June 28, 2022

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The Cup goes to the Avs, the Steelers answer some defensive questions, the Pirates, White Sox, Yankees and Phillies have "news"... What we are watching, headlines that mean something and more on this fabulous episode!

The Cup goes to the Avs, the Steelers answer some defensive questions, the Pirates, White Sox, Yankees and Phillies have "news"... What we are watching, headlines that mean something and more on this fabulous episode!

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Well, maybe they can, maybe they can.
Monday Welcome back to the sports any idea Chris. Wow. Well done. What great technical expertise. I don't know. I don't even think we're echoing this. I don't know anybody else who does this sort of thing. Okay. I don't know who does. First, first of all, you, if you if you tune in every week on Mondays at seven, we start a little late tonight. We we've got a new show that's going to hit Mondays at six. We we broadcast it yesterday. We broadcast it tonight. We had a little issue with it.
Off the grid, uncommon grounds and we're pushing the sports boards to 730. Drop a comment. Let me know if we're echoing. I don't think we are. I think I saw that issue. But I want to thank everybody for being here. I want to thank you for watching us all over the country. Uh in Chicago, Philly, New York, Pittsburgh, and on American Busker iHeartRadio, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM. Brad Trombley, here's what he says, makes me feel wonderful, sounds good. I love it. Alright, Brad. Thank you, man. Thanks for the feedback.
The Yoko Ono of the band is saying that it also sounds good. Uh. The is back. That's just dumb.
Yoga? I like the yoke on.
I don't I don't think she's going to split us up. You understand? No. She's not. I'm I'm glad that we don't have any you know what do you call it? Um what's what's that the younger generation? Millennials? Yeah. Millennials. They'll be like who the hell's Yoko Ono? No. Yo. Yo. Oh no. No. I don't. If you're a millennial, drop a comment, you know, Yoko. Ono is. DG is in the house.
Hey, David. What's up, man? so much. Look, we got a ton of stuff. So much going on. We got queued up. Um and the the the effort, believe it or not, we have a great time doing this but the the effort is Herculean as far as I'm concerned. No, it's not. Of course, Steve's shaking his head saying no and I don't really. I just show up and everything kind of works.
That's exactly what I'm talking about. Kinda works. So, let's just dive right into this. okay? Stillers. First of all, we are a Pittsburgh-based show for those of you in Chicago and New York but we're going to have. In Philadelphia. We're going to have some and Philly, thank you. Well, I mean, if you're in Pennsylvania, you have to be a were pissing me off before the show. I basically forgotten about it.
Why don't you just get your act together? Alright, I will. But I mean, if you're in Pennsylvania, you're really a Steelers fan. That is true. So, Not really. We're going to start off. Tonight, we are going to talk about the Steelers. We got a lot to catch up on there. Um we may throw in a little bit of the Giants. We, you know, so like a little bit of the Eagles talk for you Philly fans.
The White Sox. Um. White Sox. We're going to move on to the NHL. Of course, the Stanley Cup just wrapped up. Congratulations to the Colorado Avalanche. Steve, our hockey is going to have a heck of a lot to say about that. Uh and Mark who is our Chicago reporter. He lived in Chicago for many years as well. Uh he's got a story about the White Sox tonight. Um obviously there's a lot of news about the Pirates and some excitement about the players there.
Um. Really? Got some Phillies news. But where do we go? Where? Yankees news and all that. But where do we always? I just wanted to catch everybody up to what we're doing. So they stick around for longer than two and a half. So checking in from Florida. So it wasn't that you just like hearing yourself. That's right. Well Kyle says Steve shows up and it kind of works. That's what he says.
He thought that was funny. Rhoda says we're looking good. Kyle says I heard Pittsburghers love Tom Brady. He'll. Not true. Never stop that. Not true. Paul Palmato from Palmetto is in the house. Thank you Tim for being here. Uh let's start with the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can see I've got my you know my whole thing is I'm wearing this shirt until Kenny Pickett is officially not the starting quarter How about that? We'll start with that.
Well, you better take it off. Because why you're wearing it now? Cuz he's not.
I I'm dreaming man.
Yeah. Congratulations. You already made. It's already happened. Pick it. The non-starting quarterback. By wearing that shirt. So so Steve wanted to talk a little bit this week about a podcast that Mike Tomlin has been on and and I think on now I I will admit that I I have not watched it or listened to it. I I saw a couple blurbs on security blurb as well.
But he talk he goes into the way he coaches. Mhm. And and his philosophy. So bring us up the speed on that. Yeah so if you've seen it it's called the the pivot. The is the name of the podcast. It's actually really insightful to Tomlin coaches. I think it was the first time ever like I kind of got insight into how he ticks if I can use that phrase.
And basically, he says, he doesn't come in every year thinking, you know, oh great, you know, I'm a 15-year veteran coach. I got this down. He says he comes in every year just the way he would as if he was a rookie in training camp, being a player and he said that he actually said something was really insightful. He said that as a player, he really wasn't very good And he feels like as a coach, he doesn't feel like he's very good.
And like he, you know, he goes on this tangent about, you know, man, you guys can live in that comfort **** I don't believe in comfort. I like to make myself uncomfortable everywhere I go. And I thought that was really interesting. Like, and then he also said, like, he tries to get to know his players and where they're coming in. So, he'll be there he'd be the first guy there in the locker room.
When guys come in, he's seeing where they are for that day. And he kind of coaches based off of where they are on that day. Which is really interesting because if you think about coaches in the NFL especially, they're kind of known as like hard **** Like, you're going to do it this way and you're going to get with the program or I'm going to kick you off the team.
Kinda like, you know, Belichick does. This is a definitely different approach and I have a really, I haven't really broken it down in my mind to think if that's good approach or a bad approach because it's so different than I think of when I think of a coach and you know, I didn't play any organized sports past high school. Probably most of us guys are that way and some of the girls out there too.
Um but every coach that I've always had was like, get to work, you're going to do the work this way, we're going to win games. They never really, I think they they understood who you were as a person but they never really kind of met you there on the field. Although, you know what, it it is changing now. It's much different now. Yeah. Like, for example, the Eagles coach, Nick Siriani, talks about doing that a lot.
He talks about like a big thing for him is connecting. Connecting with the players and the players connecting with each other. Right. You know, so it might be just kind of more a style that works better with today's athlete. Well, and it's interesting because if you think about some of the athletes he's had, he's had some misfits on his team. Sure. And and they've haven't really fit in other places.
Right. So, I think it does work but the question is is, do you want those types of players on your team or would you rather just a coach to kick him off the team and just get people who would conform to the team? That's a question because I don't have the answer to it. Um but what do you think about that Chris? Do you think that's a that's an interesting approach or do you think it's dumb? I I don't really know because I'm just trying to slam in all the stuff you give me right before the show starts.
So we can catch up. No I I I think that like I actually and I've been saying this for many years and and and in reference to now now my barometer for coaching the history of the Washington Redskins. And and also and also the Pittsburgh Steelers. And lately the Philadelphia Eagles. Mm. And then you could go to the Giants. You know so we're looking at the division that I pay attention to when I'm watching the Commanders or the Redskins, the Commanders.
Um and then paying attention to obviously the Steelers. You know I look at the way the the Redskins are a disaster. We don't even need to have a comment about that. The Eagles had Andy Reid for many many years and they had a great franchise for a long time with him, okay? And then they started making changes and they dropped off into the abyss and yes, they won a Super Bowl but that guy ended up really kind of lightning struck for him.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. The Giants had Tom Coughlin. Obviously, Bill Parcells, then, they went through some coaches and they end up with Tom Coughlin and and so, when I think about Tomlin and the Steelers, I've been saying this for years. I think Tomlin is actually the best coach in the NFL.
