Sept. 27, 2022

The Porch - Is the Steelers Season OVER Already?

A tumultuous beginning to the Steeler's season is leading the way for EVERYONE to question EVERYTHING. So that's what we do best...

A tumultuous beginning to the Steeler's season is leading the way for EVERYONE to question EVERYTHING. So that's what we do best...

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and there you have it. The porch is live.
The porch is live. com That's where you should go. Anytime you want to get any info on just about anything. I don't know. I don't know. So, as you can see, welcome to the porch. The sports porch. I want to thank American Busker iHeartRadio Uh as always, if you're listening to us, iHeartRadio, hundred fifty, two hundred fifty million subscribers, something like that, 2001 is 250 That guy down below me, that is that guy over on that side of me is Steve.
I'm Chris. We're actually I just got back actually from Florida for a week and not feeling too good. So, we decided we just do a little remote ports this week but welcome. We're so happy that you're here. We had a whole bunch of people watching. We got a lot of stuff we want to talk about. So, real quick, before I dive into it, how you guys doing? Say something.
Say hello.
Well, I'm doing just fine, Chris. Thanks for asking.
You're welcome.
Chris, I'm a little worried about you. I think after last week's spot, I think I I'm I'm I'm gunning for your job as technical director and and and host of the show. So, keep your eyes covered because I'm coming for you. I don't know what to keep your eyes covered means but you can have the job if you want. Well, well, Kristen, Chris has been a little bit off his game lately. I mean, as you can tell, he's wearing sunglasses on a baseball hat indoors.
Um so, you got issues there.
I'm the only guy on the porch tonight. What's up? for the baseball hat? He's wearing a baseball. Hey, everybody wants to talk Steelers. Let's get into it. Yeah, let's let's get into that real quick. First of all, Amy May wants to say hello. Janice says hello. Rhode is watching and listening and Bill says, good evening, everyone.
Steelers are the best. I think we're going to have a little debate about that right now. So, you're right. So, yeah, before we get into our picks and other NFL news and stuff, let let's talk about the Steelers. Um that game horrible. I'm just going to start right there. I think that game was horrible. What what what you guys just take it away and I'll I'll lead you down the path.
The path of righteousness.
Well, I don't think the game was horrible. I think the Steelers had a chance to win the game. I mean, in fact, they were actually winning in the game at halftime and they just decided that they were just going to let the Browns run all over them in the second half. So, I don't think the whole game was horrible but I do think that the Steelers have proven they are not an elite defense, unfortunately, for us Steelers fans and I think their offense continues to struggle under the guise of a Canada offense and and the Canadian offense is just terrible right now.
And I don't care who you put in there. Whether you think that you know Kenny's the guy and he should come in and he's going to give a spark. I don't think anything will make a difference other than changing the offensive coordinator. And it's been done before. So you can you can clamour for picket. I'm sure we'll get a lot a lot of responses today on our on our comment board. They will say that. But but in my in my opinion Joe, I I just don't see that helping at all.
Right now, the scheme is always going to be the same scheme. And I I don't see that helping. So, no, I don't think the game was horrible. I think the team needs a lot of help and fortunately for them, they've had 10 days to prepare for the New York Football Jets. So, I think that's good news for the Steelers up. Let's say you, Mark.
Well, I think unfortunately, the the reality at this point in time is, this just isn't a very good football team. Just in in totality.
Um I I think right now, it's like a best-case scenario, 500 football team, more leaning towards below 500.
And I think that, you know, the bottom line is when the what your team is like that, it basically means you have they have some talent. There's some good players on the team. But it it's lacking in an overall talent and depth. So when you lose a guy like, you know, TJ Watt, you know, your team becomes, you know, you start going from, hey, maybe if everything goes right, we can be ten and seven, nine, and 8 to you know, nine, 7, and ten. You know, so, so, everything hurts when you lose a really good player.
You know, bottom line is is that, you know, there's running back is good. But the line just isn't that good. I mean, it doesn't matter that Mitch Trubitsky is in a great quarterback. The line's not allowing him to throw it downfield. The line's not opening up holes for Najee Harris. I mean, every good run he makes, he has to create.
Um and on the defense, just just not enough. It's wide out there. It's not a team that's going to rack up sacks with what out there. You could get six game, you know, because Watt's going to get you two and it's going to open up other guys.
Um, you know, you got Minka mining the the He's great. Um, you know, the other guys, they're okay, but you know what? They're a heck of a lot better. When you got a pass right? So, you know, I just think they're kind of a middling team right now and really what the discussion goes to next is, why not pick it? What do you, what do you have to waste? Uh, I mean, what do you have to lose at this point? Um, other than here's the thing. I I was talking about this earlier in the week.
You know, the bottom line is, most of the good quarterbacks in the league lose a lot their first year. You know, Troy Aikman was one and 15 Um you know, now, like Ben was like the, you know, kind of like the anomaly where he he was on a Super Bowl ready team that just needed a quarterback but but most of the guys, Burrows first year would be like three and thirteen or something like that. You know, so so Most of these guys lose a lot in their first year and it doesn't mean that they're not going to be better for it in the long run.
I I let's get a few of these comments in here because obviously opinions are all over the place right now especially when you lose to Cleveland the way they lost. I mean, first of all, Tim, Pomato from Palmetto. Hello from Hurricane Ivan Alley Suncoast. Yeah. Stay safe down there.
