The call that blew it. Or not? The Super Bowl is over... our take.

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Whoo. Welcome to the sports show. Here we are and want to first thank you for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio. Hundred and 50 million registered users, 2000 devices, three 60 platforms and I also want to remind you that you can find us online at anytime, anytime your little heart desires at a place called The Porch Live. com. The Porch is Live. com. The Porch is Live. com. There you go. Absolutely incredible. So listen guys. Uh first of all condolences Trover. Thank you. Your wife text me before the show.
Did she? To tell me to tell us to please take it easy on you. Well thank you. Yes. Um she she had to know that we were going to embarrass you. I don't know why she would even do that. But Amy May said you and Steve go easy on Mark tonight. Yes. He is really upset about the Eagles losing. Also his back has been really hurting him. It has. Thank you. It's a double way I'm exhausted. Stress has that Super Bowl and back and of course I couldn't I couldn't help but let my wife know about this text.
Yeah. And this was what she sent to me.
I mean come on listen listen Amy I gotta tell you you gotta know us okay if this had been the Redskins Commanders it would be relentless in this room relentless but we're not going to do that well I actually thought there was a part of me that thought for a minute I'm just skipping the night but really it was that impression was setting well but then I said to myself look myself you are not in college any more.
You are a grown man. You are an adult. You're in your 50s. It's just a football game. Be a man. Be a man. Amanda. And then you decided to come over. Alright. Alright. And it's here Amanda. Well we're we're glad you're here and first this is what I want to do because all all the all the buzz of course there's a lot of buzz about the game. Okay so we're going to talk about the game.
But what I really want to do first is talk about our picks or what was going to happen during the game. Okay. So let's go Let's let's go down that right now. Um okay. Coin toss. So no we didn't do the coin toss. We did have tails by the way. We picked the score okay and and Mark Mark you picked the Eagles to win 31 to 27. We know that didn't happen.
It's fairly close. Uh it was close.
Yeah. Right. Yep. Chris picked the Eagles 28 to twenty-four. Uh and and the winner was Steve who picked Kansas City on a last minute field goal to win 34 to 33. That was the close. Yeah. That was the closest. So You're welcome. Who scored the first TD of the game? That was Jaylen Hertz. It was her. Okay so so I think Steve picked Kelce. Uh I I picked Pacheco. Mm hmm.
And Mark Mark picked Kelcey. Oh. So.
Yeah, I did too but didn't we pick like first vote of Eagles? Yeah, did we first? Yeah, you picked Sanders and hey guys and on air. And I picked Hertz. No no no no. We didn't do that. We didn't do that. Uh I I I picked Mahomes to throw for 352 yards. Oh we didn't okay. And he threw half of that. Yep. Yeah. Uh Owens thought you can hire us. Uh Mahomes no no no no. Steve picked 352 yards.
Excuse me. That sounds right. I picked 260 and Mark picked twenty-5. So I got we were all in bed Steve. Yeah we were all on the eighty-two. Yeah. Uh Steve picked Hertz to throw for two seventy-six. Three oh four. He three oh four. Uh I picked three forty. Mm hmm. And you picked two twenty-two. Mm hmm. 222. Saw the winner there. Uh Hertz you did pick Hertz to score the Eagles first touchdown. Yes. Yes. Uh and you also said he would run for 85 yards.
I think he ran for seventy, right? Uh let's see.
Anything else on here MVP of the game Hertz was me Mark was Hertz you were Mahomes so hey listen as far as predictions go yeah I don't think they were that bad I mean we're awful and yeah yeah they weren't that bad but we all thought it would be close but it was a pretty traditional game in that sense yeah yeah superstars came to play and they gave us a good game yeah so let's let's let's talk about let's talk about what what happened in the game what did what did Kansas City.
We're going to leave the we're going to leave that controversial call to a little bit later. Cuz we know everybody wants to talk about. Yeah we'll talk. Then I'm sure we have some things to say. Yeah. But what did Kansas City do that enabled them to win that game? You you go ahead Schwabber you go ahead. I'm Schwabber. You go ahead Schwabber. You go ahead. Yeah. I was thinking I don't want Schwab to talk and I'm looking at stuff. So I'll let Mark go.
He owns the platform. Congratulations to the Chiefs. You know they won the game.
They deserve to win. I also think the Eagles could've deserved to win. It just kind of came down to who had the ball last. Well this is what what did Kansas City do right. I heard the question. Okay thank you. I just trying to keep you up because I I know you're still in mourning and and that's allowed. So what they did right was they did not turn the ball over.
