Sept. 6, 2022

The Sports Porch - Happy Labor Day!

It's Steeler's season prediction time! We predict every Steelers game and their record this year. And our top three games for this week... Headlines, what we're watching and more. Happy Labor Day on the Porch!

It's Steeler's season prediction time! We predict every Steelers game and their record this year. And our top three games for this week... Headlines, what we're watching and more. Happy Labor Day on the Porch!

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Have you ever seen two white guys dance? The way these two guys dance. By the way, welcome to the Sports Porch On Monday night, we have just discovered that butter changes everything. It does. Butter changes everything. What's the theme for tonight? I knew that for a long time. Thanks for being here everybody. We're so happy you're here and we're so happy to be on American Busker iHeartRadio, 150 million registered users, 2000 devices.
We already have so. Uh 150 platforms. What? What's going on? We got a comment coming. Johnny's already the Steelers Why don't you just oh Donnie Why don't you just relax? Hey Donnie. If there was an EFC North I think they would be in first place. And Donnie's down at Donsy's. And yeah. I wanted I want everybody to see down here below us in the ticker. The Porch es Live. com. The Porch es Live.
com. And listen Um man, football season is here. So, listen. It's here to be.
here. We don't have. It starts this week. We don't have to hear you say dead zone one more time. That's right. Yes, god. You just said it for the last time. Thank you, Schwab or say it. I am Chris. That guy over there is Steve. That guy down there is Mark. We are on the same porch, believe it or not.
And we are here to entertain you and more so entertain ourselves.
And this week, we're going to start off with first of all, let's just go to the pit game because we talked about this. What's good? We're going to pay, we're going to pay homage.
Hail the pit. It was awesome to see the backyard brawl. It was awesome to see 70, 000 people at Heinz Field or the field formerly known as Pines. The Likes to call it the act. And it wasn't seventy thousand. It was only 69, 983. They were exactly 17 people short. Ooh. Okay and I'm sure that's a fact. So what I want to know is and Steve early on in the game. We're going to make this brief because we get a lot of Steelers and NFL stuff.
DG says hello. What's up DG in the house? Neil, what does he say? Neil Brown gave it away on fourth and inches. Oh, he must be the West Virginia. There you go.
He did. You gotta whisper. He did. Listen. It was game over if they get that. I'm going to give you my take real quick. I don't know that. My take. **** Slovis, performed well. He's no Kenny Pickett. I don't think anybody thought he was going to be but if you remember, Kenny Pickett started his career pretty slow. I knew it. I think Slovis looked pretty good. What about you guys? No, I thought you looked terrible in the first half.
I knew he was. All of his completions were on that deep ball. If he hits two or three of those deep balls, they're winning like 287 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, I think he needs some work but. Lot of pressure on that. He did make me see the white a little bit, Chris. I have to say, there was a lot of pressure on the kid. He's still a kid. He's still learning the system.
So, maybe I was a little critical of him. Actually, I was down at the game for some tailgating ahead of time. I was not part of the sixty-nine nine eighty-three though. I did not stay for the game but I can tell you, there were a lot of WVU fans down there. It was actually, this is what is good about college football. I'm not a huge college football guy but when you have these local rivalries and and they're together and they're what? Just apart.
Yeah. I mean, it's what's good about college, college sports for sure and I love it. I I thought it was fun being down there but no, I think I think Pitt deserved to win the game. I didn't see the second half because I had to get up early in the morning but watching the highlights, they deserve the win. I What do you think, Mark? Uh well, it was one of the same.
I mean, good for Pitt. You know, they won the game. Um. They did.
Pitt. But. They didn't pit. Yeah. I mean, to be honest, in watching the game, my thought was it was one of those where West Virginia more lost it than Pitt winning it. It just had that feel. I mean, it it seemed like, you know, there was a fourth and one with like 5 minutes left at the fifty-yard line.
And and like, you know, West Virginia's got this guy that couldn't be stopped at all And they just decide to punish. Yeah, they decide to pun it away. It was just a very like soft move and then, of course, like, you know, you know, so give credit, you know, pick credit to come down, they score but then, like, oh my god, I mean, like, the, the, the interception right through his hands. I mean, it was like a gift. It was a gift. Yeah, that guy was making a lot of. He was and he was like the best player.
So. Yeah.
So, that's the game. That's the game. I think the more important thing is it was great. It was great to see it. Um. And I do think it's lie that they said that it was the largest crowd ever at the act because that's garbage. I mean, are you telling me that what what they do? Like let two more people in that went to a Steelers playoff game? I mean, I don't know. I don't know.
No, dude. They added seats. This is what people forget. That whole end zone, remember that whole end zone. Uh huh. It's empty. They didn't have seats in the end zone for what the first 10 years. Right. And then they added seats in the back. So, now they're more people can be. Yeah. In the stadium. Well. They haven't hosted a playoff game. Actually, Triblock did a really good thing about Pittsburgh Sports in the top five.
Actually, the one previous two on the Pit PSU game in which had about the same.
They there was a pit Fordham game at Pitt Stadium in nineteen thirty-eight that actually held the record.
Which is amazing. See, I refuse to believe all of this. Nineteen. Yeah. I refuse to believe we're even talking about it and he took notes on it. So, I don't know. I don't know what's going on. It's important. I mean, you know. Listen, Mike.
Pennsylvania, football is king, but who knew that that right now football draws more than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well, at least for that game, Mike Lawrence also says, how did they get 70, 000 plus? Well, I think we answered that. That's how. CD says WVU should have run that freshman more. Couldn't agree with you more CD. Donaldson, absolutely Donnie Morris and CD's Glad Pit one. So, that being said and by and by the way, one more thing though.
Go for it. The Pit Coach is ridiculously full of himself. I know. You think so? That whole thing with ESPN. Yeah. For the game. I mean, it's like, like, settle down, like, you know, you did get blown out in your ball game last year. Yeah, yeah. You know, I mean, come on now. But Pickett didn't die. Did play? Yeah, we did. Yeah, Pickett didn't play.