Amy Amy May is echoing my sentiments exactly. Canada must go. Uh Joe says put in picket. Bill says fire Canada.
Todd says let's not act like Eagles fans, please. I'm begging you.
I feel pretty nice to be an Eagles fan, wouldn't it? You can always tell on a response from an Eagles fan. I can give you that one. Uh yo, Kerry says Pickett would provide a spark of energy, win or lose, turn biscuit, look like a scarecrow, nothingness. I mean, you know, look, there was there was a video on I I don't know if it was TikTok or Instagram or somewhere.
They they showed how how Trubisky you know, a lot of the calls to Canada made. He he missed wide open receivers. So, the argument in in that case could be made that this was you know, this was more on Trubisky than Canada's play calling but we've seen this from Canada before, okay? I mean, we all knew that and we know that Trubisky isn't going to be, I I mean, I think before they before they drafted Pickett, the hope was that could be, you know, at least in intermediate term solution and they could win with Trubisky.
Now, you know, then they draft Pickett and you start this firestorm and what this tells me is that this this team really was didn't have a plan for moving on from a hall of fame quarterback and and I'm not saying I woulda had a better plan because no. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have but you know, it's kind of like you you've got this this firestorm going on on who's whose fault is it? Is it? The play calling? Is it the quarterback play? Is it the offensive line Is it, you know, the team in general, is it, what, what is it? Is it the defense? Because, oh my god, without TJ Watt, they're not elite.
I mean, I think I said this last week. There's 11 or 10 other players on the field, okay? And a couple of them are pretty good.
So, you know, to assume that without TJ Watt, you can't win, that's a psychological thing. There's plenty of teams that don't have a TJ Watt. They win. So, you know, or they have a good defense.
So, you know, I I think it's it's an organizational thing. It's an organization that's in transition.
And so to assume that they're going to win when they're in transition. And as you know as both Mark and I know is not being original Steelers fan. Mark is an Eagles fan. I grew up a Redskins fan. You go through transitions. They last a long time. And the the problem with Pittsburgh but the problem with Steelers fans today is that it's been 15 years of winning.
And you can't remember even even Steve. It's it's hard pressed for for Steve to remember when it was like, oh god, this is just going to be a washed up year for us because you know, but that's what this year is going to end up being. You know, so, should they put Pickett in? I don't know. I mean, yeah, I'm a I'm a pick a groupie.
I think he's got all the tools to be a great NFL quarterback. Who decides that it's a good time to put a guy in? I mean, you. Well, we've been coached guys. The the head coach just makes that decision and and the head coach isn't ready to do that yet. I mean he's made it clear that that that he doesn't think Pickett's ready and and he's the guy who's going to make that call.
You are right in the sense that they are in transition. The question is, what are they transitioning into? I mean, the problem that they have is based out of all of their picks over the past three to 5 years. I mean, they, they, they were only able to win. Think about this. They were only able to win one playoff game with LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown, and Ben Roethlisberger, okay? Who who seems to think that if Kenny gets in with George Pickens and Friar Moose that that's going to be any better.
You know, so so the reality is, they need the, they really need to think about more of a three-year plan than a this year plan. And if, if that means putting in picket too soon, and he's not ready, that doesn't make any sense at all. And, and, and I know, I know everybody wants to put Pickett in there, they think he can salvage the year.
I actually think putting in this year is going to be a problem with his development down the line. Because all he's going to be doing is running for his life and figuring out the offense against teams that he has no chance at beating. Let's face it. After the Jets, they're probably going to lose four of the next five games, pretty easily. They play.
but the Bills. They play Tampa Bay. They play Miami and they play Philadelphia on the road. I mean, those all four of those games look like disasters waiting to happen. Now, I don't think that would be the time to put in your rookie quarterback. Yeah. So, the Heat gets swallowed up by them and absolutely learned nothing and potentially even get hurt. So, so I think he needs to learn the book a little bit more and let's face it.
He's the number one pick.
Pickett is going to play some point whether it's this year or next year.
Let's just be patient with his development.
Because until he gets better play calling in front of them, what's the point in putting him in there? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Okay, so let let me ask you this. Uh I I I was when you say until he gets better play calling in front of him. To me, that sounds like code for Canada has to go. Because you know, in to Mark's point earlier, you know, the Aikmans of the world, they they they started one in 15.
We had a ton of comments coming in here. I'm going to get to your comments in just a second but you know, at what point, we, Pickett is a mature quarterback. He's not coming into the league as young as some of these other guys. And you know, what point do you put him in? I mean, what do you, are you expecting? Let's say that they go out and draft an offensive lineman who's great at the end of this year.
Let's say they play the, you know, just for argument sake. They play the whole year with Trubisky. They play the year out. So, pick a can develop. How much of that development has to be in real time? Playing real football. There's no development when you're taking snaps with the second team. You gotta develop and and and these guys are paying millions of dollars to run for their life every play.
I mean, you watch Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady yesterday. Duke it out. They both were running for their lives most of the game. So you know I'm not saying I'm not saying that that you put Pickett in right now. That's not what I'm saying. But what I'm saying is there's never a good time in mid season So, you're either going to delay his development by a year or you're going to say, look, we're going to keep Canada.
Let's put Kenny in. Let's let him develop with this play calling because he's got a fresh mind. He's a fresh mind.
