January 03, 2023
The Porch Is Live - Franco and The Current Star QB

Did you know Franco Harris took ballet lessons WITH Lynn Swan? We have their instructor, Nancy Hahn, of American Busker iHeart Radio on the show to talk about her experience. The Kenny Picket comebacks continue, and the Steelers are still "in the...

Did you know Franco Harris took ballet lessons WITH Lynn Swan? We have their instructor, Nancy Hahn, of American Busker iHeart Radio on the show to talk about her experience. The Kenny Picket comebacks continue, and the Steelers are still "in the hunt"... Hockey Jesus preaches and more. Welcome to the best Sports Talk in the burgh!

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We got everybody dancing now welcome to the Sports Porch want to thank you all for being here I'm Chris that's Steve that's Mark of course you know all of us and as always want to thank you for listening on American Busker iHeartRadio iHeartRadio has 150 million registered users 2000 devices 260 platforms and we are so grateful to be here and grateful that you are here I mean I just I just can't stand it how about you guys well we are stand Yes and. So we can stand it.
And I can stand it. Yes. Okay. Well that that was. But I am thankful that everybody arrived. And on such an incredible week. We have so much going on. Yeah we do. We have a we have a lot to talk about it. So we want to get right into it. Of course we're going to talk Steelers. Of course Hockey Jesus has the winner classic today. But but first guys I wanted to start with something very special. Okay. Did you guys you guys had heard all the stories in the past about Lynn Swan the famous Steelers receiver.
He was a ballet dancer.
Ballet dance. Yeah I think as kids we even kind of made fun of that. Like what was this guy in in ballet? So did you film those films? That's you know that's actually how my dad tried to get my mom into football by saying that like you know Lynn Swan takes ballet dance and lessons and such art. That's a story I would say. And that didn't work. But it was a good shot.
Well I bet you guys didn't know in in in light of in light of recent events in Steelers Nation I bet you guys didn't know this. We've all heard thousands of stories over the last week about Franco Harris rest in peace. What a great guy he was. Thousands of stories. They all sounded pretty similar. Mm hmm. Okay. Well, well, we've got a we've got a great story for you right here on the Sports Porch.
Nice. Did you know that Franco also dance ballet? I had no idea. What? I didn't know. Did you know that? This is breaking news. Yeah. Yeah and and not only not only, I don't know if it's breaking news but not only did Franco dance ballet. He danced it with Lynn Swan and of course, in order to dance ballet, you have to have a you have to have a in a teacher.
Yes and we have that instructor waiting for us right now. Get out of here. To tell us about it. For real? Yes. Wait, you're not making this up. You know I'm not making it up. We talked about it before the show. Good lord. Uh stop faking it. Uh I can't. What it's what you're famous for so. That's what she said. So, without further ado, I am going to bring on Nancy Hahn who is the acclaimed ballet instructor for Franco Harris and Lynn Swan and also happens to be the owner and found of American Busker iHeartRadio.
So we are so pleased to have her on the show. Uh Nancy, are you there? I'm here. That's pretty awesome. And I love your show. I have to say. And I I want to know one thing though. How has your life changed after this thing in Shaggy concert? Mark? Well I would say it's changed for the better for sure. I heard. Can you can you still go places I mean or is it just too hectic? Well I mean I'm going to places with a lot of people like walls and things of that sort because you know that it gets a little tiring signing all the autographs.
Right. Yeah and I was. That's what I thought. I was actually in Cleveland this weekend. I had the stage. No pun intended for our featured story here. Story time guys. Well I was I was 21 and an elementary school teacher for the Pittsburgh Public Schools.
Working for the Pittsburgh Board of Education in the day and then every evening I taught ballet, jazz, and modern dance for college credit at CCAC. The Community College of Allegheny County which was their main campus. So, I founded the dance department there and my dance courses became accredited. So, you know, you took them for college credit. So, the program was a was a great success. I had many students enrolling and now, the weight room, I can visualize this as clear as a bill was right Next to my dance room. So during ballet class one evening, I see two familiar faces pressed up against the window at my door.
If you can now imagine that picture. Very formally now. Yeah I opened the door and I said well hi gentlemen. Can I help you? And they very formally and politely responded and they said yes is this a ballet class? And I said yes it is. And they asked if they could join the class. So in lock Franco Harris and Lynn Swan into my ballet class. Now, mic drop. So, you can the the you should have seen my students' faces and they participated in that class as serious as and as as gentlemenly and great students and there was just not one I mean it was it was just amazing.
