August 02, 2022
The Porch Is Live and Camp Has Begun

Training camp is upon us and we have thoughts... which can be dangerous. Headlines that mean something are off the charts this week and we have a few things for you to add to your streaming list. Marc and Chris are on the Porch and Steve joins us...

Training camp is upon us and we have thoughts... which can be dangerous. Headlines that mean something are off the charts this week and we have a few things for you to add to your streaming list. Marc and Chris are on the Porch and Steve joins us from his "American" whiskey filled vacation in OBX...

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specifically for the sports porch. You got that right and I want to thank everybody for listening on American Busker iHeartRadio, iHeartRadio, over a and 50 million subscribers across 2000 devices all over the world all over the internet and you can also listen to our podcast on American Busker. Thank you for picking us up iHeartRadio. Absolutely. It means the world to us. Uh once again, we are back with the Sports Sports. I am Chris. I got my Pittsburgh shirt on.
It's my pick a shirt even though we're going to have some conversations about that. Uh that guy over there is Mark. That guy down there is Steve wearing the Steelers shirt and Mark and I are on the official porch. Steve is on the OBX porch. The OBX port beach in the background just for you guys. Right and he's having a celebratory Scotcher Irish, Steve. Scotch or Irish? American. Come on. Let's go. Nothing but American. Old American whiskey.
Probably garbage. Not the best. It's probably it's probably garbage.
So, anyway, guys, listen, welcome for, welcome to the sports porch. Camp has started.
So, we're not going to we're not going to waste any time at all. Uh Steve had a couple he wanted to talk about. By the way, can I just jump in? Sure. Breaking news as of one hour ago, the Steelers have signed kicker Chris Boswell to a four-year, twenty-million-dollar extension A good kicker stays in the black and gold. Mm. I think we're going to need a good field goal kicker. 4 years, 20 million bucks. What's that 5 million a year? Yeah. Value there, Steve? Uh it's a kicker. You know, you want, you want some, you want to feel confident when the guys gotta kick the game winning field goal.
He's your guy I think it's a good signing. He knows Heinz Field better than nobody. Yeah. And except for maybe Tucker. Clearly, Tucker is the best kicker in our life. Yeah, he's the best kicker in football. You mean he he knows Heinz better than anybody.
Well, no, he doesn't know Heinz Field anymore. He knows accurate Shore Stadium well. We hope. Oh, yes, you're correct. I am sorry. Well, actually, maybe he doesn't admit. Maybe he doesn't know AquaSure Stadium. If you think he knows Heinz. You think he'll kick as well at Ac sure. Yeah, do you think the ketchup bottle's missing, you're going to throw him off? Yeah, because the the ketchup bottles kind of kept you alive.
They pointed. I I hear the ketchup bottles are making a comeback. Yeah, like they're going to be like, you know, sort of like on the ground floor like in a, you know, historical sense. Really? Yeah, like, you know, you walk by, you see, you know, picture Willie Starville and then you see a picture of. They're, they're in negotiations with Heinz to do something with with the Heinz sketch.
Yeah. Well, we don't like to see them stick around at the field known as Brad Trombley is in the house. He says, good evening, guys. Hey, Brad. Counting down to that Jets game, Brad. Counting down to that Jets game. Countdown. So, yeah, Boswell's back. I I happen to agree. Uh listen, it is extremely important to have a kicker you can count on in the NFL. It is.
And they're very hard to find and I think the Steelers made the right move. Mm hmm. Uh so, let's move on. Steve, Camp, what's impressed you? What hasn't impressed you? I mean, everybody's impressed with Pickens to be able to catch anything no matter where it's thrown at him. He even made some ESPN highlights. You know, there was like a juggling thing that he did where it was like, whoa, whoa, whoa.
And you know, he caught it for minus two yards but it was a pretty cool catch.
Yeah. But I I think I think he's impressing. The thing that's really upsetting me is all the booing that's going on. Can we jump into that now? Go for it. So, yeah. So, all you all that are going out the late robe and are booing is not a good idea. I mean, Trubisky is the man. Whether you like it or not. I mean, I know there are a lot of yinsers out there.
