March 14, 2023
The Porch Is LIVE... Free Agency has BEGUN!

Did the Steelers make a splash with Patrick Peterson, and did that change their draft strategy? Are the Penguins getting hot at the right time? Did Pitt Basketball make the tourney or not? Our porch is yours... hop on up, take a seat and enjoy the...

Did the Steelers make a splash with Patrick Peterson, and did that change their draft strategy? Are the Penguins getting hot at the right time? Did Pitt Basketball make the tourney or not? Our porch is yours... hop on up, take a seat and enjoy the ride!

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Whoo. Hey, that was a lot of fun. Of course, Robert. We always gotta mess around like that. Welcome to The Sports Porch. This is the Pittsburgh edition. I want to thank you guys for being here as always. As always, I want to make you very very aware of something. You can catch us live on The Porch Is Live. com. The Porch is Live. com. The Porch is Live. com. That's right. You gotta say it.
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So, I'm really tired guys. So, if I'm not completely on my game, the technical director has to apologize upfront but I do want to get this in real quick. Thank you to the Pittsburgh Property Diva. Our biggest sponsor and the most beautiful woman in the world and obviously the best real estate agent, The Pittsburgh Property Diva. com. Thank you so much. It was so nice when she took us all out for drinks last week.
You know, just kind of, you know, being a great sponsor and all.
I'll bring that up with her as a matter of fact and we we actually have a comment coming in online already. Robert Whitney, Patrick Peterson to the Bird. What do you all think? Well, listen guys. We're going to talk about all of that stuff. We're going to talk about all of that stuff and I'm going to put this up on the ticker right now are the Steelers doing it right okay now we know it's early they lost they lost Cam Sutton and they signed Patrick Peterson which yeah you know if you listen all the scuttle but it's out of character you know but first I want to hear what I I'm going to I'm going to let the hockey Jesus wait okay I'm going to make him wait because he's dying to talk about this what do you think about signing what you know or do you want to talk about the Cam Sutton leaving or or does that matter Sutton's gone so Schwabber the Grand Schwabini Sutton's gone they signed Patrick Peterson what are your thoughts well my thoughts are they lost a younger corner for an older corner right you know the the the bottom line is is that you know Patrick Peterson did have a good year last year but you know prior to last year I think there was a lot of talk of his play kind of declining it's kind of One of those scenarios where you know if if my team signs them I'm trying to convince myself that it's a good idea but if somebody else signs them I think oh that was kind of dumb.
Now at the same time though it look they didn't really put themselves in any real kind of hole or anything. It was just a two year deal. So I I think it's okay. I mean at least they did something on the first day of free agency which is not something they tend to do. So you know I'm okay with it. I mean you know bottom line is they haven't really gotten any worse at this point. Uh they're probably just right about the same right now.
Well no they're they're definitely not the same. This is definitely a change in what they're thinking. And I think this is actually tipping a little bit of what they're going to be doing in the draft. Be honest with you. Because you don't sign a 33 year old quarterback to a two year contract and think he's the solution. He's just a he's basically a band aid to put over something that they didn't want to spend for Cam Sutton.
Dude Cam Sutton's not worth $11 million dollars. I'm sorry but he's he's he's that's just that's a terrible contract to sign him for three what was it? Three years and $11 million dollars? That's ridiculous. I mean he's not worth he's not worth that money. That's that's a terrible signing if if you picked him up for that. You're going to you're going to be definitely bitterly disappointed with Cam Sutton's performance.
At that salary range. The reason the Steelers kept him was because he was affordable and he was okay. You know and they do have other guys in the in the secondary who can play but they're all kind of like man they need to go out and draft a superstar and not put the pressure on him this year to have to perform and that's what this contract does. I actually think it's pretty brilliant. Uh if it's you know I'm assuming it's going to be a two-year contract worth between 10 and 12 million dollars probably 8 million of it guaranteed you know that's what Peterson wanted he wanted to play for two years he's at the end of his career why not finish up as a Steeler and who knows maybe take him into the playoffs one of these 2-2 seasons because of his performance I think he is a player I think he's he's a maybe a slight upgrade over Cam Sutton but and who knows who knows how it'll fit in in the Steelers thinking but I I think overall I think it was Not unlike them to do this to to sign somebody at the end of their career and you know just just get them for cheap essentially.
I think I think it'll fit in well. I I I like the signing. I think it's good. Alright so first of all DG is in the house as always. Greetings sports crew. What's up DG? And our resident LinkedIn troll Pat. Cam Sutton was probably a teak brother.