They were very conscientious and very skilled and very serious students in that class and then you know the classes thereafter. And it you know there was no talk about football or there was only talk. If they had a question it was a ballet question. And it was it was pretty amazing. Cuz of course you know, the word got around and but it's an amazing memory. Did did did they explain to you or did you ask them because once you knew who they were, why it was that they wanted to take ballet? No, no, no, no, no, no.
Like I said, this was not, you know, this was about ballet. Now, a couple times they would believe it or you know, they they would stay after class and guess what the topic was? Ballet. Uh Nancy could you go over you know the the torgite am I doing it correctly you know and and you know like I said imagine you know that scene the ballet bar of the room you know typical ballet dance room and we're talking about ballet.
I mean this is this is what was going on in that room. Ballet and they were not only complete gentlemen, very low, you know, they didn't make any, there was no fanfare, anything. They came in like gentlemen and they were serious, conscientious students.
Nancy, I have a question for you. Yeah. Did they did they ever say anything to you about how maybe by having ballet skills, it could actually help them on the football field? Anything like that? Absolutely. Absolutely. If it's it's very you know their leg extensions, the toe pointing, all you know all the above. The cerebral part too of you know ballet is very head in the game again no pun intended as well. So you know it it's not it's not the departure that that you think.
You know it's very very aligned. Very strategically aligned. And so they're so they adapted to it very well. I mean I Lynn had done some ballet previously. Um but no this was this was very aligned with how their concentration, their cerebral, their god-given athletic gifts you know translated of course and they were very serious. Now they would ask me who's better but never I would tell and You you won't even tell the sports porch who was the better so very good in their own individual way but here's another very fond memory of Franco.
So about nine nine or 10 years later, Franco did a featured cameo spot. I had had my I had my TV station then, WNEU TV Pittsburgh. We were doing the first aids education program in conjunction with Allegheny Health Department. So again, another rare, rarified experience. Hi, Franco. You know, we're doing this video. Uh you know, no lawyers, anything. He said, Nancy, sure. Count me in. Great cause.
So, you know, the commitment, Franco had a very great commitment to his community. You know, above and beyond football and not through words but through his actions.
Well and he showed that on the football field too. He wasn't a big talker. Absolutely. Yeah. He wasn't a big talker. Absolutely. So I will always remember the memory that I have of course. Is them doing especially when they would stay after class a little bit. Like I don't know. They were kind of like getting extra credit.
They were perfecting their and that's that's my that's my frozen memory. Well that's great Nancy and and and of course we'd all heard those stories in the past that Lynn Swan had had taken ballet. Um but and and until I heard that story from you. I I I would have never thought a running back let alone Franco Harris would've would have thought that that that is a cerebral thing yeah to think like this you know learning how to balance learning where my body is body and mind you know and for the 1970s when he played football you know that that wasn't part of the game that the game was very brutal right nowadays lots of players a yoga dance lessons all kinds of stuff so you know once again there he is both him and Lynn.
They were ahead of the curve. They were ahead of the curve. They were right. They I think they were always ahead of the curve. And that's why they were four-time champions. There you go. Right. Our resident Yinzer always has to bring that up.
Hey well listen Nancy. First of all I I don't want to let you go without thanking you from the bottom of my heart for having us as part of the American Busker iHeartRadio family. Uh we're thrilled to death and of course for allowing us to be the opening act for the Sting and Shaggy concert, the Frank Sinatra tribute. Yeah. I've listened to it a million times. They're just nominated for a Grammy. And they were just nominated for a Grammy. Yes you're going to hear more about that. And it's my sure and as I say certain times the best is yet to come.
There you go. That's wonderful.
Thank you. Thanks Nancy. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you. Alright. Bye bye. Take care. Bye bye. Alright guys. Well there's that's you know Franco Harris. Yeah. Go figure. You know I didn't I didn't want to say this you know with Nancy on the phone but I'm sure everybody pictures them in a tutu. Uh I do not. You know we always miss a very important question I didn't want to do it because of course they weren't wearing tutus we all they were wearing spandex pants you know are you sure the flavor the flavor of the year were they really watching or were they really wearing anything that's really the question well should we talk some Steelers yes we should we should on the precivice of the playoffs yes what playoffs so let's let's move on here someone say play and and again last last time can't thank American Busker iHeartRadio Nancy on enough thank you so much thank you Nancy we really we really love it and we love you so yes we had a big game last night guys and it ended up you know falling our way it was almost a replay of the script from the Immaculate reception game you know of last week the most recent one right but yeah we want to get into this so the Steelers win final score what 16 to 1316 to 13 Kenny Pickett brings us back so you know of course the last almost twenty-four hours.
