August 30, 2022
The Porch is Live - It's Prediction Time!

Preseason is a wrap. Time to make our uneducated, porch-sitting NFL predictions! We start off with a wrap of the Steelers preseason and Chris's column on preseason take aways... you can read it here:

Preseason is a wrap. Time to make our uneducated, porch-sitting NFL predictions! We start off with a wrap of the Steelers preseason and Chris's column on preseason take aways... you can read it here:

And we move on to our 2022 NFL predictions... each division winner, the AFC/NFC Champs and the Super Bowl. Hold on tight... it get's a little dicey!

Followed up with Steve enrolling in the new "Taylor Swift" degree at a Texas university, cats that wear fans in Japan and more... this edition is just getting started. Move over Bar Stool... join us on the Sports Porch!

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Welcome to the porch. I just saw that.
Alright, guys. The porch is live. The porch is live. Welcome to the sports porch. Uh I need to put that up on the ticker there now. I always forget to do that for whatever reason. Uh the porch is live. The porch is live. I don't I don't have my porch es live. com one up there now. Oh, here it is. Porch es Live. com. There it is. The Sports Porch. Here we are. Thanks for listening to us on American Buster iHeartRadio.
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We'll be adding more merch later and all that but let's we got a huge show tonight because football is back, guys. Football. It is. Football is back. We're ready to roll. The preseason is over. It's time for the reals. Absolutely and we're going to start right off, right off, right now, with my column on this the Porch is live. com. I'm just trying to get my bearings here guys.
I'm sorry. Uh so, did we learn anything new from the Steelers last preseason game? And this is going to be kind of a group effort. I waited. You know, I a lot of people like to see these columns right after the game. That's when we get the most traffic but I had to think about this. So, in a word, no.
Agreed. In a word. I think no is all you have to say. That's right. That's right. So, my five takeaways, the Steelers will live or die with the offensive line and I think we all agree on it. And one of those do you think they will? Live or die? Uh I I got a feeling they're going to die. Yeah I think it's a death. Yeah. No no they're going to they're going to live. They're going to live. But it'll be a slowdown. A slowdown. Right. Sounds bad. Right. And and it will be the worst kind of death.
So, we're, we're all in agreement on that then. Well, I mean, the thing about the offensive line is like everybody's been saying, why didn't they draft better linemen and the reality is is they they were never going to draft better linemen. They thought that in this in the, in the, in the, in that season, in the preseason, that they could actually go and buy linemen and they did. They got Daniels, they got Mason Cole, and they kept their two best linemen that they thought, Shuks and you know, the guy in the left hand who, I don't even want to talk about him, because his name just infuriates me.
Right. And the reality is they failed in that endeavor. Yeah. As it turns out Daniels is not very good. Mason Cole was okay but he's not he's not the baller that everybody thought, you know, he could he could get out there and fire up the line and get them all together. And they're a mess because of it. And that's the problem. I think it would be offensive line in a nutshell. And there's nothing you can do.
Now of course looking at the waiver wire in the next couple days, who gets cut, who might be a casualty that they can pick up, but that's just dumpster diving. And DG's in the house. Greetings from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. What's up, DG? Uh, Daniel, we're going to get to this. Uh, Daniel Rupert says, still going with Pickett. Gonna be a really great NFL quarterback and Paul Pomato from Palmetto back in the house. Dad.
Let's go get, let's get to it. Alright, and we are. So, Schwab, what are you? You had something to say. Yeah my thought and and it was really something that I hadn't thought about until I was driving over to the porch today. Um but I really thought about it. I thought about I think some of this actually kind of comes back to what I kind of see is somewhat of a failure.
The Steelers with this really slow approach to the off season and naming a general manager. Right? Because I I feel like they do great job in free agency and they waited until after free agency in the draft until they hired Omar Khan.
and you know, so in a sense like Omar Khan's really just sort of starting with what, you know, Kevin Colbert left them and you know, it's not fair to him to say that he didn't do a good job. Right. I mean, I think this is Kevin Colbert who didn't do a good job. I I kind of feel like, no, don't get me wrong. I'm okay with the Kenny Pickett pick in the first round.
But it also kind of says to me like, you know, is this Kenny is this Kevin Colbert saying, I want to go out with a bang. You know, like, I want to be the guy that they all say was responsible for the next great Steelers quarterback pick. Right. You know, and it just didn't really you know, invest in the core to me which is the lines. And we were talking about this pre show. I I think that the selection of the the the fourth round, the quarterback.
Uh how do you say his name? or whatever he was. Yeah, whatever. I, to me, that was a wasted pick. Absolutely wasted. I don't care if he's on the practice squad or not and I'm not making any. They cut him. They cut him totally. So, and I'm not making a statement about his abilities. I'm just saying, you did not need to pick that guy. You could have taken a flyer on a great big three-hundred-and-80-pound offensive lineman.
Good or bad and had a little bit more depth back there and I I consider it. I and look, I I Ben Roethlisberger is retiring. You need a quarterback. You got Mitch Trubisky. Like I say, later on in the column. Everybody knows I'm a picket groupie. But there is there is having a lot of excitement for that guy. And then reality. And the reality is they went out and got the guy that they figured would be the replacement for now.
Without knowing that Kenny Pickett would ever be available.
Right. So you go into it bringing this guy in. The very first thing you should think about is okay what do we how do we surround him with the players he needs to be successful? line. We gotta shore up that line. I feel like they didn't think they had it solved. Like Steve says, they thought they had it solved. I just think they just didn't do and and I and I know how much research goes into scouting.
It's not that nobody worked at it but I just don't think they did their job. I I don't think they did their job on the offensive line and I am not looking forward to watching this this year. Because it's it's it's gotta anything can happen and they can gel or what have you. But it's got huge potential of being a tremendous train wreck. A tremendous train wreck.
Well, I mean, it's just like last year. So, we'll see how it plays out. That's all you can do at this point and let's see what kind of dumpster diving they do. Maybe they pick up somebody who is a little bit better than Kendrick Green. Yeah. Or Dan Moore Junior. Yeah. Well, I've put on some pounds. I'm willing to step in at this point. You could step.