But but still. Alright. He did Western or Michigan's running back? Right. Right. Walker who's the star in the star. Look, that's enough about pit football for now because as we know, it's always an up and down thing with them and who the hell knows what's going to happen later on? That's right. He's the guy he's on. Yeah. Yeah. He's going to be a good you you need to play him more down there at So, moving on same with that.
Moving on to the topic of the day, of course, by now, everybody's heard that the Steelers have officially named Trubisky, the starting quarterback but what what all what the kerfuffle is about is that Mason Rudolph was listed as number two on the death chart. Who said it? Who said it? You did but you know what? I I I honestly, I'm listening to Sports Radio and all that.
What comes to mind for me is, who cares? Yeah. Although, you know what they care. Although you know what that does mean though It does mean one thing. And that means that Mason Rudolph is going to dress as the backup. Yep. Is that clear? There's there's no way Kenny Pickett is listed as number three's dressing. So you know Pitt fans like I mean well yeah Pitt fans. Kenny Pickett fans.
You know. Relax. Because you know if Trubisky gets hurt you know in the middle of the game you're not going to see Kenny Pickett coming in the game. It's going to be Mason Rudolph. Now maybe if it's for a long stretch they go to Kenny. It's actually a really good move by the Steelers. Because now you can't say put in Kenny. Right. It's right. Yeah can't put him in.
Right. Right. It really makes a lot of sense. It does make sense. And that's what I said from the beginning and you guys refuse to listen to me. Maybe next week. Yeah. Well, we make it a habit of refusing to listen to you. No, I I listened. I I didn't believe that he was going anywhere. Look, what's going to happen is that Trubisky gets hurt, going to finish the game, and then Pickett will dress and he'll probably start the very next game.
We all know what's going to happen. I I just I I think we we as in the collective media and fan base in any professional sports franchise. Sometimes make too much of the little things. And and everybody I'm a picket groupie. But I this doesn't surprise me and honestly who cares? Alright. If Trubisky is in and he wins that's all anybody really cares about. Right? Correct. Um. Yes, I agree.
Alright. So, let's move on to. Let's break down the Steelers schedule.
Predictions, losses. Absolutely. So, what we're going to do here is we are going to predict the Steelers and and in doing that, I am actually going to bring up. Uh oh. The Steelers schedule because I am. We're three and oh going into the the regular season. The most incredible technical.
Carryover, right? Of all time. Of all time. I'm going to put myself down here on the bottom because I know that Schwaber doesn't doesn't like to you want to just stop talking? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I'm having Tommy. I'm having technical issues already guys. Alright, let's take a look at week one. Yeah. Week one, obviously. Who you got winning? Who you got losing? At Cincinnati, lots. Simple. For me, loss, Steelers are all in one. Yeah. Uh I'm going to say loss oh and one.
Okay. It's really that simple. I mean, Cincinnati is ready to go. I I think they're going to have a hangover but I don't think it's going to be starting against the Steelers. If I would have seen something better in the preseason from the line, I might have picked the Steelers in this one but I just didn't see that. Um agree. Now, Donnie Morris says, we have a tremendous backfield on offense. The line gets too much hate right now. Nobody's talking about WVU. We're done talking about that.
Yeah, you're right. Never mind.
CD says a loss. Okay. So, week two. Patriots, Steelers. Patriots, Steelers. Steve. Win.
Loss, oh and two. Yeah, I'm saying a loss for that one too. Nope, you're wrong. Here's why they're going to beat the Patriots. Okay. I I I think their home field advantage The crowd going to be into it and I think they're just not going to get embarrassed at home. I just don't see it happening. Okay. And Donnie says he was talking about this. Jones looked like **** in the preseason too. They don't really have a running game. So what are they going to do? Beat us defensively? I I don't know but Donnie was Donnie was talking about the Steelers so.
Oh okay. Sorry Donnie.
Uh so I I just thought I'd bring that out for you. Okay. Alright. So we got we got what do you have? A victory? A win? Oh yeah. There there be a Okay. Okay.
Steelers versus Browns.
So here's the thing about this one. It's a night game. It's a night game and it's a short window. So, they play Sunday and then they gotta play Thursday Lost.
I got lost. I got a loss. I got the Steelers at Ellen. Oh and three. You guys. Me too.
a even brutal on time. My sleeve. Well, you've got an offensive line. Okay, next one. Jets.
Oh and three. I promise you. You will feel you might be interested by the way this all ends up for me.
fans, they are not going to go on three. These guys have no idea. So, you got a victory on that one? No, they're lose to the Browns. Oh, okay. Alright. Okay. Jets versus Steelers.
Well, of course, we're all going to say win because the Jets are horrible, terrible.
Steelers get on the board, one and three. I say that's a loss.
I I think I think we're looking at an oh and seventeen. No, no, no, no. No, no, no. Is that, is that four? Oh yeah, they're they're going oh and four. Dude, if they start oh and four, Kenny Pickett will be starting the fifth game. Like I said, I'm a pick a groupie. Okay. Next week's going. Well, on Steelers. Start oh and four. I'd be concerned because next week is Steelers at Bills.
That's a loss. Bills. Come on. It's like playing at Cincinnati. Just and they beat them last year. So it's almost like the Bills have to go out of their way. Not just to beat us. But the literally embarrass us. Yeah. And I think they will. So you got a lot too. I'm at one and four. I got a loss. I'm an oh and five.
Guys, they're not that bad. They're bad. Alright.
Alrighty. Alright, we have Buccaneers versus Steelers. Which by the way, we will be at that game in a luxury box broadcasting sports. Doesn't get any easier, does it, guys? So. Tom Brady and the Bucks. I think this is one of those games that's like something the Steelers are going to have to win if they have one and have any chance at a winning record because I know it's Tom Brady but I mean nobody knows if Godwin's still going to be playing.