I'm listening to sports radio. I'm reading stuff online. Hall of fame. I'm doing a lot of thinking. Call us all Kenny Pittsburgh Purdy. That's Brock Purdy. So evaluate the performance for me. Steve I'll I'll start with you on that. Oh thanks. Evaluate Kenny's performance. So you know they're not asking Kenny Pickett to do much. And he didn't really do much for the first three quarters because he didn't have to.
I mean the guy is just not expected to do anything but just throw the ball run the ball and they were running the ball well so actually this is a time where I was like why throw the ball they're running the ball really well I mean Najee end up with 123 yards so it comes down to the last two possessions right Kenny's not he's been eh you know when it comes down to the last two possessions and when they kick the field going like okay well they're still in it right and then when they got the ball back I mean I was like surprised that the defense played so well and when they got the ball back I'm like okay either he's good or he's not and it turns out he's pretty freaking good I almost almost swore that so that's your that's your it's allowed but but so in other words you're I was surprised that he showed such poise and I was happy that when they need to open up the offense they're opening up the offense I just I I question out loud why they don't do let him open it up a little bit more more of the time on the text.
It seems it seems like he's got the skills but that one ball across the middle that was just dumped right in there. Just in that was an incredible throw. Like I even think I I said Trubisky throws that ball. It's intercepted. Like he had pretty good arm strength and great accuracy. So and on on a basically a season saving drive to be able to do that.
To me that shows that he's got he's getting the ability. Like I've seen a growth in him his last two games like I haven't seen all season. So, I'm I'm hopeful that that means good things. You know, we keep saying like give him some time, give him some space. I think that, you know, maybe he's okay. I still don't think he's a great talent but I don't know.
I can't decide whether it's and this is why I would like Canada to go. I can't decide if they're just them holding the restraints on him like, no, no, you can't throw the ball deep. No, throw it short, run the ball, only throw when you have to third and four third and three manageable positions he seems like he can do it when he gets put in a position where he has to do it so I don't know I'm I I thought it was an excellent performance from him and look it's about winning and they won both of those games so I'm I'm right now I'm as high on Kenny Pickett as I ever have been that saying a lot what about you Schwabber well you always something good to say.
I I mean the good news is is you know like I've been saying last week we were waiting the whole year for him to do something and he finally did something. Now we can say he finally did something twice. Right. Which is good. It's a trend. Which is good. It's moving in the right direction. Right. Right. Um however I I kind of look at it a little bit more holistically.
Um now to be honest if if if I was a Steelers fan I would probably and look they're my second favorite team because I for my wife steam the Steelers he always has to get something yeah yeah but if Is always gotta make yeah he's hoping he has he's hoping he has dinner when he comes out if I was a Steelers fan you know like the way I am an Eagles fan I probably you know be on a little bit more of a high horse like oh look you know he came back twice in the fourth quarter he's got it you know or something like that right but I kind of more look at it like alright now he needs to learn how to play 58 minutes instead of two.
Right yeah right right because because in both games he really didn't look good until the very end. Now I will also say I agree with you Steve. He's not given the opportunity to do that. You know which which doesn't make a ton of sense. Uh and you know I here's here's where my you know I try to put myself in the mind of a Steelers fan and this is where I you know feel for Steelers fans because I feel like even if the Steelers lose this weekend Canada's back because they're going to say look you know he's adapted they got better at the end of the season Kenny Pickett put it together the last couple weeks and I really do strongly feel that Canada really is limiting him.
Um and I believe that Mike Tomlin is extremely stubborn. He just wants to tell you he was right all along. And so you know and and certainly if the Steelers win this game and they do get into the playoffs. I mean that's that's like it's now down. That's 100% he's back. If if if even if they lose I think it's about 90% at this point.
Okay. And I think that's bad. Okay so DG is in the house. Um what's up? He agrees with Steve. He was pleasantly surprised but he thinks Canada needs to go. We have a new comment from Kim Brell. Kenny has the Stones and the ability to play ball with a competent OC. I think we can see even more development and picker than the offense.