Klein probably included in this category. He likes picket and you're allowed to like pick it. There's nothing wrong with liking picket but let's face it. We didn't go out and get Trubisky for no reason. I mean, you gotta give the guy a chance. Like, you just can't boo the guy at camp. That's that's just so dumb. Like, what, what are you doing? Like, even if it's a competition, let them, let compete for the job.
Don't just be out there saying, we won't pick it. I mean, that's just, that's just stupid. Like, that's what dumb fans do. Pittsburgh fans should not be doing that and I think that happened last week. I think since then, the booze have died down. I think, you know, you just had maybe some some hyper fans out there originally out there. Just excited to see the Steelers back in later of again.
So, so let's just not do that. Ace Steeler Nation, let's let's stay away from that pettyness. Let's let it play out. By the way, it looks like Trubitsky is taking most of the snaps with the first team. I don't think that comes as a Prize. I guess Pickett's probably not even really played with the first team yet. That's a little bit of the surprise I think. What do you think about that, Mark? Well, I agree with you.
There's no point in booing, you know, you know, practice snaps.
You know. Yeah. But but you know, I mean, the way I look at it's like this like, hey, you know, bottom line, let's let's look at facts here. You know, Trubisky was the second overall pick in his draft.
Uh you know, Pickett was the 20th or 21st overall pick in his draft. I mean, 18. Wasn't he? 18 or something? I mean, if you whatever. If you just look at the pedigree, I know Steelers fans probably don't want to hear this but the very best thing that could happen to the Steelers this year is Kenny Pickett never sees the field and that would mean that the Steelers are going to the playoffs with Mitch Trubisky and we'll see how good he can be.
He didn't have much in Chicago he, you know, he basically went to kind of like rebuild himself, you know, as a backup to Josh Allen in Buffalo. Right. But we've seen stories before where, you know, a quarterback just was in a bad situation, goes to another team, you know, goes on to become like a really good quarterback. Like, I think of like a Jim Plunkett for example, one a couple Super Bowls with the Raiders. Right. So, you know, hey, worst-case scenario of Trubisky turns out to be great.
Then, you got a great trade ship in in Pickett for down the road. Yeah. And and and Steelers fans don't want to hear that. But I I I I agree. I think first of all when did Steelers fans become Eagles fans? That's what I was. Oh come on.
Um excellent. Well played. If if you're if you're a Steelers fan and you're a camp and you're booing Mitch Trubisky. What did Mitch Trubisky do to deserve that? Nothing.
Nothing at all. Look. It it's great to have I I have all the enthusiasm in the world for Kenny Pickett. He's my man crush. But but Besides that, more importantly, what I believe is that he has the skills and he's in the right place. Is it the right time? Well, it was the right time to draft him because this is when he was going to be drafted but is it the right time to throw him in there? Hell no. Hell no and I think that I think the Steelers are in a great position because the upside with Trubisky is big and the upside with Pickett is just as big and I think I Trubisky needs to lose the job.
Well, you can't put Pickett in there and you can't put Kenny Pickett in there and expect anything. Here. Trubisky already knows how to play in the NFL, you know? Right. Here here's the other thing and and this is a true story. Um Amy and I went down to La Trobe to to watch the very first year that Ben was a Steeler. Wow. Um yeah. So, we saw Tommy Maddox and Ben you know, in practice. This is some news here and by the way, Brad Trombley says, some people, same people will cheer when he does good.
That's exactly right. Of course they will, Brad. Yeah. So, bottom line is, you know, here's what happened. Um and and look, this this might not be something that could be as easily seen between Trubisky and Pickett but it was very clear to Amy and I that Ben Roethlisberger was a lot better than Tommy just the way he carried himself, the way he threw the ball. He was throwing the ball so much further, you know, and so much more precise than Tommy Maddox.
Like, we walked out of that practice thinking like, he'll be the quarterback later this year. Yeah and then. Well, they did start the year with Matt. Yeah, he's right but you know, but I I think when it comes down to is, if your talent is there and it's so obvious, you will eventually become the quarterback. So, don't worry about it. Pickett fans, if it going to happen, it will happen. Uh CD says he agrees with the Thompson Twins sit for a year.