So they didn't make mistakes. Very true. As the Eagles made two mistakes in my mind. The the slip of the ball of Hertz's hand. I don't really consider that like an earned TD by the the Chiefs because nobody swatted the ball. It wasn't like they hit him hard and they or a sack fumble. He just dropped the ball. Yeah. So to me it was like we handed them seven points.
Um and the other to me I always consider like a a punt return is as is good as a turnover. Yeah. You know what I mean? And the pathetically low line drive short kick you know where Tony ran the ball back to the five yard line. To me that was just like handed them another seven points. So yeah. To me that was it.
Is that we made a special team's mistake. We made a turnover mistake and the Chiefs did not. The Chiefs the Chiefs the Chiefs played better error free football. So the Chiefs capitalized on the few mistakes that the Eagles made. Yeah. I mean I also think that the Chiefs had a good game plan you know to avoid the pass rush of the Eagles getting the ball out of Mahomes hands very quickly and I also thought that the Eagles game plan was very poor defensively you know because obviously everybody knew that's what they were going to do yeah and the only way you can you can you can play against that team is you gotta get pressure on Mahomes so if you can't get pressure with your top four and if you're also not getting pressure because everybody's slipping on the turf you gotta spend you gotta send more people this is but it's true no what I'm saying is you have to adjust to the game understood you have to you have to more people.
You spend five or six. Yeah. And you you want your quarterbacks to be in man press. You know we're giving them like all the room in the world out there. You know for these little you know dinky five yard and eight yard plays. And then the other part too is is that you know the Eagles secondaries strength is playing man defense you know.
Yeah. Slay and Bradbury two of the best man covers in the league. And we're playing zone and you saw how got exposed on that. You know they're running motion and we can't figure out who's supposed to be with you because we're playing zone. Right. Instead of just playing the man. Mm. Right. Um and so I mean that's good game planning by the Chiefs and it's bad game planning on the defensive side of the ball for the Eagles.
Alright. Steve up. So what Chiefs did right was their defense was opportunistic. They took the fumble and they took it to the end zone. They didn't just jump on it. They actually grabbed it, ran with it, and scored points. Other than that their defense was awful actually and and they've they've been awful all year so so what did the offense have to do to compensate for their terrible defense well first of all their offensive line did everything right no sacks was to me by far and away the best thing that they did but their offensive scheme to be able to be able to say look no matter what happens we're never going to abandon the run and they didn't they never abandon the run when whenever Philly had three guys that were were that were down and they're and they had their their edge guys kind of off the line they ran the ball every time Mahomes recognized it that guy is so smart like and and and he was much smarter I think in this game than he ever has been because he recognized the defense and instead of trying to throw through it he just handed the ball off you know I think that was really smart game planning on their their part and and they didn't waver from it and let's face it I mean Mahomes didn't make a mistake in the second half.
Every play every time they have the ball they score. Yeah. I mean that's just astounding. That's just amazing. Actually think you know I know probably going to talk to the Eagles what they did well. But I think I think that the Eagles probably did have the right plan that keep the ball away from Mahomes. But when he's playing that good it clearly doesn't match.
So DG chimes in here. He says he thinks that Rihanna's halftime show Jinx the Eagles. So he's blaming it on Oh I will I will say this. Yeah. One thing that is interesting and look I I don't blame this on the loss at all. But It definitely benefited the Chiefs to be able to have more time for Mahomes to recover from his injury.
You know I I I think this smacks so much. I I I've heard Philly excuses.
Actually it gave him more time to get stiff. Yeah. You have an injury like that. Yeah. Unless you're getting cortisone. Anything. Clearly he was. Or was he being a drama queen and it really wasn't that injured because I didn't see any ill effects on his fourth quarter actually. Yeah that was kind of strange. He probably couldn't his ankle flexible. Yeah. You know because there was so much courtesy like I just can't imagine the damage that that that has occurred over the stuff that he who knows.
Yeah. You gotta hope it's severe. You got well I mean you don't have to worry about playing him until until maybe forever right? But yeah but we haven't beat him. But here are the things. You do gotta give Mahomes credit because I had actually looked back on both the Mahomes Super Bowls. The victory a loss he actually played very poorly in both Super Bowls you know in the first one that he won he had two touchdowns two interceptions and in the second Super Bowl he had no touchdowns and two interceptions so he definitely learned that you can't make mistakes in the Super Bowl and I think that really was a focus and that's why less than 200 yards right right because he recognized like he didn't have to do it all in fact in the in the pre in the interview they they had before the game that's exactly what he said he's learned that doesn't have to play Superman well and and he plays Superman without even doing it so as far as what Kansas City did right for me I think it comes down to the the game plan on offense I think that they took advantage of the fact that the Eagles defense is uber aggressive they knew that was coming and like you said Steve you know Mahomes wasn't afraid to look at the defense read it and say this is a running play and they would find the weak part of the line they weren't they also did a fantastic job I mean those Eagles defenders they are so quick off the ball and they get so far up field that I and it's not like they're not aware of that though you see I don't think their defensive plan now the man to man part of that I agree with I think that was a mistake and I think they might have been game planning to that explosive speed that they used to have and then now how they would make that mistake I have no idea but I think that that the Eagles were so amped up for this game and wanting to get to Mahomes that they couldn't get out of their own way when they were rushing the passer and they did end up getting caught you know but because they they really didn't ever get close to getting the sack I think there might have been three plays where I thought oh he could go down jump up in the pocket right right and that that one time he jumped up in the pocket and ran for what 20 yards or something like that so you know I but here's here's the other thing too like because I don't want to say anything good about Jonathan Gannon who's the Eagles defensive ordinary I thought he was horrible last night.