Trubisky is obviously not. So, you know, what what's the point? Let me get some comments in here and then we we can we can keep going on. The first comment I think is probably the most appropriate and it's Todd talking about Eagles fans saying no, they are still the worst but I digress. Right. Uh I like the fact that you're talking about my boys.
Tim says play calling is the problem.
Uh yeah Ronda says Canada's the problem. Tim, our defense has the most snaps in the NFL. Obviously, that's going to wear out any defense. Uh Jeff, O line, play calling are the problems. Daniel, Pickett, period, Daniel. Absolutely.
Ronda, the Bears didn't want Mitch. Linda says, it doesn't matter who's in because the QB don't call their own plays. Canada is the problem. Uh you know, Canada is no good. Changing QBs won't do any good, says Chris. Um another, Canada is absolutely the problem. Bill, this is just me but I think the Steelers will have a winning season and the division but that is me, people may make fun of me, but you will see.
Well, I'm not going to make fun of you. We'll let the Peanut Gallery make fun of you if they decide to. But let's be kind. EG is in the house and said already but it's time to realize that Canada is not the new innovative offensive mind we need. Let's face it. He needs go. So, I don't think getting rid of Canada solves the problem because now you gotta bring in a new offensive guy and all that stuff but I definitely don't think Canada is the way forward.
Trop, last thoughts on that.
Well, I think if the rest of the season doesn't go well, it will be the last year for Canada.
Um I I I really doubt that that Tomlin would switch coordinators mid season. I mean, it it would just have to be really bad for that to happen.
Um but you know, I I I think the bottom line is I I I think Steve's point in terms of like, let's not rush the the progression is a good point.
The the only negative, the only downside to that approach.
Kenny Pickett will be the guy.
He will definitely And the only reason why I might play him a little sooner. is because you've seen Situez before like the Arizona Cardinals. I think they drafted this Josh Allen. He's no good. You know. And then they let him play. They saw he was no good. And then the next year they took Kyler Murray. I'm not saying Kyler Murray is the best quarterback in the league. But you know you can take another quarterback.
It's a really rich quarterback.
And it might be worth it to see if Kenny Pickett can something in ten games as opposed to six.
Just a thought.
Alright. So, the mayor of Bloomfield is in the house. Rick DeCarlos says Canada wasn't good at pit and our duties Nardusi's criticism was correct. Um Bill, Bill's in the house. He's been a Steelers fan since nineteen sixty-eight.
Here we go, Bill. Thank you very much. Congratulations. Rhonda.
I've been a Steelers fan for 40 years now. That's awesome. Congrats. Yo, Kerry, Damn Development. Play that man. It's not like he's never touched the football. You sit him a year. You'll not be able to take a real game hit. Don't Benjamin Colemov.
Yeah. So, obviously, lot of opinions, it always, it always hurts to lose to a rival. One last thing I was thinking of, you know, all those years to Steve's point, you know, they won one playoff game in basically the last 10 years and they had all these guys and at the time, where the probably close to the best, if not, the best of their position. Um they also played in a division where two of the teams were horrible.
All the time. Cincinnati and Cleveland. So, there was there was four wins a year right there, you know, and so did that kind of hide that? Did that kind of hide that? And we can debate that all day long. So, you know, moving on here, I I mean we we talked about the run game before the show, the defense, the season. I think we've kind of we've kind of touched on everything there.
I mean, obviously, this is a year of transition. You guys have, do you have any final thoughts on this, Steve? Yeah, my only thoughts are when they do finally make a change in the offensive coordinator position and I think it'll happen in week eight. I'm going to go out I think what's going to happen is they're going to promote Mike Sullivan. No, not the Pittsburgh Penguins coach but Mike Sullivan, the quarterback coach, I think he's going to become the new offensive coordinator and I think he is immediately going to put in Kenny Pickett.
So, I think that will help the team and I think that's the only thing that can help the team right now. I don't I think if they did that this week, they still would lose those four games against those four teams that I said because just so much better and then us both offensively and defensively. Oh and by the way, at the same time, they'll be getting TJ Watt back.
So, although we may be two and six going into that week, nine game, I think the second half will be much better and I that's what I think is going to happen. I, I'm just going to, I'm just going to stick my neck out there, because I think Mark said, you know, I don't, it's gotta get that bad. I think it will get that bad. When you, when you lose four games row to even good teams.
I think you're going to see, yeah, I think you're going to see a change because the the the fans won't, the fans won't put up with it, and if Tomlin has anything to say, by the way, I hate the idea that, you know, Tomlins never had a losing record, is like, in the mantra of the NFL, and all of our psyches. To me, that means **** and I, I don't care about it at all.
I want to win playoff games, and I think the only way to find out is to let Pickett and a new offensive coordinator played for half the season and see if they can win six games. If they can win six games and I think we got something to build on for next year.
Unfortunately, that probably means we don't get that great of a draft pick. I'm hoping that I'm wrong and they let Trubisky play all year long and they go three and eleven. I said seven and ten but actually I think they'll probably go three and 14 at at this pace with way this offense and this defense is playing. Especially if TJ Watt doesn't come back.
I mean, it will be that bad. If TJ Watt somehow suffers setback with his torn pack and you don't see him again, this is the defense you're stuck with the rest of the season.
a horrible defense. It can't stop the run. It can't stop the pass. So, I'm just, you know, I'm I don't mean to be a downer on this but this is the reality that we're faced with. So, until until we really get a shot of something new and something different in there expect the same.