You know, he took the knee brace off today. They don't really have all their weapons. Their offensive line has been decimated. They lost their starting center and they lost their, I think their right tackle. So, Brady's not going to be in, you know, go be able to go back and just sit around and wait for something to be open and throw it. He's going to have to play the Ben Roethlisberger game this year which is drop back, throw it in less than two seconds again.
I think This game is going to be a really interesting game. I am picking the Steelers to lose this game but I think this is one of those games where it can go either way. All that for a loss. I think Tom Terrific gets it done in their one and five. I take the to win that one. Mm hmm. They're on the board. They're one and five. Okay. I think they can. I think that's a game that they can definitely win.
Steelers at the Dolphins. So they go. Sunday night. So they go to the fish.
At Miami it. It's a win.
I think it's a win. The Steelers you know the the Dolphins take them for granted at one five. The Steelers surprised them. They're two and five. Alright. Get to Tua. Next game, Steelers at the Eagles. This is an easy one.
Oh yeah. It's an easy one. They they're going to lose. The Eagles are going to be pretty good this year. So, I I have them lose. I think they're going to lose. I think they can beat the Eagles at home but I don't think they. Yeah, the main reason the Steelers don't win in Philly very often. I think the last time they, hey, it took a pretty bad loss in Philly. Which is why I'm picking them to win this game. Okay, absolutely. Alright. Okay. So, wait. So, this is the halfway mark. So, so. What do you got? I got the Steelers at three at five going into the by week.
What do you have? It's it's more, oh, I got them at two and six. And I've got them at and five. See? Mm. I started out oh and five and I'm at three and five. So here's here's my prediction. If the Steelers go two and six in the first eight games. Mhm. Kenny Pickett starts game nine. That's my prediction. He's very well made. Because at that point you might as well because their season's over. If they if they're two and six they're done. So they might as well just begin the future right now. And for those of you leaving comments we'll go back after we do our records and we'll we'll go through your comments and answer your questions.
We get a lot of comments coming in here. Okay.
Uh we moving on to the next game after the by week. Saints at the Steelers Saints at the Steelers. Come on. They're going to they're going to beat the Saints. There's no way there's no way that Winston's going to be able to do anything against them. There's just no way. I agree the Steelers win this one. They're crawling back at three and six.
Um you can't say no to the playoffs just yet. I give them a win this one too just because they have to win. Yeah. And I I feel so yeah. Alright. Follow that up with another Sunday night game. Bengals are in town. The rematch. Do they put a whooping on the on on the this is this is another one of those games. Like I was saying you know, against the against who do I say it was against Tampa Bay? I think this is another one of those games where the Steelers have to win this game if they they want to do something.
spa and they're not going to win it. I don't I just don't see him. I just don't see him beating. I agree. You know, they they just came off a couple wins and you know, there's hope and they realize that Mitch Trubisky is not the answer. They go down They're three and seven and next week against the I actually think the reason they lose this game comes in. I I actually think they lose this game.
Very dramatic. Pickett will be starting by then. Yeah. And and Pickett's not going to be Cincinnati. Okay. Alright. Well, Trubisky's plays this game. I think they got a chance to I have them beating the Bengals because it's a rivalry game and they lost the first one. So, I have them at five and five, guys. Believe it or not. Next game, Squabber, you you want to announce these games so bad. I'm going to let you.
Steelers versus Colts. Kenny Pickett makes his debut. Is that the Colts, no. Yes, he makes his debut. Tomlin's not afraid of anybody. He he's not going to make his. But it's a dismal performance and everybody is reeling. The Steelers are now three dates. Once again, if Pickett's playing by this time, there's no way he's going to go into and by this time, the defensive line's probably They're not going to be able to stop Jonathan Taylor and you know, you still got Matt Ryan slinging the ball there.
Advantage Colts. I and I think I think we picked the Colts in the playoffs too. So, I think they're a really good team. I think he picked them to win the Super Bowl. He did. I did. He he's their Super Bowl winner. Yeah, I've got I've got the Steelers losing to the Colts. They're now five and six. Okay Now, we've got the Steelers. Maybe, maybe getting a little breath of fresh air, playing the Yeah, the Falcons are awesome. They're going to easily beat the Falcons, Kenny Pickett gets his first win under center. They're now four and eight and people are talking about the next Ben Roethlisberger.
The Steelers are horrible in trap games. Uh no. They're they're horrible in trap games against horrible teams. They always play down to their competition. They lose this game to the Falcons. They're now five and seven.
Next game, Schwaber.
Ravens versus Steelers at home. Why is it that we always play Baltimore at the end of the season every year? Can the NFL schedule makers allow us to play Baltimore like in the first four or five games? Because they figure it's going to be a close record and I know but they can make one. I'm making that up. I don't know. One in the later season. I don't understand this playing Baltimore. Like we play him twice in four weeks. That's just the dumbest thing I think that the NFL. It is but who wins the game? Yeah, I I don't I don't really, I don't really believe that.
So, I I don't know. I I got Baltimore. I got them once again. This is another one of those games where it's going to come down to a field goal at the end and I like Tucker when it comes down to a field goal. So, Robert going to be really close. The legend of Kenny Pickett begins to take on Steam. The Steelers in a big upset. They're now five and eight and fans are saying the playoffs are not out of reach. I have the Steelers winning this game Um and they are now six and seven.
Alright, next game, Steelers get the Panthers at the Act. No, they play at. Oh, they play at Carolinaside. They're playing at Carolina. So much for the app. I love the app. No, I know you do. The Act at the Carolina. The field formerly known as Heinz. I think I think they could be Carolina. I think they're going to be a better team but I I don't think Carolina's going to be that great.
By this time, Baker Mayfield is back to Baker Mayfield being the machine that he is. Uh I think the Steelers win this game. Carolina stinks. Steelers win. They're six and eight and they've won three in a row and the town is a buzz. I I don't think the Steelers can handle Christian McCaffrey if he's still in that game. Uh and Baker Mayfield has something to prove. He'll be long injured by then.
I'm giving him a loss. They're now six and eight.
Next game. Next game.
Raiders, Steelers, often a very tricky opponent for this club. Yeah, Christmas Eve game two. This is a really tough one to pick.