Maybe that should be on. You have the fight. How much money for you? Somebody I think when you when you go into that three stance. Yeah. And you got somebody over you that's 325 and. Yeah. Monstrous. Yeah. I don't think you're going to see. Listen, you put up chocolate milkshake underneath his legs and I'm taking them out. Alright, I'm taking them out. DG says, Chris, it brings me no great joy to agree with everyone of your game's assessment.
It's highlights, highlighted points. While Pickett is capable of starting, I do think it's best to let Trubisky run for his life in the beginning. The hopes the O line improves Thank you, DG. Finally, somebody agrees with me. Finally. Alright, let's move on to number two here. The defense is fragile at best. So, one thing I want to point out, you see that little, you see that little I'm going to point over there.
That little yellow bar at the side there. If you click that, you can leave us a voicemail message on our podcast at any time and we'll get you into the show. So, go to The Porch es Live. com. That little yellow bar it says, say something. Leave us a voice message. Tell us your thoughts. You should change that to do not I bet we'd get more.
Yeah. Or maybe make it so that like you can actually see. You're a genius. Maybe maybe make us a good see it like. They don't give me. That's the option that I have. You went with white lettering on a mustard brown background. Well, Steelers colors. Steelers colors. You know I'll tell you what. Maybe next time, you should do it. Let's talk about the defense. Yeah, there.
Yes. Fragile is a too harsh of a word for this defense. I think I think the defense has holes that they can't fill Let's start with Devin Bush. That is a whole so big you can't even fill it. Like, the only way you can fill it is by cutting demand. That's the best way to get rid of that hole but they're not going to do that.
So, the the deal was to bring in Kazi in is the dime back and now, he's injured and probably out for the year. So, the guy that you wanted to replace, the guy you wanted to cut, now you have to put on IR and that's what makes the defense fragile. I think they'll do well against teams who can't figure em out but teams that can figure team out will just torch them for long bombs and short short passes over the middle that will go for 15 yards.
They'll run a draw play and they'll get twenty-five yards on third and seventeen.
Mm hmm. This is what they're going to do to to beat us. Right. And and good teams will figure us out and that's why that's my that's my concern about the defense. They are the number one spend defense as far as salary goes. So but you have to be a top five defense in the NFL. Yeah. And if they're not It'll be because of these gaping holes that they have.
That's a lot, that's a lot of pressure. They are the number, they are the top paid, the the highest paid defense. You know, my point was more that if TJ Watt is not in the lineup, this defense immediately becomes less than mediocre. That that's just, you know, and the the way I said it was, how did you feel when TJ Watt went down with an injury? You feel like it's all over? You feel like it's all over.
And and we can get into and I'm sure there have been debate after debate after debate all day long. All last night. Why was he even playing I mean, other teams don't start their starters at all. More and more don't start them. Right. Or they just play for one series. And why he was playing is beyond me, why Hayward was in the game all the way to the end of the first half, was beyond me.
But, you know what? I'm not an NFL coach and I don't even pretend to be one or play one. So, I'm not going to question it too much. It just to me, and we'll get into Harris later on. So, what did you agree or on the D side. Well, I'm point2 here. Um I agree. I mean, I I just think that it's you know, they're important pieces. Well, or more so, they're playmakers, right? Minka Lot, and.
Cam. Cam. Right. Um those guys are so important to be out there. You know, hopefully playing three downs. You know, that when they're not there, the holes are pretty big to cover up. Yeah. I agree. Yup. Um. Yup. They're three great players but You need more. There's not like, you know, like you'd almost be better having a defense that had, you know, like you know, the the whole defense was like a B plus instead of like three guys being an A plus and then everybody else being a C.
Well, and I think that's why you're seeing these big plays. Yeah. Because teams figure it out. Right. And they they exploit that and then there's nothing you can do to stop it. Like at that point, you're like, oh, they figured us out. What do, what can we do to stop it? Yeah and and and Yo, Yo Carey's in the house. What's up, Yo? He chimes in. Tomlin in Pittsburgh keep too much loyalty to guys.
They're too loyal, I guess is what you're trying to say. If the guy is a bum, cut them and I I can only imagine he's talking about Bush. I I hate saying that a guy's a bum because you you're you know, what we mean is he's a bum on the field. It doesn't mean he's a bum in real life. You know, I just.
We only care about the youth. I mean, I'm pretty much a bum in real life. So, you know, Okay.
I knew I wasn't going to get an argument there.
I'm telling you.
Alright. So, number three, Mitch Trubisky is the starting quarterback. Now, nothing's been announced yet and like I say, everyone on the porch knows, I'm a picket groupie. I actually believe he he did show enough in preseason to be the starting quarterback of this team. You know, but in this case, not yet. I I would label their performance a tie Uh if you go and that offensive line, I'm going to give the edge to Trubisky not because let's put him in there and let him get crushed.
It's more because let's put him in there because he has more experience evading past the pass rush in the NFL. So, I think when the Heat really gets put on him, he's got a better chance right now making something happen down the field. That's something that Kenny Pickett I think already knows how to do but the game, he still has to catch up to the speed of the game.
Is it, am I making sense to guys. Yeah, you are. Um the one thing I think you had wrong was actually pick it for a quarterback rating, performed better than Trubisky. Yeah. But the real the reality is is Trubisky was usually playing against number one talent and Pickett was playing against three or one. That's why I said label it at some point. So, so yeah, you can call it a tie.
I actually think they both performed well. Look, this was never a competition. They went and got Trubisky and that's who's going to start. He he has proven that he can run this team He's a good quarterback. He's not a hall of fame quarterback. He's no Ben Roethlisberger but neither is Kenny Pickett and I'll take the more experienced guy over the rookie on a team that still shows maybe they can do something.
Once this team falls apart and can't do anything, I'll be the first one saying, just put Pickett in there. At this point, it doesn't really matter. I'm allowed to do that. You might as well move to the future when the time comes. But I'll caveat that with unless is thrown for three hundred yard and the defense is just that terrible. I don't think it's going to be that way but it might be.