Yeah, well and and you're actually saying that it's possible that the Steelers would challenge for my preseason prediction that my commanders would be the worst team in the league which you guys were both like no and of course they played incredibly against the Eagles yesterday so they did with a with a with a once with a once great quarterback back in 2 thousand seventeen.
Hey listen. Denver the Eagles in the second half.
Yeah well Just saying. Yeah.
Whatever. That's because the Eagles decided to top court.
That's what it was. Right. They thought well a lot of you know they they felt they felt a little nostalgic for Carson and they said look let's let's stop scoring. And even then we could only manage a safety for a little while. That that was it. Yeah. So by the way I've only been a Steelers fan for 52 years so.
No idea what's going on.
Alright. So, let's let's move on here. Before we you guys want to move on and acknowledge a couple things like sticking on the sticking on the Pittsburgh bandwagon here. We'll we'll talk about incredible 97 losses the Buckos have. Looks like they're going to lock in another hundred loss season here. Uh could Matt Richard isn't here for this.
What do you say, buddy? Richard. Too bad, Richard isn't here for this. Richard always, the Pirates. Um you know, I think he's mourning the fact that that Judge got his sixtieth home run against the Pirates. I think maybe he's in hiding that. Um but yeah. No. I think it's good. I think as long as you're going to be bad, you might as well be really bad and the Pirates are very good at being really bad.
goodness said it better myself.
has nothing to say on that. So, I'll I'll I'll take that as he agrees. Roger Federer Pirates talk. Okay. Roger Federer says goodbye to tennis. I'm only getting this in because I can care less about tennis and you guys wanted to bring it up and then we can go back to, you know, maybe Aaron Judge and and then we'll get on the NFL which is what really people really want to talk about. So, goodbye, Roger Federer. I would be happy if we just said goodbye to tennis to be honest with you but hey, whatever.
Well, means you're a jerk.
Yeah and on top of that, Roger Federer was one of the greatest tennis players that ever played the game. And then in an era where tennis has been the best tennis you've ever seen in the history of tennis. So. And if you.
Go ahead, Mark. I said that on top of it, he's all class.
Well, now we know the real story. Yeah. Alright, moving on. So, Uh we will acknowledge that the Penns preseason that that NHL preseason has started. So obviously as we get a little closer to the season, our hockey Jesus will have a lot more to say about that. Um and I think they won their first preseason game. Did did they not? Well, actually, it was so strange.
Yesterday, they played a double header, believe it or not. They played in and then they traveled to Columbus and played a night game in Columbus and they lost the night game but they won the day game. So. Oh, okay. I I don't know why. I think That's what they did. It's like half the guys aren't playing, you know, that kind of thing. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. So, but what do you know, before you know it, hockey season Uh and Aaron Judge on sitting on 61 home runs. Now, as you can see from my hat here, I'm celebrating the fact that Baltimore actually seems to have turned the corner but I'm still not completely convinced to that. So, I keep my sunglasses over that. So, it's not too obvious.
So, that answers the question as to why Chris is wearing sunglasses and a hat in the house. Wow.
so. Okay. Um however, however, we want to we want to give congratulations to Aaron Judge because he might, he might. He might become the the all-time real home run king. Right. Yeah. No. He might set the American League record for home runs.
And huge debate. Who has the record? Not that. Three Not that. Jerry Bonds. Alright. Scary Bonds. Well, he has the record for being the best cheater of home runs. Jerry Bonds. No, he has the record for being the best hitter ever.
Best cheated to watch the Bonds thingy. Wait, when he was already a hall of famer and he was 30 years old, he was as skinny as a You know, here we need that. You know, all that muscle, it's all. Yeah. Fade. Yeah. So easy. So, it's so easy. Uh okay. Well, I guess we should get we should take Jeff Bagwall. Jeff Bagwell out of the hall of fame because he got, he positive for steroids and he's in the hall of fame and he was nowhere near the air. Well, What about Big Poppy? What about Big Poppy? Yeah. He's going They're going to put him in the hall of fame. You know? Yeah. Never tested positive. He never tested positive. So you know you can't call him a cheater if he never tested positive.
Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Wait. Seriously. Is there a is there an asterisk by his name? On the home run all of all time. Their **** Sorry. No. No. No.
Is is there one? Well. I a book and it's diagnostic next to it.
That was great. That was great.
Good for you, Scott. Oh, that was awesome. Okay.
At some point, but no matter what, 61, 62, no matter what he ends up. Uh, also, we got we gotta do this. Albert Pujols. How about those old guys? Hey, who else? Yeah. Over 700. Uh Yo Carey, he admits he played positive.
You know. Yeah.
So I do too. I definitely test positive for Sassafras. I'm in on that.
This show makes me test positive for anxiety sometimes. Alright. What are we going to talk about now? Let's let's move on. Let's move on to the NFL. Let's let's go to I'm going to let you take it away, Steve. Well, I think we should, I think unfortunately, we should probably talk about our picks from last week which I'm not very excited to talk about, but I know that we need to do that. I wore a big, I, I wore the big horse collar last week. I went oh for three. Yes, I managed to pick three games completely wrong. And What can I say? I'm I'm just terrible at this.
And Chris clearly is the king of it.
Well I don't know. No.
over Buffalo. Yeah I was going to say I I I wouldn't crown myself the king. Because at this point right now Mark and I are tied at six and three.