I I never got the handshake from them. Sorry Pat. I don't think that's true. Yeah and I don't think we should reveal that on air anyway we just did so I I think that you're right I I think that you know 11 million for Cam Sutton and and and Schwabber and I have been talking about this you know these these salaries for players that are just at grade or a little above grade yeah they they they seem to be getting a little out of control and defenses really I think are you know they're scrambling now because it's such a pass heavy league now and so it it's really hard I I don't care if you're the best quarterback of all time you're still not 100% effective so you know that that's one thing Peterson actually on a terrible Minnesota defense last year had five interceptions fifteen passes defense and his QBR against was and I know we don't all put a lot of stock in that it was only 77 so he was the bright spot on that defense and as a veteran quarterback I I think it's a good move for the Steelers I definitely do the real question I'll post this to you Steve is does the draft change with the Peterson signing or do you think that indicates that they're more along the lines of Joey Porter Junior or the best available corner at you know number 17, which way do you think this goes well I mean first to your point about the salaries you're right I mean Darius Slay is going to make 26 million this year for Philadelphia that's a ridiculous price to pay for one person but I mean if he's the best at his position you're paying you know you're paying TJ Watt you know about the same 29 million to to rush the quarterback so you know in 11 million, though just just just to hear me out here 11 million he they're basically saying he's as good as Stephon Gilmore there's no way Cam Sutton's as good as Stephon Gilmore is I mean it's just that's just or Jaire Alexander I mean he's not that good so to let Cam Sutton go is is actually a thing and I I get it like in a couple years there'll be six more people above him and that whole thing and the Minka thing is if you can look at Minka's salary now and be like they signed him at a good at a good time they probably did because Minka's held his value I don't think Cam Sutton's value is going to go up he was playing on a really good defense already that had a really good rush to the quarterback so he didn't have to hold the coverage for very long and he was okay at it but I just don't think worth it.
Uh I'm sorry. What was the second question? The second question was oh the draft strategy. Right. Sorry. Yeah. So the draft strategy I don't know. I I waiver. I hope I hope this doesn't mean they're going to throw away the quarterback pick and now suddenly look to the wide receiver position and like a Jordan Addison because now they feel like they've got that position solved.
They don't. They still need to go get a quarterback. They don't have that position solved at all. They have it patched for this year or next but let's look this team is not looking to win a Super Bowl this year or next year they're looking to to win a Super Bowl in maybe two or three years and that and that even is probably ambitious for this team but that being said they still gotta go out and get a quarterback I'm just disappointed they didn't make a splash in any of these offensive linemen are being that are being being eaten up yeah we were we we were talking about that you know the commanders went out and and and signed why from the Chiefs which makes perfect sense with BEGUN you know and one of the Eagles backup offensive linemen signed with the Titans to be a starter for 9 million a year yeah but I mean that's nothing offensive linemen are making like almost offensive tackles are making almost quarterback money now they're making like 2535 million a year it's it's big money for those guys now that's getting insane so Jeff my buddy from York PA chimes in hey guys he thinks they're going to go after the best quarterback in round one Robert wants to know when they're going to start opening up more cap space well I don't think it's a matter of when it's just a matter of how you know I mean that's that's always the issue you want to open up more cap space so you can either retain players or or get better players or sign more players but how are you going to do it so Steelers have a lot of space by the way they still have a lot more that they can with.
I think it was like 10 million. I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers go defensive line in the first round. Defensive tackle in particular. Maybe even the kid from Pitt if he makes it to them. For God's sakes. Where are you getting your information Schwabber? There is no there is no way they're going to go defensive line in the first round. Well think about this.
They have to they have to 100% guarantee. Absolutely no way you can record this on home recorders now. It's being recorded. A defensive lineman in the first round. If they do, I will shave my head bald. Well, I mean, if you think about it, they have to replace Cam Hayward at some point.
Yeah, but I don't think that's on I don't think that's on their radar right now and they did get Leah last last last year and I I I hear what you're saying Schwabber and I get it. That would be a shocker. It would just be a shocker. Now, you know, couple years ago, they did they did trade up to get Devin Bush because their linebacker crazy in this town still.
So, we don't know there but I I I am kind of on the fence and and Jeff Jeff says DL in the first would be big yeah so I I I kind of agree with Steve as as far as the Peterson signing I'm I'm kind of on the fence about that one it doesn't really give away their hand in the draft you know my first thought was actually they're going to get they're going after Jordan Addison that was my first thought because I you know they my opinion has not changed they need to get an offensive lineman that's where you get a big guy offensive lineman and it and unless things change in the next couple days and they sign an offensive linemen I I have a feeling that's where they're going to go and and Pat says that's a bad bet Steve you shouldn't go bald mine will grow back Pat I'm not worried about it I love it I love it so yeah I I like the Peterson signing I like that a lot I just question well let me let me ask you let me ask you guys this.
Is the Patrick Peterson signing really any different than signing Joe Hayden couple years back other than Hayden was a couple years younger I don't think yeah yeah it's a little bit different because Hayden was still considered to be a premier corner when he wanted out of Cleveland and Peterson everybody thinks is mostly washed up is past his prime yeah but they don't only think that because Minnesota's defense was horrible last year he performed very well he was in the top in the in the top echelon of corners still so he performed well last year the year before he did not perform well what what happened in Arizona is they gave him once again they gave him too big of a contract to do too many things he's not that good of a good of a guy I think at the time he was like maybe the second highest quarterback when they signed him and and that's just it was too much money and he's just not that good so if you can get him for like 5 million or 6 million a year I think that's where he belongs and I think he he's a really good signing at that he's definitely an upgrade over Cam Sutton at that price so I don't know I just I like it because it it just plugs a hole and and it maybe makes people think they're not going to go for a quarterback now and they'll be like oh it's safe we we need to draft a corner.
We don't need to move up to get a cornerback because the Steelers already got somebody. They're not going to draft somebody. I still think that when you know Peasy's kid is still there with the pick. They're still going to go mister Junior Junior Junior in the quarterback position and I don't like that pick by the way but I think that's what the Steelers have in their head because we all know that you know Rudy is the guy who's going to make that pick and he's already made his decision.