Cuz the bottom line is he never made an adjustment. Yeah. Never made an adjustment. But here's the other way of looking at it. Okay. You can also look at it like this. You know they got seven points free from the Eagles on a turnover. And they got seven points from a punt return to the five yard line. So really he held them twenty-four points and they should've won.
You can look at it that way but that's not what happened. Right. Yeah okay guys so great. So one other thing I think the other thing is Kansas City did better was they had better shoes. Maybe they did? Well yeah they showed they showed they showed all the Eagles shoes when they switched them on the sideline. Alright guys so much. What what what did they switch back? Right right.
What did the Eagles do right? I mean they lost. But what did they do right? Well the first thing they did right was and I look I mean look I'm biased. I understand. Don't worry. We'll tell you through. I I understand you can't give the MVP to the losing quarterback. But but I but honestly. All day long. But all day long. No no no.
It's been a pretty it's been a pretty national thing. A a lot of national folks have said that you could have given Jalen Hertz the MVP because he was the best player in that game. Wrong. And I think he really was. I mean he had a ball slip out of his hand. Outside of that he completely outplayed Mahomes and he was unstoppable.
I mean his passes were you know brilliant. I mean the pass to AJ Brown was perfect. I mean the pass the pass us to Devonte Smith and Dallas Goddard on the sidelines as on third and long. Yeah that catch by Goddard was engaging were amazing. I mean he was unstoppable. I mean he played like a superstar and I feel the worst for him because I think he deserved to be he deserved to win the game.
He deserved to be and obviously if they did win the game it would've been the MVP. This is true. Yeah. So so I I I think he was he was sensational. Um I I thought basically I mean look here's the bottom lineup. Uh they didn't run the ball particularly well by the running backs but bottom line is they scored thirty-five points. Um that's the most points ever by a Super Bowl loser okay and in in games in the NFC AFC Championship game and Super Bowl up until this point teams that scored 35 points or more in those games were 390 so we can't come down on the offense for you know for not playing well they they look they kick the **** out of the Chiefs in game unfortunately the Chiefs kicked the **** out of the Eagles on their offensive side of the ball and they and they got one and they got one more kick you know to go through and no mistakes so you know the offense was great and you know the the defense though was horrible look I don't think we did anything good on defense alright yeah I that's it so I think and there you have it yeah I don't I think what the Eagles we're going with what Eagles did right yes yes it's hard to do when you lose but I I actually I don't I don't I don't think they did very many things right to be honest with you huh and and here's here's why I say that because I think I would rather go with what they what I think they did wrong alright I think their offensive I think their offensive scheming was wrong they they they throughout the whole season the Eagles were a strike hard strike fan strike repetitively team.
Mm hmm. Right? I think they should have stuck with that. I think they could have scored forty-two or forty-eight points against this Kansas City offense. Should've kept passing it you think? I I think they should've I think they should have did that early and often. Mhm. And put Mahomes on his heels.
Haven't make him come back to like make him be a one dimensional guy where he always has to pass. And to me that would have made made it a lot easier to chase him and and and rush him.
When they be when when and I get why they did what they did but I think they went against who they were in their DNA and you could see when they when they needed the comeback they could do it they threw it deep to Brown and by the way I think it was more of a great adjustment by Brown than it was a good pass but the pass was in the in the neighborhood yeah but the but but it was an amazing adjustment by Brown Devante Smith got open deep quite a bit and Goddard was incredible yeah So I just would have rolled with that a little bit more.
I I I personally think they should have come out and just smashed them in the face early. Then they could have run the ball because then the Kansas City defense would be like we gotta make a stop. We gotta make a stop. We can't let them get the first downs. And and I think that's where they messed up. Yeah. That being said they did execute their game really well. Like they did hold the ball quite a bit.