Well, the strength of the team is the wide receivers.
Um so if the line can get better game by game, you know, at least be serviceable, they could put some points up. They could. I agree with that. Yeah. And and it looks like Trubisky does want to throw it deep. He threw it deep several times and was pretty good at it. I mean, Trubisky is a guy who took a terrible Chicago Bears team to the playoffs twice and once with the twelve and four record.
And you know, Joe Carey's going to chime in and say, Turd Biscuit. Turd Biscuit only pushed them down the down the field for Boswell to get three. We will need touchdowns. Yeah, I agree. Well, a lot of the reason they got three was because they started third and seven and then ended up on the twenty-seventh because of roading town. Right, right. Right. I don't know if the can do anything about the holding penalties.
No. Other than cut everybody on offensive line. And I think he wants an offensive line in front of them. Yeah. I know if I was an NFL quarterback I would want at least big bodies in front of me even if they can't. Well that's all he's got right now. Alright Naje Harris will carry the load again. And of course since I wrote this some news broke that Najee Harris has actually been suffering from a Liz Frank injury and of Lynn's list.
Whatever. Look, I'm telling you right now. I can't believe. Frank injury because if it was, he would not be playing. I I get it but I can't believe that they put him in the game yesterday. Uh it's just that's just me but that being said, he is a stud at running back but with that line, it looks like we're going to see the same Najee that we did last year which is Dragon Defenders for three yards or four yards.
There was one play in the game yesterday where he went through a and he got six, seven yards back in the backfield and that's the nause that we want to see but it all falls on the offensive line. So, nothing new there, guys. Yeah and on that play, actually, it was another holding penalty and would have been twelve-yard run. You're right. Minus ten-yard penalty. Right. So, I mean, that's the problem.
That's the problem and actually, I was at the game yesterday, news break and I don't think Najee looked very like he was running the ball with great speed. No, he didn't. He didn't look like he was cutting well. The one thing I did notice was many times like I could see him go like this to the sidelines and that wasn't called pumping the brakes as Mark likes to Mm hmm.
It was actually, no, I'm good. I want to stay in. Right. So, I think the reason he was in the game is he wanted to get into more game shape. He wanted to feel those hits. Right. He didn't want to have to wait for for the first week which is two weeks from now to do that and let's face it. If it was a Liz Frank injury, a true Liz Frank injury, that's what took down Travis ETN last year.
Right. For the whole season. So, my guess it's a type of injury and I looked it up. I'm not a doctor. I just play one because my brother's not here. But it's actually an injury on the top of the foot that it can sometimes be a broken bone, sometimes some kind of torn cartilage. My guess is he probably got stepped on and that got damaged. Not to the point where it's a Liz Frank injury but to a point where it kind of presents itself as that type of injury.
Cuz if it was, he couldn't walk and he wouldn't be able to play. Yeah. No matter what kind of study all I can say is this is the first time that I've heard Liz Frank and it's good news.
Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. And I think Steve actually plays a really good doctor. Sure does. Yeah. Absolutely.
Absolutely. Alright. Last last takeaway here is for me anyway. This season will be very similar to last year. Are there bright spots? Sure. We talked about the wide receivers being the strength. They they do have a couple young quarterbacks looking to make their mark who look to play well. Their defense could be pretty good but you know, it it takes a little while to move on from a hall of fame caliber person especially at the quarterback position and when you have that offensive line issue and everything else, I just don't, I just don't see my and we're going to get to predictions later in the show.
Our predictions for the NFC AFC. That's next week. Mm hmm. Uh yeah, not directly for the Steelers, right? But I I I still see them best case probably staring at last year's record, best case and we can get into that. Do you think it's going to be end of the streak of winning seasons? Well, if there wasn season to pick. It would be this one. Could be. It wasn't last season if it's the same season then the answer to that is no.
Eight, eight, and one. Eight, eight, and one again. Who we going to tie? Alright. And here we go. Jets, we already said. We already said we're going to wait for our predictions for next year but we just can't help ourselves. Well, you know, you you said, you know, a a record. So, I'm not. That's true. I'm not going to go on the record til next week. I opened the door. Alright. Well, what we are going to go on the record with right now is our predictions for the AFC and NFC this year.
Eleven and six Wow. And yeah. I don't see that in our wild. Thanks. Thanks for being here, Brad. Bring that prediction back next week when we go Steelers. You may get to see the only win in the first half of the season when they play the Jets at home. Uh so, the next part of our show here, we are going to move on and this is going to be, I'm just going to call it predictions, NFC, AFC, Super Bowl.
Who are your playoff team? That's right. That's right. Who are your playoff teams? So, let's Start with what we're going to the way we're going to do this guys is I will name the division NFC North. Mm hmm. You tell me who your winner is. Okay. Okay. We don't need to know the record. We don't care. You just tell me who your winner is. And for posterity sake, you guys hang on to your notes.
Okay. Okay. Cuz we'll we'll relive this. Okay. Are you are you pulling them up now? Yeah. Is that what? You keep em on your phone? Like an engineer? Just relax. Let's go. Let's go. Yeah, I'm ready. Let's go. Alright.
FC North, Schwaber, NFC North. That's the Bears, the Packers, the Lions, and the Vikings. Thank you.
roll. No. Um I got the Packers. Of course you have the Packers. Everybody has the Packers so do I. And so do I. NFC South.
This is the Panthers, the Falcons, the Saints, and the Buccaneers. The Bucks. I think this is the worst division in football this year buddy. Pretty bad. Yeah. That's the only reason I'm taking the Buccaneers. Alright. Uh I have the Bucks as well. So far it's pretty easy. Uh NFC East. NFC East. This is your Philadelphia Eagles, your Washington Redskins.
New York Giants.
Dallas Cowboys. This should be very interesting. I got Eagles. Of course you do. You have to. Go ahead Steve. The boys.
I got the Eagles.