That's a unique name. Uh Mike Lawrence says, I've seen stories that say Rudolph has a shot at being the starter. Others say it's all hype to make him more valuable for a trade.
Thoughts, I agree. It's more of to make it more valuable for a trade. Yeah, I agree. Yeah, definitely, definitely that.
I don't. The other thing I think we need to talk about by the way is that the fight they had at the end of practice the other day. Did you see that? I about it. I heard about it. Yeah, I guess there was an offensive lineman and a defensive lineman. Pretty much two nobody's. I guess the defensive lineman wasn't too happy with the offensive lineman and then his practice was ending. He just clocked him out of nowhere. And then I guess Watt and Cam got involved, you know, kind of broke it up and stuff like that. Well, and and you want to you want to see emotions, you want to see competition, but if it's, if it's outside of the practice, if it's, if it's not in between the whistles being blown, then, it's not called.
for. Yeah. Yeah and that's exactly what Tomlinson. So, maybe you should be head coach for the Steelers, Chris. Well, next year, we'll see. We'll see. I can guarantee you though. Unfortunately, I think it'll be a long year. It would be a long year because Kenny Pickett will be starting. Yeah, I was going to say, can he pick an immediate starter? You got that right. You'd be at all the press conferences.
I saw, I just believed in him, guys. Yeah, I mean, he's just, he's so good looking. He's so good looking. So, yeah, I think camp so far is gone pretty much as expected. And there's be a lot of stories that play out. Um I'm I'm I'm super excited for the season. You guys already know. I'm I'm excited. Uh I'm excited. Um for Najee Harris. I I just think he's going to have a monster year.
That that's just me. Now we do have a question here. Uh Steve or Chris is saying CD is saying no words about Miles Jack. Any concerns? I've seen in the media they're saying that this could be his year to make the Pro Bowl. What do you guys think? I think he's going to excel on that defense because last year they didn't have anybody who could tackle.
So, I mean, just by default, he can, he's a ball hog. He he'll he'll get after the ball no matter where it is and I think he's going to be great. I I haven't seen anything about him and actually, I think that that means good things, not bad things. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. MLCS camp goes on. We'll see as camp goes on. So, exciting times. It's it's it's really it's a new thing for Steelers fans to see a QB competition.
So, you know, we'll we'll see how that plays off. Now, Amy May says she thinks Najee hopped off the field today. He'll be back. He'll be back. Oh. I think he'll be fine. Oh, boy. So, moving on to other NFL news right now. The I had to list some weights I think. Yeah, the I think I think the big news in the NFL right now today that broke was that I don't know if it's official yet but supposedly, maybe it is.
Um Deshaun Watson is getting a six-game So, two questions. First of all, is six games enough or is it too much? And second, Baker Mayfield, does he get a chance to stay the starter if he performs well? Cuz they they haven't traded him, have they? They have. He's on Carolina. Yeah, he's gone. Never mind in that second question. I forgot all about that.
So, who who fills in for for Watson when when that six-game suspension? Well, they're saying that Jacoby Brissett will be the quarterback. Yeah. So, it's not a bad option honest with you. It's okay. He'll get you, you know, he could get you through, you know, who knows? Maybe that eight games will be, you know, taking down the sixth for all we know. Um.
Yeah. Maybe the six will be taken down to four. So, you know, he could go two and two or three and three for you. So, that's probably all they need. Um I think everybody probably feels that it was a weak suspension. Yeah. I I think the the the bottom line for me is it's so hard to determine really how long somebody should be suspended All I know is is it seems like there's not an equitable process at play.
You know, so like for example, you know, Deshaun Watson, you know, settles 24 suits, you know, with people with. That's just an ungodly. Yeah, with with people accusing him of sexual assault. Yeah. Uh but Martavius Bryant who you know, smokes marijuana which is now legalized. Um got suspended indefinitely. You know, and what's his name? Um the receiver Calvin Ridley is suspended for at least one year indefinitely for making like a bet on DraftKings.
