Aug. 23, 2022

The Porch Is Live - The Steelers QB Saga Continues

The Steelers QB saga is continuing as we discuss the latest preseason victory over the Jaguars. But what about the D? Steve has thoughts on that. We have some hysterical headlines and great things to watch as well. Join the discussion on the porch!

The Steelers QB saga is continuing as we discuss the latest preseason victory over the Jaguars. But what about the D? Steve has thoughts on that. We have some hysterical headlines and great things to watch as well. Join the discussion on the porch!

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right. Steve is now needed. Welcome to the Sports Sports. The Porch is live. The Porch is live. com and thank you for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio. Thank you, iHeartRadio. Can't tell you how much we appreciated that. We had a four-hour run last night on iHeartRadio. Um and it was fantastic. It was. Fantastic. I mean, call me crazy but they keep playing our shows. Alright, we're going to jump right into it because there's a lot of stuff being thrown around right now.
A lot of a lot of stuff. Hopefully, Steve will speak up into the microphone a little bit this week. There you go. That Is that better? Uh yes. And I'm Chris. That guy over there is Steve. That guy down there is Mark. We are on the same porch and our porch is your porch. So, welcome to The Porch. I don't know. I think my porch looks nicer.
Actually does. Your your porch looks beautiful. Like, if I was going to a porch, I would not get a Marksplash. No, my porch sucks. Yeah, I mean, let's just be honest. Even though it's all the same we're going to jump right into this right now. No more there's there's so much stuff being thrown out around there and these guys know I like to like him. I I like him myself to to a bit of a of an author. And so we're going to pull this up right now. If you go to the Porch es Live. com you will see my latest take on the Steelers Jags on the preseason game and what's going on.
And what are you pulling up there Kenny? Uh yeah.
As you can see. Okay. It's picket Pigletsburg. So, guys, listen. Um just, you know, I'm not going to read this whole thing to you. I'm glad. I'm glad you're not. You sure? I think maybe we should. Well, last week, you said it was surprisingly well written. So, I figured maybe I would get this. This week was kind of a step back to the norm. Oh, thanks.
I appreciate that. I will highlight one thing on here. Everyone, I I do say everyone on the porch knows I'm a picket groupie. Absolutely. But but my big takeaway from this game was that it's more of an offensive line issue. Mm hmm. It's more of an offensive line issue and I'll I'll pull the article down. If you guys want to read the article, if you're listening to us or watching, go to The Porch es Live. com. That's our website. So, going back to the question at hand here. Um how do you guys feel the Steelers looked and let's start with the quarterback play and then we can break it down into other parts of this.
Well, the reality is is that you know, you have when it was important to assess the quarterback play, the quarterback play was bad but it was bad because of the offensive line. I mean, Mitch Trubisky was running for his life and so was Kenny Pickett. I mean, really, I liked what Pickett did but again, you know, it's kind of like that two-minute drill where everybody's just, you know, waiting back there.
Um Mason Rudolph played great but it was in the fourth quarter against the Scrubs just like Pickett did the week before. Right. What is it really even mean? Right. Right. Right. Um so to be I don't really think anyone stepped forward this week quarterback wise. I mean, I I will agree that Kenny Pickett as he, you know, because for Kenny in particular, he did go up a level in terms of facing some first teamers and a lot of second teamers and he continued to play well.
So, he he keeps the conversation going but I don't think anything really has changed quarterback wise right now. Alright, so Schwabber, those three quarterbacks. Yes. Who performed the best? Presea game. This one. Well, actually it was Mason Rudolph. Okay. Alright. Yeah. Steve. I mean. Yeah. So, I mean, speaking about the Steelers offense, I think their offense took a step back when it came to the running back.
Um the running game was just pitiful. I mean, it they they couldn't get past the line of scrimmage and I think the one thing that I noticed the most was that the Steelers pretty much threw on every first down in the first game against the Seahawks. This time, they decided, okay, we're going to establish the line of scrimmage. We're just going to run on first down. It didn't work too well a lot of times when they became predictable in the run game, I think that they weren't able just to move people out of the way.
So, to me, that basically means that not physical enough in their offensive line. They don't know when to fire out. They don't know when to run people over and that's a problem and the fact that you had basically your starting offensive line still in there in the third quarter and that's a problem too because that basically means Tomlin was not comfortable with the way the offensive line played and he wanted to see some good things and I don't think he saw the whole game.
In fact, he was asked about Trubisky and how well he played and what ended up happening was that he said how bad the offensive line played. Right. Right. Right. And and and Tom was not a guy to give up information. So when he wants to get that out there he's setting the narrative. And actually today when they were watching the film Kendrick Green said specifically that he he got he got called out in front of everybody for his bad play and they like showed videos of him you know probably getting knocked on his **** or or not opening up offensive line.
So, hopefully that's a little bit of motivation for the offensive line and they'll get they'll get better. I mean, remember, both Kendrick Green who probably is not going to be starting. I think Dodson did a lot better than he did and Dan Moore are only in their second year. So, once again, we don't really have a lot of you really know they're going to play throughout the year.
So, that's the way I feel about the offense. I agree with the quarterbacks. I think definitely, nothing has changed. They, Kenny and Mason just kind of switch spots and you know, everybody's talking about at least here in Pittsburgh. Everybody's talking about how, well, Kenny didn't play very many They only played like eight plays or something like that. Like, you think that Tomlin took out? Actually, if you watch the game for the first half of the second half, he was supposed to play the second quarter for the first half of the second quarter.
The Jaguars had the ball. Right. Most of the time. Yeah. So, he only had an opportunity to have the ball twice. So, by default, he didn't get in as many plays. Now, he did well with those plays which is why they didn't, I don't think he was going to ever play in the third quarter anyway. So. Right. It was kind of like he, that was it.
He did what he had to do and then he was out. I don't think it would had anything to do with they wanted to save him because their offensive line was too bad. I think **** I think he just that was the plays he was given. He did well with them and Tomlin said, good, good enough. Now, Klein, let's throw out your Kenny Pickett conspiracy theories.
I didn't know. I didn't know I had I didn't know I had conspiracy theories but alright. Well, there. Let me hear. Start.
Conspiracy. Right. Well, no. It's not that I think he's going to start. What I think is and and what I wrote on The Porch es Live. com is that, you know, because of the inadequacy of the offensive line and the fact that they were basically auditioning different is a different positions on the line. For Trubisky, there there was nothing he could do, okay? He he didn't get a chance to actually play quarterback.