So I'm going to kind of surprise you guys tonight I think. I think. Okay. So I'm going to leave out the Kenny Pickett stuff. Because everything you guys just said I think has been said over and over and over again so tell us something new Chris two drives he let him down the field he looks like he's got the you know word of the year for the Steelers the Moxie you know okay and and I will say that the the the throw to George Pickens okay the the the throw to Naje Harris to to the winning touchdown I texted this to you guys during the game those were all pro throws they were thrown on the line there was only one place to get them he was improvising so that being said this goes to your comment where you you feel like Tomlin you know he wants to be right okay so I think Canada is going to be back next year and I think Canada's going to be back and I'm going to dovetail this in with the play of the offensive line so we've heard for the last three years that the offensive line is in shambles and we know that story I'm watching what I think is an offensive line this year that has played every down together no injuries which in any football team good or bad line that's what you want consistency the running game is getting better now you guys all know I feel like Najee Harris doesn't have the it factor but we debated that on Texla we'll debate that again next year we'll see what happens but the running game is kicking into gear and as the running game has been kicking into gear I've noticed that they are opening it up a little bit more for Pickett to improvise they're calling plays where he's rolling out to his left throw and do his right hey look it's not the way we want to see it but what I'm thinking is what if what if Tomlin really is an evil genius what if I know you're going to disagree and that's what I said I'm going in the opposite direction here guys what if the whole idea look we are not in the locker room we have never been football coaches you played a little high school football other than that folks we're just experts at sitting on the couch and rendering opinions I was I was really good at flag football you can make the pro ball you could be in the pro ball this year yeah you could flag football so you know what I I'm going to try to shorten this down now what I'm getting at is as that line has improved and the running game has improved we have started to see a little bit more a little bit more Moxie in the play calling and Kenny allowed to make those throws and the bottom line everybody focuses on Tomlins never had a losing season he just doesn't look you know the more I think about that this is the NFL okay they want to win period the idea in the NFL Al Davis just win baby okay so to to to think that a team other than that that scandal with the Dolphins to think that a team would tank or hope to lose because the off offensive coordinator might get fired or you'll get a better draft pick first of all that is not the Steelers way and those guys want to win and that coach wants to win and once again here we are on the precipice of a winning season okay the the the point is to win the Super Bowl every year but that doesn't happen ever once in a while you get a repeat okay but here we are in the precipice of a winning season and a possible lot has to happen playoff birth why wouldn't you coach to that and the upside is Kenny Pickett as a rookie all of the turmoil of how he came in how he was drafted how he got thrown in there how the play call and I look I'm still not a Canada fan but how the play calling was horrible now down the line all of a sudden you see two last minute drives where it really counts okay lots of quarterbacks who are hall of famers and I'm not saying he's a hall of famer that they're known for their comebacks okay the guy has had success in doing that why not win out and make the playoffs How could that be a bad thing? Can't be a bad thing.
Nobody said it was a bad thing. No, I know but what what I'm saying is I think there might be more of a plan here that even I I would admit I'm the one that says there was never a plan but I'm starting to see that maybe there is a plan and maybe that plan is actually starting to work.
Can I tell you where you're wrong yeah please I mean there's a lot you're wrong anybody anybody you are right about the Steelers don't play to lose I mean the Steelers clearly think that they're always in the playoffs until they're not in the playoffs right and it and it's actually worked well for them I mean surprisingly well for them where they're in almost into the playoffs to the last week pretty much the last five years even even though they kind of stump the last five years right so so where do you go from there Tomlin and Evil Genius here's the thing this is not a team that's built on offense this is a team that's built on defense and this defense has to play at the highest level possible in order for them to succeed and and we're rolling really right into our very next subject and look in the second half they beat the Saints not a Not a playoff team.
The Colts not a playoff team. The Falcons not a playoff team. The Panthers not a playoff team. The Raiders not a playoff team. The only team that they beat that was a playoff team was yesterday in Baltimore and they did it with their second string quarterback and their star defensive linemen who would have stopped the run from stopping the run and they they attacked it. They took advantage of it but if Kalaus Cam plays that game they're not going to win that game so so here's the problem with the Steelers they play good enough against non-playoff teams so let's just say this plays out and Tomlin is an evil genius and he somehow makes the playoffs now they gotta play a playoff team and guess who they're going to play the Bills or the Chiefs or Cincinnati on the road now okay I'll take Cincinnati on the road playoff game that one I'll take like if we have to play Cincinnati on the road in the playoff game okay it's it's I mean we only lost by a total of what like seven like four points, 25% shot yeah I mean yeah but those other two teams what 5% shot at it right but that's the problem that's the problem everybody wants to have optimism about this team and I do too but I'm doesn't sound like no no I'm looking at optimism in in in the quarterback progression I got you and and here's the thing like Kenny Pickett got thrown in when they played and they they he got thrown in against the Jets maybe a playoff team oh no they're actually out of the playoffs so they they weren't a playoff team then they got clobbered by the Bills they barely beat the Buccaneers but that wasn't because Kenny Pickett played that was because Trubisky played and then they got clobbered by the Eagles a Super Bowl team potentially so that's the thing like I just want to see a good progression into next year whether or not they make the playoffs this year we'll talk about that later I think that that is the key to next year's next year's record they're going to have they're going to play against some worst teams next year which is good for them they'll need that but this this team is purely built on defense the the offense hasn't scored 20 points still still they still haven't scored 20 points twenty-four points against twenty-four points against twenty-four points against the Panthers is the second half high of points scored all the other ones are points or less.