I got the Eagles. I think those are the teams that are going to be. Well, see for me, it's who do I hate more? I know the Commanders are not going to win. I know the Giants are not going to win. It's going to come down to those two teams. I'm a Redskins fan.
I hate the I do hate the Eagles but I'll take the Eagles. I actually hate the Cowboys more than I hate the Eagles. I hate the Cowboys. Notice I didn't even did I didn't even factor in the skill level of the team. I just saw him picking the Eagles. The next the next division you're going to go by color. Uh that's right. NFC West. This is the forty-niners, the Cardinals, the Rams, and the Seahawks. Got the Rams. It's gotta be the Rams. Got the Rams. Yep. Yeah. They're the best team in that division. Easy. Okay. So, in the NFC, the North, we all have the Packers, the South, we all have the Bucks, the East, and I have the Eagles, Steve S, the Cowboys.
Okay. And in the west, we all have the Rams. Wow.
That's not surprising. It's not surprising but I mean, there's like. Who you going to take it? Yeah. The Packers, the Bears, the Lions, and the Vikings. Right. They're like that's that division is equally bad. Now, the Rams, the forty-niners, the and the If you went with the forty-niners, I probably wouldn't. Go crazy over you but. Yeah. I mean, the forty-niners have a new quarterback.
Even says go go Vikes. Yeah. Trombley saying the Vikings. Hey, listen. I'm a huge Kirk Cousins fan. I was super pissed off when the red skins dumped him. Thought it was the worst move they made a long time. and yeah, I say go Vikings but I think the Packers have the edge. Alright, let's move on to the AFC.
AFC North.
AFC North. You know who it is, right Mark? Bengals. No.
Ravens, Steelers, Browns, and Bengals. Alright, who you picking, Shrewder? Bengals. No, it's definitely Baltimore. 00%. Okay.
Bengals. Never. Never going to happen, boys. Oh, alright. Oh, man.
going to have some way Cincinnati is winning the AFC North. Yep, yes, yes. Now, Yo Carey chimes in since we're talking about the North. Boswell with the money leg will keep Tomlin safe at eight eight and one. Yeah. Birds ball in the house with this O line, lack of death, middle of the pack. So, it's only fitting. We're going to do our actual. Birdball actually has a Pirates hat on. We gotta have a conversation with him about the Pirates at some other time. You can have that conversation, Steve. Okay. Uh next week, we're going to do our direct Steelers predictions.
Maybe game by game. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah.
that way. So, AFC North, Bengals, Bengals, Ravens, AFC. I don't like the Bengals so much. I have to know. Because we like pissing you off. So, AFC South. Joe Burrow. Joe Burrow. Lamar Chase. Yeah. And Nixon or. I mean, come on. Probably your best running back, receiver, and quarterback in the in the division. Yup. Yeah, but you take them out and they have no defense. What are you going to do then? Yeah.
Decent defense. Yeah, their defense will be alright. It's pretty good. They'll be just fine, Steve. Could you who's the in the AFC sound. AFC South, the Texans, the Titans, the Colts, and the Jaguars. Schwabber? I am the Colts. Gotta be the Colts. The reemergence of Matty Ice. I I agree with you. I like the Colts. I got the Titans. I got the Titans. Why do you like the Titans so much? Remember the blue uniforms? Because I like Mike Verable.
is a good coach. That's exactly what we were. Yeah. And they've been there. And they've done it. Gonna be healthy. If you told me those reasons. Although I will. And here's the problem. They still have Tannehill. Tannehill's no better than turd biscuit. And I'll tell I'll tell you. See we've adopted. I will tell you what. The other quarterback rookie quarterback who had a really big preseason. Malik Willis. Willis. Yeah but they're looking strong. Yeah but they're not even talking about. Well but if you get off to like a three and four start if they get off the three and four start they're not winning the division.
And that doesn't help Mike case. Okay.
AFC East.
Oh my. This is an easy one. Oh yeah it is. Gotta be the Jets, Bills, Dolphins, or Patriots. Bills. You know it's good. Bills. Bills. Bills. Is anybody going to run run at him? You think the Dolphins are the Patriots might make a run at him? If any team has a chance I believe the Patriots do. Just on the pedigree of their coaching.
Period. Uh the Dolphins have an outside chance. They have Tyreek Hill. This is Tua's year to throw the ball for real.
but probably not. Two is going to happen. Really good. Yeah. He didn't show me anything last year that was worth. And the Jets. He was a pretty good starter for them last year. He was like what? Okay. The Jets. Like five and three or something like that as a starter. I don't know. Zach Wilson on the Jets is too busy delivering casseroles to his teammate's mother's house.
Alrighty. AFC injured. Sea West.
AFC West.
The Vegas Raiders.
Broncos. Chiefs and Chargers. This is by far the hardest one. It is. Them all. Like not only who's going to win the division but you want to. Can all four teams make the playoffs? Yeah. You want to start off with your bromance? Go ahead. We know. No. I know. I picked the Chiefs. Okay. Chiefs.
I didn't really pick a team.
Well, you have to. Okay, I'm going to go with the Chargers. I think the Chargers can can overtake. He's falling for the bromance. I know. Here's why. He's falling for the bromance. I think the Chiefs without Tyreek Hill are a problem this year which means they're going to have to rely on the run and they don't really do anything to their run game. I mean, they got Juju. Juju. This is the. Juju is a good receiver but he's not like the receivers they had.
So. Right. Kelsey can catch for 1, 200 yards, which is never going to happen. I just don't see them outdoing the Chargers. This is the year that I I I get what you're saying. But this is the year that Patrick Mahomes proves that he made the receivers. The receivers didn't make him. Yep. I I I think you're wrong with that. I think what makes Mahomes great is his ability to dodge the rush and then run the ball and then be able to throw it down the field when he needs to but he's gotta have a guy that go deep to be able to throw it.