Yes. Even though they didn't run the ball for **** Yes. So so what they tried to do worked. I just think it was the wrong way to go about it. I think they should have stuck with their guns. I think they should have. I think that's good. I think it's good enough. I think they I think they should've should've just moved for the Juggernaut and just said we know thirty-five's not going to be enough.
We got a good 42 or 48 or maybe 50 points to beat this guy and the the more points we can score early easier it'll be to get to him just keep that leap. Yeah and they were always they were great at that during the regular season. Yeah I just I and I get why they went away from it.
Because Mahomes is who he is. But you can't I don't think you can adjust your game to a superstar. The superstar is always going to perform. You have to make that person one dimensional and then that's the only way to beat them. Yeah well and that that's a combination of a lot of things. I mean I I agree with you in principle because one of the one of the messages I sent you during the game was you know I haven't seen very much of Sanders or Boston.
Nobody. But that was because they did have a lead and they couldn't hand the ball to those guys as the Chiefs defense got tired and just rattle off those twelve-yard runs. Yeah. And but but you're absolutely you're absolutely correct. You know, they're a quick strike team and it looked like they're looked like their receivers had the number. They they the corners rookie corners.
Yeah. So. You know, should they have been I guess the I guess the point is as aggressive as they seem to be playing, they Should have been more aggressive. Like I think it's just it's really hard to know. The thing that's like to be honest so hard with this loss is if if we've pointed out honestly we pointed out a million things that the Eagles have done wrong haven't we? And really nothing that the Chiefs have done wrong and yet they lost by freaking field goal.
Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Yeah. There's no doubt about that. We didn't even get to the controversial call yet. I've got some pieces. Yeah let's talk about that. Well you want to start us off with that one. Well I'll I'll I'll start us off by saying that that was the point in the game where I I was disappointed in that call because I thought that it came at the wrong time of the game.
You know I and I'm stating the obvious. Yeah. Because it obviously you know with two minutes left or a minute thirty left. You know you make that kind of call. You extend the drive. Now they can run out the clock. It was very disappointing to me that they waited that long in a game to start calling that. Yeah. However I am I am completely fifty-fifth on whether it was a good call or not because you know you had the you had the what was his name on on Fox the Craig Olson not Craig Olson the the the official that they have not Jean's territory he's actually from the Pittsburgh area he's the CBS guy but but whoever their guy is Pereira Pereira right he he kind of came on and said you know it was a good call yeah you know but I'm defending I'm but I'm looking at the video of it and I'm I don't see where that that was really a good call.
I mean like if you saw Juju stop. Yeah. Yeah. Or or. Agree. Or you know then it's kind of like alright even if he didn't really touch him or grab him but he but he impeded him. Yeah. But I didn't see that. Right. So yeah what what are your thoughts on that Steve? So there are two things that my thought one was I agreed that this referee crew just swallowed the whistle pretty much the whole game.
And to make a there on the third down like first of all he was in the five yard zone. So he was allowed to be chucked. True. Where he was chucked. Um did he get a hand on him? Yeah probably. So so I think it probably was holding but the fact one that they swallowed the whistles. Two the timing of that. And three the way that ball was thrown way over his head.
Even it wasn't it wasn't even close to where he was. Not a catchable pass. It it it to me was like even if he didn't even touch him I don't think he juju catches that ball and then lastly and this what pisses me off the most they kick the field goal now you get to see if Jaylen Hertz can do it right this is the way the game was going back and forth back and forth back and forth so Mahomes takes the lead now Jaylen Hertz has a chance to come and be the hero I would love to see him get that chance and they robbed us from that one minute 30 seconds of what could have just been great football.
Yeah. And and who knows? Probably what would have happened was the kicker would have slipped missing the field goal.
Different controversy. Right right. But they robbed us of that. And that's what pisses me off the most. Yeah that's what I was disappointed in is that once you did the math after that call the game was over. It was over. Yeah. Well I mean the fact that MacKinnon fell down on the one half yard line was just brilliant coaching. The fact that that kid knew to do that.
And the Eagles knew hey let him score. Yeah. Like let's make it look like we're just pushing him the outside but let him get in the end zone. Yeah. And he's like you you're like oh he's going to score a touchdown. And you're like no don't. And and you can as you're thinking that he stopped. Like literally his foot touched the goal line. That's how close he was and he took a knee took a knee. Brilliant coaching. Yeah. I mean I I don't I don't know if they told him that or if he or if if he he yeah. Just had it in his head. But that was a big. It's because it's because Andy Reed is one of the greatest coaches of Zera.
That's always for Swab's benefit. So yeah I mean look I think you you guys said it completely. I mean here's the bottom line. If you if you want to go by the letter of the law it it's a holding. Okay? Um however you know every game the officials decide what's a holding call and what's not. And the same play was for 58 minutes not a holding call.