Okay let me get a couple comments in here before we hear Swab destroy my thesis. So Cambrell says yeah definitely not the Steelers weighted tank. We know that. Um I think this is Corvette. Canada needs to go period. Uh Amy says Chris is crazy. Chris is crazy. Um Yo Carey says and he's talking about Captain Negative get you a chocolate milk and sassafras. I don't like chocolate milk but I will take some pure leaf tea.
I'm all over that.
Okay so so Schwabbard I mean well do you see what I'm saying? I I I'm not necessarily saying it's a given. I'm saying I feel like there might be a little bit more behind this than than than we think. No you're completely wrong. Um of course. You know actually Steve had it exactly right and it's actually something I heard somebody say on the radio. And they were they were they're really kind of digging into Tomlin because he had made some comments.
Not not after this game but I think after the game before where he said you know hey when they were two and six they really looked inward and they really reflected and they really thought about you know what players need to do to have success and blah blah blah blah blah and the guy said no what happened was after you were two and six your schedule got a lot easier you know you know and and and just and just like Steve said they're they've they've proven to be a little better than the teams that aren't playoff teams.
One other one other thing if I can say this. Yeah. We watch a lot of NFL games, right? Yup. There are some really bad teams out there and some that are going to make the playoffs like Tampa Bay is a terrible team. But they won their division. Yeah. And Tom Brady is the only reason that they're they're doing doing good. Right. I watched that that that Carolina game.
Carolina scores a field goal, right? Mm hmm. They have all three of their timeouts, right? Mm hmm. They still on side kick the ball. Who on side kicks it? All you have to do is kick it deep. You stop them three times. You get the ball back with 40 seconds. You got a chance at at tying that game real easy. Now I know that's when all that crazy **** happened with that punter.
Yeah. And they almost you know dropped the punt. You got it away and there was more stuff that happened. There are some bad teams I thought. I underestimated the mediocrity that is the NFL when it comes to coaching and teams that you know are just terrible.
Just they're just some really bad teams out there and unfortunately for the Steelers actually play in a pretty good division so even the Browns are playing really good ball right now yeah and if they beat the Steelers they actually will have a better record we'll end up in the basement if we lose this game which I think is more more of a reason to want to win this game than to keep Tomlin's winning winning record around although if they do end up in the basement they get an easier schedule a super easy schedule next year so that might be something worth building upon to so yeah so okay well you know what it really comes down to guys it really comes down to this last game you know because because here here's the reality even two other games well yeah I mean but here here's the thing regardless of whether the other games go the way we need them to go it would still be a really nice finale to come out and beat Cleveland to have a winning record and I'm assuming if they beat Cleveland can he pick it as a good game and so that would three in a row and that would be a real positive building block in the next season and and that's look guys I'm I'm going to stop it here and we're going to move on but but my final word on that is that's what I'm talking about not there there has been progress and maybe the progress that we're seeing has always been a part of the plan because any quarterback who has a horrible offensive line is going to have trouble okay and this line has gotten better through the year it's gotten demonstrably better.
I don't care what the PFF grades are. Demonstrably better. Yes, they've played they've played teams that are not great teams but the point is you still have to play football. You're still playing professionals and with that, you've seen them there's been a mature maturation process that maybe the coaches have always realized like look, the way we get through this is we continue to push and push and push and win at all cost win win doesn't matter how ugly it is hey because look let's pretend huge speculation and complete dream land let's pretend that the cards line up and the Steelers make the playoffs and they make a miraculous run and Patrick Mahomes gets injured and now they're playing it right but here's but here's my point yeah if the Steelers were if if if lightning struck and the Steelers won the Super Bowl issue nobody would remember except real hardcore fans like us nobody 10 years from now is going to remember what a crappy year it was they're going to remember they won the Super Bowl so it's more like they're they're they have this plan in place the lines matured it's had a couple years now they're starting to move the ball Kenny definitely has the skills he does you know the way he throws the ball and improvises there's growth there so there's hope for the future all I'm saying is maybe they saw that and was their plan like we're going to have to live through this nightmare but we're going to stay the course that's all that's all but what I'm saying is is it comes down to this last game if Kenny Pickett goes out and throws three interceptions next week and they lose 35 to three then right then it looks bad I'm with that yeah but the offense isn't geared that he's going to actually have to do that yeah you're right and get down early yeah you're right that's the thing actually I think Joe Carey makes a really good point get seven points not fuels for three look that's that's a big that's a big thing and that's no doubt I think honestly that's the reason why Canada has to go right there regardless of whether they make the playoffs or if they don't their offense is not creative enough to do things when they get to the red zone yeah or even when they get like around the 35 like they they they have a fear of throwing it deep into the end zone they have a fear of throwing it across the middle when it comes down to red zone and you gotta take a chance at some point and I I that's that's why I think Canada has to go.