I just don't know who that person's going to be. We'll find out. So you guy I I got Chiefs, you guys got Chargers. Well, who do you have, Schwabber? Did you say Chiefs? Chiefs. Chiefs, Chiefs, Chargers. Okay. Chiefs making the playoffs. Alright. So, for the AFC in the North, Schwabber and I have the Bengals. Steve has the Ravens in the South. You guys have the Colts. I have the Titans. In the East, we all pick the Bills.
In the west, two Chargers, me and Schwaber. Nope. Sorry. 2 Chiefs, me and Schwabber, there's my bromance coming back. And Steve with the Chargers. So, NFC Championship game. Wait, I thought we picked the three wildcard team. Oh, you want to do that? Yeah, go ahead. Go with the three wide. I I I didn't do that.
We'll do it. Oh it up as we go along. Alright. Okay. You take the FC. I'll take the NFC.
Okay. And then you can do them both. Well, yeah, we can do them both. Yeah. So, for for the NFC, I went with the forty-niners. Yes. Cardinals. No. And the Cowboys. Okay. So, I went with the Eagles. Mm hmm. And the forty-niners but I actually think the Vikings. I I like the Vikings. I think the Vikings will sneak in that. They're my surprise team. Okay. Yeah. And I I would I would I would go with the Cowboys, the Niners, and the Vikings.
Okay. Okay That's what I would do. I think the Panthers by the way, I think the Panthers are are good. Nah. But I don't because they play in such a crappy division. I don't know if the Panthers or the Saints are going to be that second team. I think they're going to beat each other up. So, that's why I didn't pick either of those two. Okay. So, for AFC, I've got in the wildcard, the Ravens, the Titans, and the Chargers.
Well, you're you're I have the Chiefs the Bengals. Actually, I have the Broncos. I think the Broncos. I I like the Broncos. I like them. You're thinking big year for Cortland Sutton? No, not necessarily. Could be. Could be. I mean, you know, they they. Russell Wilson. That's what they did. They played the mold of what the Rams did, right? They went out and got a big quarterback. They think the rest of their team is good enough to be able to make an impact.
They got Javonte Williams who's a nice young running back and they still have what's his name left over from the San Diego years Melvin Gordon. Melvin Gordon, right? So, he's still there. They signed him to a one year. I don't know. I just like the mix of that team and they do have a couple. They got Judy still too. Judy and Sutton. I mean, so. Yeah. It's not just about Cortland Sutton. Yeah. Judy's just as good in my opinion. So, for the AFC, I have the Chargers, the Colts, and the Ravens.
Alright. That's the wildcard. So, NFC Championship game.
You're not going to like this. Ugh. I got versus the Bucks. No.
I'm sorry but it's all I could come up with. So, I have, I actually do have the Buccaneers in there just because I think they have, they're going to have such an easy time in the regular season. They're going to have, they're, they might even be the highest ranked team just because they're playing against such crappy teams. This might be the year Tom Brady gets hurt because he didn't predict it.
Well, maybe.
And I'm not sort of being an injury. I'm not predicting. He refuses. I'm still predicting a divorce though. Um. I think that's what's going on right now actually. Cowboys, I got the Cowboys. Oh. Against Buccaneers. Oh. Cowboys, Bucks? I know that's not a trendy pick but trust me, I think this Cowboys team is going to get it together. Alright. Alright. I have the Packers and the Rams.
Uh AF. Rams. I thought about the Rams. Packers and the Rams. I don't know.
AFC championship game.
I have the Bills playing the Colts. Oh, the Colts. I like that. That's out there, Schwaber. Trendy pick. I like it. I think the Bills will make it also but they'll be playing against the Chargers. And that's my bromance comes alive, Chargers Bills. Woo hoo. Now, last year, I did pick the Chargers to make the Super Bowl.
So, and the Super Bowl this year will be it will be Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.
Against those Upstart Indianapolis Colts. You're picking Matt Ryan. And the winner. To the to the. And the winner. Whoa. Whoa. Not yet. Not yet. So Steve. Okay. Steve. Actually.
NFL championship games. I got balls. Bills. I got the Bills beating the Chargers in the Barn Burner. Uh playing the Cowboys. Bills playing the Cowboys. I have the Rams and the Bills. Your winner is Well, we do know one thing about Tom Brady. He not only wins Super Bowls, he loses them.
Matt Ryan, he has his day. The Colts win. Uh you know, I I actually I. Too bad Stafford. Let me let me tell you something. I actually. It's not embarrassing. Love that pick. Not a bad pick. I love that pick. That is a dangerous pick. Mm hmm. But it's something Matt Ryan is an experienced quarterback and and Frank Reich is a great coach. Mm hmm. I like I like. And he's got a running back. Mm hmm. Yeah. Mm hmm. I like that pick. I like the Bills against the Cowboys. They beat him by a field goal.
Last second goal. Oh boy. Right down. Oh no.
Congrats. Tell me it's not forty-five yards. Yeah.
And I And I like the Rams and the Bills to repeat or the Rams to repeat going into the Super Bowl. Rams, Bills with the Bills winning. Mm. I do have a little bit of a man crush on Josh Allen too. I don't. I I I don't I. I love I know it's a trendy pick with the Bills. They're they're the favorites by Vegas standards but I don't know. I just think they did enough in the off season.
They went and got a defensive end. They got what's his face from the Rams? Um to Miller Von Miller. I just think. The Bills got Von Miller? That's right. Yeah. I, you know, I actually, I really like the the Bills offense. I I I'm not so sure. I feel like their defense is staunch enough. Well, that's why I like it because I think they want to get Von Miller. They got, that was their problem. They could stop the run.
Yeah. They couldn't stop the pass because they couldn't get to the quarterback. Yeah. So, I think that makes them two dimensional now. Big, I think that I think that's I think that's Lauren Bill. Lauren? Um yeah. Making the worse team. Joe Carey says, how about the worst teams Atlanta or Jacksonville, maybe the Giants. Yeah, let's throw that in there real quick. The worst NFC. Let's humor everybody. And the NFC is definitely going to be Atlanta. The Falcons are going to be terrible.
And in the AFC, I I think it's gotta be the Texans. The Texans are maybe going to win two games. They're just, they're pitiful.