When you look at him from an overall perspective. Now, has he won multiple Super Bowls? No.
Has he been to multiple Super Bowls? Yes. Right. But what he's able to do as far as taking a team and and constantly making it competitive. The things that he talked about on the podcast, the way he, the way he tries to say, hey, look, you know, I'm I'm an ordin guy but I'm supposed to I'm supposed to inspire you. Mm hmm.
And I'm supposed to back you up. Mm hmm. And I'm supposed to help you. You're my guys. Yeah, yeah. And that's how I lead. I don't lead by saying I'm the leader. Right. I lead by saying, we're in a team. I'm the guy that has the number one chair and I'm going to do everything I can to make you successful and if that means looking at you and saying, hey, look, you know, you're screwing up.
That's what I'm going to do. So, I think he's great. That's my perspective. The other thing in you brought up the old Washington team. He did bring up Joe Gibbs. And he said the only moment, the only moment he's ever had is a head coach when he was kind of starstruck and remember, he started when he was like 35 as a head coach.
So, he had players who were younger than him when he first started assisting coaching with with Minnesota. So, and and with Tampa Bay, he said, when he when Joe Gibbs came back and was coaching, the Washington Redskins and he he got to play against him. He had to check himself because he's a he he came from Virginia. So, he grew up a Skins fan and he said, he literally had to be like, wow.
That's Joe Gibb over there. That's Joe Gibbs over there. Like, he literally was like, the only time he became like a little starstruck and I think this would probably been like in his first five years that he was in the league where he would had to actually stop himself and be like, okay, wait, I'm a head coach. This is This is a football game.
I gotta I gotta get over that. But he he said that was the one time when he could do that. And I thought that was interesting. As far as your your concept about you know he hasn't won multiple Super Bowls. Dude, there's only one other coach coaching that was one multiple Super Bowls and he's probably the best coach that ever coached the game.
So, I mean, I hate that fallacy about, you know, Tomlin, I get it. His playoff record is abysmal and let's let's just set that aside for now. If the goal is to win in Super Bowls. He's second best at that of all the coaches that are out there right now. Tied with Andy Reed and well, Payton's no longer there and who else? You know, there's Pete Carroll.
Pete Carroll. Right. Peterson. Pete Carroll. Right. Doug Pederson, is he still coaching? Right. Yeah, Jacksonville. Okay. Yeah. Right. But okay. So, so he's tied with a lot of guys but. Right. He's still in second place. If they somehow find a way to win the Super Bowl in the next couple years. He'll leap over them and be in second place. Everybody will be in second place behind Bill Belichick.
I'm sorry. That's just the way it's going to be. Yeah. Well. So, if you set him to that standard, to me, that's that's the maybe it's right standard to set him to but I think it's unfair. Yeah and I I don't think it's unfair because the bottom line is the point of playing an NFL season for every team. Mm hmm. Is to win the Super Bowl.
Now, we all know it's not going to happen every and it's not going to happen to every team. It's not going to happen to every team every year. So, there's a building block that you have to, you have to, you know, you have to set in place and then build the foundation and move it up from there. I I think he is definitely a great at keeping that foundation alive.
Now, if he can the the next level for him is going to be winning that second Super Bowl. I agree and you know, I I I think the the real question and as as a Steelers fan, I I kind of know what your answer is going to be. The real question is, how long is he going to stick around? And I can wager to say that the answer is forever unless the team, you know, falls into this, you know, three and thirteen.
He'd probably have to have like three losing seasons in a row. Right. Probably. Right. Let's get DG's coming in here. I keep seeing articles that claim that Tomlin is on the chopping block if he doesn't win. I don't see him heading anywhere unless something terribly drastic happens this year. Have you guys seen any of these articles. They talk about it every year.
Some ridiculous sports writer or broadcaster brings it up. You know, now BG does say one, one of his, one of his weaknesses is, he does have a problem managing a clock. He does. So, you know, but really, actually though, does he or does he? Yes. Well, but I'll, but I'll, I'll give you my take on it. Is it really him or is it really the offensive coordinator? No, it's because Well, but you know, but Tomlin has an interesting approach.
Tomlin is a CEO. you know, like he, he, basically lets the OC and the DC do their thing and he can override it anytime, right? But that's the way you really approaches it. I mean, he he gives the the people underneath him the power to you know, do their job. You know, and maybe it's maybe that's an area where he just needs to take over a little bit more. You know, when he's being a little bit too trusted.
don't know. I think I think I think the the clock management has been very poor but let's face it. Tomlin's not going anywhere. He'll step down whenever he's done he's done coaching and he's tired of it. I I don't think it's going to be for a while though. I really don't. And I think literally he would have to have like maybe three four, and 14 seasons in a row.
For for for the Steelers to do anything about it and not renew his contract. And by that time he wouldn't want to be brought on by anybody else. So and the chance of that happening based off this record is almost 0 percent. Yeah so let's move on Something that we did not touch on last week with the Steelers and that would be the Maker Fitzpatrick signing.
Um I spelled his name wrong. I I. Lincoln. I'm I'm so bad at that. I have to add an age. I apologize to Mika if he's watching. We got the idea. Um but we. Whoa. We haven't disagreement from Amy May with her husband. Maybe we want to bring that up. Let's yeah. Let let's bring up some new comments. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh.
Uh oh. Hello. From marriage dispute about to happen. Um what is Amy May says I disagree with my husband Tomlin's son. And I know she needs Tomlin. Uh thank you Yoko. Doesn't manage the clock well. And I agree with you Amy. Then I think Steve does too. Um I will I will say this though. You know kind of along the lines of the managing the clock and everything.
I will say that Tomlin will find himself. If he's not under scrutiny already. He's going to be under more scrutiny than ever now. Because now he doesn't have Ben Roethlisberger. You know now. I agree. You know there are still going to be people out there who say he won with Cal team. Yeah. You know, So he's going to he's oh yeah. Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, for sure. First Super Bowl. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. That's still out there. Yeah. So, they're going to it it's going to be a lot. He's got a lot more to prove now. Yes, I agree. You know. And and with Ben going and being able to, now, he's gotta take the reigns with the cube. He does. I agree with that, Mark. I think that's a really good point.
Uh Yo Carey says, you can count on him if the defense is failing. He'll take the field himself for a trip. Actually, actually, actually, Jo that was on a kickoff and he did address that in the podcast by the way. He said that he didn't actually try and trip. I think it was Jacoby Myers. Right. Right. Something like that. He said he didn't he says that he watches.
This is this was interesting too. He says he watches the kick off on the Jumbotron above. Yeah. And he said that nobody knows this but the Jumbotron is backwards when you're watching it. So he thought that he was on the other side of the field and he didn't realize that he was on the field until he saw himself on the Jumbotron and then he jumped back to get out of the way.
Now, whether that's true or not, it it sounded really good. I mean, it it sounded, I bet if you put a polygraph on him, he would have passed it. Oh yeah, absolutely. But but he did address that which I thought was pretty interesting. Amy Nay has apologized to you Schwaber so. I don't think she's apologizing going to be a rough night. Yeah. And I think she's just saying sorry for Mark.
I don't think. I I don't think Joe Carey believes that he says sure. Um. Sure. So, let's move on here. Make a make a pitch the the question is, is it a good signing? Now, I'm going to qualify that by saying because of the amount of money he got. There's no question. He's got skills. He is in a he is at least an above average safety and when he's on his game, he's one of the best savings.