Yeah, and and and Jeff thinks they'll roll with their starting five linemen from last year all young all signed I don't think they'll go LL yeah all in the bad idea really bad idea but it wouldn't surprise me though I mean that that I agree with you though yeah there there's something in the back of my mind telling me that Jeff that I that that's very well could be what they do given the you know quote unquote progress they made last year I I would hate to see that happen even look even if with the first pick they take a Joey Porter Junior or quarterback and with the second pick they they get a linebacker or a defensive lineman or another receiver that third pick has to be an offensive lineman I mean you can't go into the season thinking that your your OL is going to make it through the entire season without any injuries you need somebody there so alright well I I I find it curious though that Steelers are focusing on their defense.
Their defense was probably their bright spot last year when it came down to it. Like their offense needs some help. Like clearly their offense needs somebody to come in and either sure up the quarterback so he doesn't get doesn't have to run for his life or makes better offensive line makes better holes for Najee. They're not even it doesn't even look like they're even interested in getting an offensive lineman of value.
You know you know maybe maybe they're looking for value pick and they're waiting for all these big signings to go away I wish they would just make a splash and get a big name offensive linemen and I know last year they went out and got a couple guys I I just wish they would they would they would've just taken all of their money and just put it into one offensive line and then let the rest rest happen but clearly that's not the way they're thinking yeah well and and you know and this is definitely a far fetched idea but last year before the draft all we were hearing about and and we knew they looking for a quarterback last year that was easy but all we heard about was Malik Willis Malik Willis Malik Willis and then they picked Kenny Pickett even though Willis was available now who's to say they're not I mean they're they're actually pretty quiet this year about the draft so far yeah we just really don't know you know we just really don't know and Tomlin buries himself in the senior bowl and in the draft process and I I I hear what you say when you say it's interesting they're focusing on the defense but if you think about it if you think about it this goes back to the point that Jeff made maybe in their minds their offensive line now is starting to come together this will be their third year playing together they've got their quarterback of the of the future they hope you know or no this will be their third year playing together no really really they got a lot of new guys in last year yeah you're right two guys last year so anyway so the got their offensive line in their mindset and on paper you could see that it's set doesn't mean it's great they've got their quarterback of the future they hope they've got their running back their starting running back and they've got you know they've got their potential number one guy in Pickens they they have Johnson and you know after that maybe they're looking at it and saying hey our offense is good is good so you know what they're focusing on defense I mean I don't and there's a lot more free agency to come you know I did not see any I did not see anybody come off the board today that I would have thought oh the Steelers could've used him except possibly you know you saw widely again I go back to that widely signs with the Commanders but he was never going to sign with the Steelers anyway they weren't probably not so they didn't miss out on anything so I you know I don't know but it's getting interesting I I I'll give you guys that much you know yeah I agree.
Of the free agents that did sign, who were you most surprised by? Schwabber.
So far. Um who am I most surprised by? Yeah. Like where where they went or probably Tremaine Edmunds to the Bears.
Yeah that was a little surprising. You know and I the other thing too is he's a very good player but I I don't think he's I I don't see him as like a superstar like a lot of other people do. I just think he's a very good player. Um like we're Klein and I were talking. It's not like he's like Ray Lewis out there willing his team to victory.
You know. Um I he got a lot of money you know for you know what he is and also kind of odd because you would think that the Bears will be working to try to get more weapons for Justin Fields and here they are making a bunch of defensive you know acquisitions although they did get DJ Moore in that trade up for the number one pick but yeah and they got a lot of picks too in the first couple rounds so even though they they traded for Claypool and gave away their second pick they still got a lot of picks yeah yeah I thought think the Bears are setting themselves up I mean at least in theory I can see a strategy here and if I'm a Bears fan I I I mean of course you want to win every year but I I like what they're doing I mean they're sticking with fields like like Mark made the comment earlier you know hoping he can make maybe that Jalen Hertz type of of step forward and now they're going to have now they're going to have a whole bevy of picks next year their their defense looks like it you know they lost Roquan Smith but they they they bring in you know Edmunds and who's the guy from Philly Edwards GJ Edwards you're right so you know I like what they're doing there I like what they're doing there I gotta get Pat's comment in here because I have no idea what he's talking about I I just I I'm not how did how did Avatar the way of water at all approach anything in this conversation on Chris's face yeah I know I know what he saw yeah here can I change that ear let let's do is it that what it is no it doesn't look that bad only Pat would notice it I I you don't you don't look like an avatar right now no thank you thank you I I appreciate that yeah yeah so anyway alright so we we we got that going on of course we have Garoppolo he's on the Raiders and I gotta hear I gotta hear Steve's take on this I didn't see that one coming actually I really I really for some reason just pictured Aaron Rodgers going to Vegas I I don't know why I just I in my mind that's what I saw I saw Aaron Rodgers in a freaking black and silver jersey but that didn't happen.
I'm surprised because I thought Garoppolo was actually pretty smart in in in in knows a good team when he sees it. So who knows? Maybe maybe they are a good team but man I would not want to play in that AFC West. Are you crazy? I mean even even Denver right now if they can get it together. They got a head coach now is a real head coach.
If if and their draft I think they got like two offensive linemen today in free agency they look like that like Denver looks like they're getting their **** together and now Garoppolo wants to go play for the Raiders I don't get that like I thought he was a good manager of the game but I mean I don't know how he can do that there you know supposedly Jacobs is probably going to stay because nobody's going to pay that franchise tag fee you know so he'll probably still be there but he'll be disgruntled I don't know I'm just I'm just so surprised by that.