He was pretty much running for his life. Uh huh. So, if anything, it highlighted the fact that he's very mobile and he has his capability. So, that's a plus. For him. It is. And considering that he's most likely the guy that should be. Now, remember I said that. Should be the starting quarterback. Um I I would my takeaway is that, okay, there's a dimension of his game is good.
When Pickett comes in and, and, and, and plays the way he did, what I see is, like you said, Schwaber, a step up, okay? Now, he's playing against guys that are more guys that are most likely going to play or be second stringers. Uh, once again, he takes command of the huddle. He makes decisions, and he knows where he's going to put the ball, and you know, there was a video online earlier today of Bill Cower and they asked him, who, what he would look for in his starting quarterback, if he was given this situation.
And what he said is I would look mostly for the the guy who has the confidence and can take control in the huddle. That's how I would make my decision. Um he did say that, you know, potentially with Kenny Pickett where he is, and because of the offensive line situation, he would probably shy away from Pickett being the starting quarterback. However, it doesn't mean that that wouldn't be the case. Okay? Rudol When you guys say Rudolph performed the best, well, he's a guy that once again, he still pushed the ball into places he shouldn't push the ball and I I think Rudolph is a good backup quarterback.
Mm hmm. I don't think he's on this roster this whole season. I I I just don't. I could I could be completely wrong. I think I think he is and I think the reason why he is is the offensive line. I think they feel like they they might need three quarterbacks. And to be honest let's be real here. They're not going to get much for Mason Rudolph. You know, if they get a six-round pick, they should be jumping for joy.
So, would they trade him for a fourth probably but I don't think they're going to get a fourth. Yeah. So, you might as well just keep em. You never know what some teams going to need on the line but you could be right. I'm I'm I'm not disagreeing with you. I think now, flipping this over, I think that if the offensive line performed very well or look to be solid, I think you might Kenny Pickett is the starting quarterback.
There will be a better chance of it. Yeah. No, I don't think that's true. I I think I think I think Kenny Pickett is definitely, definitely needs more work. He needs to learn more of the playbook. You're you're right with the things you say. He looks good. He took a step up. He went from the third. You know, he played against a bunch of guys who are going to be unemployed to a couple of guys who probably will be employed and he did better. So, it would be nice to see him play in that first.
role but. Yeah. We're not going to. Yeah. Because we only get three games. So, that means Trubisky is going to they're going to do what they call a dress rehearsal probably. Mm hmm. Which means Trubisky is going to have the offense for the first half and then that's it and then, whoever plays after that, maybe they mean, I'm I'm sure Pickett will play but he's not going to get get a chance to play with the with the number ones and actually, he shouldn't get a chance to play with the number ones and and here's why.
Trubisky is new to the team. He's still is learning the playbook also but he has been handed the reins to the number one position and he hasn't lost it. So, you don't put a rookie quarterback in there when your first pick at your number one position quarterback needs to play a little bit more and needs to play with all the number ones because that's where that's where you're going to need to be when you play against Cincinnati in three weeks.
Yeah, I and and I agree. We've talked about the quarterbacks and and as I said on the Porch es Live. com you know, I I actually think the Steelers have a good problem. If you think about it, they they've got three serviceable quarterbacks, a rookie who's really, I mean, he's older than some quarterbacks in the league right now that have been starting for 2 years.
So, a rookie that has some maturity and skills, a guy in Trubisky who definitely, he was a starting quarterback in Chicago and can play the game and an adequate backup in Rudolph who who knows? So, I I think they have a good problem. The the real issue is one that we all agree on. That offensive line looks horrible. And that leads me to the next point that I brought up in my column which is you know the running game.
Now we all assume that Najee Harris of course we haven't seen him. He's going to carry the load. Mhm. Okay? But the big problem is I don't care whether that guy thinks he can carry the ball 400 or 500 times in a season. Alright? No physical human is going to is take that kind of beating and last any length of time. So, who is going to step up and be number two? And I don't see anybody.
I mean, in in the first column on on the porch's life, I I talked about Jaylen Moore. I I was talking about him making the team. Mm hmm. And being kind of an exciting like third down option. Right. Yeah. Uh what I'm saying is. I think that's true. Uh huh. Benny Snell hasn't showed us any sort of reason that he should be second.
TJ McFarland actually looks like he a little more pep in his step. You know, this is going to be a huge problem even if that line can figure itself out.
This is going to be a release today in a cost-cutting move is Kenyon Drake. Kenyon Drake, he'd be a perfect number too. You think so? They don't need another running back. They've got plenty of running backs. They're just not as good as Najee. So, Najee is your guy and the only way any of these other guys matter is if Najee gets hurt. And Brad Trombley is in the house.
Good evening, guys. Hey, Brad. How are you? Hey, Brad. What's going on? Good evening. Um so, that's the way I feel about it. I mean, and yeah, I think every little antsy because you know, Najee hasn't played yet. So, is he healthy? Of course, he's healthy. Yeah, I'm not worried about that. He's going to play, he'll play the first half against Detroit. He'll look good and nobody will be worried anymore and that's really what it comes down.
Yeah, it it it's it's what comes up, what comes behind him. But remember, Najee last year didn't have anybody behind him last year either and it didn't seem to be a problem. Yeah. And the offensive line was horrible. Yeah. So, if it's the same offensive line and you get to Najee still pretty good. Yeah. I mean, it's still a top ten running back in the league.
But somehow the the offensive line can find a way to run walk better. Which they showed signs of it in the first preseason game. If they can get back to that and Nausea you can get through a hole and you can get to the secondary. Then we've got something I think. I think. I I see my problem here is that they're kind of doing a disservice to Najee.
And whoever the quarterback is.
they they should have done more on the offensive line. You could've signed a better free agent for a spot. You know, you could've, I mean, now, call me crazy here, okay? Call me crazy but Kenny Pickett was picked like what, number 20? 820 pick. Yup. Yeah, you want to say twentieth pick. And then the next quarterback what went in the third round? Yeah. That's correct. They could have picked an offensive lineman and probably traded up and got Kenny Pickett in the second round.
Yeah, but then they don't know George Pickens. I don't think he could do that. I think they've already decided like Tomlin really lights. Like last year, who do you pick? He picked Najee and then he went for Fryerman. I mean. Did they need Friarmuth last year? No. Could they have gotten an offensive lineman there? Yes. But they didn't. They waited till the third third round.