Top five for sure. Right. So, but from a money perspective, good signing, money.
I say yes because you can't lose your good players but he's not, he's not really even just a good player. He is a play maker. And that is crucial in today's NFL. You know, the it's so geared towards the offense now. It's a lot of moving up and down the field and if you can take the ball away, which Minka does, that's a very, very valuable player in my mind. Okay, it looks to me on my screen like I lost you, Mark. So. Yeah, but I'm I'm back on my screen. Okay, great. Yeah. Mark, you're spinning in space on mine but you know what? As long as we can hear you, that's all that matters.
Yeah, usually when that happens, we can hear it. I, I, I, semi.
Streamyard. We we use StreamYard. It's a great service but once in a while, it actually. Yeah. Go ahead, Steve. We love StreamYard. We do. It does work well. I mean, remember when we didn't have StreamYard, we were like in the. We were using an We were it was like, hey, here we are. We are in the talking. Thoughts on Nick. Thoughts on Nick. Sorry, I'm I'm all over the place tonight.
Um Minka, I I agree. I think he is definitely a top five talent and I also agree that he can be a top 1 talent if he makes more splash plays like he did the first year he was with us. Absolutely. However last year, he didn't really do that. Now, everybody, by the way, follow me on Twitter at Burger Man and I actually tweeted this out there.
I said, I thought it would be a good signing that if if he had make more splash plays and I actually got I actually got negative feedback because everybody was like, oh come on. He was making up for that defensive line in the in the in the linebackers not being able to tackle. Well, that's true but now that they don't have that, he be able to make splash plays.
So, if he doesn't, then, what's the excuse? There will be no excuse. So, they had to sign him. If they want to keep him, they had to give him the highest-paid contract. Probably next year at this time, he'll probably be the third or fourth highest paid safety. So, be a tenth. Yeah. So, I mean, I just hope. Yes. I I I think it's I think it's a pretty good signing.
Let's talk about that other signing the Steelers made. Uh yeah, Oken Jovi, Okenjobi. Okenjobi.
Okenoby. Obi one Kajobi. Alright, so bring a but you don't know. I don't know much about the guy. Apparently, what he played for. Defensive lineman, played for the Bengals. Kinda was injured, couldn't ever pass the physical. So, people are like he's, you know, he's damaged good. Right. Don't sign him. I guess he finally passed the physical. That's the only thing I can figure why they signed him or maybe they signed him for cheap because he didn't.
It's probably low-risk, high reward. You know, it's another guy on the defense and we talked about the defensive line. It's another guy on the defensive line who can, he's actually a better pass rusher than he is a run stopper. Mm hmm. Um so you know, he's a better who's the guy wormly? Mm hmm. He's a better wormly. Essentially, when it comes down to it and so, you can't have enough of those bodies, you know, and they had 2 million dollars to give him.
So, why not? We **** that defensive line. You never know what's going to happen. You got a lot of old guys there. Anybody can go down between Alu Alu and Cam. Now, if they go down, you got an adequate backup. Sometimes, you're just a better fit on a different team. Yeah, they'll be able to have a nice rotation now. Everybody in and out. Keep keeps everybody fresh. I actually really like that signing because he's coming over from the Bengals.
Um I I I think all too many times do we discount the fact that when you bring a guy in from a from a rival that even when you go from year to year, you know, he knows a lot about that team. He knows a lot about their defensive players and I thought that was pretty funny.
That's great. Always a pleasure, you know, Carey. Always. Yo, Carey's back. Um you know, but but I I think I think what gets discounted a lot is that, you know, he he is trained. He's been through training camps, he's been through pool seasons, with the Bengals who are arguably, they're the team to beat in the division, and they they just, just the facto that because they were in the Super Bowl last year. Um, he knows how those players, he knows how the Bengals offensive linemen come off the ball. He how their defensive linemen like to play it.
He knows their tendencies. I mean, you don't think he's in a room right now revealing as much of that playbook as he was allowed to keep up here because they're technically they're not allowed to take the playbooks with them. Yeah, but I think that's a huge. I think. I think it's overrated. I do not. I really do. I do not. Yeah, I really do. Like, you know, the Eagles used to do this thing where whoever they were playing the next week, they picked somebody up off their practice squad and I and I never thought it made any difference at all.
I think the bottom line is, I mean, you have to think of it like this. Now, maybe, but like, you know, like, if we're talking about something as simple as, you know, like, you know, knuckles out or, you know, fingers out or whatever. You know, you can watch that by watching tape too. Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, David said he was in Cleveland too, and he scuffled with Rudolph. Well, I don't think Rudolph's going to be around much longer, so I don't think that's going to be a big problem, Dave. Yeah, no, I don't, I don't see that happen. Uh, so, you know I I I do feel a little better about the D line.
Definitely. Oh yeah. Uh I think it's always a good thing. Well, it can be a good thing when you take a guy like Minka and you lock him up for four years and you give him a lot of money. But also there's the other side of that. He just got paid. And sometimes you know what happens when guys just get. Yeah but he didn't get paid big money. They just paying him to stay in the stand.
Commanders. Yeah right.
That's only one they signed. Thanks guys. Yeah. I don't bring up that name. Please. That is pretty rude. Yeah. But funny.
see when Carson Wentz leads us to the division title this year. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's starting to sound like last jersey Indianapolis Colts. Yeah that'll be the best. Yeah.
tell you.
Um Yoshiri has a question real quick. Is Hayden gone? Yes, Hayden is gone. Is he gone? I thought they resigned him. No, the question is, is he coming back? Is he? Yeah. Well, yeah. I don't think he's signed. I don't think he signed anywhere and I. Yeah. I think they're they're thinking of going back and getting him and keeping. Well, if they do, it's for depth and depth only. That's it. I mean, there's nothing wrong with having death. Yeah. I mean, he he what did he get 12 million last year or something like that? Maybe he'll get four or five million this year.
I mean, get him at a discount. Play him as a nickelback or something. Um alright that kind of wraps it up for the Steelers right now. Thanks for all your comments. Let's move on here. First of all, I want to thank everybody who's watching us in Pittsburgh, Philly, New York, and Chicago and remind you that you can catch a replay of our show every Tuesday and Thursday night on American Busker iHeartRadio. Um we're really pleased to be a part of that. Uh and the reviews so far have been I'm just going to say incredible.
I love the iHeartRadio family. They welcomed us with open arms. They have. I love all the merch we're getting from them. So thank you iHeartRad all emerge.
It's common. It's just in the mail. You know, things are slow to move on the radio. I get it. It's not like the internet. Not a tracking number. It's common. Um so, let's move on to the NHL. Uh of course, we all know now that who was it that said couple weeks ago, they said Avs in five but it was Avs and said, Brad Trombley said Avs in fives and it looked like it was going to be five but it ended up being six. Could easily be in five but it wasn't. And so let move on How'd you feel about that hockey Jesus? Well, I have to say the Colorado Avalanche are worthy Stanley Cup champions. Even though they have already dented the cup? Yes.
And who did in the former Flyer? Yeah.
They don't know how to hold the cop. One of the worst guys on the flyers somehow got on their team. I guess at the trade deadline and he tripped. He's like a fourth line guy. He tripped and he fell and he dented the cup. Yep. There you Leave it up to a flyer. Yeah. That's that's classic. I actually didn't know that. Thanks for that little bit of tidbit.
And of course there's a big Pittsburgh connection there between the Av Star and the and the Penguin Star. They're great friends. Well did you hear what what he said? How he knew they were going to win tonight? No. He said he was given the hotel room 17 87. He was like once I was given that room I knew we were going to win. Oh he's friends with Crosby.