Uh one thing's for certain. I'm happy that he's out of San Francisco because that means you still got the Purdy you still got the Purdy whatever the other quarterback's name that couldn't lose anything. Trey Lance Trey Lance situation. So the forty-niners got that going on. Clearly the forty-niners are thinking that they still need defense because they signed Javon Hargrave. They're like a 21 million dollar contract.
Um so they're basically saying look we're just going to we're just going to go with defense and it doesn't really matter who our quarterback is but I actually thought it was a pretty good value signing I mean he only signed was like a three year contract for like like 65 million or something like that that's that's not a lot of money in today's NFL for a quarterback with a proven commodity like him I actually think it's an upgrade over over a car so the other the other thing that I thought was curious in the quarterback position was Miami you know everybody saying oh Tom Brady's going to go to Miami and all that **** Well they signed Mike White today.
There's no way they're going to be able to do be able to they're not going after Tom Brady. So I mean clearly they got their two quarterbacks now with two in in White. And actually I think White's a good signing. But here's the deal. Like Mike White he signed for I think it was like 8 million or something like that. And Jared Stidham also score also went with somebody and he got like five million a year so you know Trubisky a 10 million a year as a backup quarterback it's not that terrible you know I'm trying to bring it back to the Steelers because if you look at those salaries like if you look at those quarterbacks like Mike White's not really proven he played good when he was there but I mean he's not really a proven commodity and who knows what he'll be as a backup chances are he's going to play with Tua you know with with concussion protocol so you know having a $10 million dollar backup quarterback Trubisky he's probably worth keeping.
So I I actually think that makes the Steelers and Trubisky thing puts them more in more in a driver's seat with just keeping Trubisky you know. So I I I thought I thought there's I thought those quarterback movements in particular. Now of course we still have to talk about Aaron Rodgers going to the Jets. But that is fascinating. I just can't even I just can't even believe that that's happening.
Yeah. The NFL must have wanted that to happen. They must have kicked in 10 million dollars somewhere to say oh Aaron Rodgers in New York hell yes.
Whatever it takes let's make that happen. Well it's happened yeah. You know Mister Prima Donna is just trying to you know get as much as he can out of all of us you know mesmerized with the waiting process. If Trey Wingo says it's happened. It's happened. Yeah okay so so first you know Pat Pat chimes in and says he doesn't want Rodgers in the AFC East but does he? Uh DG's got a question going back to the Steelers conference and and Lamar Jackson we'll get to that in a second but I I yeah I mean Schwabber you're right and and Schwabber and I have talked about this extensively okay here's the deal with the Jets alright and if you're a Jets fan I you know I feel sorry for you okay the Jets are where quarterbacks go to die okay and we can go down a long list and I I do this on show after show after show okay Mark Sanchez died there.
Boomer Asiason died there. Vinny Testaverti died there. Ken O'Brien was born, raised, and died there. Joe Namath left and went to the Rams but he had died before that. He was the last quarterback that of anything and and Steve's got his hand up with five. Uh I'm sure there's more. I'm not even thinking about him. Okay. Neil O'Donnell went to die. Neil O'Donnell went to die there.
Thank you. Don't can't even can't even believe I didn't remember at, okay? I think Ryan Fitzpatrick played for the Jets, alright? Listen. He played for everybody but yeah. He did. Well, he did. I mean, that's kind of a that's kind of a push, you know, but I I'm I'm I'm telling you right now, okay? The Jets are where quarterbacks go to die. Zach Wilson was drafted.
He sucked. Sam Darnold was drafted. He sucked, okay? It doesn't matter. Here's why Aaron Rodgers wants to go to the Jets. It's New York and the Giants just signed their quarterback okay he wants to go to New York he wants everybody to look at him he wants to be a big man and you know I really don't care go to the Jets it doesn't affect my division it doesn't affect the Steelers really you know the Steelers unfortunately of course Zach Wilson will go down all time as the guy who who's absolute I I think I watched the Steelers lose the worst game of football I ever watched in my life to the Jets last year remember that one Steve you know Zach Wilson in the fourth quarter ten for twelve and they beat the Steelers one shining moment yeah yeah he's one shining moment other than his off the field antics yeah so you know Rodgers wants to go to the Jets because it's New York and he also wants to dick around with everybody because that's what he's good at and he's he to me as a football fan you know he he's a non entity now alright we we talked about this last week you can't you can't you know when when Rodgers was good he made other players good around him when he had good players later in his career then they left last year he couldn't make anybody around him any better he's done he's over I don't care what anybody says alright I I that's me Schwab I mean I I think I think Mark you agree with that well to some extent I mean I I sense a lot of anger coming from you It's not anger.
It's not anger. It's just it's just like it's passion. Oh I mean I I think he could have he could have another good year or two in him. Um you know in the right situation. Um you know like if he if he goes to the Jets would it shock me if they make the playoffs you know with like a nine and seven record and lose in the first round.
No. But you know but I don't really see much more than that. I'm not seeing it as a threat to win a Super Bowl. You know the way a Tom Brady might pose. I don't even think Brady. Look that's that's why you don't see Brady in a Jets uniform because he maybe. Yeah.