Okay. For that specific reason. Okay so one last thing about the Steelers game at the end of the game last night Hoop and Mika Fitzpatrick comes up big with an interception. There's only 13 seconds left on the clock. So all they gotta do is kneel. Uh however if you paid attention to the game at all because a lot of people turned it off for then very soon after that the Steelers got a a an unsportsmanlike conduct foul for yes and and an uniformed player running on the field to celebrate now look we know Joey Porter Junior all all that particular penalty had absolutely no impact on anything because they took their 15 yards or might have been half the distance they knelt down and the game was over but my point a three weeks in a row players making completely unnecessary, uninformed, unaware bone head penalties at some point if you don't get the discipline down if you don't teach them the rules you're going to be in a game that really does matter and one of these boneheads is going to make that play and and you're going to lose the game it it's only a matter of time it's it does beg the question was it addressed to the full team No.
No. Absolutely not. There's no way that I was addressed. I I think and I think this is where Chris is going. Are you talking about Cam Hayward's 15-yard penalty also? Um. No. No. That one he didn't no that one we know that when he got up he accidentally he he banged into the ref is what the explanation was after the fact. Yeah well he he claimed that he was actually being pulled down when he was trying to get off the pile.
He was. And and that that's why he actually ended up pulling and blowing into the ref because as he was falling he was trying to brace himself and the ref was. Right. Right. Right. To me that's a non event. Yeah.
That was an accident that could've changed him a touchdown yeah it did it did but that kind of stuff happens and if there's no blame you know there was nobody to really blame the rest ref misunderstood he wasn't doing anything wrong what are you going to do no I'm talking about the bonehead that ran out on the field to celebrate again well I thought it was interesting that Minka and him had words on the sideline over it I thought that was really interesting yeah you know leadership from Minka yeah I mean I think I I thought it was very interesting that the leaders could go at with each other like that on the sidelines.
That that was a little not surprising for for a Tomlin team but I I was surprised it actually got on on video. Yeah but it sounds to me like they got it cleared up. Oh no they did. I mean Mecca probably didn't really see the play so I'm sure when you saw the replay. Well it they they they it did look from one angle. It did look like it was like the right call a penalty but from what I understand it really wasn't.
No it was. But but one angle on TV really did just look like he just like went down on him. Yeah. Yeah. So that's probably what make us all. Yeah. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, guys. Uh want to thank you again if you're listening on American Busker iHeartRadio, a 50 million registered users, 2000 devices, 260 platforms and remember, you can always catch the Sports Sports Podcast on the iHeartRadio app and anywhere you get your podcast and we're going to be talking Hockey Jesus here in a minute but this one last comment from Kim yeah that penalty on Cam was ridiculous he was pulled down as well as other Ravens player had his arm tangled and Yo Carey Iron Head a Grizzly Bear best knock up Minky yes I think you're right so what we want to do here right now is get into our picks and let's talk about last week last week Cowboys at Titans Chris and Mark had the Cowboys Steve had the Titans Sunday Steel that's two weeks in a row we call Steels Sunday Chris me and me and me and Mark had faith in Kenny Pickett and Steve did not he picked the Ravens however I gave the Vikings one more chance to show they're real and now we know they are the fakest team of all time they got destroyed so this week Mark ended up Mark ended up running the table at 30 Steve is one and two Chris is two and one so now this is interesting because we got one week of the regular season coming back and look at those records dude.
Look at those records. Mark is 31 and nineteen. Steve is 28 and 20 and Chris is 29 and twenty1. So next week Anyone of us could win. Well, the worst I can do is tie. Yeah, that's true. Like I said, anyone else can win. Exactly opposite of you. So, so this time next week, what's going to happen is we are going to decide what the loser has to do.
Maybe maybe. Oh, not again. Yeah. Please. No. No. I don't think so. That was that was not established at the beginning of the style. Well, the loser. There will not be a loser. Look, loser If you're a loser, you don't get to just take your ball and go home. Oh, yes. Okay. Alright. Alright. So, this week, moving on.