Right. You know what I mean? Like that that's that is not equitable. You know, it's just not equity. I agree. It's it's just like, you know, what are we punishing I mean, we're just making such small punishments to such terrible things and kind of vice versa. Yeah. Well, and I I Mark, Mark, I completely agree with you and to add to that, if you put in Hopkins who got who was suspended because of performance enhancing drug he got caught for.
He was barely over the limit because there's no there's no there's no gray area if you're over the limit or you're under limit. If you're under limit, you don't get it. If you're over limit no matter by how much or how little it's six games. So, put that into perspective. This guy gets six games for and maybe having a little too much testosterone in his, you know, in his drinks.
He he does that, you know, Try and make himself better versus a guy like you said, 24 sexual assaults and he gets six games. To me, there's something wrong with that and if the NFL doesn't do something about that, they've they've just been so poor with the way they deal with sexual assaults, with players. I mean, you can go back to James Harrison, former Pittsburgh Steelers, you know, who had problems.
Um, and, you know, they did get rid of who, Ray Rice, right? But that was on videotape, right? And that's the only reason that, that, that happened. And when it comes to, when it comes to, he said, she said, it's like, the NFL believes in the he said, not the she said. So, they really are going to have to address that, I think. They're going to have.
I think they're going to have to come up with a bigger penalty for that because that's just a, that's just a terrible look for the NFL. I get it. Deshaun Watson is a super talent and I don't care if he played for, I don't care if who he plays for. I know he plays for the Browns now but that's just wrong for the NFL to to only give that guy six games.
I I I think that's it's it's just a travesty. Well, when you have twenty four suits and you settle all twenty-four. To me, it's kind of like anybody that pleads the fifth is most likely guilty. When you settle those, you did something wrong because he certainly has the money to depend himself. Right. And I, you know what? Deshaun Watson is a superstar but as soon as you act the way he did, you're no longer a superstar.
I honestly. Uh huh. I believe he should have been kicked out of the league. I just I I think that sends a message. Now, what Ray Rice did was and and violence towards women. Violence period is bad. Violence towards women is bad. but you know, what you have him on tape doing is, is one, it, it's one instance. Now, do we know if that has happened in other instances? Yeah, yeah, you could assume so, but you've got that one instance, here you have a guy who possibly sexually assaulted twenty-four, at least women, and he gets a six game.
I I agree with you 100percent. Um, but let's go to some of the comments here, Tom O'Malley says the Cleveland is a quarterback graveyard. We already know that.
He's going back to our our talk about the QB situation. If you have one week offensive line, you need three quarterbacks. Well, we're going to talk about Amy's right about that. Yeah, in weeks to come but I think the offensive line definitely got better. Uh Amy Bollinger says, if you shoot a police officer in the foot, you are what? Uh I'm not sure what that means. Who who shot a police officer in the foot? Does anybody know what that she's talking about? Uh is she talking about when Plexico shot himself in the foot? Yeah.
Oh yeah. That's right. Plexico. That's right. He was a he went to that he went to that show. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Another genius. Another genius. He's a genius. A genius Amy. The answer is he's a genius. Ah. Alright. So, moving on from that. You know, camps off to a good start. Lots of things to talk about. Really exciting time. Um I think next up here, we're going to talk about something that kind of breaks our heart and Mark and I were talking about this before the show. And I'm just going to put that right up on the ticker right now.
Um the Pirates stuck.
Yeah. So, yeah, tell us why, Mark. Tell us what you. Well, you know, I I follow the Philadelphia Phillies and the Phillies were in town for a four-game set. And they're having a decent year. And Phillies, the Phillies are good. I mean, they're currently in the third wildcard spot. So, if it ended, season ended today, they'd be in the playoffs. Um but my gosh. I mean, the Pirates are really, really bad. I mean, I I don't remember a time with them being this bad and and I'm just talking about in just in terms of lack of talent.