Tomlin likes to have big players and he thinks the only way to get the big players is to pick him in the first couple rounds. So, the problem is is they they they bank with Daniels and that center and they're okay but they're not great. So, that's the problem. Well, it it's just it's it's it's an educated guess. They they thought they would be good enough. Clearly, they're not and now they're stuck with it. There's nothing they can do. Well, they can't go against it. It's an interesting concept though. Like, you know, you know, because really, you would think, at least I sort of see a shift.
There's a shift from the old Steelers to the New Steelers and the old Steelers, it was built from within the lines you know and then fill in the skill positions after the fact. You know and now it seems to be the opposite. It is. And while I will say this, you have a much better chance of hitting on the skilled positions in the early rounds. You also have a much lesser chance of hitting on the lineman in the lesser rounds.
So, I think it's something just to think about in terms of their strategy moving forward but. Yeah. No, I I agree with that. Yeah, but but go. But going back to Najee Harris, what I fear Is that they're not going to maximize on the potential that he has. Like, you know, like if he was playing with a great offensive line, you could talk like, you know, 1600 yard season.
Yeah. You know, 17 touchdowns. Like he might be the best or top three running back in the league. I'm fearful that with what he's given, you know, you're looking at maybe like 1100, nine touchdowns, and he's hit a million times in the backfield. Well, and and those stats aren't bad. Yeah. But it's that hit a million times in the backfield. Right, right Uh okay. So, you know, obviously, we got another one more preseason game coming up.
Hopefully, we'll look for some improved line play. Uh Tim Pamato says, good evening, guys. You're all off to a great start. Thank you. Uh Brad, actually, DG is in the house. Again, DG, they just released an offensive tackle and picked up another one today. Like a revolving door until they find someone acceptable. Exactly. Um and and what I would say is this year, you know, obviously, we're kind of set at a question marks on the line.
It they're it's either they're either going to figure out how to work together or they're not. We know what the results are going to be one way or the other, okay? The way I see it right now is barring any any injury or or this team implodes and only wins 3 games. Next year, your first round pick, better be an offensive lineman. It has to be. That that's the way I see it.
It has the way I see it. So, let's move on here. Let's talk a little bit about the receivers because I think this is the first game we saw all three starting wide receivers get action and Brad Trombley has a question for us. He says, any chance that they trade Claypool for some offensive help, I'm going to answer that my my way right now. No.
Not now. I I will tell you what. Not now. I will tell you, I will tell you what I think. I think the answer is no.
Because Claypool is incredibly talented. Right. And I don't think they want to give up on him this soon. But the answer should be yes.
Absolutely. Really? Absolutely.
You can, I mean, there there are, like for example, I mean, I'll use the Philadelphia Eagles.
They have they have a left tackle named Andre Dillard that was a first-round draft pick that's pretty darn good. Now, it just so happens that they got lucky in the seventh round and picked a guy, Jordan Mailotta, who's now, you know, pretty much on the precipice of becoming a pro baller. So, he's a backup now. You could get him Claypool. And that guy would be probably the best offensive lineman on the Steelers. And I'm sure there's a number of situations like that out there. Do you really need them? I mean you've committed to Johnson for 2 years.
Pickens certainly seems like he's a starting wide receiver. If not a star receiver in the making.
What do you really need him for? You want to take that one, Steve? I mean, this is all just gobbly cook if you ask me. It's a great word. That's a great sports word. Gobble the hand.
I mean, they're stuck with the offensive line that they have. You can't go out and get somebody better.
They screwed up. They'll never admit it. They drafted poorly when it came to the offensive line. They thought they had a guy with Kendrick Green who was good and they thought Dan Moore would take a step forward. He took a step back. Okay. Okay. But the question question was, we were talking about the receiver. I get it. Is. But but you're you're seeing the premise here is trading one of your one of your starting wide receivers for some unknown defensive, some unknown offensive lineman.
Right. The guy doesn't exist. There's no guy out there that you can trade Claypool for and get an all-pro offensive left tackle and you're better. Offensive left tackles are like cornerbacks. They're they're a precious commodity the NFL and people hoard them and pay them $20 million dollars to protect their quarterbacks. Yeah. We don't have one. It's time to admit that. We don't have one. So, what did they do? They went out and got Trubisky and they drafted Picket because these guys can't move out of the pocket.
We're not going to have Ben anymore. Ben's not, Ben was the quarterback that stood in the pocket when he felt the pressure. He somehow managed to slip it. Didn't do that in the last three to five years. So, now we've got quarterbacks who can move the pocket. You're just going to have to move the pocket. The reality is the reality is, oh look, a nice rainbow right above me. There you go. There. There it is. And so, that's a sign that what I'm saying is correct.
Well. Rainbow.
I mean, but but here, I mean, here's my my thought on it is, like, so, let's just say we give a letter grade to, to a player. I mean, would you say Claypool is, you probably wouldn't say he's an A receiver. You say he's a B receiver? Playful? Yeah, B plus, A minus.
Let's just stick with A, B, C, D, E. Okay. F. Okay. What would you say? Should be received. Okay, he's a B receiver. Yes.
You're right. You can't go out there and get a pro baller but I do think you could get a B offensive lineman and that might mean more to this team than Claypool because you take out Claypool, you put in The reason they won't do it because they think they already have a B lineman and Dan Moore.
And they're wrong. Yeah. But that's how they assess it. That's how the Steelers are assessing their offensive line. He's going to get better. He's younger. He got better last year. He won't be a train wreck. We'll see. We'll see. And DG says if Claypool plays to even half of his potential you have to keep him. So, my my take on the receiver situation right now that you know, it, it, it's kind of, it's, we're, it's, you kind of gotta push that down the road a little bit, okay? So, you've got Johnson who's supposed to be the number one, who just signed a big contract, not a big contract, but a big contract for the Steelers and he's got drop issues, okay? He's, he has not yet played to his potential.
If he can catch the ball more often than he drops it all the time. Yep. We'll see what he can do. You've got Claypo who arguably has probably the best physique of these guys, okay? And his only real issue has been his maturity level. He's got some super skills. Agreed. And then you've got Pickens who we really can't talk about in the NFL yet because he hasn't played it down.
He's played in preseason. He looks like he's got great hands. I know I rode on the porches live. com that he could be the number one. It's possible.
So you've got a good situation at quarterback because you've got these three guys you've got a pretty good situation at receiver. You've got a great running back. You've got a you've got a a very talented tight end over the middle. Friarmuth looks like he could be end up being the real deal. And now we wall, we fall all the way back.
to the offensive line. I mean there you go.
But that's but that's what everybody knows that's the problem. But that's what I'm saying. If you take Claypool out you still got good receivers.