Steve you're a lowly three and six. But it's a long season.
It's a long season. Seems like a lot of games to make up.
Uh I know but I guarantee you there's a there's an oh and three week in my future.
Well, let's hope it's this week. So, yeah. I mean, you know, actually, just just a little inference on the NFL games because I watched a lot of football yesterday because it's the Steelers weren't playing. So, I had RedZone Blazin and I I watched probably six or seven hours of football. It was actually pretty bad football. I was surprised. Like, I thought the NFL was like getting to the point where, you know, there's going to be a lot of scoring, a lot of offense.
There was a lot of defensive battles, a lot of Like, in that like I watched mostly the the Buffalo Miami game. How can a punter punt the ball off of his own guy's **** and punt it out of the end of the end zone with like 30 seconds left in the game. Like how does that happen to a team that's three and oh? Like if they still won the game.
And they still won the game. Like I I would just like there were so many things like that that I was watching. And I'm like the product really could use a little it needs needs Patrick Mahomes back. It needs a gunslinger. It needs a guy who every week is out there just throwing the ball and scoring five touchdowns. And yeah. I mean that's my that's that's my maybe that's why I'm picking so badly because I'm thinking of the old NFL where you know the the Bills are dominant.
Kansas City's dominant. But now it's like Jacksonville's pretty good.
Miami's pretty good. Actually Mark even said this at the beginning of the season and the Detroit Lions although they lost are a pretty damn good team. So, it's there's some transition movement in the NFL. Um and it's that's fun to watch. But the the overall product isn't very good right now. It also it also might not be very good because of the you know lack of preseason. Uh so it's almost like your preseason is like your first three games of the regular season.
For some teams. Maybe. Maybe. And that might be true.
I, I, I don't know. I, I think, you know, I I was in the airport yesterday for a while and and we were in in Florida. So, I I was watching the Miami Bills game parts of it anyway. Um and I I'm I'm in spite of that punt, I'm actually impressed Um by Miami. I I think they've done a pretty good job of putting that team back together. Yeah. Um we'll see. Um the the Bills, same thing. I mean, that that to me, that game was a slug fest. Um This is an interesting thing to Steve's point. San Fran, I watched Garoppolo walk out of the end zone for safety.
That blew my mind.
That blew my mind. Because I'm not even I I don't think Mitch Trubisky would make that mistake. You know, I don't think Carson Wentz would make that mistake. You know, I don't I don't think Gus Farron who broke his own neck would have made that mistake. Um it's it's a lot easier said than done. I mean, when you got 350 pound men chasing you, it's a little hard. Sometimes, you see when your feet are.
I, I, I, I, I guess, but it, it, it happens pretty rarely, you know, so these guys are kind of used to them. Yeah, these guys are kind of used to 350 pound men chasing them. So many jokes in that conversation right there too. But, you know, well, Remember, Garoppolo is just a backup quarterback. So, I mean, you can't blame the backup quarterback. True. Yeah, that's right. Right. He's just a backup. So, what were our picks last week, Steve? Like, go down the road for us.
Tell us what we won and lost and then we'll we'll go on to making our picks and then we got some headlines of what we're watching. So. You're just, you're just doing this on purpose. So, I can, yeah, I can get, you can rub it in on me a little bit. But anyway, so there was a buffalo, there was the Buffalo Miami game. Mark was the only one that Miami Um. Yeah. There was the there was the San Francisco Denver game.
We all took San Francisco and we all lost.
Boy, Russell Wilson looks pretty bad, doesn't he? Oh my gosh. Did you, did you hear how much they were booing him in Denver? I mean, they don't like him at all. He's just terrible. Yeah. So, yeah. I agree with you. A lot of those people in Denver are actually, I don't know if you know this. It's a fact. They're actually trans from Philadelphia.
Oh. They moved there from Philly. So they got me a boot. Making natural. It's natural.
You know. We won. You suck. You know. I mean that's that's the way they are. So anyway okay so we all want we all want that.
last game was Green Bay, Tampa Bay. I trusted in Tom Brady and of course that **** let me down. So there you go.
Alright so this That was it. That was quite an ending to that game by the way. I mean, he didn't get the touchdown. So, they scored a late on a pretty nice pass by Brady in fairness and but they didn't get the two-point conversion because they had to delay a game penalty. Who has to delay a game penalty on a two-point conversion? Like ridiculous.
So, and and they didn't get the two-point conversion and they lost. They lost.
So. So, this week, this week, every week, we pick three games and this week. We picked the Thursday night, the Sunday night, and then we pick a game on Sunday. Um let's start, let's start though. I I with our Steelers picks from beginning of the year. This is Jets at the Steelers this weekend. I I picked the Steelers to lose and it looks like I may be a genius once again. Uh and I think you guys both pick the Steelers to win. Yeah, we did.
So, we did. We'll stick with it.
Sticking with the Steelers Records. Okay. So, the Thursday night Miami at Cincinnati. Schwabber, what do you think? Miami at Cincinnati.
You know, I really love the way Miami's playing but I think, you know, Cincinnati probably dusted themselves off this past week against the Jets. I'm going to say playing at home. Let's let's give this one a Cincinnati in a very tight game.
McPherson from 47 as time expires to win by one.
Alright, Schwaber Scott.