Uh we are going to pick our games and the first game we're going to pick this week is a barn burner but it does mean something. The Titans at the Jag and you know what? This is what I was going to talk to you guys about this a little bit earlier in the Steelers. It's called parody. Okay, the NFL wanted parody and what they achieved was a lot of mediocrity. Well, they added the playoff spot.
Right. Right. So, Titans at Jags for the division and a playoff spot. Um Mark won so about that. I think it might be Jags at Titans. Well, you you you That's what I wrote. Yeah, that's what I wrote down. I'm just going to check it real quick. Alright, let's make it. Who's making their first pick? You are. I am. Yes, because you won. You were three and oh. No, it is Titans at Jags.
Okay, thank you for that unnecessary wins.
I am going to I am going to go Jags, Dougie P turns around in one season and Trevor Lawrence on his way to being one of the next straight quarterbacks and Travis NTN, the New Orleans Cajun Killer establishes himself as top running back alright so Mark's got the Jags Steve well I think we all took the Titans to win this division at the beginning of the season I think you're right so I'm going to go with the Titans Dobbs he's a Dobbs guy alright and former Steeler well let's see I need to go three 0 to catch Mark so I'm going to just have to go with the Titans yes to try to win this out okay next game up for grabs another playoff implicate and go go figure the Lions the Lions everybody assume Green Bay would make the playoffs and they may or may not now but the Lions have a shot Lions at Green Bay Schwabber I've been sticking with my guys all year and I know it's the wrong pick but I'm going to pick it anyway.
The Lions get it done. And the Lions are in the playoffs.
Well well I think the Lions do actually have a chance. I think Green Bay's rolling right now. I think they figured it out. I think figured it out. I think I think Rodgers got off the Payote. I think it's completely out of his system now. And I think I think he's ready for the playoffs. Him and Mister Brady. So let's go Green Bay. Alright so Steve's going Green Bay. Chris is going Green Bay too because he has to go opposite a mark no matter what.
You have no thought in your picks this week. Um I do. My thing is whatever you say I'm going the opposite way. I'm I'm going to George Costanza. Okay. Uh Sunday Browns at the Steelers. Yes we're going to pick another Steelers game. Browns at the Steelers Schwabber. I hate to do this to you guys but I'm going to go Browns. Good. I just I just feel like what Steve said is the thing that stands out.
Steelers don't don't score 20 points. Deshaun Watson actually looked like a star again last week with three touchdowns, no interceptions, and of course Nick Chubb runs for over 100 yards every week. Mm hmm. As long as they don't turn the ball over, I think they'll beat the Steelers in a close game 27 to seventeen. I think this is going to be a **** show of a game.
I think Deshaun Watson is actually going to turn the ball over quite a bit but I actually think the Browns are playing well defensively. I think are going to give the Steelers Fitz running the ball and I think that's going to cause problems for Pickett I don't like either of these teams but you know I think I gotta go with I think I gotta go with the Browns this week that that pains that that pains me I just I like the way the Browns are playing now they've they've really got their defense playing at a at a much higher level than the Steelers god I just hate the thoughts of Browns beating us on our own turf for us to to to to have a have a losing season and not make the playoffs but I think it's what's best for the future if that helps that's funny okay I'm going with the Steelers end of story Steelers win that game on their home turf Kenny Pickett has a good game Deshaun Watson only actually really played one half of good football last week and he was also aided by the fact that I believe the worst quarterback in the history the NFL was playing for the Commanders thank you to the Colts and the Eagles.
He's got a ring. Forget how he does. He does. He does and he let him he let him to the playoffs. When we got there without him. So okay that's it for the picks. Um going to move on to something now. Now usually we we talk about Hockey Jesus and Hockey Jesus preaching on the podcast and as Faith would have it the winner classic was today and there is a Hockey Jesus sermon on the podcast right now.
So if you want to catch the Sports Sports Podcast on the iHeartRadio app or Spotify or Apple or Google or anywhere you get your podcast you can go there right After the show and listen to the Hockey Jesus update and then listen to this show again. So Steve you know give us a give us they lost. Um we'll let people go to the we'll let people go to the sermon to hear about your thoughts on the game but but tell us the state of the Penguins right now because you're text to me when you sent the podcast was they gotta turn this around.