Yeah I like it. And then throw one that basically completely determines the outcome of the game and so I I think not only Eagles fans but I just think fans of football in general agree they wanted to they wanted to see could Jalen Hertz bring this team back or get him to overtime or maybe he fails in that spot you know who knows but he does but you know but that's that's what everybody wanted to see and it was basically the officials thinking that they were more important than you know the game yeah and and I think and I think that that was it was terrible.
I love that. I don't know if it I don't know if it's that's what they were thinking but I but I will say that I I I the more I think about it the more disappointed I get. Yeah. Because as a fan I would rather them call a tight game up front and let people play down the line. Mhm. As opposed to what happened on this game.
Yeah I mean I think I think here's the thing. I mean the bottom line is is that I've got zero problem with that call if that same call was made in the first, second, and third quarter. So let's let's get a couple comments in. DG is in the house as always. Thank you Digi for being here. Juju was held slightly but I agree with no slight hold.
Juju wasn't going to be able to make that catch. The flag was a little late. Mike Lawrence is watching us on YouTube. Thank you so much. Somewhere in line today the Philly defender admitted he held Juju. Schwab's got some feelings feelings on that. Go ahead Schwabber. Well you know this you know Bradbury's statement that you know he held him. Well first of all he did.
Okay but it's just usually not called. Okay. Yeah. Um but this was just more about class. You know this was you know one of the things no no no figure an Eagles player. No this is this is 100% true. Now I do agree.
Yeah. All week. All week the forty-niners have been you know **** and about you know how they would have beat the Eagles if Brock Purdy was healthy through the whole game. Right. We don't know. They're going to be exposed and all this kind of stuff. Jalen Hertz throw the ball. Yeah. And you know Syriani just said to his guys like hey look let's just give the Chiefs credit. Let's not blame it on the officials.
Do the right thing. Cuz the bottom line is not going to change. You know so he was classy. Yeah. And and that's the way it should be. So you know tomorrow we're you know we're all going to forget about it. You know we're not going to just say like oh those Eagles are sore losers. You know what I mean? Right. So you know I I and you know look he's also he's a free agent.
So you know he wants to get paid and he doesn't want to look like an **** Right. I agree. I agree. So you know I agree. It's a classy move. Yeah. Alright so I you know what's the consensus here? Did the officiating blow that game? Now wait wait a minute. Before before I get your answers from that we still don't know for sure what have happened but Butker D miss a field goal earlier in the game and it was a bad this.
Mhm. And then he did. Well right. A bad miss. Well and he misses a bad miss. You gotta hit right? No no that's that's a kick he's gotta make. Right. I mean it's not like he totally **** Right. Well he missed the field goal and and there was an extra point I think that was close. Pretty darn goal. Last one that went in. Yeah. Yeah. So. I wasn't even watching and I heard the announcement goes and the point after oh it did.
That's it. Yeah.
I was watching it. I was like I don't know if that made it or not. So you know I I I think that you can't it wasn't a guarantee that Butker was going to make that. You know but there aren't a whole lot of Scott Norwoods out there. So yeah man. You just lost all the Bills fans. I never wanted the Bills fans on this side.
I don't really care Pat if you're still watching. So okay so you guys say the officiating didn't really blow it. No. No. They robbed us of some some really good football at the end. About the biggest game of the year. Potentially even over time. But other than that no they didn't they didn't they didn't the two the two reasons for the loss were Eagles self-inflicted wounds and the inability of the Eagles to make one stop in the second half on defense.
One stop. Yeah. That's it. All they have to do is make one stop and they would've won the game. Well said. And they didn't. Okay so is this the beginning of a Chiefs Mahomes dynasty. They were talking about that on Sports Radio. Yeah you know I I was listening to that too and I I I'm a big believer. I think you have to have three to be called a dynasty.
Yeah. I agree. A lot teams who a few teams have won too. Yeah. Denver they won those two. That's not a dynasty. But no. That's they I don't consider them a dynasty. It means you're a really good team for 2 years. And yeah. I mean they're they're dominating the FC and the AFC is stacked now. Mhm. So they're going to have a lot of competition.
I mean yeah. You know Josh Allen wants it. I know Urban still wants to get there. Yeah. I mean yeah. And so the Bengals. Yeah there's who? The Bengals Barrel the Bengals? They're going to go back to the Super Bowl. Yeah I'm going to keep that one. 100% he says. Never. 100%. We gotta put that in granite somewhere on a it's out there for the whole world.