Friends with Crosby. Yeah. Who who is? Nate McKinnon. Nate. Nate McKinnon.
They work out in the off season. They're both from Cole Harbor. Um they both and that's where they work out in the off season together. Um so, I think it's interesting because Nate McKinnon had something like, I don't know, maybe 1 hundred shots on goal and scored like two goals. So, it seems like he would be the perfect fit in Pittsburgh. How many times do Pittsburgh Penguins shoot the puck and not score a damn goal? Right. Like, he would be the perfect fit on Pittsburgh. Yeah. I would love to get him but that'll never happen.
The emergence of Caleb McCar.
Yeah, McCar a super talented 23-year-old phenom. He won the Con Smythe. Mm hmm. I mean, there's just nothing to dislike about that team. They're well put together. The interesting Pittsburgh connection there is also with Jack Johnson by the way. You know, the Penguins paid him. Yeah. Paid $1. 5 million dollars of his salary. So, technically, I think the cup should come to Pittsburgh for like maybe maybe a half an hour or something like that because we paid for some of it.
You know, but it's isn't it really interesting though that I actually heard them talking on Pittsburgh Radio that Jack Johnson's a guy who was really very badly criticized here in Pittsburgh. And and and you know granted that I think there's good reason for it. He didn't really live up to the hype. But you know you go out and and you join a team that is as good as the Colorado Avalanche are.
He's surrounded by all this talent. Yeah. And he put up a very nice year. Well and the only reason he played was because one of their top. Right. Well bottom six defenseman. Yeah got injured. So, he was actually probably going to be on the bench the whole time but instead played the whole time. Right. And he played well and that's exactly right. That's about slotting a guy in the right spot.
He he's a bottom, he's a bottom, six, bottom, six defenseman. He's a five or six guy. Right. That's where the Penguins should have played him but they like to play him with the one or two pair and he just not good enough. He can't play that many. See that? That's that's like in my mind like a coaching general manager issue because you know, trying to fit him into the box of being the third overall pick in the draft.
Yeah. You know, instead of actually just assessing, alright, what is he really good at? Where does he really belong? What's going to lead him to successful? Well, hopefully, Jack will retire so we don't have to pay for his salary next year. That'd be nice to get that off the books.
It's actually one of the few times that the that the Penguins have bought out a contract. Mm hmm. And what happens is when you buy out a contract that you still have to pay that and part of it goes to your cap. I think the were terrible at it. I think they they're still paying for a lot of players. Yeah, we're playing for a few. And and it's just, it's just tough when you make bad decisions.
Like, you just want to get them off your salary. So, you can at least free up 4 million. Yeah. But then you have that one or two million that just lingers for. Mm hmm. It's kind of like the Bobby Bonita. It is. It is. It's like a Bobby Bonita thing. We're still paying for Ilya Brizgalov. Right. That's right. The goalie that you signed for like $12 million dollars. Like at least five years ago. At least.
Yeah. It's crazy how they come. Yeah, So Congratulations to Colorado. Party hard.
to, you know, put that cup back together because we'd like to bring it back to Pittsburgh next year. Alright. So, I I think ready to talk a little Chicago White Sox. Yeah, let's let's move on. Mark has a Mark has a I don't know if it's news. Well, this is actually, this is actually fun. So, hopefully, you know, this is appealing to our our our Chicago audience but I think it really just applies just to anybody and it and it's really just about the crazi of what's acceptable for today's athletes.
Okay. So, if you don't know, Chicago White Sox manager is Tony LaRusa, okay? World Series winning manager of what the Oakland A's and the Cardinals? I believe. I believe so, right? So, and he's always been old school, right? Always been old school. Well, the White Sox are having a really rough year this year with injuries. They've got 10 players injured, okay? So, in the of the white having a four-game losing streak. He came out after the game yesterday because one of his players ran slow to first, okay? And said, I just want you all to know nobody should be criticizing our players for running slow to first.
It's a recommendation made.
By our medical staff, that there are certain players based on their injury history that if it's a root ground ball. They've been told not to go full steam to first. And it's not because they don't care. They're not trying. It's because that's what we're telling them to do.
Is that insane? Yes. Is that insane? Absolutely. That sounds like one of our our headlines. Like. Right. Don't run the first base. You could get hurt. Right. That's insane. Yeah. That's insane. You know, You know apparently somebody got hurt running the first. You know, they stepped on the bag weird or something. Of course. Yeah. Like, but come on, guys. Like, you know, play ball, right? I mean, it's ridiculous how we coddle these athletes down. I agree.
And worry about, you know, and worry about it. Like, like, another example, what, you know, the combined no hitter the other night, the guy gets through seven no-hit innings. He's at 115 pitches. You can't just let him go out and try to pitch the eighth and the ninth. Okay, he lets up one hit, you take him out. Right? I mean, come on. It's not the beginning of the season where you're trying to get your arm strength up.
It's the middle of the season is Go get that. That doesn't happen anymore in baseball. They're on a pitch count. They they get the pitch so many. It doesn't matter if they got a no hitter going. If they've got a no no going. Where it's doesn't matter. They're they're out after they pitch 1 12 pitches. That's it. You're out. Right. It's like little league for the NBA major leagues. Cuz that's what they do in in little league.
Yeah. It's like you can only pitch so many pitches and then after that the next batter you gotta come out.
Mades around Chicago again says hello. Thanks for being here. They were here last week. I really appreciate that and that brings up our, that brings up our next subject, the Yanks. They got, they got no hit. No hit. 4 pitchers, no hitter. So, is a 4 pitcher, no hitter, really a no no. I say no, it's not. I say yes, it is. It has to be one pitcher and one pitcher only.
I don't care.
Why Because a no hitter is no hit in the midst of getting 27 outs. No, it's not. Well, yes. They got 27 outs. They got 27 outs with four pitchers or three pitchers or however many pitchers. It's still a no hitter.
I don't think so. It's just, you can't, you can't, you can't give the no hitter. I know. One, two, one person. I know theoretically, it is the, the team was no hit, right? you know, you can't like, what are you going to do? Like, you know, Nolan Ryan has whatever, eight, no hitters or something, right? You know what? Uh, you know, like, you're going to name four guys. Are they like tied for one no hitter with the the billion other times, four guys, pitching out? It's a great moment for the team, but I, I agree with you in the sense, like, when one guy does it, and then that laugh that guy throws that last.
Yeah. And it's an out, and everybody goes crazy. Yeah, lift him up, and it's, it's like, look how great this the picture is. I think that moment is better. Yeah, maybe that's what it is. Maybe, maybe. It's about the moment. I'll conceive that it is a no hitter but it's not special. It's not special. I agree with that. So, it's all about, it's all about the spirit of the no hitter. It's all about being able to be that one pitcher who did it all himself. Right.
Yeah and I agree. Yeah. I I had the luxury of here you go, Pirates. Pirates had a no hitter with two pitchers a while back. I had the luxury of having the Orioles like twenty years ago. Throw a no hitter And it was 4 pitchers. Actually, I think one of their pitchers pitched a no hitter last year too. Uh he did.
I've watched the Pirates get no hit by the Reds. And score runs. Yeah, right. No, no. No, no, this was a few years back. This was a few years back, probably six or seven years ago. I guess they did that twice, didn't they? They got no hit and they scored runs. Yeah. Yeah. Well, the the the real thing here about the Yanks really is more that ever in the I think it's the first no hitter thrown against them in quite a few years.