If you put a better offensive lineman in, you help Najee and you help the quarterback. I hear what you're saying, Schwaber. I think what Steve is saying is that that sounds like a great idea. But it's just not something I think.
There's nobody good enough and then on top of that, their strategy is to move the pocket and to do the razzle dazzle, right? Do the Canada offense the way you can do it now. You couldn't it last year with Ben and and what did they do instead? One, two, throw it. One, throw it. Right. You know, that's what they have to do and how many yards did they get? Two yards. Well, and. Two yards. And they do have, they do have two more weeks at camp, two and a half more weeks at camp.
and another group is closed. Well, I understand but I mean, I'm talking about preseason and practice. You can't go to Saint Vincent and watch this either. No. No. No. I realize that. So, you know, is there a possibility that that that this line? Because line. You've got a bunch of guys here who have not played together, okay? So, every line needs an opportunity to play together in gel. So, is there room for improvement? Yes.
Is it possible these guys somehow find that that that vein between them where they say, okay, now I know where this guy is. Yeah. So, let's give him a chance and see what happens. Uh Debbie chimes in, a great yinser. She says, high ends just checking in and you look and sound like you're having a great time. Well, that's because we are Deb. We are Debbie. Yes, because we are Debbie.
Rainbows. That's right.
That's right. Steve's ideas bring rainbows. They do. Is what really do. And they're lasting. Alright. So, something that Steve really wanted to talk about this week and we haven't talked about really at all and and and the reason is the first preseason game, none of them really played is and and we've seen a lot of articles about Devin Bush, you know, in the linebacking core. It's the defense. So, Steve, take us away. So, I'm going to put a caveat on my analysis of the defense by saying, I get it.
whole defense hasn't been out there yet. You know, Cam hasn't played a snap and he is a difference maker. I get it but I do have to admit they look like they're still that defensive line that gives up the ten-yard run like out of nowhere. It's like, they'll stuff it, then they get a ten-yard run and then, they get a fourteen-yard run. They still are giving up big pass plays.
I I think those are the things that I've noticed the most from this defense and That's my concern. Like, Minka hasn't been able to beat Minka. He did actually do a blitz on on on one on one down. I didn't notice. He missed, he missed the quarterback in the backfield but they gotta get Minka to be able to make those flash plays where he can get an interception, make a big sack, and TJ did have a sack.
So, and he only played limited. So, I'm really just a little concerned that not having that other inside linebacker. I know they went to get Miles Jack and he looks great but not having the edge rusher on the other side and not having a linebacker could be a problem with him. Now, hopefully Cam comes and just fills in the gap and everything's fine. Right.
They're our top five defense. That's what everybody's thinking. I'm thinking it too but until I see it and by the way, they have to play Cincinnati in the first game. That's going to be a significant test for them. Um and and the only way they're going to beat that team is if they can make splash plays and and get Burrow to throw the ball into an interception.
So, That's my concern with the defense.
That's it. Anything to say about that trauma or is it too early? No, I don't think it's too early. Um you know, the the Steelers defense it's kind of an enigma. They have a number of playmakers and some really good ones, you know, like TJ Watt and Cam and and Minka. But they also have a lot of sort of under performers. I agree. There isn't a great pass rush presence besides TJ and Cam. You know, some team are rolling out like, you know, six, seven guys. Who can all get to the quarterback? You know what I mean? Um linebacker, I think Miles Jack is going to do real well.
Uh major concerns with Devin Bush and the rest of the linebacking core. Uh, and that sort of you know, that impacts a lot of how you play. You know, Mika might not have as many opportunities to come on a safety blitz because he's gotta stay back because they know they're going to get by the linebacker like a piece of cake. Right. Right? So, you know and and their corners are kind of like a we'll see.
I mean, I think they're okay. Wallace. You know, they're okay. So, you know, like like the like in. What do they spend? Yeah. So, I mean, the bottom line is they're pretty good. Which basically means they're going to do fine against, you know, your teams like the Carolina Panthers. Right. But will they define against Jamar Chase? You know, Tia Higgins. Right. You know, so, you know, it it's kind of a weird, it's kind of a weird defense where they've got an ability They can play a great game but they could also really get lit up too.
Yeah. So, it's I I kind of see them honestly as like a middle of the pack defense. You know, kind of somewhere like 12 to 16, something like that. Yeah. Yeah. That's kind of where I am. That'll be a bad season if the Steelers defense is at 12 to 16. First of all, I I I just want to chime in here and say that I, for one, I'm hoping that Mondo makes the team.
Mondo. Yes, Mondo. Frenchie. The Frenchman. Mondo. Uh and number two, I'm very impressed With your word enigma. Enigma. I really yeah. Very impressive. It means mystery. I thank you for clearing that up for me. They are a mystery. They are a mystery. Um where I come down on this is kind of where you are Schwabber. The Steelers you know I I read this all the time.
And and I hear the phrase and we we've talked about it. It it gets overused. Elite D, Elite D, Elite D. Well, look, you're not an elite defense until you perform like one. Okay? And last year, the Steelers defense did not perform like one. Wow. It doesn't matter that TJ Watt had 22 and a half sacks, okay? It doesn't matter. Well, now, what I'm thinking, hold on, it matters for him but overall, the defense performed the overall the defense under performed and you cannot have questions in the middle of that defense at linebacker.
The questions that the Steelers have and expect this defense to be an elite defense, okay? You've gotta be able to put pressure on the quarterback every single down that they're going to drop back, okay? And can TJ Watt do that? Um yeah, he shown he does that on a regular basis but look, he is not going to do that every single down. He's going to play against double teams.
He's going to get chipped. He's going to have all kinds of issues because right now, the only person they need to focus on is TJ Watt. Now, Cam, for all of his efforts, he's a great secondary guy that's going to come in there and he can get to the quarterback but now all of a sudden, You've got a situation in which all of those other potential players on the line, if that running back breaks through, who in that linebacking core is going to hold them to a three-yard game? Right.
And they can and they can double up to offensive linemen on Cam. Absolutely. You know, because there isn't anybody to the side of him that you need to double up. And DG chimes in and says, I know we've said it before but I watched Bush getting blocked a lot. Well, I've seen Miles, Jack, shed blockers, and quickly fill some holes. Um and of course he answers him.