I like the Raiders this year and I think they get their revenge in the this will be the what the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception. Yes, it will. So, I'm going with the Raiders Revenge Immaculate Reception, 50-year anniversary.
In the first quarter, Devonte Adams pulls a hammy. He's out of the game and the Steelers win four in a row and the fans are saying, playoffs.
I have the Steelers winning this game and they are now seven and eight.
I I can't I can't match the end. And I now have the Steelers at seven and 8. We've gone from three and eight to seven and 8. You got it. You got it. Next game Steelers at Ravens. New Year's Day. New Year's Day. And this same old Steelers lost. This is this is when Cinderella comes to its end.
The Ravens at Lamar Jackson.
He's hard to tackle.
You know, it's third and five and it's a fifty-yard run. Yeah. You're getting really specific.
It's now. Write down, write it down. Yeah. And they're now.
part of the seven tricks. They're now seven and nine and they need about eight things to happen in the last week to make the playoffs.
Yeah. Very likely. Well, they get to play against Browns in the last game. Does that help? Yeah. And I I have them losing to the Ravens by the way. I haven't been seven and nine as well. So, Browns, last game.
Browns lose to the Steelers. Kenny Pickett shows why he's the future of this club. They finish eight and nine. They win five out of their last six games and they're feeling good about going in the next year.
Which is awful. They they will beat the They will beat the Browns. I have them going seven and 10. They beat the Browns but they're going seven and ten on the year. Homers got them at seven and ten and we've got them at eight and 9. We got them at eight and nine. I'll tell you what guys. It's only one game difference. Yep. Yeah. It really is. And like I said the the games the games where I think they can make it out.
Is they can definitely make it up when they play Cincinnati at home. When they play Baltimore at home. When they play the Raiders at home. And I think they're going to win the Browns. And you guys don't have them beating the Patriots. But I think that's another one of those games. So, in those games, I have them going two and three but if they win all those games, they could, they could be ten and seven.
I just don't see them winning those close games especially if they sour and I've got them going three and five and going into the by week. That leads that question of Kenny Pickett. This is the problem with drafting Kenny Pickett number one. He's always going to be there in the background if they start off like you guys say. Oh and four. Mm hmm. Oh my god. This town's going to go eight **** for Kenny Peck.
Yeah, of course. They already have.
And it won't matter what Trubisky does. I will be, I'll be on that if Trubisky throws eight interceptions and he has two touchdowns. I'll be right there with you guys. But I don't think that's going to be the case. I think everybody thinks that our defense is going to be better than they are. And I I think this is this is where I may disagree with some of you Steelers fans out there.
If I do, please leave a comment.
But I just don't think their defense is going to be good enough to to win the gains. Yeah. And let the only way they're going to do it is if they get turnovers and you don't ever know when that's going to happen. I agree. I I the other thing that I think is you know this it's sort of like this is kind of a season that in a way it's almost like it's a no-win situation. Because the best case scenario for just flat out talking about winning.
I could see them going on a 10 and seven record and maybe making the playoffs. But that's only going to be if Mitchell starts every game. Right. And then the downside of that is now Kenny Pickett hasn't done anything yet. And so when he eventually takes it's like you basically pushed back his progress a year. Yeah. Well, you know, we'll see. Uh I'm going to get these comments in. We got a whole bunch of em. Uh Donnie Says this is awesome dudes, great live stream.
Of course, we knew that already but thank you. Um. Glad to have you on board. He also says we lost you an awful Jets team with Bell a few years ago. That's what I'm talking about. Yo, Carey Boswell getting engaged is bad news. He will pull his groin and miss his kicks. Bad. Um. Hopefully he won't have to pull his groin anymore, Carrie. Yeah, Richard who I believe is in Mechanicsburg says, so at what point did they make pick of the starter? We've kind of addressed that.
We all said midfield. Richard, do you think it's going to be mid season especially if they start off Ellen four? It could be sooner. Yeah. They're not going to start off oh and four by the way. These guys are in on crack tonight. Donnie says this is amazing, you guys. I have to disagree with the lost colu Uh Yo Carey in the house says man you guys are super negative. We will win the North. Um Donnie's back to Saint Mark.
says we'll make the playoffs so it must be true. Well Madden's a good Hey Fee says we're going to I I by the way I doubt he said we're going to make plays. No.
Yeah. I don't I I mean I don't listen to him a whole lot. Um Tim Pomato from Palmetto has him at nine and eight.
See, Tim's of thinking that we could beat Baltimore at home and or the Raiders at home and maybe even Cincinnati at home. That's the difference between him and me. And Donny disagrees 100% with us.
On all. Weakest link is the O one. Well, we do agree that the weakest link on this team is the O line. Absolutely. Um Bush has to relearn to to tackle to stop the run. That's what CD says. And DG chiming in here by Hooker by Crook. I see the Steelers maintaining Tomlin's winning record with a nine and 8 season. Well, David, I'm putting an asterisk by mine. I'm going to take the three wins in the preseason and say they went 10 and 10.
There you go. Hey. Yeah. There's always a silver lining and there you go. Cloud. Uh alright.
So, there you have it. I've got em at eight, nine, Schwaber's got em at eight, nine. Steve has in what? 7 and 10, right? 7 and 10. 7 and 10. Yo, Carrie thinks mobile QBs will pull more wins. So, moving on. Every week, we are going to make three specialty picks. Your Thursday night game, your Saturday your Sunday night game. And a game that we determined to be the game of the week. Other than the Steelers. Yes. And we'll probably try to predict the Steelers because that could be.
Oh yeah. The Steelers were predicting. We just predicted this game. So roll out the first game. Alright so the first game this week of course is the first game of the year. Bills at the Rams. Thursday night. I'd I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited about this. Um so let's start with you Schwabber. What's your pick? We're going to keep track of this throughout the season. I always find that the team that is the Super Bowl often wins that first game at home.
So, I am going to go with the Rams over the Bills.