They gotta do something to turn this around. So what what's going on? Yeah so the Pens have continued their initial losing ways and then their winning ways and now they're back to their losing ways and and it it's really amazing like the streaks that they've been on are just incredible like here's the thing about the Penguins the Penguins can play with any team in the league like they no no matter what happens they can play and they actually take leads going into the third period but they're so they have no spark and left in them like they don't have a single guy who's like excited to play in the third period it's like oh god we played two good periods isn't that enough like we've won enough rings do we have to really go out and play the third period they they just don't have that spark and when you don't have that spark and you have a one goal lead and you're slow guess what younger teams catch you and then the momentum takes over and then they end up losing these games and that's what's been happening they they they play well against these other teams I think their last really good win was was in New York where they where they beat the Rangers they look really good doing it and since then they lost a game that they should have won against Carolina and then since then they just look terrible like they don't they don't have anybody who wants to play a full game Jari and the Smith look like they're adequate in goal I mean they're not just letting in loose loose goals the goalie problem is not their problem The problem is they have it looks like they have no energy left when the third period comes around to try and win these games.
Do you think they're gassed in the third period? I I I to me it looks like noone person wants to go out there and win the game. Like they don't want to just put the the foot on the accelerator and just say we're just going to just zoom right by you. And to me that means they're either gassed or disinterested. And I can't tell which one it is at this point.
And Sully at this point has nothing like there are no bullets left in the chambers that he can switch around. He can't he can't use a bigger gun like the the biggest thing he can do is he can move Russ from the second line and move him to the first line and move Raquel from the first line and to the second line and that doesn't do any good.
Like it's the same players. They're just switching around. They can't call somebody up to give him a spark. Like Ty Smith had to come up because unfortunately Crystal Tang had an upper body injury and then on top of that his dad died. So so he's probably going to miss I don't think I'll be surprised if he goes on the trip to the West Coast they're playing in Vegas on Thursday I would be surprised if he actually joins them for that I think he'll probably miss that so part of the problem is they're missing his the the reason they were winning before is with special teams their power play just caught on fire it was incredible they put Raquel there and their second power play is been playing really well and that's what was propel them the wins their their second power play but now it's like they don't have that and they and without LaTang being on the power play they don't have anything like they went oh for nine on the power play who goes oh for nine on a power play that's ridiculous also only player that was a minus two today was Dumelin yeah Dumelin so Dumelin's interesting I mean he was playing well for a while but when he plays too many minutes he's just terrible and you catch my thoughts on Dumalin on the pod I actually didn't think he was all all that terrible on the second goal that they scored and my rationale is on the podcast.
Check that out.
It's a Blueger update. So Teddy's been centering the third line now. They moved him up from the fourth line to the third line. That was one thing that they try to do to help. It actually didn't help. So it seems. He's a fourth line center. Teddy Bluger is a fourth line center who who does a great job on the penalty kill and that's who he is. Like anytime you try and move him into that third third line center roll. He just doesn't fit. He plays better with Pele and McGinn on that fourth line and that's where he should stay. He's nobody. He's not great. He's never going to be a third line center and that's that.
Seems like this team is a mystery.
They're an enigma they're an enigma is what I would say they're going to they're going to go on stretches they're going to go on stretches where they're going to do great and they're going to go on stretches where they just look horrible and right now I think they're on a stretch that might last a little while unfortunately by the way even with this bad stretch they're still eight tied for eight just ahead of the Islanders for the last playoff spot so even though they've been playing terrible the last four games they're still in the playoff spot Yeah, they're just going to go back and forth between like, you know, last playoff spot to middle playoff spot.
Yeah, like third place in the metro. Yeah. Third to eighth, 8th to sixth, sixth to fifth, 5th to seventh. That's exactly what's going to happen. Hopefully, I mean, they could literally go on a a really bad run where they'd be out of the playoffs for a little while and that wouldn't be good for anybody.
Alright. So, again, catch the Hockey Jesus preaching his sermon on the Sports Sports Podcast on the iHeartRadio app or anywhere you get your podcast and there's one up there for the Winter Classic and then this podcast will be dropped tonight for your listening pleasure. Um I want to thank Nancy Hahn of American Busker iHeartRadio for being here and giving us that great story about Franco and Lynn Swan and and being their ballet instructor and of course our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Steelers Nation but especially Franco Harris and his family.
Uh what a great he was. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times in my life. Um just some real quick conversations but I gotta tell you, I always thought he was the nicest guy. I never got the the feeling when I was introduced to him that he that he thought anything of himself other than he's another human being on Earth put here to help people out and he was blessed for the life that he was given.
So, we all love you, Franco and rest in peace my man. Thank you guys for being here. Happy New Year to everybody and Happy New Year 2023. As I cue up the music. That's it guys. The porch is out. We'll see you next week. Let's go Steelers.