Uh Mark Robinson a 7th round pick was better. So he's actually really good. The problem is is one he's never played linebacker position before. Two is he's a seventh round pick. So he's like way down on the charts. But he looks more like a linebacker than Devin Bush does. Mhm. So. Yeah. That's a problem. That's definitely a problem for the Steelers defense. Yeah. I'm not I'm I'm I'm not I I don't I have high hopes for the Steelers defense but I'm not my breath.
I'm not. It's like how many years in a row are you going to watch that? Well then go down the Steelers to only win 5 or six games. Well we haven't gotten to that point. We haven't gotten to that point. Our predictions are in two weeks. Well you know. Our late shift. Hump the break. Pump the break. Yeah. Uh Labor Day show folks. That's when we're going to have our predictions for the Steelers year.
Okay let's move on to something here that we also once again think is. Are we done with the Steelers? We're done with the Steelers for now. I think we did a job. Yeah, we did. Yeah, and at this point, I need to take some time and thank you for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio. Thank Nancy Hahn for that. IHeartRadio, a 50 million subscribers across 2000 devices and a hundred and 150 platforms and we just love it.
We love it. We're everywhere. We love being on there. I do see another comment coming in here. Um from VG. Last thing on the defense right now, DG says, I thought having Brian Flores, Brian Flores would help. Well, we won't. It will We'll see. I think it will do. We'll see. I think it really. I think I think the jury is kind of out on that.
Maybe that's why Mark Robinson's so good. Maybe give up on Devin Bush. So one thing we know for sure is Brian Flores won't play. That's true.
That's true. That's true. You might need it. Okay so this may come as a surprise to a lot of you but we still think that the Pirates really suck. Really suck. Really suck. And Steve actually he found that necessary to go off on the Porch es Live. com and write his own column there and as you can see in the picture, that is Bob Nutting. This this picture's made its round on the internet right now.
Unwittingly posing for a photograph with a young fan and a T shirt that says, sell the team which I don't think is going to happen but I think I'm going to let Steve talk about this. Um on Nessen which is a New England Sports Network, Dennis Eckersley made some comments. That's also made its rounds. Yeah. No name lineup. Yup. So, you guys. Podge of nothing now.
Yes. Hodge Podge of this. I think we should actually make that our byline. You know. Yeah. Pittsburgh Pirates don't suck. They're just a hodgepodge of nothing. Yeah, I'm going to change that on the ticker. So, go for it. So, you know, basically, I think there were some people in Pittsburgh that were a little taken aback by Dennis Eckersley's comment and the article basically goes on the same book.
Dennis Eckeratively is not a shield. The guy lived his whole life playing baseball. He really cares about the game and then he comes in Pittsburgh. You know, this is his last time, his last rounds as as an announcer. He's actually hanging it up. So, this guy is doing nothing but talk about the truth. They must have just been in Kansas City because they were comparing the Pirates to Kansas City which makes sense.
They're both small market teams and then they got the to looking at their lineup and they're like, wow. This team really has nobody on it. Like, like, it's pathetic. You literally use the words pathetic and then when on the say hodgepodge of nothingness which then caught on fire and then people got upset about it. And it's like, well, look at who's on the team.
You can't name two or three guys that are that are worth their their weight. You know. Yeah, I don't know why anybody was upset with it. He was telling the God's Honest Truth. It's very true, you know? Very true. And and the reality is, they have been like this for a very long time. And, and the ownership is the one who is the blame.
And without a change in owner and if we keep going to baseball games in Pittsburgh, it's going to continue. It'll probably continue even if the even if the stadium was empty. Right. I don't think the guy is ever going to sell. So, I mean, that's just the, that's just a pipe dream but the reality is I'm not I'm not going to sit around and listen to people, bash Dennis Eckersley, a great baseball player who never would have played for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Well, maybe in the 90s would try that was there maybe. Yeah. You know, but you know once they got rid of bonds and that whole crew, this team has done nothing and we'll continue to do nothing as long as this ownership is involved. And we're just going to leave it at that because I I think that's all that need to be said.
Yeah, I think it it was we've talked so much on this show about how the media around here tends to kind of try to paint things, you know, with with with a pretty colors. Mm hmm. You know, and yeah, that, they'll, they'll kind of, they'll dip their toe into the water of what's going on? Is it happening again? But nobody wants to say what's really on their mind.
This is this is this is my impression of the Pirates announcers during most Pirates games. You turn on the TV in the fifth inning and the Pirates are down six to nothing and they say, well, you know, what do you gotta do here? You gotta sort of chip away at em. You know, let's let's get one. Maybe if we get one, we get two and and then never find ourselves back in the game.
Yeah. You know, like. Yeah. They're constantly saying that. Yeah. Instead of don't worry, our bullpen's lights out. Right. You know, yeah I get it. DG says maybe the town his booze. I doubt that. I doubt. What kind of booze does he sell? Well remember he he owns whiskey. Wiggle whiskey. Yeah. Pittsburgh Spirits, Wiggle Whiskey, Thread Bear Cider. We we went down that.
We went down that road. So one last thing. If you want to if you want to catch us and this is one great thing that I love about what we're doing here is I'm going to put our website back up. The Porch es Live. com. If you're looking at this right now, if you see on the right hand side that little yellow bar, it says leave us a message.
Oh no. So if you got something to say. Go to The Porch es Live. com. Click that button. Leave us a message. And we might bring your message onto the show. That's how Elijah. We might just do it. I like it. And I just want you guys to know. It almost sounds like a a a segment that could be called Sound Off.
Ooh that's a great idea. Yeah.
going to talk about that after the show. So guys the Porch is live rant. Right. The Porch is live. com. Leave us a message at that little bar and we'll get your message on the show as long as it is. Well it doesn't have to be by the way. That picture. Yeah. The way the way his face looks on there. Yeah. I know you can't see it on the radio but everybody's seen this picture of Nutty. Yeah. It just looks like a goof. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that's definitely and the kid was like, I can't believe I outsmarted this video.
I I I would think I would think of fifty-million-dollar profit would help with your smile situation. Probably. Oh, yeah. He doesn't care about his smile. Yeah. He's smelling all. Yeah, he's smiling all the way to the bank. So, leave us a message, a voice join the Porch es Live. com. So, I think we're going to call it a, we're going to call it a a night for the Pirates and the Steelers and all that kind of stuff.
That's it for me for the rest of the year. We're going to say win five in a row then I wear the hat. We're going to move on to okay. Alright. We'll be wearing many hats. Yeah. Not this year. I'm not wearing it. Not this year. Okay, moving on. Here we go. One of our favorite parts of this show right now. Headlines that mean something.