He may be an idiot now but he's not a complete idiot. So Rogers is going to be okay after the darkness retreat. Yeah well if he goes to New York things will get pretty dark for him up there. I'm telling you right now. It's because it's not it's not going to be pretty. It's you want to know what? I'll tell you what. I hope the guy does end up in New York. I hope it becomes a total **** show because that's what it's going to be. And you know he is not he's used to being in the spotlight and he's a huge NFL star.
But he's not the kind NFL star that if he showed up in Berlin, people would be like, hey, that's Aaron Rodgers. If Patrick Mahomes showed up in Berlin, people would recognize him and I think I think Rodgers thinks that everybody in the whole world like he could go to the far corners of Mongolia and people would be like, you know, he's not LeBron James, okay? So, when he goes to New York and he becomes that and then he sucks, that is going to be fun to watch.
Berlin. But I'll give you Berlin but I do feel like if Roger showed up in Stockholm there'd be a crowd. Gotcha.
It's possible. It's possible. So DG says the Jets are going to suck and I believe I I believe he's right. Now Brad Tromley chimes in. Yes that was the game last year he came to. Uh and Brad yeah that's why we didn't go. We didn't want to be part of a horrible loss. We knew that was coming. I'm just kidding. Um and and Pat brings up okay, Olivia Munn, another Jets QB, Tim Tebow sort of.
Why is it that Tim Tebow's name years after he's gone continues to haunt the NFL? You realize Tim Tebow's one shining moment was also against the Steelers. Yes. Please not relive that. We we seem to have that effect on people. We do. We do. Okay so what else what else we got? We got Garoppolo went to the Raiders. Um we got well the let's let's go well let's go to DG's question here and and what he says is it's it's what do we think about the non-exclusive tag on Lamar by the Ravens I think the owners are colluding regarding fully guaranteed contracts I don't know of course they are they're the freaking owners they own the league of set the rules but here's the deal the the freaking union signed the contract so they're beholden to the contract and and yeah of course it set in favor of the owners.
It all all contracts always are. You know that it's not fair. It's the not fair league for those who are playing it. It's the only fair league for the rich cats who own the teams. I mean it's as simple as that. And the reality is they need to get rid of that franchise tag if if they wanted if they if they want to be fair to the players.
Or you can only do it once and you when you do it then you you know you're guaranteed the top five salary and you can only do it once and it's over. What they do with this three-year thing and this non exclusive and exclusive thing, that's **** I mean, I don't know why any any union employee would sign something like that not knowing that was in the contract like that because it's just it's too expensive for other teams to even bend against it.
So, Lamar Lamar will get his contract and it'll be he'll lose seven or eight or maybe 10 million cause of it this year and they'll be able to do it again next year and that's the problem that's what's not fair is the is the over and over and over again of that of that that exclusive tag that they can use and and and you know what a lot of teams don't use it because I think it does cause backlash against the league but when when when you're up against it like this look Baltimore sucks without Lamar Jackson and they know it but do they want to they do they want to give him a $45 million dollar contract for five years and then he bust his knee year after year after year you know it's a it's not an easy business I mean think about that it's not an easy business I mean look Deshaun Watson is going to make he's I think he's only going to make 32 million this year but next year or the year after his contract goes up like 54 million that's a ridiculous amount but you know what the Brown signed him to it so he's beholden to it.
So and and that's what inflates all the other contracts when you talk about that that that franchise tag because they talk they take the top three or the top five and they do the average and that's what you get. So yeah yeah it's it's definitely it's definitely some collusion going on but when it's in a contract it's not called collusion. It's called contract negotiations.
Well I I actually find it real hard to talk about Anything as it relates to these contracts and the tags and use the term unfair when the difference between not having that tag or having that tag is still enough money that I could live on it for the rest of my life. So, for me, it it's kind of you know, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't and I understand why they put that tag in there a few years back.
It's probably like almost 20 years ago now but Yeah, a little time Yeah as far as I'm concerned you know as far as colluding is going yeah of course they're trying to figure out a way to minimize the impact of this guaranteed money and I think that's really what's occurring here I mean because you know the the Deshaun Watson situation I mean leave it to Cleveland to totally screw up this entire league honest to god they really did they did yeah I mean and for that guy too yeah I mean like as far as I'm concerned the only way Cleveland comes out looking good and this is like a 1% chance if that is if next year Watson brings them a Super Bowl which they've never won so if if next year that team plays and Watson doesn't just manage it and the whole team play great he carries them on his back to the Super Bowl then you can maybe say alright well you know they they they've been cursed forever they're they're like the Jets quarterbacks get drafted or go there to die probably even more than the Jet and they overpaid for this guy who has a little bit of an issue as a Predator and well they won a Super Bowl finally good for their fans but it still screwed the league you know I mean it screwed the league and so you know and DG gets one more in here you know that the owners are pissed pissed at Watson got his contract fully guaranteed yeah well they're pissed at Cleveland you know there are teams that would love to get him at the thirty-six I don't know if there's anybody that really would love to get him right now but that's the issue is this monster contracts being guaranteed and I think this is where some people will make the comparison to Major League Baseball all of their contracts are guaranteed but they don't have a salary cap they have a different system so if you're going to have guaranteed contracts you've gotta you've gotta change the way that cap system and I think that's more the point of what we're saying here yeah next year the salary caps for the salary cap goes way the salary cap hits on these quarterbacks are ridiculous like Deshaun Watson's going to be 63 million Prescott's going to be Prescott's going to be 59 million.
