the perfect physique specimen. Yeah. For them. Yeah. This is specimen. But it it was interesting. I mean, it it wasn't it it wasn't too different.
Like like there was a little bit of. For you. It was sort of like the little bit of similarity between you know, between like the Woodstock and this was just like, hell just completely like unaware. The the the founders with. Yes. Yeah, right. You know, right, right? Yeah. Just so unaware. I mean, if you're selling clothes, you're selling sex. Right. That's really what it comes down to.
Right. Yup. And that guy just, you know, took the off of some of the good-looking guys with eight packs. Well, but but there were stuff like like what happened was if if let's say like you had certain people in the store that they didn't want to be out front. Well, when they got like diversity involved, then, what they did to get around that was they changed the title.
people outside were models. Yeah. And the people in house were like in house. Or something like that. You know. Alright. White hot. The documentary on Abercrombie and Fitz. Was that on Netflix Swabber? It was Netflix. That was Netflix. Okay. We're going to move on to Steve here. Uh Steve is watching something called a trip to Infinity. This sounds interesting. Yeah. So, I mean, for all now, this is right up my alleyway. Being an engineer, you know, I had to do some computations with infinity back in the day and I don't do that anymore.
Wasn't it? Did you go to Infinity and Uh I did not Buzz Lightyear it. No. In fact, I had no clue what Infinity was. All I knew was it had these certain roles and I had no idea what they meant. Well, guess what? What? This show on Netflix gets a bunch of physicists and gets a bunch of mathematicians and all they do is sit around and talk about infinity and you will be absolutely at some of the concepts they come up with.
Really? Yeah, it's, I can't even, I can't even begin to tell you. Besides a cigar before I watch it. You won't need to because the moment you start watching it, your head will start to spin. Yeah. And you'll be like, why am I watching this? Then, why should I watch it? Because you like it so engrossed. Is it like all kinds? All the definitions of infinity and where it leads you. Guess where? It leads you to infinity.
forever As far as you can go. Yeah. Beyond. Wherever wherever that would be. To Infinity and beyond. It's it's actually very well done. They they use some really examples For a concept that absolutely zero concrete. And infinite.
Forever. Alright.
Alright. So Trip to Infinity. What I am watching is something I actually I watched the first season of it. I can't believe I didn't mention it. Season 2 just dropped. It is also on Epics. It is called NFL Oh. And it's narrated by Uh this is season two. The first episode of season two was John Madden. And let me tell you. What a great story. Yeah. What a great story. Uh. Even if he did whine about the Immaculate for way too long.
Yeah he he's he's I I he passed away unfortunately last year but I believe he's still he's still he's still spoken like a true fan. And he's still whining about the somewhere. Anyway listen if you like the like we do and if you're watching our show this is what we do. You gotta watch it. Uh it's on Epics two seasons. Each first season is 8 episodes. There's only four episodes out on this season so it leads me to believe there's going to be four more.
Uh NFL icons. Uh excellent. The next Waller Payton.
going to watch that one. Sweetness. Um but yeah absolutely. Great show to watch. Really really appreciate how they do it. Rich Eisen narrates it. He's pretty good. Um let's put this back up here and next week we will be back on same bad shot time. Same channel. Here we go a new era in Steelers football.
a new era in Steelers. Oh by the way, Pitt, Pitt finally Yep. Maybe we'll talk about that next week. They're terrible. Alright guys. Thank you for listening on American Busker iHeartRadte.
Check us out on the five. com. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and catch our podcast anytime, anywhere you listen to the podcast, Fourth quarter to the back. We are out.