And the four previous times that had happened they went to the World Series that year. And they're certainly on fire right now. Yeah. They're they I think they're the fact. This is the fastest. They've won 50 games or even Aaron Judge is just a monster. And he's got like what? 2-5 home runs already. 27 home runs. Something like that. And talking speaking of Aaron Judge.
I saw I saw a comparison just I guess in size and and the way he throws the ball and all that between Aaron Judge and O'Neill Cruz. Did you know that O'Neill Cruz on the Pirates is six foot 7? I'll tell you what, I saw him. He's he's the show stop, right? Is he a short stop? Yeah, they say he's not going to be there for much like.
I said, man, I saw him throw that ball from shortstop. That was, that was a heater, man. They say he's going to eventually be a right fielder. That was like, that was like Sean Dunston, I ask. Yeah. It it was a bullet. Yeah. You see that throw? No, I didn't see it. It was his first game. It was. Yeah. I was like, wow.
mean if you're six seven I guess you can really well. I was like, should he be pitching? Yeah, he gives me. Yeah. Yeah. Well, he he's the kind of guy that for right now, it it he definitely has his skills and he's brought a lot of excitement to a team that is still lousy but between him and Siwinski and who's that that kid Blind Midris or something or whatever his name is.
No. Uh but they've got the makings of some young players. But listen, whenever you come up, whenever you're brought up from the minor leagues in any sport, you know, you're brought up the show. If if you're a player that does have skill and and has some of that over-the-top skill, you tend to kind of come out of the gate fast and then you start to come back Well, maybe now that we're in the dead zone for other sports, we'll have to do a little bit more of a depth analysis of the Major League.
Who we think is going to be contenders? Yeah. We'll do that for next week. So, The Candyman. Tim Palmetto says he saw the Candyman pitch a no hitter against the Dodgers in 7-6 at Three Rivers. in Delaware.
on Candelaria. What? The lefty, man. He he could really he could really flick that ball. That's how old we are. So. That's us. We know who you're talking about, Tim. So, for the Philly fans, we have out here, Bryce Harper. Oh. This is not good news for Philly fans. Bryce Harper, good news. Got hit by a pitch. Um it's a real shame because it looked like with the manager change, things were turning around.
I mean, on a slight positive, they did win two games without Bryce Harper. So, they're kind of keeping it going but how long will that last. I mean, basically, they've got, I mean, they've got all-star caliber players that really have not been playing like all stars this year and they need to play like all stars now to tied it over until hopefully Bryce can come back if he can. So, season is definitely in what was it called? In the. In jeopardy? In jeopardy. In big time jeopardy.
Are they even in a wildcard right now? Well they're like one and a half out of the wildcard. Gotcha. Yeah. So so if if Bryce Harper was playing hockey he'd be in next week playing for the Stanley Cup. But since it's baseball and you know you play a hundred and 000 games or something like that. That's around there. 214000. Under is down to 114000. Yeah they brought it back a little bit. Okay. Since you play so many games. They don't want you running too fast first base.
Right. And they've actually asked that you do the hopscotch to second base.
That's actually could be more entertaining for the Pirates. They're going to they're going to do they're going to do the whole jump rope thing to third. Yep. How do you how do you run home? I you just jog home. Yeah. No. They want you. What they want you to do is they're going to put barbed wire up and you're going to do a military crawl over somebody firing an M fifty. That sounds. That's the hard. I would go to that game.
Yeah. If if that was true I would start attending more major league want to score, they gotta make it difficult, right? Yeah. What happens if you hit a home run? You still gotta go through that obstacle course like that or it's a not a home run? No, they make you the highest paid player in baseball until the next guy hits a home run. Are you allowed to are you allowed to juice up in this world? Did somebody say action hero time? Naked juice.
Naked juice. Alright, guys. Uh we want to thank you for being here and remind you that you are watching the sports porch right now on live on Facebook and YouTube as well as Twitter on Pittsburgh, Chicago god. Philadelphia. New York. Beautiful. We're all over this planet. And if you're listening on a Tuesday night at 7 PM or a Thursday night at 7 PM on American Fusker iHeartRadio.
Thank you for being here. Um you can catch us live Monday nights at 730 PM. We're moving it back. Uh and again Tuesdays and Thursdays at seven on American Busker. Uh we got a comment. You sound like Rockin Jock from the nineties. Yeah. Or that's because well, that was our golden era. Right. Yeah. Yeah. You know. We are rocking jock. We are rocking jock. Absolutely. I'm going to pull that banner down.
More like from the 80s but and we're going to we're going to move on here. Um so, one of the one of the segments of the show that we really enjoy. Uh Mark came up with this to his credit. He likes to call it the top seven at seven. Uh what are we going to do? It's like seven and a half. What we got? Seven and a half. Seven at 730.
Yeah. So, the top seven. Seven and a half. 7. Seven and a half.
have been our top 7 action heroes of all time. Uh it's as ranked individually by us. Last week, we did our number seven and six. I I didn't even keep records as to what they were. My mine was Bruce Willis and Slice Alone. Um mine was Charlize Theron. Yep. Um Gerard Butler. And Gerard Butler. DG Fine in a way to get to us. Look at DG.
Booted from Facebook and locked out while trying to send stuff I want to know what DG had to say on Facebook to get booted. I found you on YouTube AKA DG from Florida. Thanks for watching on YouTube. Subscribe to the YouTube channel Pittsburgh Beautiful. And DG you do not have to send us anymore stars. Trust me. Uh I mean Mark just bought a new car. So. Yeah.
Uh. Thanks bud. Okay. So moving on. Moving on. Okay. Okay. Uh first fun segment of the night. We are going to do our top action heroes. Top seven action heroes of all time. This week it is going to be. Five and four. Number five and number four and as I have it set up here, we're going to start with Mark. Ooh, I don't know who this is. Mark's very excited.
Five action heroes. Who is it? Of all time. I'm going to put him up and then you can announce him is.
My man, Nick Cage. Oh, Nicholas Cage. Old Nick. So, you got Conair. You got Face Off. I actually, I don't think a lot of people like this but I'd like all those Ghost Riders. If you have ever seen them, you never know. Yeah, they're good, man. They're good.
really liked it but you know, Nick Cage, man. He's just, you know, he's, he's just, he's got a mean streak in him and a great actor and I love him, man. I love seeing the kids. Yes. I I do think it, to me, it looks like he's getting ready to fart on that motorcycle. I like that picture of him. Are you just getting ready to turn into a ghost? Okay, well, whatever.
Cuz he's a face of fire. So, number five for Mark is Nicolas Cage. Um so, we're going to go with me. Usually, I throw Steve in there but for some reason, I'm next up on the list. Oh, you know. Um but what I have to is of course I have to do eight things at once all the time on this show because nobody else wants to.
about complaining or. Yes. Yeah, you guys.
You know what? One of these days, we're going to do a pre-show show and they're not going to know. Mm. And then. That'll get us booed off Facebook in a hurry.
cancelled. Alright, right there with DJ. Hero of all time. This was actually a weird one for me because when I was thinking about the list and looking at all the action heroes that I loved watching, he he was on, he was in my top 7. He was in my top ten. He was in my top seven. Uh he actually could be my number one but he's just not when when you see the people that are above him in my list, you'll just understand why. Yeah.
But anybody who doesn't love Neo and The Matrix.
Canoe. The canoe is back. It's floating down the river. Chris's number five is Keanu Reeves. And and look at John West. Yeah they're all great but looking, nothing, nothing says action hero like Neo. Nothing. Yeah. So, it also you know, my favorite trilogy of all time. Now, it's now what do you call it? A quad quadruple league. Well, you know what? They're going to keep making. You know what? It was also kind of like the first movie where you had like the slow mo bullet.