Kyler Murray's going to be 50 almost 52 million. Daniel Jones next year has got a forty-five million dollar salary cap hit. Daniel freaking Jones. Yeah. Now what do you think about this Steve? Cuz Chris and I were discussing this earlier. What do you think about a change in how everything is structured where you have the salary cap for your fifty-two but you're allowed to choose one quarter back and you can pay them whatever you want.
Because it's because it's just so absurd now. I I I actually think this may sound really dumb but I actually think the the owners can afford to give more. They love the salary cap because it guarantees them to make money no matter what happens. Mm hmm. Because the and and they have something to hide behind. I don't know what the salary cap is for teams now.
Let's say it's $200 million dollars. It's $250 million. Something like that. Let's say it's 200 $50 million dollars. You know these NFL teams, most of them are are making at least a half of half a billion dollars. Sure. Right? So they're they're pocketing half of that money, no problem. Right. And and they're they're happy with it. They're spending 250 to make 2 50.
That's a pretty good deal for them. And on top of that if they don't even spend up to the 250 they're they're a little smart with their money and they get good and they make it into the playoffs and they get more revenue that way. That's just money that goes right into their right into their pockets. So I think the league is set up for the owners to make the most amount of money.
So do I wish that they just lifted the salary cap and some **** owner wanted to spend his $450 million dollars? Cuz you know Jerry Jones would do it. He'd be the first **** to **** spend $450 million dollars on something. Right? Uh dude what I love to see that Arbidin for a few years just to see what it would do to the teams yeah I would but do I think that's right for the league no it probably isn't right for the league but man that would be great for entertainment value because there would be some owner out there and be like hey I'll make I'll make 25 million off of this team this year I don't care I want to win a freaking Super Bowl and then now my franchise is worth $5 billion dollars instead of $3 billion dollars and I sell it next year the FSG and I'm out in a set for life and my kids are set for life and my kids' kids are set for life and nobody cares but I don't think that's right for the game that so I think I think the salary cap is not fair for the players so I think they need that I think they they need they need to renegotiate renegotiate some of the some of the contract stuff that's in there to make it a little bit more fair for the superstars because the superstars that would drive drive the the money the Mahomes is they they drive it the the Josh Allen's all the quarterbacks are making all the money for everybody else and and do I think they should should lift it for them it's an interesting proposal but no I don't think they should but I think that should be factored into the salary cap in some way shape or form saying you know you're going to spend 75 or $100 million dollars in the next five years on the quarterback let's just take them out of the equation and leave the salary cap where it is for the next five years everybody except the quarterback I I I love how and I think you're right Steve that if if he was allowed to be Jerry Jones would definitely be the George Steinbrenner of the well the other side that's that is that you know there's going to be somebody who would do that and they'd still fail yes well and and and we would obviously be hoping it was Jerry Jones right right kind of what happened to the Philadelphia Phillies this year yeah wait wait wait a little too soon.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Yeah so I I think you know as as free agency moves on I I think there's a lot more to come. Obviously there is and just checking the latest highlights right now. Um I don't see anything that has been oh looks like Sam Darnold is now a forty-niner. I don't know if you guys knew that. I did. Um and Dirty Insurance. That's right. That's right.
Well he's not he's not coming back until at least a September probably because he just had surgery last week so I I feel bad for that guy this will be a discussion for next year because whenever you have an injury like that I mean there's going to be huge question marks I hope he can come back and play as well as he was but anyway so that good last year anyways I thought he was fantastic you just resume your love does he have a football in the hall of fame like Kenny Pickett does not you're hilarious you're I'm just asking a question.
What's Picketts Hall of Fame football for? Well he was the is the only rookie quarterback in the NFL ever to have two fourth quarter comebacks as a rookie in his first season in back to back games. So there you go. Wow. These these these some hall of these hall of fame these hall of fame accolades are getting you know more and more worthless as the years go by and he also He also did that with a 50 quarterback rating.
Maybe they ought to put that underneath the card under the football. One one thing sort of Steelers related which I which I think is a good thing. One thing Steelers related which is a good thing. Uh the Bengals lost both their starting safeties today. Yeah. And they're both pretty good. Von Bell and Jesse Bates. Yeah and I think that's a good thing. I it's just it depends on who's going to step in but there there what do you think Steve? Is there is there anything to be taken taken from that at all.
The Bengals lost some guys? Yeah. They'll be more where that came from and no the Bengals are going to suck soon. You've heard it here first. I keep telling you guys this. Once they gotta sign all those guys you know I know him a broken freaking record on this. But once they gotta sign their guys. Actually I think Tyler Board's probably up this year. Right? So he's probably gone.
T Higgins is going to be gone next year. Or they sign them the you know 35 million dollar contracts.
There goes another linebacker you know this is what happens when when you have superstars you can't afford to sign everybody it's just the way it works in the NFL is already closing we talked about that already closing with the Eagles you know their defense is now now they they have a lot of guys they're bringing back and I personally don't think their defense is going to suffer too much next year and we still got a long way to go between free agency and the draft and it could end up being better by same thing.