Headlines that mean something. I'm going to put that up right now. We're going to start with Mark's headline tonight. Mark, your headline this evening is Researcher not giving up on finding something that can be cured by drinking your own urine. We were kind of on the same page. We were we were talking about that. Now, I apologize to Amy Mae, my lovely wife who probably is very unhappy with this with this conversation but interestingly enough, believe it or not, this is being done at a very good school. This is being done at Duke University, okay? We usually just considered a step beneath the Ivy League. Mm. Okay? Phil temps so far Drinking pee has not cured migraines, diarrhea, seasonal allergies, nearsightedness, mild depression, receding hairlines, and you already do that as well.
I thought it's okay in a We had a segment on the earlier show about that. And and classically this guy actually wrote a paper and it was rejected by the New England Journal of Medicine. Oh that's a very prestigious. The name of the article was this.
A golden fountain of youth.
The anti-aging effects of chugging piss. Oh my god and they rejected that? They rejected it. Crazy. So, but but here's here's the thing. He is determined. He and and apparently, a lot of his colleagues think he's a little bit off his rock. I would. Oh. Okay.
And he is determined that he is going to find an answer. It's good. It's going to cure something. And very interesting about this is, this means that he's got people entering this study.
He's got lot of people drinking a lot of pee. And that that means there is a price. And you they're getting paid for it. There is a price. So you're getting paid for it. Price. As you can pay to drink your own beer. Well see as a segway on off the grid on our show right before this. We have a segment called how much money would it take for you too? And for some reason out of the blue today it it was bloody. Before I saw your article. Before you saw it. Before I saw your article. My question was how much would you need to be? How much do I need to pay you for you to drink a cup of your own pee I said $1500 bucks.
I said. He said $100.
Yeah, but it's obvious he's already tried it. It's obvious. It's obvious. Clearly it will. And the first two things you said there that they they very quickly proved that it didn't. Right. Sure. Right. Migraines. Mhm. And what else? Uh lots of stuff. No, no. What were the first two things? It was migraines. It was migraines and then the second thing was diarrhea. And diarrhea. Oh yeah. See, to me, that's a no-brainer because I feel like drinking a cup of your own pea or any pea for that matter would actually either cause a migraine or diarrhea or both.
So, I don't even know why to say. Well, we can't get it to cure migraines. Apparently, a Duke scientist thought otherwise. Yes. I wonder if he assumed. What are they doing down there at Duke? I wonder if he gotta go to P. Well. For the new. Is he a he's a college and there are parties.
Is a lot of people at college party? Yeah, hell yeah. A lot. Really good point. Yes, he is soon to be not Duke scientist. Yeah. That's what I'm thinking. And DG says DG says this researcher just needs to accept that he likes drinking his own pee. Listen, if we. I agree. We stay on the, if we stay on the P thing long enough, we're going to go down. Yeah. This will be coming Yeah. Unfamiliar. We must stop it now.
Yeah. Yeah. Stop it now.
Determination is the key to pee. Okay.
Headline number two. We're going to go to me this time because Steve was late. He was late so he's being penalized. That's okay. Mine's the best. Yeah, you think so. Alright. We'll see. Although the P1 was good. That was. Yeah, that was really good. Okay, for me, this is something that takes me back to our college days and all I can think to myself was, I I don't know because I didn't do enough research on this but if man, if They had this round back then. Steve would have been the world champion. Oh.
The USA Mullet Championship seeks America's best mullets. Mm hmm.
Wow. That's incredible. That kid's mullet is top notch. Yeah. Yeah. But yours was better. And Steve's defense. I think he only had a mullet maybe freshman year. Well, he had it longer than that. He had it pretty fresh. No, no. I would have had it longer and had somebody not held me down and cut it off. Yeah. Oh, really? Yeah, me and Chuck. Me and Chuck held him down and cut it off.
Yeah, we got It's a true story. And you guys wonder why I'm not friends with Chuck. Right. Yeah. I think it was actually my idea there Schwab. It doesn't surprise. Chuck had the scissors ready. Don't worry. But this is the USA Mullah Championships. Uh Seek America's Best. Voting is underway for the kids and teens divisions. I love that. Of the USA Moa Championships. An annual contest to find the best business in the front.
Party in the back.
Haircuts in the country. Very nice. And all I can say is. It'll be on ESPN the Ocho soon. It probably should. Mullets are for champions. Yeah.
are Champions. Okay, moving on. Headlines that means something. This is Steve's headline. Steve, I'm let you read that up there. There it is. Chinese man finds out he has ovaries and a uterus after 20 years. That's a long time. How did he not know? First of all. I don't know. Well, let me tell you how he did not know. Okay. He just thought he had like some bladder problems. Like, you know, he. Wow. He's really having some discomfort and like for years, he couldn't figure it out.
Finally went to and a doctor and then you know they were doing some surgery and they were like oh you have ovaries. Does he also have a penis? He does.
That I I was I think he said what I was thinking. He said what I was thinking. Certainly he thought he was amazing. He's a double. Turtle. Listen. Yeah he was a double. I don't want to I don't want to I don't want to light any tires. You didn't get himself pregnant. I don't want to give it awkward. Oh my god.
I guess it's possible. Yeah. Yeah. Why don't you try that? Let us know Schwabber.
This guy actually could be the first natural true transgender. No, he can't. You know why? Why? He had the ovaries taken out. Mm. It's all gone now. Yeah. So, he identifies as a man. Yeah. Yeah. No matter. He was like all male and then after he, you know, he went through, you know, some soul searching. He's like, get rid of it.
Oh, boy. Maybe, maybe it was the fact that he was constantly bleeding out of his butt once a month. What do you think? I don't think so. I mean, that's not what the article is. Legacy either either it was certainly a Chinese surprise. Yes, he was. It was. It was. I love, I love, I love scaring the hell out of Schwabber. I love that movie. Alright, we really enjoyed headlines. It means something this week.
We are good this week. Yes and thanks for being here and listening as always on American Busker, iHeartRadio. Uh we're going to move on. Actually, last week, we took a week off from our list. We call em the top seven at 7. It's now the top seven at 730 but we're going to debut before. Let me check this one more comment in here. Uh Amber, Amber, too much wonton soup from Tim Pamato.
Uh I don't know. I don't know where that's coming from.
Yeah, we're going to leave totally alone. Totally low. Um so, last week, we skipped over it but we're debuting our new top seven at 730 list tonight and that list is going to comprise of our top seven favorite foods. Mm hmm. Now, were there some qualifications to this? Well, there were but I kind of broke the rules a little bit. Well, Steve said, it it has to be something specific. So, it couldn't just be It had to be a certain kind of piece.