Yes. You know, going like that. And then like the whole Right, right. Well, the the was it the Cohn Brothers? I think I I, I, I don't remember, but those movies were shot and the first one was in 19 9-9, which meant it was, it was shot and edited in ninety-seven, ninety-eight. Yeah. The special effects, when you go back and watch those. Yeah. Of course, this is nothing to do with Keanu because the special effects are, you know, CDI and all.
But when you go back and look at those movies, they hold up today. Oh, yeah. You know, they hold up today. Maybe that'll be one of our next list, the best action flicks of all time. The first, the first time. But you you missed his best movie, Speed. Speed, yeah, but he was in the speeds. Yeah. Well, I said, speed going back to speed. Mm hmm. You know, but Action Hero, Keanu Reeves. So now, we'll move on to Steve.
Steve's number five action hero of all time. Number 5. Nobody's going to like this. King Kong? No.
Sigourney Weaver. Yes, Sigourney. Alien. I mean, come on. She was the classic alien. She was, she was the one that broke the mold for all women and then they could all break in. Linda Hamilton could break in and Terminator because she did alien. And she did it so well. Like she was a **** In that in in those in those movies.
She took she took care of business. You didn't have to worry about getting eaten by an alien when she was around with that gun. Yeah. The the I I think maybe the alien in that movie actually broke the mold for aliens too. I'm serious. At the time man. With the head yeah. I mean of course you know that aliens are tired and then living in Boca Raton now.
Well yeah. I mean aliens are among us but what can you say? And of course she's in the best movie of all time. Ghostbusters. But she wasn't really an action. Is that really the movie of all time. Ghostbusters. Oh yeah. I wouldn't say it's the best movie of all time. I mean it's off there. It's gotta be up there in your top five.
Is it your best movie? Not even. Not even. I love well. We've never done movies of all time. Maybe we will. We're on the stage. It's the first time I ever went into the theater. I missed the State Puff Marshmallow Sheet. Uh scene because I was making out. Well. Well that makes perfect sense for you. To to be honest with you after the movie was over.
I wish I watched the scene and not made out. Uh huh.
Yeah. Yeah. Still regretting that to this day. That goes back. You can't go backwards in time unless you're Ia. I have no regrets.
Uh alright. Yo, Hassan is watching from on YouTube. Thank you for being. Alright, Joseph. Uh Action Hero, The Snowman, the and Fred, the dog on Smokey and the Dan Cable. What a great flick. What a great play.
Smokey and the Bandit. You thought that we'd bring up Smokey and the Bandit this evening. Thank you. But hey, that's a great movie. Awesome.
love our youth. Burt Reynolds, I guess Burt Reynolds is his top five. Yeah. Keanu, DG goes back. Keanu is also widely known. Oh, yeah. A down-to-earth, genuinely nice guy. Point blank, remember that one? Point blank, yeah, that's true. Uh, Yo, his son says, Tom Hanks, a big plane, the large, oh, and big, playing a large foot piano. Not really an action here.
I think I think Yola Song's stretching a little there. Yeah. Just stretching it a little. Yeah maybe. We'll give Lasan a little time out. So we're going we're going back to Mark. Number four on the top seven of Mark. Mark's top 7 action heroes of all time. Number four is a guy that I I will I will just preface it for me. Yeah. By saying I I find it hard to take this guy seriously.
I love him. I know you do. I I think he's under the radar. I I don't consider him under the roof. At four, he better not be under the radar. I I know he's been a lot of action. I've seen a lot of them and and they're not bad movies. Some of them are really good. But he's kind of like the Steven Seagal Yeah, see. Yeah. Steven Seagal.
You already got me. Way better. He does hold a gun with a lot of conviction. Jason Stapleton. Yes. Yeah. Now. I mean, he's the man. Now, did you did you see the Transporter series? That would be no. Well, that's, I mean, that's. That's why. That's from where he's born. Go back watch all the transporters. Yeah. Especially number one. Yeah. That's that's where. How many transporters are there? I think there's three.
And what do they transport? I'm looking at the I'm looking at like I've never seen these Transporter movies. Guys, guys, I'm looking at this picture and I think I know why Mark likes it so much. Yeah, it's it's it's all in the hair. I can tell. Yeah. But you know, he's also, he's in a ton of the Fast and the Furious movies. That's true. Another series I just don't get.
Yeah. Which I think it's it's awful. Come on, all they do is drive cars. Like, what's so fancy about that? And the the bottom line is, you know you know, he he's got a machine gun. He's gotta save a girl. You can count on him. Yeah and look, I'll give you he's a **** Yeah, he is. No doubt about it. Would I put him in the top seven action heroes of all time? No.
I would not. The reason why he's there is because I feel like he's under the radar. There you go. Well, that's okay. That's good. That's good. I'm you're bringing diversity to our country. I'm trying to tell like you will now think to yourselves. Maybe I should watch Transport. What? Let's do that. I'm I'm thinking that. Honestly, I am thinking that. Like, did I miss out on another list and it's called the top seven under the radar action here.
Uh this comment here, Yo Kerry says that Yoho Sun must be on Sassafras when we finally cleared that out. Yeah. Well, I think Mark's on a little sassafras with that last pick too there, Yokiri. Okay, so my number four is a guy we all know and love. No question about it. Um I mean, I. You're going with all the staples, aren't you? Well, probably because I grew up watching them.
Mm hmm. Just like you did. What do you got, Bruce Willis No. No. He already had Bruce. Harrison Ford. Yeah. I agree. Sure. He he belongs much higher on my list. You know, here's the thing though. I love it. I mean. You know, I I do like Harrison Ford but you know, I'm not that enamored with him. How can you not? Star Wars, Raiders of the Law School.
Indiana Jones, Tom Solo. He had some of the most classic scenes of all time. Indiana Jones and the I Gibeon. Yup. Okay. But I don't know. I I don't really feel, I mean, I know Star Wars is action but I feel like it's more sci-fi. It's not like. Well, so is aliens. Well, your show is The Matrix. Well, is sci-fi can be action. Luke Skywalker in action hero.
No, he's just like a cool sci-fi dude.
No. I I I no but he wouldn't he wouldn't, he wouldn't make my list. I think because that's all I did. Right now, BT says Staple was good in a comedic role as a spy and the spy who dumped me. Yep. Yeah. Uh Yoa's son says the pump on airbud. Uh Yolo is definitely on sale. Definitely some sassy frass smoking going on there. Yo, what's up? Yo, what's up? Okay, let's go number four for for Steve.
This is classic. The final action here hero for this week on our top seven at 7. Mark is going to disagree with this but that's okay. I don't know if Mark will disagree or not. I'm I'm going to be very interested to see and some we all know and loved There he is. Bruce Lee. Yeah, I mean, I'm not a big fan but I certainly understand him high on. Come on. The guy did every one of his, every scene that he ever did.
He did. Yeah. Never had a double. Never double. He he definitely broke the mold when it came to kung fu and action dramas. I mean, he. I mean, the guy's classic. He is coming. He has to be in a top seven. He has to be in there somewhere. He's a Kung Fu fighter. Well, He has been kung fu fighting. He's the guy that brought martial arts to the big screen. That's right. Here and I've I've watched a documentary on on his life and the conspiracy around his death.