I'm going to go within the NFC, the Chicago Bears. Hm. Could be. Could be. Yeah. And. Sorry, Chi Town. And in the AFC, I'm going to go with the New York Jets. Almost went Jets. Yeah. Almost went Jets. I'm definitely going Jets in the AFC. It's possible they don't win a game. It's just it's just a mess up there. It's possible. And in the NFC I'm going to go with the Commanders. Uh. Oh. I I I I think that team is so horribly run. Is it the uniforms? Is that what it's the uniforms? It's the name. It's the lack of any cohesiveness on defense. And we all know that Carson Wentz is a curse.
And the running back to and and once again, I mean.
Why is it that our players always get shot? Right. I mean. Well, because. Terrible. Washington, DC. There you go. There you go. Capital of the world. Speedy recovery. Thanks for that, Yo, Carrie. I really appreciate you bringing up that subject. Good **** Alright. So, our predictions are in. What are your predictions? Please, go to the porch eslive. com. Sign up for our Email updates.
Say something on the side. Leave us a message. Get involved. Uh and we all want to thank you for listening to us on American Busker, iHeartRadio, a hundred and 50 million subscribers, 2000 devices, 150 different platforms, could not be more grateful for that, and catch our podcast anywhere you listen to podcast, you can listen to it on iHeart, Apple Podcast, Spotify, The Podcast drops either later tonight or tomorrow if you want to catch up and just tune in.
Tune in. Alright. Moving on to parts of the show that we love where we like to have a lot of fun. Um. Cuz we're not having any fun right now. That's right. We gotta bring, we gotta, yeah. We are getting rider of Schwab or Downer of the Week because Schwab thought it was just too depressing. I didn't want to depress people. So, our next next portion of the show is something called headlines that means something.
We scour the internet and look for this stuff. Headlines that mean something. Uh this week, we're going to start with Mark's headline. Mark, this was done special for Steve DeFletch. Oh. thank you. Texas University offers course on Taylor Swift. Hey, news break. New album coming Okay. When's it dropping? October 21st, baby. Let's go. Okay, let's let's camp out.
You don't have to do that anymore. No, you don't. No, you don't. Mark's going back to school for a degree in Taylor's. So, I didn't think it was, I didn't think. Wow. No, I didn't really think it was funny or anything but I found kind of funny about it was just some of the stuff that was said in the article. Okay. I want to be a Swifty. Okay. So, this is University of Texas at Austin, okay? This is in the Liberal Arts Honors Program okay taught by professor Elizabeth Liberals in Texas. Yeah. Professor Elizabeth. Ah yeah. In Austin.
So this is this is this is what they said.
Students will look at literary traditions and forms through a completely distinct contemporary lens. They will compare Swift's work to Shakespeare, Frost, and Keats. Oh that sounds awful. Uh Professor Scallow will show how Swift draws on richer literary traditions. Such as how she uses reference, and clever manipulations of words.
And just in case you thought it ended here. Hm.
That's not the case. Texas State University plans to launch in twenty twenty-three A class on Harry Styles. Ah Her former I can't. Alright.
Moving on to the next headline that means something.
Yeah. Or Taylor Swift. I don't know. You know when she wrote The Best Dave when she was thirteen? I don't think she had Shakespeare in mind but. Yeah. You know it could be going out on the limb there. I just want to know what kind of job you get when you graduate Magnacom Law in Taylor Swift.
And don't please don't don't don't go anywhere else with what I just said. Don't do it. Just just don't don't do it. Is it online? Can I take it online? DJ says sounds like a lot of **** to me. So okay.
us. That is the education system these days. But that's a different show. Alright, my headline.
Hot dogs and cats get wearable fans to beat Japan's scorching summer. And I just could not help myself. I could not help myself. And I just had to grab that picture of a cat wearing a fan. What has this world come to? And of course it would be Japan. Of course. But it's a cute cat. It kind of looks like Meredith. Yeah. Taylor Swiss cat actually. Mm. Yeah. Well, maybe she's in maybe they've got a course on Cat fans.
Alright that's a short one. So, once again, once again, hot dogs and cats, cats get wearable fans. Wow. To beat Japan's they're really outdoing us, aren't they? They are definitely cool cats over there. Cool cats. Uh huh.
Alright, Steve. Cool cats. Headlines, it means something for Steve. I really, this is one that was actually right up my alley. I I enjoyed reading this.
going to let Steve read it. Go for it. Yeah, yeah. Snake bite victim's brother visits village for the funeral and gets killed by another state.
The irony behind Yeah, I guess this problem, it's actually looked it up where it was in India. It's like, it's like way up there.
Up against the Himalayans. But, you know, this guy comes, he's like, you know, going to the lake. He's like, okay, you know, and the guy actually got the the the first guy got bit sleeping. And so he basically died in his sleep. Mm. And they didn't know it until they were like, oh, yeah. Look, his foot like was like four times the size.
Oh, that's how they figured it out.
And this guy, the next day, he goes to sleep, same thing happens to him, same exact.
The article was a little off because it it said that he was in, he was in intensive care, but the the headline said he died. So, I'm assuming that at a later time. He must have. Yeah, yeah. Snake bite victim's brother visits village for funeral, gets killed by another snake.
man. Alright. Headlines it means something. That was fantastic.
Next part of the show.
We are actually winding. Well, we're about halfway through the top seven at seven. Our top 7 favorite foods. Um and we had to be kind of specific And last week we were at what seven and six? Seven and six. Today seven and six. Five and four. Uh oh and and here this is great. I gotta get this comment in guys. Tim Pamato says I guess you can call that snake eyes. Yeah. Or snake wing. Yeah. Yeah. You got. Yeah. Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Alright. So this week on the top seven at seven. Number five and number four. Favorite foods of all time. We're going to start with Mark.
And that would be Mark. Swedish meatball. Meatball.
What you sent me was sweet and sour meatballs. I'll sing. Oh you're right actually. Sweet and sour meatballs. Thank you. I I know you better than you. Meatballs. Really Yeah, you know and you know, but here's the thing, I mean, is there nothing better than when you're at the wedding and they're walking around with the sweet and sour meatballs and you put the little toothpick in and you pop it in your mouth and you're like, oh, I can eat a lot of these.