They're having they're having a little bit of the same issue. They want to probably extend Jaylen Hertz. They're going to pay him a boatload. They got a bunch of guys on that defense and you know, they lost Hargrave. They're able to keep Graham but he's got a one-year deal. Edwards is gone and you know, Slay maybe traded because he's a huge cap hit and so you gotta, you know, you gotta start playing that chess game but I I I love this. I love this. Um we're going to look back five, six years from now.
And I'm going to play every single tip every single tape of Steve saying the Bengals are going to suck this year. Mhm. Well unfortunately my my feeling is is that if you have the quarterback you always have a shot and they do have the quarterback in Joe Barrow. So you know now you know have the Bengals already missed out on maybe their two best chances to win a Super Bowl I'd say they probably have so in that in that respect you know the window in some ways is closing but I also think if you have Burrow you know and you have some of those big time players they have they've always got a shot they gotta sign Burrow this year though I mean there's there's no way that they can't not sign him this year and they will because that contract's only going to get it's only going to be more so I mean if Daniel Jones can get 45 million how much is Joe Burrow going to get 55 million he's going to get a lot he's going to get a lot he's going to get at least 50 million and right now I think his salary cap hit is like 22 million or something like that so there goes 28 million that's 28 million you can't sign other players with well you know what they're saying is you know right now it's you know the Eagles are going to resign Jael and Hertz and the and they're going to sign Barrow and what they're saying on Philly Sports Radio is they believe that both Barrow and Hertz are kind of playing a game of chicken to see who's going to sign first because then whoever signs second will make more money.
Yeah and I I mean it it it and who knows where that's going to go but we're going to have to move on here. We're we're starting to get short on time. We are and the window is already for the bills Pat. Sorry to have to say that. Um first I want to thank you. Uh I know I'm just kidding. I I I want to thank you for listening on American Busker iHeartRadio.
Hundred and 50 million registered users. 2000 devices. 250 platforms. Remind you that you can catch us on The Porch Is Live. com. The Porch Is Live. com. The Porch is Live. com. And also drop the podcast on the iHeartRadio app, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Overcast, or anywhere you get your podcast. Please give us a follow and give us a review. Before we move on to the Hockey Jesus and start the sermon, I do want to give a shout out to Pitt.
Hey, look. Um they're in the playing game tomorrow against Mississippi State. I, you know, if if we're going to we're going to be paying attention to bracketology. So, you know, and maybe this week we'll fill out our brackets before the game start and you know, we'll we'll we'll dive into it a little bit more next week after the first few rounds are gone but hey, they're in.
You know, I I consider them in the tournament because it's a play in. I don't want to have this debate. It's all over sports radio. I just hope they win and they get in the real tournament. How about that? Is that a good, is that good? Yes, Steve. In the real tournament. I like that. Yeah. So, congrats to Pitt but the transfer portal has totally changed college basketball.
So, it just let's just let's just hope they go longer into the into the playoff or into the playoffs, into the tournament. Uh alright, Hockey Jesus, the Pens, the Pens now are 7 one and one in their last nine. Did I get that right? Yes. You have gotten that right. And they did pull off the or the overtime victory against the Rangers. They play them on Thursday and then again on Saturday or Sunday.
Um they play Thursday. Actually they play tomorrow night. They play Montreal and then Thursday they play New York and then they play in prime time Saturday night seven game yeah okay so Thank you. So so take it away hockey Jesus. Lay lay some knowledge and some bestow some hockey grace upon us. So seven one and one in their last games. Really the only loser in that whole in that whole that whole 789 games was was just an absolute debacle of a game in Florida where they got their **** handed on four to one.
It's just like they didn't show up. It was kind of like right after the trade deadline and you know you get new players coming in and old players leaving and that that game right afterwards is always weird. Um but after that you know they played Columbus and they kind of did the opposite in some of these games. In Columbus they basically came out and didn't play the first two periods.
Then they played the third period and they win in overtime. Against the Columbus team who sucks by the way. But they won. So they won. And then they come out in New York. Played New York in Pittsburgh. They played great first second period. Great second period. In the third period they're playing okay. There's five minutes left. Little more 5 minutes left in the game and they blow the game just blow the game like right out of the playoffs of pick the last three seasons four seasons five seasons you know that's how that's how it felt and so Philadelphia comes in thank god Philadelphia comes in they're not good they're very bad Carter Hart still okay but he can't alone keep them in games they have no talent left on that team they don't play hard anymore they're just trying to figure out who they are oh and they just fired their GM so that kind of work for the Penguins to play against a decimated Philadelphia team and then the real game was against the Rangers on Sunday and god they played great again they played great again and then something always inexplicably happens to the Penguins and it happened again against the Rangers where Gino gets trucked by Trojak the former Pittsburgh Pittsburgh kid then Gino trucks him back bam knocks him down and then Gino's kind of going after the puck but isn't anywhere near the puck and Trocek just runs him over knocks him down and then as he knocks him down they get the Rangers get a 3 on two going the other way Pens are up 2-1 at this point and then the the Rangers score to tie the game with like I don't know it's like nine minutes left in the game and it's just one of those where it was clearly an interference penalty clearly you know the the referees were caught up in the action of Gino and Troczek kind of going after each other and they forgot to blow the whistle like oh yeah you can run over each other when the puck's near you but you can't run over somebody when the puck is not near you like that's a clear penalty they missed it and you know I have to admit I really thought that was it I was like the the damn bad playoff vibes are here you know to lose to the Islanders like that now we're going to lose to the freaking Rangers like this I thought they're either going to get a goal or they're not going to get a goal.