Doesn't mean the Bills are going to have a bad season by any stretch but I just think they'll win that game. Mark takes the Rams. I like the Bills in this game and I think I think the Rams are off to not so good start, you know, with Stafford's shoulder being injured. I think there's some doubts there. They don't have. Bug on my screen. They don't have, they don't have Beckham back yet. He probably going to be back form but I mean, they do Allen Robinson. I'm hoping for Allen Robinson to catch seven balls for 125 yards and three touchdowns.
I wonder why. I still think they're going to lose.
Uh I'm going with the Bills. I'll make it simple.
So Chris takes the Bills. Mark takes the Rams. Steve takes the Bills. The next game, Sunday night, the Buccaneers at the Cowboys. Steve, what do you think? Well, you know, I like the Cowboys. I think the Cowboys are a better team than everybody's give them credit for. I know, you know, the trendy team the Philadelphia Eagles because they made they did make some good moves. I'm not going to lie. I think they made some good moves in the off season but I think is for real.
I'd like Zeke and Pauler in the backfield. I think CD Lamb's going to be a superstar in the league this year. You guys watch that. All they gotta do is be able to put together a half decent defensive game and the Bucks I think right now are reeling. I mean, when does Brady miss practice? And he's missed a lot. And they're just missing a lot of pieces right now. I like the Cow awards. I think Brady can roll out of bed and beat the Cowgirls.
I'm going Buccaneers.
Uh Donnie says Cowboys Brady lost his weapons. I I'm going to go with the Mark's going with the Bucks. I'm going with the Cowboys at home because they have to make a statement and I do think that I I do think that what's so funny. I'm laughing at you, Gary. Oh, yo, Carey. What's what's yo saying? Good luck. Good luck, Prescott. Break a leg.
Um yeah, I'm going with the Cowboys only because a couple years ago, Yo Kerry. They have to make a statement and I do believe that there is a little bit of controversy going on in Brady's life and the team and it's a new coach.
You know, so. I wonder how much of a statement Jason at 40 will make protecting Dak's blind side. Yeah, I don't know. Only, he is only on the practice squad. He's not even going to play in this game. Alright, next game. This is a game we, the three of us chose. By the way, he'd be a starter for the Steelers. Four 20 Eastern Time.
The Raiders at the Chargers. Now, how long has it been since we would think that that would be a great game? Yeah, that's been a long time. It was a phenomenal game Yeah. Last year. Yeah, exactly. But before that game we put the Steelers and the. Yeah. Yeah, it's exactly right. It's the best. Well, honestly, it may have been the best game I've ever seen. There you go. I'm totally. Since last year. Including Super Bowl victories for my own team. That's complete **** Yeah, it is. Come on. That is. Come on. Seriously. Why? an Eagles fan for you right there. Alright, Raiders and Chargers, Schwabber, Chargers. Coming out of the gate strong.
They they always have a late season collapse.
Yeah, I like the Chargers. I like the Chargers a lot. I think they're going to win that division and if they're going to win that division, they have to beat the Raiders at home.
Chargers. Did you say Chargers? I did. Okay, I had you on the wrong side. We already know. He likes Herbert so you know he's going to take the charge. Yeah, but I'm not. Uh I'm not because we're keeping track and I gotta, you know, I'm I'm taking the Raiders and Derek Carr in that one. I think think Derek Carr comes out slinging it to his buddy. That's why they're going to lose because he's going to throw three interceptions. Boom. Ooh. Raiders, you can count on it. Alright, those are our picks. I'll review em real quick. Bills at the Rams.
Steve and Chris take the Bills. Mark takes the Rams.
at the Cowboys. Mark takes the Bucks. Steven Chris takes the Cowboys.
Raiders at the Chargers. Mark and Steve take the Chargers. Chris takes the Raiders. So, we'll see next week. Only three and oh team, We'll see you next week. Yes, incredible. You're incredible. Um Thank you. Alright, Nancy. You're welcome. Okay. Space up here. Now, we're going to move on to something that we really enjoy on this show because we scour the internet highway for something we call that means something because most mean nothing and we're going to just start off with Mark's headline.
Uh I'm going to put that up there, Mark. You go ahead and read that and then explain to us what this really means. Sure.
Scientists find that dolphins, the only other mammal that jet ski for fun, for pleasure. That is quite a picture. Apparently, dolphins love to jet ski. So now, let me break this down. For pleasure. This is, this is for real and there was no editing on that photo. A study was published by zoologists from Mount Holyoke College. Very reputable. Says the Dolphins are the only other mammal to jet ski for pleasure.
Now, how do they know this? Well, when they dolphins, you know, in their care for years. Well, they have a picture of it. Yes. When they have dolphins and they're care for years of observation, okay? They feel confident that as you know, people go up to them with the jet skis that the dolphins often like to jump up and try to land on the jet ski. So, therefore, they're sort of making the leap to they think the jet skis are fun.
Um so, I I think it's a little bit crazy. Yes. Um. A little? Uh just a little bit but this is a real study. Thank you, from Mount Holyoke College.
Before we move on, can I just say welcome back, April? April's back in the mix. Oh, April. April. Where is April? I don't even see her. Thanks for being back here. Miss you guys. Love you. Oh, there she is. Yes. Thank you, April. Thanks for being back. Our Canadian queen. We love it. Absolutely. Alright, Steve's headline. What is it with the animals? I picked an animal today too.
In-flight meal horror. As snakehead found in plain dish. Have you ever been on an airplane and like, you know. Had a severe, severe snakehead? You don't, you don't get really, you don't really get meals anymore on planes but back in the day when, you know, maybe they would serve you a meal. You're going a little far. This was actually from Turkey to Mumbai. So, you know, all that.
It's only a regular dish.
Yeah. I was thinking the same thing but I guess snakeheads are not. Is that like a snakehead curry? of course, you know, they interviewed, I guess, you know, they farm out everything just like they do and they they interviewed the the the people who make the meals and they said, there's no way there could have been a snakehead in the meal. Somebody must have added it and then took a picture and then it went viral.