Steve. Oh, this is such a tough game for me. I totally want to pick Miami. So, I'm going to pick Miami and and I have no reason for it other than I said at the beginning of the season. I don't think Cincinnati is very good. This could be a dagger in their heart if if Miami goes four and oh and Cincinnati goes one and three, that could really, that could really hurt but I watched both of those teams yesterday and I don't think Miami is very good but there's something about that Cincinnati offense. Their offensive line cannot, they're worse than the Steelers offensive line and every down Burrow is just running for his life. He can't do anything. He he can't set up in the pocket.
They can't run the ball. I'm taking the fish.
Already and Tim Pamano says take the fish. Brad Trombley is in the house. Thanks for being here Brad. Um by the way to watch the Steelers live.
I know. I know. Um I'm going with Miami because I think I think Cincinnati is having some problems.
That's the best I can put it. I I I don't I I it's a must win for Cincy. You know this early in the year to have a must win. Uh I think Miami's definitely on the rise. I think Cindy themselves last year. He's starting to become evident to me. Um and yeah that offensive line is is horrible. So Steve and Chris got Miami. Mark thinks since he's going to pull out a win.
Sunday night game. Chiefs at Fox.
This is Schwaber, what do you think? Well, first of all, there are also maybe no game due to a hurricane.
I don't know if you're aware of that. Oh, yeah. Chiefs, if Bucks, okay. But assuming there is. No play in Miami. Don't play in Miami or they play somewhere else. They'll play in Miami. You know, it's a it's a really tough one. Um you know, I I it's so hard, you know, do you really see Patrick Mahomes having two bad games in a row. You know, do you, you know, if if Brady gets a couple of his receivers back, you know, is he in a much better spot? Um So I'm going to I'm going to take Tampa Bay in a in a close one. Uh you know, little you know, little jump ball on the corner to Mike Evans. Uh you know, with a minute left in the game.
Uh Tampa Bay wins 28 to twenty-four.
Alright, Steve? Um I think I'm going to go with Kansas City on this and the reason I'm going to go with Kansas City is because Tampa Bay's offense can only score one touchdown a game. I I don't know what is going on with their offense but it it's it's in deep trouble. And I know they get they get Mike back. He's he didn't punch anybody this week so he's going to get to play football. So that's good for them. Um Godwin, I don't think is probably going to play. Um I actually think, honestly, this sounds dumb, but I think Brady's problems are bleeding into his game. And I think he's just affecting him mentally.
And. And, and nothing can make you happier.
I mean, I'm not going to that statement, but But, I, and, and I just think, I just think there's too much offense and firepower coming from Chiefs. They only, and, and they're right now not scoring thirty-five points. They're only scoring twenty-one, twenty-four points.
by the way, they gotta get a kicker. They don't have a kicker who can kick the damn ball because Butker got hurt in the in the in the first game of the season and whoever they had kicking the wall the other day lost the game for him. So, they gotta find a kicker. I, if they had I'd say they're probably Super Bowl contenders but we, you know what? That's a good idea. We should trade Boswell for Patrick That'll work. That would be, that would be a great trade for us.
I'm sure they're on the phone right now. Yeah. Yeah. I think we should do that. I'm I'm going with the Chiefs. I'm going with the Chiefs. Alright. Alright. You're going with the Chiefs unless of course they trade Mahomes to the Already. And I'm going with the Steelers. I'm going with the Steelers anyway.
Alright. And and yeah this is this is really a tough call. Because the Chiefs you know it's obvious that Mahomes without Hill has lost his premier weapon. Even though Kelce is still there. You know Bill drew a lot of attention. Uh they can't run ball And you know there is something going on in Tampa Bay. No doubt. Whether it's marital issues with Tom Brady. Um or whatever. Uh this is really a tough game.
Uh but I I'm going to go with the Bucks at home. I think I think Brady's going to pull it together on this. Um and I went against Mark the last one and we're tied for the lead right now. So I gotta I gotta flip the script a little bit. I'm I'm playing strategy. I'm playing some strategy. Okay. Alright. So, Chiefs, Bucks, Steve has the Chiefs, Chris and Mark have the Bucks. Sunday, the Sunday pick 'em game.
We think is going to be a good one. It's the Bills at the Ravens. So, Schwarber, what do you think? Well, you know, again, it's one of these where, you know, are the Bills going to have two bad weeks in a row? You'd think probably not, right? But then, you also look at it and you say, well, but they're still going to find a way to lose three or four games, right? Maybe this is one of them.
You know, maybe they go two and two. They only win 9 straight.
So, I'm going to say the heck with it.
Ravens in a surprise 35 to 17, What's wrong in Buffalo? Oh, great. Steve, what's wrong in Buffalo? Well, they get to play the I think they play the Steelers next, right? So, I think that would be a good rebound game for Buffalo. But anyway, I Um, I know, I, I think, I, you know, I like the Ravens. I think the Ravens are the, are the best in our division. But I I I don't think that the Bills can lose two in a row on a road like that. They actually probably could've won that game.
All they had to do was have two more seconds left. They spiked the ball. Their, their field kicker's going to make that 43 yard field goal every every time. Um I don't think they'll let that happen again. I think their defense is good enough to stop Lamar Jackson. I know that's a big task. He is definitely the best quarterback in the NFL now. I don't care what you guys say. The guy can throw it. He can run it. He's a dual threat. Every play. Um but they'll find a way to stop they'll find a way to stop him enough.
I like the Bills on the road.