Like, in all reality, like the only, you know, quality player is is Reynolds. You know, I I mean, now, look, there's some guys with some upside but really like, you know, think about this, right? So, you know, the had at one of the games their first round draft pick, okay? And so, they they're interviewing the first round draft pick and he says, so who won the Pirates do you look up to? And he says, correct me if I got the name wrong here, Steve. He says, I look up to Jabrian Hayes. Q Brian. Q Brian. Q Brian. Q Brian. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So, okay.
So, first, I had to say to myself, oh That.
Um and and then I by watching all the games this week I did learn that like, you know, he's he's kind of an up and coming prospect. They signed him like a seven-year, eighty-million-dollar. He's the guy we were talking about in the beginning of the season. Uh he's actually Charlie Hayes' son. Right. Who played for Philly and the Pirates. And he and he's a very good defender, right? Yeah.
But like.
But like he's hitting two forty-6 with four home runs. Like, somebody to look up to and and then like, you know, I kind of look and it's like, it almost seems like everybody on the Pirates is hitting two thirty6 with four home runs.
You know what I mean? Yeah. It's it's like, you know, I mean, like, you know, there there's a guy who's that Newman, he's got a pretty good average. You know, he's putting the ball in play. Yeah. There's like, I mean, we just, I mean, other than center field, there's there's not a above-average ball player in the field. Not right now.
I mean, there really isn't. For all the Neil Cru was getting. And it's and it's a disgrace. I I mean like, you know, you know, I follow Twitter and you know, I'm following, you know, Philadelphia broadcasters and stuff. There's a guy, Mike Missinelli, who's a pretty big guy out there, and even he, he wrote a quote. He just said, the the city of Pittsburgh does not deserve the direct that this Pirates you know, management is putting out there.
It's a sin. Right. I I know. I agree. It it's really. It's like, it's, I just sort felt like it's too much. Like even when the Phillies are better than the Pirates, usually, usually, they might split with the Pirates or maybe they win three or four and there were two games that were close but I'm just like, my god. Like, this is.
You know, it was it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing. Like, the games that were close. I was just thinking like, wow, like, how can you, how can you lose to this team? Yeah and CD says, who's the shooting guard playing shortstop? That would be O'Neill Cruz, right? Oh, and then Cruz, yeah. One thing on O'Neill Cruz. Now, he is a guy who I do think has an unbelievable amount of talent.
I mean, he he might be a player. But like, you know, I mean, did you see the way that they lost the game, the one of the games in extra innings? So, you you guys all know about the ghost runner, right? Right. If you guys caught on to the ghost runner now? Yeah, it started second base. Yeah, I got it. Yeah, we started so. Last year for it by the way.
So, in the tenth inning, O'Neill Cruz starts as the ghost runner.
And they picked him off to start the inning.
And is that melt when you get the ghost run around? It doesn't make sense. Yeah. I've never seen that happen number one. And and number two the the the announcers were making fun with it. They're like hey you know we could actually have like if if this next guy hits hits a home run that's a one out lead off home run.
Yeah, you're right.
First time in history. First time in history. First time in history. So, Amy, Amy goes back to Eddie Holmes shot a police officer. Ernie, Ernie, Ernie Holmes. Uh I don't even remember who that. I don't even remember who that is. Was that a linebacker for the Arrowhead? Er, no, no, Ernie, Arrowhead, Holmes was part of the Doomsday defense back in the seventies. Oh. There you go.
We're reaching way forward. Back in time. Back in Now, we've talked about this in the past and I'm going to show you this. Uh, I I happen be downtown on Saturday night. And we've made fun of this but I'm going to show you a brief clip. This is the only reason and you're not going to hear our audio but this is this is going to be the only reason that you go to that anybody goes to Pirates games.
So that's the only reason you go to a Pirates game now and that happens three or four times a year. And I'll and I'll tell you what, it's kind of funny. Is the best. Skyblast. When I was watching the game, they're scanning the field on Sunday when there's no fireworks and there's no Ben Roethlisberger throwing out the first pitch. And there's nobody in the crowd.