So, it probably was a real snakehead but it probably. Might have been a plan. Delivered to him. All I know is that airline food can be exciting at times. At times. Alright. Now, this is one where I once again, I saw this headline and it was just the head and I don't think there really needs to be a story behind it. Okay. And I couldn't find the story. It's a little bit older. Like a couple years old.
Not like really old. Okay. But I think you guys will understand.
the the Ohio Butthole Tickling Bandit has escaped custody and is being hunted by the police. That looks like fake news. Look at those eyes. Look at that. Now. Hey wait. Is he the one doing the tickling or being tickling? I'll say he's being tickled. First of all, to me, he looks like an alien. He does. Okay. Yeah. Number one is in the he's running around tickling people on the butt. Number. Yeah, I he is the Ohio.
Getting tickled right now. That looks like a tickled response. This kind of ties in with our previous show because I'm watching a show called Devil in Ohio So, maybe there's some, you know, overlap. Maybe there's some overlap here. The Ohio butthole tickling bandit has escaped and is being hunted by the police and all I can say is, watch your **** Watch your **** And Donnie thinks he he's a leprechaun. I don't know what he is but those eyes.
I don't. I mean.
Is that somebody? Maybe that guy is witnessing the actual butthole thing. Peperation. Yeah. Yeah. I I I don't know and like Chris says, like CD says, only in the Buckeye butthole state. Okay, there we go. Coming from a Penn State fan, I would expect. Alright, and that was headlines. It means something. Ah.
Here we go. Round and down. The top seven at 7. And our next category.
Top 7 favorite foods of all time. We have blasted through 7, six, five, and four. Top three. Top three. This week. Here we go. Moving on to the top three. Get some repeats in here. What do you think? I don't know. It's maybe it's possible. Are we going to get a snake head in here? Definitely not. I didn't know I have a snake. Although I do like snakehead curry but you know, whatever. Alright, we're going to start with Mark. Mark's number three, top seven at seven food of all time.
His favorite food. Number three, boom.
Muscles. Yes.
Very good especially from French places. If you've been to Paris 66 or was it Point Brews? Point Brews have the best muscles. Yeah. In the city. Excellent. What what exactly was funny about muscles being good at French restaurant No, it was French places. French places. Especially when you go to French places. Oh, okay. Okay. You know. Yeah, I didn't. I didn't I didn't get the the humor that you were. Yeah. You're you're putting together there but. Would you guys continue? But muscles are great. Muscles are great. I think you both like them.
Uh I do. Point brews muscles. The the coconut curry.
Unbelievable. Best mussels in the city.
Muscles are good. Muscles. Number three for Mark. Number three for Steve.
I I don't know why this surprised me but then it didn't surprise me. No, this should not surprise you. Come on. Macaroni and cheese. I'm actually not a mac and cheese guy. Oh, well. No, never been. I used to like you, Mark. Now, we're going to go down tonight. I know. Come on. Macaroni. No, it is. It's it's a pasta. It is something that I do consider myself an oddity about. You know, and most people do love mac and cheese. Like, I don't like sugary things. I don't like mac and cheese.
Right. And I wonder what is wrong with me? Yeah.
people I don't like magnets. I just I like every kind of like I know this goes against what we said. You know you have to do a very specific one but mac and cheese can be in all shapes, sizes. It can form and I love it all. Yeah. You can put stuff in it or leave it by itself. I don't care. Lobster mac and cheese. People I know. Exactly. Yeah. Like whatever. I just think macaroni and cheese is is the United States of America's invention to the world.
The gift to the world. Well I mean we had to create it. So it's an invention. Okay. Alright. Number three for Steve. Mac and I was starting to get a little complicated there with the whole invention. Oh, sorry, sorry. Alright, number three for me is going to raise some eyebrows. I'm telling you right now. I can't wait. I'm just going to throw it up there. Number three, top. Well, let's get this comment in real quick. As long as it's not out of a box.
Well, April, see. Yeah, you like it. Yeah. I like creamy. The creamy stuff, you know, the velveeta stuff, the regular mac and cheese, the Kraft stuff. I even if it's powdered cheese, I don't care. I actually love it all. I actually, I like, I mean, because it's not my thing but I actually like it sometimes better out of the box than a fancy kind. This is. That's because it's got butter in it and butter makes everything better.
There you go. It has the juice.
Alright, number three, top seven foods of all time for Chris.
There it is, baby. What? Is that a baloney sandwich? The ham sandwich. Oh, that's. Oh. That's disgusting. I knew it.
I love it. I know. I love it. That is awesome. So, what do you put on your hand? Well, see, I like when I go to like American places and And they make that nice ham sandwich. Now the reason with the cheese. That to me like I I I like I feel like if I were to eat that right on the screen it'd be like putting a piece of trash in my mouth.
Well, you know, and please.
Expand on that comment, Schwab. I can't. I know you can't. Well, tell us what you love him. He'll already garbage food.
It's a sandwich. It's a sandwich. I love ham sandwiches with mayonnaise, just the bread, the mayo, and the ham, and the I put it up there. It it actually wasn't on my list. Mm hmm. And then I kind of as we started going through the weeks and revealing our foods, I would review my list and it was just nagging me like I and and I was getting hungry and I was like, you wonder what? I'm going to go upstairs and make a ham sandwich.
Wait a minute. Why is that not on my I can eat like four ham sandwiches in a row. I love ham sandwiches. It's number three. Yeah. Well, I don't care what you. What the, at least tell me you use at hand I use whatever I'm showing is in the It's It's like whatever. No, you know what I use the most? Ham off the bone. Oh. Ham off. Ham off the bone.
Oh, ham off the bone. Ham off the bone. You notice All year ago. Alright. Number two. Wait, we got a couple comments. I knew this would bring ham sandwiches. Uh CD says only when you make a ham then for a leftover sandwich. Yeah, love those two. Yeah. Uh DG, nothing like a I'm not putting these up. They're CDs. DG, nothing like a good honey baked ham and cheese sandwich, lettuce, tomato, mayo.