Oh. And then the conspiracy around his son. Yeah. Right. There's no crouching tiger hidden dragon without Bruce Lee. That's absolutely right. You got it. You got it. Come on. He broke the mold and he still continues to break them all. You got that right. You gotta put innovators on your list. People motto from Palmetto just once again on Norris also an ex USAF veteran. It's really hard to go against Chuck Nolan. Yeah, we thank him for his service, of course, and you know what, Tim? It seems to me that maybe you were part of the service as well.
I don't know and if you were, we thank you for you. We thank you for your service. That's right. Yeah, there's no joke there. No. Absolutely. You're just bringing that up and usually guys that bring that up. They they served. Yeah. So, Okay, so we got, I, I just gotta, I just gotta get sorted out here.
Oh, jeez. We're prepared. Wait. Cue the music. Let's have a little delay. Music, yes. How about a, how about a little plug for iHeartRadio? Yeah, how about we do that? How about we say all our loyal listeners on American Pusker, iHeartRadio, Tuesday nights and Thursday nights at 7 PM and by the way, it, you know, we know that you've almost all, you you count that down and you wait until 7 PM.
Right. And then you get on the iHeart app and you search for American Busker Radio and then you listen to our show. Yeah. And then you turn it off. I'm going to tell you right now. Don't do that. Listen to it during the day. Mm hmm. It's the only radio station in America dedicated to nothing but any music. And I actually do listen to it now.
Yeah. It's a breath of fresh air. And I'm not. It is. It is. I'm not kidding. It's a breath of. It is. I was listening to some good reggae on there the other day. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yep. But now and there are some songs but this happens on the regular radio too. But you know you get a song stuck in your head. Mhm.
No never. That never happened to me. Really? Yeah.
Wow. And I ran. Yeah.
Rags. Just don't do that to me. So anyway, Seagulls came out tonight. Yeah. What's really weird is when you get a song that you've never heard before stuck in your head. That's what confused you. But it's an it's an awesome channel. Yo yo Kerry going Ryan Reynolds. And I don't know about that. Yeah let's get some comments in here. Uh oh and Tim Palmetto says yes I was in the US Air Force.
You were right. You called it. Thank you sir. Thanks Tim. Absolutely. 100%. USA. Joe Perry, Ryan Reynolds now. I mean I get it. We we know. We know. Um Tim Palmara says thanks again for a great show. Uh unfortunately I can't get Tarantino's version of Bruce Lee out of my mind. You know, I was thinking the exact same thing too. Did did you see that? Yeah. What was that called? Oh.
Um it's something about a street in California. Yeah. Yeah. Uh but yeah. Down and out in Los Angeles. Yeah. Yeah. But I I I think the same thing too. Okay, moving on to the next segment. One that we really really enjoy. Uh we scour the entire internet on a daily basis there's so there's so many thousands and thousands of news apps out there and sources you can get your news from and we all know the world is just upside down right now and it's really hard to figure out what matters and what doesn't.
So, what we do for you is when you tune in here, we're going to tell you what really matters and we're going to tell you by showing you headlines that mean something and let me tell you, these are, these are pretty pretty interesting. I'm going to start with Mark. Okay. Um Mark's headline tonight I'm going to queue it up here.
Um Mark actually found a headline that that solves a problem that we have here in Pittsburgh. I'm not sure we would do it the same way. Mosquitoes? But nope. Nope. Oh.
There you go, Schwab. Yeah, Florida man fills a pothole with a banana tree. Hey, that's a great idea.
So, We wouldn't use banana trees in Pittsburgh. The story is that this this guy owns a business that is located on this road. He's getting very frustrated that you know, the city or the township or whatever would not fill the potholes and eventually, they said to him, if your business is in front of the pothole, then, it's your response ability to fill the pothole. So he said, you know what? I'm going to fill the pothole with a banana tree and you know why? Because nobody's going to hit it.
They're going to see the banana tree. Great idea.
not only that. Uh. After a little while, you could stop and have a snack. Right. I mean, it's perfect. It's right. I get hungry driving all the time. I usually end up at Wendy's. But I I do think that is a very cool. Some potholes you could fit Wendy's. I think it's a very cool way of just saying to, you know, the the municipality like, you know, come on, man. Fill the bottle. He did it. He he took matters into his own. Yeah. Yeah. Good for that guy. That was bananas. Bananas and potholes. He's going to get a couple comments in here really quick.
Uh DD says thanks.
a great show. Take care. Until next time. Thank you DG. Uh Yo Carey thinks that McCauley Culkin is an action hero. Oh yeah.
Like a seven year old. Yeah. Much action. Uh and and DG gives us DG always has so much great knowledge. Once upon a time in Hollywood. There it is. That is the day. Yeah. That is safe. I did. Yeah. Yeah. They kind of make Bruce Lee look a little weak. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know. Yeah. You know, Brad Pitt took care of it. So, what we're going to do now is we're going to move on to the next deadline.
Steve spent so much time on. Chris doesn't agree with this is being kind of a a headline. I agree with it. I agree but I know why he thinks I don't I don't agree with it. We'll let the headlines speak for itself and then he can then he can make fun of me if he wants. Oh. Which he does. Of course I will.
Scientists have yet to rule out human radio interference as a signal source but it says that China says it may have received some kind of signal from aliens. But yet they're still not sure that if it was aliens or humans. Yeah. I love that. Like that makes no sense. Like the whole article is like well China has got this they've received this message and they think it came from outer state based. But then after looking at it they're thinking maybe it was just feedback from the thing that they were listening to. Yeah. So, it's like, how can that be a headline? That makes sense. This is so dumb. It's kind of like, it's kind of like, do you hear that? You hear that? Oh, it's just me.
It's like, wait, we found aliens, guys. There they are. Yeah. Oh, wait. That's just the echo. And I'm sorry. I put, I, I, I put that. Your technical director put that red arrow on there. That way, you were supposed to read that second. Because you told me that was the real headline. Well, the problem is is some of our likes, which we have many on here, are kind of rolling into the headlines, so it's hard for me to read.
Sorry about that. That's okay. You know, I the likes. I'd rather see the likes than the headline. Okay. So, you know, that really does mean something if they found aliens because it validates me and makes you guys look terrible for making fun of me. We we already know they found the A. Well, no, I mean, I I think what's remarkable, you know, and groundbreaking about this new story is that they've either found aliens or they haven't.
So, sounds to me like, we don't know.
And that's kind of we are, huh? I love it. Yo, Carrie says it's the Sports Sports Reverb on China, iTunes. I think you're right, Yogi. You're probably right. Yeah. We're messing up. They think we're aliens which is probably somewhat true. Yeah. I'm an alien. At least one third of us are aliens. I'm telling you.
Yes. Yeah, we already know. Okay. So, the last headline of the night that means something. Right. Uh I I read this and I'm going to preface this by saying, it it does involve and somebody's life was trash and and I'm being serious.
Somebody's two people's lives were tragically ended on this headline and I am not making fun of that. That's a horrible thing. But it but it kind of speaks to how how crazy this country is getting. And if you just take it for the words it's really a headline. It kind of fits. I I'm just going to put it up there.
Subway customer shoots workers killing one during argument over too much Wow.
Too much mayo. Wow. So, what I want to really know is is mayo worth a life. Is that where we're getting to? That you get pissed off at Subway because your sandwich doesn't have or has too much mayo. so you kill someone. I don't think my sandwich could have too much mayo on it. I'm just saying, you know, personal. I love mayo. I very much dislike mayo. Do you? So, you could you like if you had a gun.
Where they're I'm a I'm a big I'm a big Mayo fan so you you could slop it on. You could be dripping on me. I'm good with it. Yeah. See and I was I was conflicted about this. But but the way I the way I do this when I scour the internet for these headlines is if it jumps out of me like guys that's stupid. Yeah. That is. That's the head.