Steve likes the Bills on the road. You know, this is actually this year so far. This is, I think, the toughest game to pick.
Because you, you have potentially, you know, the AFC championship game here, if you think about it. Yup, possibly.
I would, I would lean on the Bills if they weren't on the road. I I get it losing two on the road.
Uh, I I would normally pick the Bills.
I'll tell you what, this is a complete up for me. A complete toss up. Uh. I'm calling it.
What'd you say? Flip a coin. Tails never fails. Yeah, I'm not.
That's the first time I've ever heard that. Um. Oh, really? You know what? Yeah, it's true.
I, I, I still, I still have faith in Josh Allen though. I'm going to go with the Bills on the road as well. I I I just think that I think their defense is is good enough to stop Lamar Jackson on the road. I I agree with you.
So build that Ravens. Mark has the Ravens. Chris and Steve have the Bills. I'm definitely going to watch that game. I'm not going to watch the Commanders. I'll tell you that much. Alright.
Uh moving on. Let's move on to something we love to do here. It's called Headlines That Means Something and what do we do? Well, we scour the internet for headlines that we think should mean something. Maybe they mean something to you. Maybe they don't. They usually mean something to us and it's usually some funny.
So, I'm going to defer to Mark on this one. We'll start. Mark, we'll start with your headline. I'm going to put it up there. Read away.
please don't cook chicken in the FDA asked. TikTok users.
if you are unaware. If you're unaware, something on TikTok has has run rampant. It's called hashtag sleepy chicken.
And basically, what this means is, you just bathe that bird in lyc wool. And you know, it's going to, you're going to fume some, you know, you're going to get some inhale some fumes, and, you know, all, all kinds of crazy stuffs can happen. FDA says it's bad for you. Yeah. Don't do it Who figured? Who'd have what would happen if you if you cooked your turkey in NyQuil? Because, you know, turkey's got that tryptophan in it. I mean, is that kind of like. Yeah, I don't know. These not yet? The ODAs. The FDA says, even if you don't eat the chicken, inhaling the medication's vapors while cooking could cause high levels of the to enter your body and it could hurt your lungs.
And do you do, do you need to cook chicken to activate the NyQuil? I mean, or can you spoil the NyQuil? Hashtag sleepy chicken. Look it up.
Thank you. Thank you, TikTok. Thank you.
NyQuil, the asked TikTok users. I think that I think this is more an indictment of people that watch TikTok to be honest with you. Well, I think it's just a bunch of kids who want to get high and they're like, hey, let's try this.
Yeah, I I mean, I I don't think, yeah. I don't I don't. When we went to school, but we just didn't have TikTok. Yeah. We. Right. We would, we would only lick frogs. Yeah, I would have.
Or a manopele. Right. That's right.
And Doritos. No, that's not true as far as you know. Yeah, well, we figured it out, I think. Alright, next lineup here. Steve's headline. Uh Steve.
Woman who brought Raccoon to North Dakota Bar is charged.
So I guess this with with bringing an illegal pet to a bar. Right. What else? Yeah. I guess this happened in Matic, North It's about 500 town of about 500 people. It's about 55 miles from the border of with our northerly neighbors in Canada there. And I guess she she saw this raccoon on the side of the road and made it her pet. The only problem is is you're not allowed to do that North Dakota. And the the authorities were afraid that it had rabies so they killed it.
They it and it didn't have as it turns out.
And they still ask people to get tested, you know, if they were around it because of you know, could've contained rabies and the woman is fighting the charges because she said, it was all, it was all just a hoax to put her in jail and give her a $7500 fine. I'm going to side with the woman in this one, I think. I mean, it's just a it's just how many people pick up, you know, cats by the side of the road, make em their pets.
What's the difference between a cat and a raccoon? Yep how many of those people bring them to the bar to have a drink with them? Well It only takes one to make a headline, Chris. I mean, yeah. Yeah. Before I say anything else, that could've been me back in the day. So, we'll just move on from that.
my headline is one that grabbed me today that I just I I had you know I thought maybe I shouldn't put this up but if in the spirit of headlines it means something I I just I absolutely had to.
Man pleads guilty after murdering, eating the testicles of another man, he met on a dating app.
And all I could think about was, is not open table. Use open table, not a dating app.
Okay? Seriously.
And I guess who? I guess you would have, I guess you would have to plead guilty to that, right? Nobody getting around that.
I have no idea somebody else that ate those testicles. I don't I don't know. I'm I'll leave the names out because it's a brand-new article but this guy fifty-three in court last Thursday that he killed a 25-year-old hairdresser.
and you cannot make this up. This is the first time that I've read this article, okay? Cuz the headline to me was the best part This guy killed 2-5-year-old hairdresser, Kevin Bacon.
How is this guy's name? This is made up. This is a made-up article. This is it. This is Fox News. Of course, it's made up.
But he killed 25-year-old care director, Kevin Bacon, after luring the University of Michigan Flint student to his home in December of 20 19.
Uh, mutilate, he plead guilty to mutilation of a body and to open murder.
Uh, he stabbed Bacon in the back.
That a little back bacon no more.
Well, you already know. You're not, you know, baby back, whatever. He stabbed bacon in the back, taking parts of his dead body to the kitchen where he ate them after meeting the young man on Grinder.
Uh he also reportedly admitted this goes right to the article to police that he cut off Bacon's testicles and consume them.