Thank you, DG. That's a special. Amy May says, what about a jumbo sandwich? That's kind of the same thing. What's that? What's that? That that that's what they call baloney jungle. Yeah. Jumbo. I'm not a balani fan. I like at least a food baloney fan. I'm a fan of a lot of other but and yo carry honey baked ham sandwich. See Suaver what's your problem? I'm just not a ham guy.
Yeah, you're obviously not a mac and cheese guy either. What? You, are you American? Yeah. Are you French? Are you even real French? You go to French place. I'm French and I go to French places. Alright, number two for Schwab on his list. This is, this is kind of funny. We got a going for Schwabber here. You'll understand. Yeah. Once you see this Number two. Uh one more comment. Is that sandwich laugh out loud? Of course it is.
Number two. For Schwab is.
Oh yeah. The crab cakes. Crab cakes. And this actually is a presentation of the crab cakes at the Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. Ah. Who I love their crabs. Now one thing I want to say about crab and my mom had said this all the time and it really is true. You can't have a lot of filler. The more absolutely right.
The better. The better the cake. Completely agree with it. And that's a favorite of mine. I get them everywhere. There you go. Number two for crab cakes. Number two for Steve. What was my number two? I'm going to put it up there. You'll see it. You'll see it. I think I know what it is. Of course. The wings. The wings. But not so I'm I'm I like winged Yeah I know people like the I do too. I like the smaller.
I like the I like the wing broken part. I want to eat the drum or the wing. I don't care. I like them both. Um the best wings in the city. D6 pack. Oh. Yes. In the Region Square. They make this D's dust. Incredible. Oh It's incredible. And by the way, I don't care if it's ranch or blue cheese. I do prefer blue cheese but eh, if it's ranch, I'm a good with that too. I get a ranch.
Yeah. Really have to say, the best setting for celery as well. Oh, yeah. Well, I know. You know, celery. I love the way the wings compliment the celery. They do. That's really. That's like when you're going to have your best celery moments. That is true. Some people serve it with carrots. I don't understand. I don't think that a lot. Yeah. And. Celery. Cuz they ran out of celery. That's why. Yeah. Well, just. Alright. Number two for Steve is Wings.
Now, this is really interesting. This you the of this show. Number two for Chris is Wings. Of course.
You knew. Now, you to make them all the time. Why did you say? And they were good. And why did you stop? Uh I don't know. I I believe that perhaps this year I will whip that recipe out again. Yes. Alright. There you go. And and I will say to me the best in the city in Pittsburgh are actually in a place Monroeville. It's called the Rose Cliff.
Ooh. And it's the full wings. Mm. Best wings. But. Oh full wings. The best wings I've ever had are the wings that I make. And I fry them and I have a secret sauce. Mm. No comments from the peanut butter. They call me crazy but I'm I'm like I still like the old Quaker Steak Oil on the Loop. They're horrible. Those wings. I like I like.
You can get them at PNC Park. I like it. Another $10.
Mike Lawrence says, will wings grilled or fried? Fried all the way, Fried all the way.
I like it have them anyway. Yeah, I'm like fried fried cheese. Way to go. No batter on em. Just fry. Yeah. No. Crispy skin. Batter on wings. Who does that? Yep. And Donnie says the trolley stop and library. I've actually heard of the trolley stop. So, alright. Moving on. Number one for Schwab. This is this is the trifect you'll see. Number one on the top seven at seven. Schwab's number one food of all time.
We got a theme going here.
seafood. Lobster. Staying shellfish. Stay in shell. And the key but the key is it must be had with drawn butter. Not just melted butter. Drawn. Okay. Explain drawn by. That is the term. What? Do you get that in French places? I get that at French places and non-french places. Yes. And seafood places. No I I love lobster. You know it's expensive so you don't get it all the time. So it's kind of like a special treat. Couple times maybe once twice a year.
I enjoy it.
See, my favorite foods are ones that I just like eat every now and then.
My favorite foods are just utilitarian. As you can see that, yeah. Clearly see. I see that. Uh and we have a comment here, conch fritters. Conch fritters.
April Watkinson says she's watching from her hospital bed and you're killing me. Well, whatever you're there for, April. Prayer. Okay. Okay. Please get better and better, April. But thanks for watching. I mean, she's taking the time. She's under duress. But we're killing her. Yeah. It be. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe laughter. Look at the doctor. Alright, Mark's number one was lobster for Steve Uh number one. No surprise. Come on. It's pizza. But that pizza right there is not just any pizza. That is the village pizza in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, which is my hometown.
Hmm. It is the best pizza. It beats Minio's, aiolos, all the Pittsburgh places. Yes, even Vincennes, the Village Pizza in Mount Pleasant. It is the number one food for me. If I were going to be dead and I was getting hooked up the electric chair. I was just, this is Mark's theme, right? This is what he does. A village pizza. Man. And I better not be killed on a Sunday or Monday because they're closed. They're just going to have to postpone it. Because it's not open.
Maybe get a special exception, bring em in.
Village Pizza for Steve. Now, I I feel like the best pizza in the city is once again at the Rose Cliff. Yeah, I I have to get you guys. It's it's. I never, I've never heard of the Rosebuff. You've ordered pizza in from the Roseville. Yes, I have. Yes, I have. It's very good pizza but. Yeah. It's not village pizza. I've driven by village pizza but I've never been in there. Okay, number one me is a dish. I eat more of this than anything else. And I actually had this at my mother's house for our Labor Day dinner this morning.
It is the big old ribeye baby.
The big old ribeye steak. Yep. Yep. Ribeye. So you like ribeye means you like the fat. And you know what I like about steak? Cuz I like I like. I like it when it's bleeding. That's right. Pittsburgh rare baby. You know what Pittsburgh? Way too done for Chris. It means like you're eating the animal before they even get them in the truck. That's right. That's right. I'm killing it. Meeting it. That's exactly what I'm doing.
Give me a ribeye. Nothing better.