That's the headline that means. But that is a classic for where we are today. It is. You know. Unbelievable. Everybody can get newsy. Unbelievable. Subway customers. Probably at Subway. He probably walked in for a good one. And he got right? Right. What I want to know is what what would happen to the guy, what happens if you get too much mayonnaise or not too much mustard? Maybe he likes mustard. I mean, do they throw rocks at Use it, use a glock for that one.
That's a glock.
Get your rifle out. Alright. So, let's get that off the screen. Once again, thanks for watching us on Pittsburgh Beautiful Chicago, Philly, and New York as well. We're on Twitter and YouTube. We've had a lot of YouTube watchers tonight. We have people from all over the country and all over the world. Jesse Smollett strikes again. Listen, to him. Listen to us on American Musker, iHeartRadio, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Uh Yo Carey also says you hear about the bullfight.
Bull fight in Columbia. The stadium fell down killing some people. Mm hmm. Um yeah, I heard about that. It's not a headline I put up but yes, you go carry you're right. That is sad. No, you just set up gun murder. Yeah, and yeah, we're not going to laugh. Well, we didn't know. I know. In all seriousness, that is terrible. It is terrible. Yeah. It is terrible. Yeah. Thanks. Um last set.
Last segment of the night. Uh we like to talk about what we're watching, what we're streaming. Um so, what we're watching, I'm going to start with Mark real quick. I'll cue it up for you, Mark. And it's actually at the top of my queue. There it is. Stan Tucci. Go ahead. Search your free to later. Searching for free standing. No. No. Well. I do like Stanley too, Chad. Well, we know you haven't seen it because it's on CNN.
Right. Um.
reveal. Wow.
Sorry. Who watches CNN? The four people that watch CNN. Yeah. Yeah. Aside from why is this what anybody should be watching? Aside from that, I, you know, the easiest, the easiest way to kind of give you an idea on this one is, it's, it's really as simple as, have you seen Anthony Bourdain's show? I have. If you, if you like Anthony Bourdain's show, you would like this show. It's very similar. Now, Bourdain is a little crazier.
You know, he's, he's out eating like, you know, pig's eyes and stuff like that. Chris loves Italy, you know, but if you love, if you love Italy, you get to see All these kind of rare places in Italy and kind of rare places to to to get great food and you know kind of see how the land, you know, works to, you know, you know, make the greatest grapes and the greatest tomatoes in the world, all that kind of stuff.
It's it's really good. It's really good. You learn a lot. Oh, I love it. I think you're absolutely love. Well, the the the first question I have about this is this is my Italian dog, Yeah. Now, you know why. Now, now you know why Harrison Ford is one of my favorite action figures. Thank you. Yeah. Pittsburgh Property Diva. Thanks. Uh. Thanks for wrapping the show. Uh obviously, our she she gets she's adding some brevity to the show.
We're much too serious here. Yes, she is. Our biggest sponsor and my lovely wife. My question about searching for Italy for Stanley Tucci is first of all, you're Italian. Yeah. And second of all, both sides. Why do you have to search for Italy? Everybody knows where it is. Especially in Italian Well, Chris, your dogs want some. Although, although, although that statement that you just made there, it's a show for intelligent people. So, maybe you shouldn't tune in.
Gotcha. Yeah. I was. Might be above your head. I will.
He blocked CNN. That being said, the next show on our list of of what you should be watching as I completely it's at the end of the show, the technical director is getting tired. Um. Whoo. Let's a long show. It has. This is this is Steve. Steve Emailed me this show basically during the show. Uh and. The show during the show. Unrivaled.
This is something you absolutely have to watch. If you've watched any hockey game in your life and you know anything about rivalries, this is the show of all shows. This basically talks about how the Colorado Avalanche when they really first moved to Colorado were basically in this brutal for about 10 years with the Detroit Red Wings over supremacy in the Western Conference really when it comes down to it and there were a series of how do I say unfortunate hits? where Claude Lemieux basically Claude Lemieux is the villain in this.
Right? Yeah. Claude Lemieux if if if you don't remember was just a master of just getting underneath your skin. You know. He was the he was the true bu of of yesteryear, right? He was also a great player too. He was he was a much better player than than Truba was. But so anyway, he he got into some trouble when he cross checked Chris Draper into the boards and basically broke his face.
Mm. Literally broke his face. Like multiple concussions, multiple broken bones, chipped teeth, you know, broke his nose, the whole everything about it. And it's basically what happened after that. McCarty jumped in and there was this back and forth but the teams were great teams and and and they played in Western Conference Finals and they were just bloodbass when whenever they wanted to decide to just go after each other.
Um but some of the some of the stories behind it like for example Chris Draper never really reconciled with Lemieux. But they had McCarty and Lemieux together pretty much for the whole show. And they've basically said look when Lemieux jumped me the last time and we went at it.
was it. It was just like that's what men do out on the ice. They fight it out and it's over.
Let's move on. So, if you're a hockey fan, you definitely want to. Excellent. If you remember the the late 19nineties, the mid to late 19nineties. This is you, this is must watch TV. Nice. Thank you, sir. So, moving on to I I actually talked about this earlier on on our new show Off the Grid. This is a show that I watched on Apple TV Plus that that I I fell in love with.
Uh it's based on a novel. It's a period piece in England. It's called the Essex Serpent. It stars Claire Daines and Tom Hiddleston. Um and it's kind of like a you know there's a serpent in Essex and this woman falls in love with a married priest and she she's also trying to her husband had died and she's trying to she's a scientist and it's in the the the early nineteen hundreds.
Um but the cinematography is incredible. The acting I mean Tom Hiddleston and Claire Daines. Um. Oh Ellie Clinton. Great and and their chemistry is it's outstanding. If you like period pieces, you're definitely going to want to pick this up. It's on Apple TV Plus. So. So, better than the chemistry of Claire Daines and drawing a blank on the guy's name from Billions that you love. Uh Damien, sorry. Yeah. In in Homeland.
Yeah. Better than that chemistry. Um oh, Homeland, right? It is I I never watched Homeland.
that's minus. So, that's a big minus. Again, it's but it's probably a show that's above my head. It probably is. Also, just another representation of selfish walking. That's right. That's right. That's right. You know, my my in-laws used to tell me to watch Homeland all the time. Yeah. Well, because they were my in-laws. I said, no. So, no, I'm just kidding. The right in-laws are the wrong in laws. Uh.
I think your son needs to turn on.
Yo, Says, I'm watching a sixty-inch Sony. That's incredible.
Um says hello mama, Chris. Uh not sure what that means. Maybe you'll clarify. Um. Or not. That here. So listen everybody. We want to thank you once again for watching the Sports Porch on Pittsburgh Beautiful. As well as Chicago, Philly, and New York. We're bringing the show nationwide and worldwide also on American Busker iHeartRadio. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM. We have a programming note and we will make sure to post this on all of our social media.
don't forget subscribe to our YouTube channel. Pick us up on Twitter on the Sports Porch as well. Next week, we will be starting the sports porch at 730 PM Eastern Standard Time. Prior to that at 6 PM, there will be a new show that Mark and I have slammed together which we think is actually pretty good. Mm hmm. Called off the grid, uncommon ground. Uh you can follow them on Facebook as well or follow us there on Facebook as well.
Any parting shots, guys? It's all I got.
Till next week. Another great show. Steve. Till next week. Till next week. Let's do it again. Say goodbye to Philly, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and we're signing out. Thanks guys for a great show. We love you all.