I couldn't tell what was going to happen. And then in overtime Penguins get a power play. Honestly at this point I'm still thinking like the Rangers are going to get a short handed goal and just just stab me right in the heart. Like literally I'm like I called it. I like I I texted my son Max. I said Max here comes Shorty loser. We lose again in the freaking I didn't say freaking to the freaking Rangers.
And then like I'm typing it, LaTang's slapping one into the net and they win. Um a real a really good set of wins for them. The thing is like they're they're they're dominating but they're they're not they're getting wins and that's the important thing but overtime wins and I say this all the time in my podcast and if you're not subscribed to my podcast, you should be getting them because I say this after everyone, overtime wins don't mean **** in the playoffs because the overtime structure is completely different it's five on five it's not three on three it's not a gimmick so you don't really know what's happens in these playoffs the but the good thing is is the playoffs the the good thing about overtime is it could tell you if the teams you know has what it takes to play in a pressure situation to win the games and they've won their last three and they've won them against well you know Columbus who's not a good team but before that they beat Colorado in overtime And now they've beaten the Rangers in overtime.
Definitely two playoff teams. So I think that it's good that they're winning in overtime. I just wish they would find a way to do it during the regular game. Because I don't I just don't feel confident that they'll be able to do it in the playoffs. Alright so I'm going to step in here and remind everybody that the Hockey Jesus who called it his podcast.
It's actually our podcast. The sports podcast. The hockey the hockey Jesus preaches on the sports sports Podcast after every Penguins game and I have a quote up here. I've left it up here the whole time from DG who obviously listens to the hockey Jesus podcast after the game because and I listen to it too. I wish somebody would stick him right in the groin.
I just don't like him at all and actually DG I I I seem to remember in that in in amongst that quote there was a lot of the word hate being thrown around which I thought was hilarious other than the fact that he said I guess if he played the Penguins and did that for us I probably wouldn't hate him so and then I said but he doesn't so I do hate him yes that's right that's right so so catch the hockey Jesus live after every Pen Pens game Steve gets on and preaches a little Penguins action and it it gets a lot of play man and I listen to him all too and I I I enjoy them as well and Pat says the NBA is the only league that keeps the same rules in postseason listen Pat you know we're Gonna have Pat on.
Uh you guys I'm just I'm making a technical director decision. We're going to do the Pat on Track segment. We're going to do that on the Sports Porch. We'll we'll bring that to the table. We'll bring that to the table because I I you know I I mean this this comment I get but whatever. DG says I left out the H word since he is Jesus.
So alright guys listen spring training obviously is moving along and you know I I'm going to commit since since Steve decided that he would take one for the team and commit to 62, I'm sorry 62 commit to 80 plus games of Penguins right I'm I I'm not going to commit to 162 games of of Pirates updates but what we are going to do this year is we're going to focus a little bit more on baseball if on because McCutcheon is back and they do have an exciting rookie in O'Neal Cruz and this is the kind of guy he's either going to be a 3030 guy or he's going to break the strikeout record.
It's going to be one or the other. I mean, we know that. Maybe both. Maybe both. Yeah. Plus the fact that we've got this new pitch clock and I I just think this is going to be Mayhem. I think it's going to be Mayhem because it's going to take them at least a year to figure this out. So. The pitch clock is actually going to prompt me to watch a game.
Yeah. Yeah. I want to see all the stuff. I'm going to. I'm going to because all that **** in between pitches. I don't have time for that **** Yeah. Now that it's what? 20 seconds in between pitches. I can do that.
Yeah. Working really well and they're really they're sticking to it. You know they're they're like there was one game where like you know somebody wasn't in the wasn't in the box in time and it was ball four. You gotta walk. Guy comes home. Game over.
That's the way it is. It's a rule now. Yeah. Adapt or lose. What I want to know is when we get to the when we get to the regular season are we going to have a ten stolen base game? Stolen bases should go up now. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. Are we going to have a double a game? I mean it's rare you get more than one or two stolen we'll have some where there's more than five.
Yeah there's yeah so so that's what I'm saying. Are we going to have one where there's ten? I'm going to be I'm going to be controversial here. There will not be that many there are too many white guys in in the Major League Baseball. Oh you're hilarious. That's all I'm going to say. Yeah you're hilarious. Okay and now DG says or referring to O'Neal Cruz or or we'll just sell off smashing. Yeah. And Pat Pat of course brings up the pass that we may or may not remember.
Drag Steve to a Pirates Phillies game at the vet. I don't know if he dragged you there or not but you know whatever. I got pummeled by the Philadelphia fanatic. I had to prove it. Mm. I remember that. I never never got my hat back from that game. I I was at that game. Yes. I was at that game. The the the fanatic threw your hat off. Oh no. I thought I think he took it and put it on his own head.
I think that's what he it. No no he took it. He was going to put it on his own head and he went. Oh yeah then he threw it. That's right. Then he threw it. So alright guys listen everybody. I want to thank you for watching us and for listening. If you're listening on American Busker iHeartRadio. A 50 million registered users. 2000 devices. 260 platforms. Please go to The Porch Is Live. com. That's our website The Porch Is Live.
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And you can also catch us obviously by subscribing to our podcast on the iHeartRadio app, Apple, Spotify, Google, Overcast, or anywhere you get your podcast. Alright, boys. We are out. We will see you all next week.