So the year thirty-eight seventy-two. Every time I said never. Every time every time I say 100% it never happened. That's right. That's right. So yeah I I think I you know they've been to five straight championship games. They've been to three Super Bowl and one two it's not a dynasty yet if they win next year if they win the Super Bowl you know for me I'm thinking dynasty for me is like you you you rattle off four Super Bowls you got you got the Steelers you got the Niners somebody brought up the Cowboys I never saw that as a dynasty I I have I have to give a Steelers perspective here yeah because you know we are in Pittsburgh right right as you can see the bridge oh yeah that's yeah Mark's on the bridge yeah on the bridge we're trying to keep Mark off the bridge yeah Mark's get off the bridge Mark get off the bridge Mark Junk no the the Steelers perspective is Ben Roethlisberger has been in three Super Bowls.
He has won two and has lost one. Same as Mahomes. Same as Mahomes. Now if Mahomes never goes back to the Super Bowl he's just no better than Ben there was never a dynasty. Right right. So I mean I agree I like when you talk about dynasties it's always about three. And if you want to talk about being the goat the best quarterback of all time like right now the bar is set by Tom Brady.
Yeah. But to be in the conversation to be you have to get at least four and surpass our buddy Terry Bradshaw and let's not forget about Joe Montana well and and also don't forget about a guy who was in four straight and lost them and that was Jim Kelly I mean he had to get the I'm not I'm not saying it was a dynasty but what I'm saying is you know it's always better to win the Super Bowl but how many teams have gone to four straight I mean it's an accomplishment right it's it's just not I I mean I'm backing up your dynasty I'm backing up your dynasty argument.
Yeah. No, I know you are. Yeah. So, that's my point like I think the Chiefs definitely have every possibility of being the next dynasty, the next New England Patriots for sure but I don't know how long Reed's going to be coaching. I know Mahomes is going to be there for a while and now I know that Andy Reed has the ability to kind of change his colors.
So, that makes him dangerous and it definitely makes them much better than the Pittsburgh Steelers right now. That's for sure. Yeah and Mike in and he says I hope Mahomes wins six more to shut Brady up. Yeah. I'm with you Mike. Yeah. I'll sing that with you eight eighty-one Mike.
Absolutely. Alright well we've we've talked about the Super Bowl and no doubt that call's going to be talked about for the next 10 weeks or however until next season and to Holmes and all that kind of stuff so. Let's get the draft. Free agents come along. Yeah yeah and that's coming up. So what we want to do right now is we want to go back in time. Oh. Because in the beginning of the football season we made our predictions and I've got the list right here.
It's bad. And we want to talk about the predictions. There's there's a couple that are actually pretty funny here. We're we're not going to do them all. We'll we'll do the do the big guys. We'll do the big ones. I I just do want to say that your experts here on the Sports Porch did pick the Packers the the Green Bay Packers to win the NFC North. All three of us. Oops. Yep.
Two rows.
We nailed that Rodgers training. Nailed it. Nailed it. We also picked the Bucks to win the NFC South which they did with a losing record. We I don't think any of us said they were going to I think we still don't get credit for that. Yeah we should. We should. Um and in the NFC East Mark and I picked the Eagles. You picked the Cowboys. Uh we had another miserable failure with the NFC West.
Yes. Uh we all picked the Rams.
Yikes. So if you guys are using this show at all for your betting lines. I would recommend that you just watch us for the humor. And screw the wildcard stuff. Um and this is one that I really love. For the for the AFC North which we're going to go over because obviously the Steelers are in the AFC North. Um Mark and I picked the Bengals and Steve well Steve I don't know what's going on here. I don't know why this is Sorry about sorry about that.
Sorry. I didn't know we had women's yeah.
I don't want to I don't want to know what this college project.
Now this is this is this is what we got. This is what we got from Steve. Alright. Who you picking to our Bengals. No. It's definitely Baltimore. 00%. Okay. Bengals. Never. Never going to happen boys.
Never. Never going to happen boys. Never going to happen boys. So we can we we saw that see that for next year. I'll just replay it. Yep. Uh we nailed it in the East. The AFC East. We all picked the Bills.
Schwabber and I nailed it in the in the AFC West. We picked the Chiefs. Steve picked the Chargers in the in the where where do we go next? So so I I I had the Packers and the Rams in the NFC title game. So once again if you're following us. Yeah. You don't want to listen to me because I am rarely right. That would have been eight and nine against four and thirteen.
Yeah. Yeah. You know what? Just like our fantasy game. Yeah. They should do a they should do a worst record in the Yeah alright listen here's a great here's a here's a great idea instead of the Pro Bowl take the two worst records in the league they play a real football game and whoever wins gets the number one pick how about that's interesting it doesn't it doesn't count in loser bowl it's actually not a bad idea it doesn't happen it doesn't count in the it doesn't count in the record book so the guy throws for 500 yards, it doesn't matter but each player gets a bonus big enough to make it worth playing the game yeah but then you're going to say going to you know benefit guys who played worse than everybody else in the league.