Which you followed. Which I followed here. Which I did not in my first one. But we'll get we'll go. Yeah. You actually didn't. But I understand why. He's the only one because you understand me. Yes. Yeah. Okay. I sort of looked at it like this. Like. I agree. You just. This is this is like you know the electric chair is waiting. You have a final meal. In prison. What do you want? He always goes there.
He goes he goes gun to your head. Electric chair.
And he and he and you notice he's always the one trying to figure out how I became so disturbed. Is this Alright, let's start with Marks. That being said, let's start with Marks. Mark's number seven top favorite food.
What is that, man? French, onion, soup. Love me some French onions. I'll tell you what. Now, and to be honest, you know, there are bad French onion soups. Yes. You know, there are. Yeah. It is it is an art. And I will tell you, for some reason, it sticks in my head because it's the best darn French onion soup I ever had was in Montreal at a place called Les Holmes.
Les Sauce. Les Hols. Les Hols. H A L L E S. Lace host. It was amazing. It was amazing. I still remember. I still remember to this day. And by the way Paris sixty-6 in Pittsburgh. East Liberty. East Liberty. Uh Pittsburgh. Also has an excellent franchise. They make a great crepe. Awesome. They do. Yeah. Great great great French onion soup. I mean it's just wonderful.
Alright, we'll leave it at you. It's just a wonderful part. Like, when you eat it, do you like break up the cheese or do you like let it drip? Like, so that it's dripping way far down or you break it up so it's in small pieces so you can enjoy. I'm kind of a break breaker upper. Yeah. Yeah. I I find myself I love French onion soup. Mm hmm. But I find myself always in a quandary with the cheese. Mm hmm. Because like like unless I'm eating it at Panera. Which they have average French onions.
So that's below average. Right. Well, whatever.
if I'm eating at a nice restaurant, don't insult me. It's Panera, French soup. I beg your forgiveness. I I'm I'm always wondering like, should I slurp up this, should I? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Or do you cut it? That's the one thing that I probably. It's tricky. Maybe I need to. It does involve some work. It does. And sometimes, you know, you you you just want to get your fingers involved with the cheese that's over the side.
But it doesn't look good. So you gotta that's the problem. You gotta pass. Yeah. Okay, French onion soup for Mark number seven. Number seven for me. Uh you I don't I don't. Go on throw it up there. Let's see. Yep. What do you think those are? Fried clam. Fried clam. Hi baby. Give me some fried clams all the way. Oh man. He knows. He knows because we go down to Woolies in the strip all the time.
And I'm like I'm like throw me them fried clams and tartar sauce. Yeah. Yeah. He can get a he can get a huge sandwich. Always gotta get fried. Always gotta get the fried chicken. Doesn't matter if they're $1800 a pound. He's going to get the well that much you know. Now if they let me drink a cup of pee and paid me 1500 bucks it would end up I'm only down There you go.
and you would get invited. Yeah, I don't even know why I went there but but yes, fried clams to me, I grew up on fried clams. I used to eat the fried clams at Friendly's.
Oh, yeah. Friendlies. Fried clams and the fisherman jig. Yup. Best parts of wow. And the old had a good deep frying. And and fried clams, it depends on where you are. If you're in New England or up in like Nova Scotia where I've had them, they fry like the whole clam. Mm. If you're down here. Yeah, well, not a ball but yeah, you get the idea. If you're down here, it's the clam strips.
Yeah. I prefer the clam strips. If if I'm in Now, now, when you go to a really nice restaurant, it's rare at best if they have fried clams on the menu. Mm hmm. If I go to a a decent to lower restaurant and I see fried clams on the menu, fried clams. I'm getting my fried. I feel like if if you know, the the prison person taking the order would be like, are you serious, Franklin? The prison Nobody is.
But this is six more lives. Nobody said fry clans.
Alright. So, here's where Steve broke his own rule in the top seven at 7. The one I did it with. Here it is and I think I think Schwab or once you see this. I might be okay. You might be able to figure out what it is. Okay.
Well, it's eggs. It's an egg. It's an egg. It's egg. It's the incredible edible egg. And I must say that I had a hard-boiled egg right before the show started. So, here's the thing. Like, I couldn't just pick like a an egg dish because you can do so many things with egg. You can scramble it. Yup. You can just deep fry it. You can get it nice and dippy. So, you know, you need a little piece of toast with it.
I love the egg. It's so versatile. You can poach it. You could poach it. You could. Yeah. You could put it in in a little piece of toast. You can use it as a decoration on like a sandwich. Like. Deviled egg, a hard boiled egg, hard-boiled eggs. So, you can go on and on. You can't. That's why I love the egg and also, I know this is controversial. Probably is not an egg but egg whites are also very.
Yeah, no, it's an egg. I mean, you could say the eggs have legs.
That was one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of on our show but hey, it works. Hey, it works.
I just like the fact that it irritated you.
But hey. Come on. That's fantastic. That's fantastic. Now, I love eggs and actually. And you can't like say, what's your favorite egg dish? Cuz I mean, you could, I guess you could say quiche but there are just so many other things. But you know real men don't eat quiche. You know that already. Don't even go there. I think Keisha's pretty much well. There you go.
Subarus. Get rid of that uterus.
I better war them.
Is what you say? Yeah. Ward almighty. I was having some crazy. Alright.
Number six for Mark. Before we get in any more trouble. Number six. Too late. Top seven at 730.
Uh number six for Mark.
The Margarita Pizza. Ah Margarita. Bingo. The wood. The wood oven.
Wood fired margarita pizza. I'm you know I'm a sauce guy. I'm not as much of a cheese guy. And the margarita is the one where you get the most sauce.
And there are some places where if you get this it it's just incredible. Like if you've ever been to like an Ill Pizziola. Yeah yeah Those are really awesome there. I like the margarita pizza. Well, you don't have to. Is it the mozzarella? Is it the mozzarella or is it the ricotta? It's the sauce. Yeah. The sauce in it. The sauce is the white stuff.
What's the difference between the sauce and a margarita pizza and the sauce on a regular pizza? I I believe it's just mozzarella And that's not cheese. No, the sauce is. No, the sauce is just a lot of sauce. It's it's almost it's almost like a tomato pie. Right. Almost like a tomato. So, maybe your maybe your number. Sometimes. So, it's or some mozzarella.
Maybe your number six should have been tomato pie then. No.