When Mark sees toothpicks, he gets excited. Well, you know, they're not sloppy or not like having the day, right? They just like get the little toothpick. Yeah. And yeah, that's a that's a nice little appetizer. He's a rendered guy. I wouldn't put it on my list of favorite foods. I I do like them. The problem is I like them too much. Mm. And it's just it that conveyor belt.
Mm hmm. Yeah. You know, toothpick mouth, toothpick mouth, toothpick mouth. Yeah. Good choice. I like it. Anywhere we go where there's meatballs and and my we walk in with my wife. My wife gives me that look like. How many are you getting? Right. There's meatballs. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yup. They're always embarrassed of how much we're going to eat. Yeah. During the order. They're Like anybody, like anybody like.
Like people are saying like five years later. Like, do you remember when Mark Schwab had all those meatballs during the orders? You never know. Cindy's wedding. Those, that's, those are the kinds of things people don't say to you.
Like, you know, here comes Hors d'oeuvre king. Yeah. Maybe. Alright. Number five for me is something that I find a little bit more sophisticated than Swedish meatballs. Swedish. And a little and and a little less sweet, sour meatballs. A little less sophisticated at the same time. Hard shell press. Oh, those green ears. Hard shell crafts, baby. I grew up on crabs. Work.
I I was going to say, I grew up on crabs. I had crabs. I lived crabs. I owned crabs. I love crabs. Yeah, when I think that's appropriate. Yeah. Yeah. I think be appropriate. You think of me. Yes. Crafts. Hard shell crabs. Old bay and salt. Steam those babies up. Throw them down. And I'm going to tell you this right now. Listen to me. If you like hard shell crabs and you've eaten them.
And you consider yourself to be a professional. A crabs. A crabsman. Yes. A crabsman? A professional. A professional kratz. Yes I'll never get this out. And and but you use the hammer. You are not a professional. Oh. I use absolutely no utensils. Whoo. When I my hard shell crabs. That's hard. Hardcore there. Are you like squeezing that juice? Squeezing that wrist in you all day? Yeah.
You're squeezing a wrist thing at your desk all day? I'm I use my teeth. I use my tongue. I use anything. Marilyn crab cakes. Yeah. I love Maryland crab cakes but hard shell crabs. Number 5. I'm a fan of crabs. But I don't know about the hard shell. They're just a little bit more. I I'm I'm a big lover of crab cakes. I like it done formed.
Yeah right. That's right. That's right. Okay.
seven favorite foods. Number five on Steve's list. I love this. Come on guys. You gotta go.
Chicago dog. You know, you want to say hot dog but you gotta get specific. You just can't say hot dog. Yeah. Right. Because everybody likes hot dogs. But this one is a specific type of hot dog. Mm hmm. And Portillo's, the best place you can get em in the world but Dee's Cafe, if you're in the Pittsburgh area, makes a mean Chicago dog, second best. It's a distant second but still very good.
Um what's not delight? Yeah. This what do you got? Sport peppers, the small little peppers, the celery salt, in Chicago. I like the place the wiener circle. The wiener circle. Oh god. I don't even want to think. And also now, I believe in Chicago dog at the weeds. I believe this place may have gone out of business but a Pittsburgh place called Franktuary. You ever eat there? You did go under it.
Lawrenceville, yeah. But I really loved it. They moved. They still carry around. Yeah. But it's just not in. Do you remember it used to be like in the in the basement of a church in the middle of you know, the when it first opened Yeah. Then they moved to Lawrenceville. Then they moved to some other smaller. Yeah they do. I I enjoy their stuff too. But that's just a hot dog.
When you're going to get the Chicago dog gotta get it in Chicago. Yeah and when I when you sent this to me I almost put up Chicago hot dog and then I thought no it's Chicago dog. He would complain if I put Chicago high. I would. Absolutely. Okay. Moving on. Top seven at 7. Favorite foods of all time. For Mark. Market's super specific. Super specific. Hey go for it.
What are we looking at there Mark? me, it looks like something from food and wine. We are looking at a pancetta. Ooh. With brisket. Oh, I'm sorry. Pappardelli with brisket ragu. Wow. This is something that I used to get at Lydia's. When Lydia's right, right. And it's phenomenal, man. Just give me that wonderful, you know, that brisket that just comes apart and you put that, you know, that thick noodle around it and I could eat it for days.
don't have much to say on that one. I mean, brisket is excellent. Yeah, brisket is great. It's making me hungry actually. I gotta be honest. Yeah. Alright, number four, Pappardelle with brisket.
Greg. That's not how you say that. With brisket ragu. Number four for Chris is staying the same theme here.
Sushi and sashimi though, boys. And sashimi. Gotta get em both, huh? Yeah. I'm a raw fish kind of guy. Please, no comments from the Peanut Gallery on that one but I find, I, I just sushi. I can eat tons of it, and I never get full. I know. Sometimes I see you go out to your koi pond and just grab one and suck it down. That's exactly right. Bite the head. Exactly right. He's out there with his own life. The raw fish. I've been I I've been known to have been chased out of pet stores.
It's happening.
It's happened. Number four for me is sushi. Well, sushi was six on mine. That's exactly right. Yeah. Yeah. I'm in agreement with you. Yeah. Number four for Steve winding out this week's portion of the list. I love this. This theme we got going here with with Steve here. What is that looks like? Oh. Patch. A cheesesteak. You know, I went with Pats because it's the traditional one that I grew up with.
Mm hmm. Well, I didn't really grow up with it. I didn't really have it until I was in college but the cheesesteak is a great sandwich. It's probably the greatest sandwich. It probably is. Because. Yeah. Everybody loves steak. Yeah. And you got Cheez Whiz and you got onions and you could other stuff on it. I just prefer the the traditional Cheez Whiz and onions.
Whiz Whiz. Yup.