I like that thought. Let's get it out there to the NFL.
You got Gadel's number? I don't. Darn it neither. And I don't I don't. If anybody has Goddell's number, you know what? Just send them to the sports sports. We'd like to have a conversation about making that happen. Yeah, I'm I'm just telling you, I think they should do that. Okay, so I had the Packers and the Rams horrible. Steve had the Bucks and the Cowboys. Horrible. At least they made the right it's true right and and Schwabber Schwabber had the Bucks and the Indianapolis Colts in the playoff game or in the Super Bowl and just you know Steve had the Bills I had the Bills winning the Super Bowl but I just I want you guys to pay attention here to to this this was Mark's prediction for the Super Bowl Super Bowl I have the Rams and the Bills your winner is Well we do know one thing about Tom Brady he not only wins Super Bowls he loses them Matt Ryan he has his day the Colts win I you know I I actually I knew Matt Stafford and Schwabber took the Colts to win the Super Bowl and also won it was regular season a predictions yeah you did you did you were good in the regular season most of the preseason you should stay away stay off the ice yeah yeah Stay off the juice.
Yeah so anyway guys listen it was a it was a great year. Um I I want to do one more quick thing on this. Mark and I were talking about this before the show before you got here to the studio. And and and Mark actually pointed this out because I I I said and and I don't want to offend anybody who thought that was a great game. Uh and DG says Mark's prediction was bold at the time.
And it was a bold prediction. It was a bold prediction. We'll give you that. Fine line between bold and bold.
Is it me or is does it seem like the game is starting to get a little more boring now.
The game of football? Yeah the actual games. Like I I said to Mark I said you know what? I thought this game was I thought this game was boring. And he's like a 3030 what was it? Thirty-8 to thirty-five and back and forth and all that. I was like I just felt bored. I think there were parts of it where the Eagles I'm not a big fan of the 17 drive thing. Like I know that's play drive.
Yeah. Yeah. I I just I don't I don't like the 17 play drive. I mean I I I just to me it's just terrible. I I I don't like it at all. And that's the the new Steeler football way right? Yeah yeah. It's like hold on to the ball. Right. Make your defense you know. You can see it didn't refresh the Eagles defense any. Mhm. I actually think like teams get into a rhythm. So like you have to stay in a rhythm and if you're off the field for too long it messes you up.
Yeah. I and and like I I'm a big fan of just sticking with what you know whatever that is and to make the game more interesting clearly big strikes are are are fun right right but then again so are big defensive plays that's right like that hit on Pacheco that was incredible what a hit that was you know so stuff like that like I think that's what makes the game exciting and they definitely are trying to take some of that out of the game you know with the with the helmet the helmet yes so they have to be very careful for going too far.
I agree with you. I think it's trending in that direction. I can't wait to see it come back because yeah it can't get boring because people I mean it's a multi-billion-dollar industry. Yeah. People love it. Like what is it? Like thirty-eight of the fifty highest watched things on television this year have been football games. Right. Like. Right. It's it's clearly a commodity that people like.
Right. But they can't mess with it too much more or they're going to they're going to lose it. Yeah. Fair weather fans. We're going to watch it all the time because we grew up with it. We love it.
Yeah. We have we have we have you know people who love to watch it. We're going to watch it but they're going to lose the fair weather fans. Like my wife went to bed at half. Yeah. You know. Yeah. So. My wife didn't even watch it. She asked me who won. Yeah. Yeah. No. She was never a football watcher anyway. Yeah neither. My wife is fair weather.
Yeah. You know if the Steelers were on she would have stayed out to watch. Yeah. Last last football thing and then we're going to move on to hockey Jesus. Um how far away are the Steelers from even approaching the level of one of these teams. I say very far away. Well their defense is in some cases above some of these teams. The what above the Chiefs above above the Eagles? I don't think.
Well remember in in the regular season. Yeah I think I think they might be better than both of those defenses on us. Well but in the in the regular season those defenses were like top five. So you know you're talking about like probably the two best players a quarterback in the league this year. But I mean if you're talking about a team as a whole their offense is way far behind.
I mean you they're not even in in the conversation with with the with the Trevor Lawrence's. Let let alone the Mahomes. Yeah. And the Josh Allens and and and the Jaylen Hertz. I mean they're way behind. Yep. I mean we didn't even talk about this and and this probably be for another day. The fact that you know Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, and AB Junior, Juju Smith, Schuster all had Super Bowl rinks now.