Nothing better. Well, that also explains why you like cheesesteaks. They're mostly done with ribeye. There you go. There you go. So, yes, Village Pizza Rule says April. Uh we got a bunch of comments on all the food here. It's coming up. I don't know about Yo Kerry with the pineapple on the pizza. It's coming in from all over the place. Come on. That's a disgrace, you know, Carrie. Kevin Kevin says, dozen oysters on the half shell. Chris gives a shout at CD gives a shout out to the village. Uh YoCa right. Pineapple on pizza. I hate that. Pineapple on pizza. Come on.
I'm just going to flat out tell you I hate it.
Uh alright. That that was that wraps it up. Next week, we'll see if we have another list unless we have too much NFL stuff. I have a lot of NFL things. We're not doing a lot of suggestion for a you have a suggestion for a list for us. Put it in the comments. Yup. So, you know, hit that record button on sports. That's exactly right. Yeah. Uh and as a reminder, thank you for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio, a hundred and fifty million subscribers over 2000 devices, 150 platforms, and check down at the bottom of the screen, The Porch is live.
com. That's our website. You can catch up on all our podcasts that are on iHeart as well as Spotify and anywhere else you get your podcast. And there's actually a little black button now. I changed it. It says say something on the right side of the screen. You can hear us a voice in this and I love it. Now the you listen to your people. It's a democracy. That's that's somebody that can lead. We've agree that this is a democracy. Uh absolutely.
Uh couple more comments here before we move on to what we're watching. Donnie Morris says Glen Hill Barbecue. Uh April has fat free yogurt there. Let's trade. No. Uh You know and you'll carry apparently likes baked spaghetti. So. Well, we would expect that. Yeah.
We would. Sassafras, I'm sure. Alright, moving on. This is called what watching. It is what we are currently watching and streaming on TV. Sometimes, there are repeats because those of us who are selfish watchers have decided that we're no longer going to be selfish watchers. Mm. And we're just going to jump right into it right now. Uh Schwaber, your show is Bard, Knox, the Detroit Lions. It's over, right? Well, it's not over because next week is the last episode.
So, it's only like Wednesday. Almost almost. Yeah and actually that's usually the best episode because that's the cut down day. Yeah. Uh episode. So, they just filmed it. Right. Exact so I guess that's the really interesting. I mean, I actually really enjoy watching these because you kind of get to see some things that you just don't know if you don't watch it. Like, you get to see like some guys on the team who like are extremely intelligent.
You know, you get to see some guys some of the coaches and kind of how they motivate people and you know, do they know their X's and O's or don't they? Um you know, does the team really respond to them or not? that's kind of where, for example, like, I can't put any faith into the Cowboys because their coach, after watching him on Hard Knocks, it's like, it's just not going to happen. Look, there's no Aaron Rodgers.
I'm sorry. You're right. Um, you know, but and and Detroit was very interesting because of course, you know, you got their head coach is a guy who, you know, came out sounding crazy with the, we're going to, you know, eat your kneecaps or whatever he said. You know, you know, and I I found I found that I thought he seemed like a really good coach. Like he really knows his stuff and he's a good and he actually a lot of Bill Tower and so I I I'll tell you what, I mean, I I liked him.
I mean, I'm actually a little concerned about the Eagles' first game against Detroit. I think that they might surprise some people this year and I I mean, I don't think they're going to be 500 or anything but it wouldn't surprise me if they kind of like take a step and maybe go like seven and ten and then maybe the next year, they might have a shot at something. Hard knocks on HBO, that's what Mark's watching.
Moving on to what Steve is watching. This is a show that I highly recommend.
for all mankind. Yeah. Chris Chris suggested this. Actually a couple guys at work were watching it too. And so, you know, I'm in between shows. I'm like, I'm usually a Netflix guy but Apple, Apple TV.
Click it on. I love it. Apple TV has great shows. Yeah. They really do. They have great shows. Everything I've seen so far, I've liked. I love, I love the fact that it's historical but yet, it's not historical because as they move forward with it, there are all kinds of twists and and different political leaders. Actually, same political leaders just in different positions sometimes. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah. And I love the way they make the space race continue. I think that's just fascinating. Yeah. And being an engineer, who doesn't, who doesn't love Nasa? Mm hmm. There you go. So, yeah. So, yeah. Excellent show. For all mankind. Excellent. Spring Steve. Here's one that I just started watching.
A lot of fanfare around this.
Lord of the Rings, the Rings of Power on Amazon and Amazon original. Let me tell you something.
When They spend a billion dollars. I know people people love to hate Amazon. Is Frodo in it? And they hate to love Amazon. No. But all I was telling Steve this yesterday I think. When a company that makes as much money as Amazon makes actually takes $750 million dollars to create a series for your entertainment.
It better be good. But I think they're putting their money to good use. And they did. This is incredible. It's incredible There's only one episode that comes out like every Friday. Right. Yeah. They they put the first two up and they watch em but it's it's free Lord of the Rings, pre Hobbit. Um if you're a huge junkie of anything, JR Tolkin, which I was when I was younger. Now, I just like enjoy the movies and stuff. I don't remember all the names but it was fantastic.
Absolutely fantastic.
Cannot recommend it enough if you're of that kind of, if you like those kind of shows. You're a binge watcher. Is this a problem for you? Um no.
No. because the Apple TV, they put them out once a week, I'm able to wait. Yeah. I'm able to wait. It's just if the whole season's there, then I will binge it. Gotcha. Yeah, right, right. Yup. So, Lord of the Rings, the Rings of Power on Amazon, that is it. And with that guys, I think this show is in the books. NFL, week one, coming up. NFL, week one, coming up. And eve. And I I want to thank you for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio.
Uh, and also want to thank Nancy Hahn. Thank you Nancy for getting us on there. Really appreciate it. You can catch our podcast on iHeart. This comes out as a podcast either tonight or tomorrow. Uh go to the Porch es Live. com and I'm queuing up the music they made for us because we love it so much. We love it. We can dance to it. And we will see you guys next week guys. Stay real.