Because I want a wood-fired margarita pizza. The rest of them could be pizza with one. Alright, so number six for Mark is a wood-fired margarita pizza.
Alright, number six for Chris which would be me is another another classic Klein.
Of course. Oysters. Oysters. Oysters. On but but. On the half. On the half shell. With. Wow. Just Nothing. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Makes me want to throw up. Ugh. That's just. I know. I know. I know. It's nasty. I I grew up eating seafood, oysters on the half shelf. I like fried oysters. I really do. Uh I like poached oysters.
I like steamed oysters but I if if there's oysters on the half shell and I know I'm in a place where they're fresh all over. You are born. You were born on the sea. I was born in New York, Pennsylvania. Pick em up and just slurp em right now. Yeah. Uh oysters on the half. Which make me a little nauseous. And it's also an aphrodisiac. No comments from the peanut gallery please.
Thank you very much. Move on to Steve. Number six for Steve.
Uh this is a good one. I like it. It's sushi. Absolutely. Everybody likes sushi. Now, you know, you could say sashimi, sushi. I actually prefer the sushi over sushi. Oh, you you prefer the rolls and the wine. I do too. I do too. Yeah. I like the rainbow roll. That way you get a little bit of variety and and and what you're eating I mean, it's great. I like the shrimp tempura. I I like using the chops.
That's not really sushi. Yeah. Yeah, anyway. Alright. Alright.
Pick it up with the Japanese. Yes. I like to use it. I like, I like using the chopsticks and dipping it in and getting the wasabi just right on the top. It's perfect. I love it. Sushi. See, I don't use the chopsticks. I I feel like I'm not going to try too hard.
Well, it's part of the experience and that's probably why not There you go. You are right about it. There you go. There you go. There you go. The Porch is live. com. Check us out. What do we got left? And no, we're moving on. We're moving on. Um. Well, we're watching. Yeah, I think what we're watching is coming up next. So, thanks for listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio, the next part of our show. Uh we'd like to give you a little insight into our personal lives and how we waste our time so that you don't waste yours. Yes. So, this week, what we are we're going to start with Mark. This is one that I I applaud. I applaud.
Definitely. Mark, you are watching. Oh. Tanner on. Guideline. On Apple TV.
Is a linguist. Yes. Mark is a linguist. Absolutely.
Tayron. Don't ask him to speak a tarot. Well, I'm watching Tyrone. It's also Pakistan. So, this is on Apple TV Plus. It's basically the story of a Massad agent who's going undercover in Tehran and things go very wrong.
Um So, it is very dramatic. It's good. It it it for those of you who who like watching these sort of Middle Eastern spy type things, it's been very, it has kind of a similar feel to like a homeland. If you've watched that one. Um so, you know, I've only watched a couple episodes. Uh it's two seasons but I can tell it's just going to be really good throughout.
So, I'm enjoying watching it. You can enjoy it too. And and I'll chime in here and say that I have watched both seasons of Tehran on Apple TV. Yes. Yes. Yes. And it is an Excellent show. Okay, thank you. Excellent show. Thank you for your vote of confidence. Uh you're very welcome. It's a rare thing for me. Yeah. Uh okay. What we're watching next for me, a show I just started on Netflix and it it you know, I'll be totally upfront with you.
I I watched the first show. Uh it's called Echoes. Um I don't I don't I'll I'll take. What was that? I'll take the I'll take the banner down here and just give me a quick sec here so you can see the name. Oh, the name's not there. It's called Echoes on Netflix and it's it it the the girl that you see there, it's about girl who has a twin.
It's about twins. Mm hmm. Okay and like one of them goes missing and so the other returns home to try to help find this and I I don't want to give away the twist at the end of the first episode. Don't do it. Because during the episode, I I'll I'll again, full transparency during the episode, what happened is, I started to feel like it was it just wasn't that good.
I I. I I was kind of like some of the some of the acting is not that great. I mean, the star does good but like that, well, I'm sorry but. Well, you know, you get to those shows where you're just like, I'm not sure this is very good and it's something. Yeah. And that's exactly That's what happened. The twist. Yeah. Yeah. The twist with the twin. I didn't see that coming.
A twist. It's a twin with a twist.
Once again.
it's cool that you get the twist in the first episode. Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do. You know. And then I I moved on. I got about halfway through the second episode and that the unfortunate thing is there's still some of that campy stuff. Mm hmm. But this twist is so interesting. Mm. That it's it's captured me. Yeah. And it's a limited series so it's only one season and I think it just dropped in the last 10 days. I'm going to guess that the twist is something to do with aliens. Um that that couldn't be further from the truth.
Well, I it's the the first. Everything. I love this.
there's an alien twist later or not. I don't know. I don't know. Alright, Steve. Moving on to Steve. What we're watching, this is something we've seen over and over and over from Steve but he must really love it. Well, it was the series finale last week. Wow. It's all over now, huh? It's all over. There's no more better call solved. Mm. Although they left a little bit open there in the end.
Mm hmm. So, I mean, if they really want. So, if they get enough voicemail messages, they'll bring it back. They could of fat but no, it's over. It's officially over. I liked how in the in the final season, they really brought in breaking bad in a in a good way. Like, they furthered the story of Breaking Bad by furthering the story of Saul Goodman.
And I thought they did an excellent job of marrying the two. You know, how sometimes like when it's a prequel, you're like. Yeah. Oh, this is a total jump. Yeah. Like, it it was just so smooth and like intertwined and they brought back some of actors of course. Just excellent. If you haven't watched it, you absolutely have to watch the the final episode and the final season of Better Call Soul.
So good, man. It's all good, man. Yeah, and and I keep promising that I'm going to try to catch up on it and Well, now you don't have to work. You don't have to rush because they're all on now. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Forever. That's true. Alright, guys. Anything you want to add? Nope. Looks like we made a great show. So, I'm going to take this minute thank everybody who watches and supports our show and also thank American Busker, iHeartRadio, and Nancy Hahn.
Thank you. IHeartRadio. A hundred and 50 million subscribers over 2000 devices in 150 platforms. And they are in all of North America, Canada, United States, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, and American Busker itself is now all over the world. Did you know we got an audience in Bulgaria about places? Do we really? Yeah. Yeah.
catching on. That's incredible. It's catching on. Bulgaria. And Tim Palmato says thanks guys. And we will be back next week. I think next week we're going to do our NFL prediction. NFL prediction. NFL predictions next week. Get yours and bring them to the porch. NFL predictions. Bring them to the port. Do it up to you.
We'll see you next week. Stay real.