Yes. Yes. And the bun does make a difference. It does. And I can't wait to try some of the other Philly cheesesteaks that are even better than that. Yes. That have climbed the charts. Yes. Yes. So number four for Steve Pat's Cheesesteak. So next week we will do three should we do three, two, and then have a big one. We'll do three, two, and one next week. Big reveal. Let's get it. Yeah again the NFL didn't start until right and we get all that. Alright, last portion of the show tonight. We call this what we're watching and it's really that simple. It's what we're streaming online.
Uh we're going to start with Mark this week. Mark is streaming.
Ted Lasso. Oh yeah. Did you enjoy this? Loved it. Yeah. Great show. Great show. I do. Good family fun. Chris. Yeah. Chris struggled with a little bit. He he sort of has this image of Jason Sedakis which I don't understand. Uh he's an actor which means he can play different roles. Um Bro, let let me clarify. I like Jason Sedekis but I like the depraved humor.
Mm hmm. With Jason Sedekis. I didn't like the like good, wholesome yuckity yucks. It definitely is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. By the way, I I have one more episode left of season 2 and and then I'm I'm caught up. And I'm caught up. But I have to say kind of a weird thing. You know, I don't know if you remember this, Steve, but season two, episode nine, really weird.
Out of nowhere Coach Beard. Oh, yeah. And his, you know, basically falling into the abyss. Yeah. Yeah. That kind of came out of nowhere. Yeah. Well, did you feel that way too? Like what's going on here? Well, and then his assistant. Right. The other guy. Right, right. Gets his head gets a little big. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And when you see the season finale, you're in for a shock.
Am I? Yes. Oh.
Whoa. It really rains. Okay. Whole new. Whoo. Alright. Tonight, even on. Fired up.
Keep it going. My show that I'm watching right now just started on Apple TV Plus. It's called Surface. It's about a woman who attempts to take her own life, fallen off a boat, jumping off a boat. She survives with memory loss and now she's trying to piece her life back together and she can't figure out why because she has a perfect life and she can't figure out why and there's a lot of twists and turns and I think everything pretty much everything on Apple TV Plus is worth watching it's a great show. So, check it out.
Suffice on Apple TV Plus. There we go again with my.
Sue face. It's actually that's the spelling right there. I think we can read them. That's the French version. Souffet. Yes. Souface. So that's the Italian version. Suface. Ceface. Steve's what we're watching is something that kind of makes me want to pick up the pre show to this Game of Thrones. Mm. Uh because this looks very very tempting and very entertaining. Actually you wouldn't have to necessarily watch Game of Thrones because this is set before that. Oh so maybe I watched this.
Yeah. So if you didn't want to pick up House of the Dragon if because you didn't watch of thrones. Then you could roll in to see how the Targaryens ended up where they did in house house. I love how you say Targaryens as if they exist. Oh they were. You know what though? I'm not a I'm not a I'm not a I'm not a fan of the show but I would caution that. You once told me to watch Narcos Mexico before Narcos because it's before.
Yeah. Narcos. I thought it was a really terrible suggestion.
because the beginning of Narcos, Mexico while it came while it got great, it was just like, I don't know. I didn't get it at all and then, we went to Narcos and we're like, oh, this is amazing. Sometimes, you just gotta go with what's amazing to get you into it before you go back. Sometimes, you're right and but this one, so this one is starting out.
So, it started out with a classic Game of Thrones scene where there's just blood and it's like, it's a bursting and I'll just leave it at that. Thank you. And it it was, it's, it, there, there just incredible. The way they do these things, they're just incredible. It's an incredible birth And and that was so that was there they they have two episodes out now.
The second episode is setting up this huge battle that's about to happen. Both internally and externally with other lands. It's going to be epic. I can just tell. But the story is about the about the Targaryens. And the Targaryens in Game of Thrones are kind of just one small little house. In fact it's really just this one woman. Uh Danny. And but she plays a major role in Game of Thrones towards the end.
But she at at at the time of a Game of Thrones.
She is just like one person. Like this is a whole house of them. So you get to see how they take this whole house and they were in charge of what's called King's Landing which is the big realm where where all the other people rule and they basically lose everything. And they have a bunch of and it's called House of Dragons because right now they have 50 dragons and this is not spoiling it for anybody.
At the end they end up with no dragons. Oh that's a big dragon lost. I feel like you did spoil it for me. No no. It's it's known. It's known. It's a huge boss. That yeah, that's good. No, it's no, like, it, like, and, by the way, these are books, so if you've already read the books, then you already know everything that's going to happen. I gotta be honest, I I tried Game of Thrones and I couldn't get into it.
I watched like four or five episodes. I found it to be too confusing. Like, I couldn't figure out who was who, and, you know, it's like one of those, it was one of those things where like, if you don't watch it, like, every single night, it's like you're going to like, forget who's who. I'm actually watching this live. Sorry, I'm right Yeah. Right? I don't know. Yeah but you're so immersed in it now.
You get it all. Yeah. The Targaryens and the Dragons. Yeah. I mean. Well, there's no and and they're not even part of the hell you're talking about. Yeah. The only thing I like is about Game of Thrones is I think it's a cool line when that snow guy goes winter is coming. Something like that, right? Right. Winter is coming. Yeah. I I think that's cool. Other than that, I'm out. Alright, guys.
Anything? Anything left before we move on to next week? Um. Okay next week. Get ready for those Steelers predictions. That's right. Get ready for the Steelers predictions. We have our internal fantasy draft the day before our show. Next week is Labor Day and we do plan on having a show on Labor Day. Uh look for another column to come out this week. I'll put our predictions out. If maybe you guys should email them to me or something.
Yeah. Um and please be sure to bookmark the Porch es Live. com.
Subscribe to the Porch es Live. com with your Email to get updates. Leave us a message. And just can't tell you guys how much we appreciate you listening to us. If you do on American Busker, iHeartRadio. IHeartRadio. IHeartRadio and catch our podcast on iHeart or Spotify or anywhere you listen to your podcast.
Now, we'll see you guys next week. Take it easy. Bang.