All three Super Bowl rinks now. Yep. And they were once great commodities for the Steelers. But now we jettisoned them off because they were headaches and we couldn't manage and now they got Super Bowl ranks so I think that's something to consider like the Steelers need to get their **** together as a management structure and as as a leaders and and the head coach needs to do something about that well they need to I think they have the right talent maybe but they gotta get better and one thing's clear the two offensive lines that that played are like if if you took people that were on their bench they would be better than the Steelers yeah so so that's where they gotta focus they gotta get better in the trench and this will be a develop story.
So I'm going to give a shout out to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh the number one in the with the ACC. ACC not in the top twenty-five. Yeah which is surprising. Team that's fifth in the in the division is in the top twenty-five. Yeah that doesn't make any sense to me. But just gotta make the tournament. Since since we're now we've got hockey left to go. We're kind of approaching what we like to call the dead zone.
Yeah. You know spring training's going to heat up here. Maybe we'll get a little March Madness fun. If it can make the and and we'll see but I I think it's an amazing story that they're able to cobble these teams together and they got a guy on there. I love this guy's name. Federico Federico. The double F. There you go. You got it so. Square. Alright.
Hockey Jesus take it away. What's going on? Uh what's going on with the Pens? Oh we're going to get Oh.
What is going on? Yeah yeah. It is still hot. It is still hockey season. That is true. Um the Penguins are on the West Coast. Uh after the all-star break they beat Colorado. Yep. In a surprising win actually. I didn't see that coming. Um but you know on a nice overtime goal by LaTang. So they got off to the West Coast. They killed and absolutely slaughtered the Ducks and then they get killed and absolutely got slaughtered by the LA Kings.
You're right.
So this is this is the problem with the Penguins now. Without Jari playing. And by the way he was a full participant of practice today. So he may actually be playing tomorrow night in San Jose. They got one more game on the West Coast. I actually I actually think that they will I think they actually will get either a loser point or or beat San Jose and then they have to come back to the East Coast and before they come home what they have to do is they have to beat New England or I'm sorry the Islanders so they got some really big games coming up after San Jose they play the Islanders a game we'll be watching in Florida on Friday and then they play the Devils on Saturday a game we'll be watching in Florida on Saturday and then they come home and then they play the Islanders again on Monday so those the three games that are coming up this week that if if you don't want to stay up and watch San Jose and be up till 1: 30 in the morning which I actually happen to do for that LA Kings game then I would say wait till they make it back to the East Coast and watch those games against the Devils and Islanders those are really important games for the Penguins they gotta get at least three points out of that I'd like to see him get four or five they get four or five they may not have to make a move we got the trade deadline coming up Check out my mid-season spectacular for what what what I think the Penguin should do at the trade deadline coming up.
I still feel that way although I'm trending away from getting a goalie now if Jari is healthy but once again I think there's a guy out there in Minnesota that the Penguins could use as a backup goalie. I won't mention his name. So you can catch the hockey Jesus preaching on the podcast live after every single Penguins game. I I was getting those shows at 130 in the morning.
Now, I wasn't posting until the next morning because I was fast asleep but you can catch the Hockey Jesus preaching on the podcast on the iHeartRadio app or anywhere you get your podcast after every Penguins game and go to The Porch's Live. com. The Porch's Live. com. The Porch is Live. com. And one of the featured episodes there is the Mid Season Spectacular which Steve put out about a week ago talking about who he thinks they should trade for and how the month of February anyway is going to shift.
And right now they're trending above what I predict. Yeah. Which is good. Which is good. So alright guys. Well listen. Uh want to thank you guys if you're listening on American Busker iHeartRadio. Uh 50 million registered users. 2000 devices. 260 platforms. And remind you subscribe to the Sports Sports Podcast on the iHeartRadio app and anywhere you get your podcast. And with that boys I think oh one one housekeeping thing.
We're going to be in Key West, Florida next week. Whoo hoo. We're off vacation. So, we're we're. Football's over. We're probably, we're, well, I I can't guarantee this because we might get the itch but. I saw that. We're we're probably going to take the week off. But we might, you never know. There might be some shenanigans. You never know where there's some shenanigans going on.
So, yeah. You might just pop up. You might want to pop in and see us tanning on the beach. Yup, you got it. You got it. So, one more. I hope you're remembering to pamper Lauren, Amy, and Susan tomorrow or you'll end up in the doghouse. What's tomorrow? What's tomorrow? What's tomorrow? David, what's tomorrow? Help us out. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. What the hell is going on tomorrow? I have to tell you. I mean, he just paying attention. He does pay attention.
That's right. David, what's going on tomorrow? Yeah.
Happy Valentine's Day. Oh **** We'll catch you next time.