I I gotta tell you, first of all, like I said, if you're hungry, use Open alright? I I have like thousands of points. It's a great app. You get right into your favorite restaurants and you can eat anything you want and you don't have to go to Grinder to find your next meal. Yeah, get off of Grinder if you're on it.
Oh my goodness. That was that was a good one. Alright. Yeah.
Headlines it means something. Okay. So, next up here, what we're watching and let me take down the the great advice that I gave everybody. Uh what we're watching, obviously, we scour the internet for headlines and we also like to talk about things that we find entertaining on streaming. Uh services and I'm going to start with Mark again and what he's watching out. Actually, Mark, I I I watched a couple episodes of the first season of this.
Mm hmm.
Lincoln lawyer.
Uh so, here here's my thought on the Lincoln lawyer. Lawyer. Um only watched three episodes. Yes. Um there's one season that has been renewed for a second season. To me, it's almost kind of like a mashup of like Goliath meets Bosch a little bit. Um but not as good as either.
Um but but the thing is is that I I think that it's got potential. So I'm going to continue watching it. So, I'm not 100% sure on this one but I I think it's got potential and I'm going to see kind of where it leads and I'll let you know. I'll update you. Alright, Mark is watching the Lincoln Lawyers. Steve, picked up something he said over the weekend. So, I even know this existed. So, I'm probably going to watch it or pick it up myself.
Yeah, the doors. When you're strange, it's a it's a docky. They call em docuseries now and I don't understand why. It was just, it was just 1 hour and 20-minute thing about the doors. Um I always, you know, I always like the doors and music but I never really knew what how the band formed or what happened to their demise. Clearly, it was the demise of Jim Morrison.
It was the end of the doors but they're really, they're really interesting how they formed. Ray Manzerik is literally, he's the he's the keyboarder. Um he's the guy who put basically put a band together. Him and Jim Morrison got together and they found a couple guys that they liked. They learned that actually the one guy was a classical guitarist and when he played guitar, he never used a pick.
Never in all of the Dora songs. He never a pick. And on top of that, the door never had a basis in their band. Oh. Ray Bans there did the base on the keyboard. So wild. Like I didn't know that about them. But Clearly, I mean, you know, Jim Morrison was more interested in his in his poetry than he was in performing on stage. You know, he was actually Neville, never formally trained vocally.
What whatever his voice was, it was. I mean, he he never had any music lessons. He couldn't read music. He he he actually didn't even write most of the songs. The the the guitarist wrote most of the songs but if you look on the album, they're all attributed to the doors in general because it kind of on on a lot of things. So so it was pretty it was pretty interesting. Like I thought I knew more about the doors than I did but that definitely brought it home for me.
Worth worth it if you like the doors or you like music from from that era. Where where is it? Where is it streaming? Uh now I believe that was on Apple TV.
Okay. Okay.
has a question. The Lincoln lawyer.
Is that a series based on McConaughey's movie? It is.
is. Yeah. I think it is. Different different guy for TV. Yes, just a different guy.
Schwabber froze up on that one but it's on Netflix.
What's next? Uh I am I have already completed this. It is also a docuseries. It is called well, it is called Sins of Our Mother.
Sins of Our Mother. Now, before you go crazy, upset Janice Carol. Yeah.
Is your is your momma on mine? She's not online tonight. Go ahead Chris. Spill your you guys. Um let me get that. Let me get that picture off of there. Okay. So sins of our mother. It's about you guys have heard of Lori, Ballow, and Chad Daybell. Um and and she this woman and and Chad Daybell apparently killed her two children. He he ran he's ran it like a a doomsday cult.
Um. Right right.
Yeah. So, it it's a three-part docuseries. She actually had a son to a previous marriage and it's basically he kind of narrates it and he knew the two children, the who who they adopted and her name is like Tyana or something. I I can't remember it. Kind of a strange name but he knew them and kind of grew up with them and so he they kind of go through the transition of her, you know, couple fail marriages and then moving on and then literally going crazy and joining this like doomsday cult.
Um and to this day I I you know it I don't think she realizes what she did was wrong. I think she's so far gone that you know she she doesn't even care to think about the fact that you know maybe this whole doomsday idea that you got yourself involved in might not be true. You know so anyway it's really good. Um it's free.
free episodes I think. Each episode's about an hour long. Uh but it really kind of dives into and and it's been on every crime show on television. It's been on hours stateline. All of them. But you know these docuseries they they kind of go a little bit deeper. So if if you've been following the story there's plenty that you don't know. You know they they they these other series they just kind of touch on the surface. This goes pretty deep.
So and it's on it's on Netflix.
there you go guys. Sounds like a real uplifter. I think that it is. It is. Uh as a matter of fact, I'm going to watch it Christmas Eve with my kids.
Looks like squabbers have an internet problems again.
But yeah. So frozen up. Yeah. Yeah. Look at that one.
Alright, there it is. There it is. Good thing we're done. Yeah, it is a good thing we're done. Alright, guys. Listen, we want to thank you for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio. As always, and check out our website down below. It's really easy to remember. The Porch is live. com. Steve has a post up there on his take on the season. Uh actually got a ton of traction over the weekend. I don't know if you guys notice that but a ton of people read that post. So, check it out at the the Porch es Live. com and unless you guys have something else you'd like to bring to the forefront. I think we're going to sign off and we'll catch you all next week.
Alright, guys. We're out.