And they they pull themselves on this guy who sort of is a Phillies fan. He's got a Phillies hat on. He kind of looks like Santa Claus. He's got a big white beard. And he's sitting down the baseline all by himself. Like in, you know, in the in the lower bowl but all by himself, third baseline. And we get to like the eighth inning, and I'm like, there he is.
He's right behind the plate now.
Well, never done that. Here's here's the thing that actually kind of it kind of gets me going is and and I know, you know, I'm I'm not going to I'm not going to win any fans on traditional Pittsburgh media by saying this. Um you know, but I I have not yet heard any of the traditional sports shows on the radio or any of the television broadcasters. Come out the way we are and basically say, this organization sucks.
At at what point do you jump off the Homer bandwagon and use your platform to start putting pressure on the organization. Now, we you know, we could say it's not going to work until nutting sells the team but at at some point, look, the guy has made money. Right. He could sell the team today and and take all the cash that he made and the winnings because the value is higher and and and just get the hell out of Pittsburgh.
Hey, can I ask you? Can I have the final word on this Pittsburgh Pirates stuff. Yeah. Go for it. So so here's all I got to say. I am very impressed that a rookie that the Pittsburgh Pirates drafted actually knew another Pittsburgh Pirate. I actually think that's hope for the future. And let's just leave it there. That's I think they had played together. Like in high school.
I don't know. But that's if that's true. I'm trying. I'm trying here boys. If that's you. I don't I don't know what's left. Alright, so we're going to delay the penny Penns talk because we truly are in the dead zone for hockey and I'm sure as as you know, they they they did sign another guy that gets Steve says they're out of cap space.
They gotta trade somebody. We'll wait till some news. Mm hmm. You know, comes around about that. So, Thanks. We've already had too much to drink anyway. So, it's probably better. It's useless now. He's on the beach and he's drinking American whiskey which is a travesty. He should be drinking scotch or Irish. No Irish or Right. Yeah, Tommy Shelby was always Irish.
Right. Um. Well, since I watched the Peaky Blinders, I will.
and CD says both those players went to or still at Point Park. That's funny.
Alright, I want to take this moment to once again tell you you are listening to the Sports Porch on American Busker iHeartRadio and thank you for listening to us. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM and obviously you can catch the podcast, the Sports porch as well on iHeart or anywhere you listen to your podcast, a little drive time, fun, catch up with us weekly. Um Tom O'Malley says Steve should be Jameson's. That's some nasty **** Let me tell you right there. I got a story about that that I'm not going to tell right now. So, moving on to the next segment of our show because we are still in the dead zone.
Um this is something that we like to call.
Headlines. Headlines that mean something.
Headlines that mean something. We scour the internet highway. We waste a lot of time doing this. Not really. They usually pop up. Uh and we find headlines that you probably should pay attention to because Steve is on vacation. We're going to allow him the courtesy of being first. Uh Steve's first headline. I'm going to pull that up here and Steve you tell us what it is.
A chicken hitchhides hitches a ride and ends up in Vermont's largest city. Huh? How about that? Who knew that Could hitch a ride somewhere? How did he hitch the ride? That's what I want to know. Well, as it turns out, this family actually owned this chicken. And and he wasn't able. He wasn't a pre-range chicken.
Was it just some random chicken in, you know, Vermont? It was actually a chicken that they owned and they were going on vacation and they got on vacation and they were like, wait, isn't that, I think the, I think the chicken's name was scratch.
Isn't that trash? Yeah. And they were like, isn't that scratch? And they went over and they were like, sure enough, it it was. It was, it was their chicken and so, they were like, oh, well, I guess we should take it back and it just they they it just somehow got in their carrier underneath and and their carrier underneath was like open, I guess, and it just hits the ride.
So, when they opened up their their their bags, the the chicken, I don't think it popped out because they didn't know it was there until they were like having dinner at this place and they saw this chicken and they knew it was their chicken. I don't don't ask how they knew it was their chicken. Well, it was probably the only chicken that was I guess if you raised.
It wasn't on a plate. Yes, probably. Yeah. Yeah.
Didn't it? Two things. What did the chicken pack and did it end up on a plate? No, they took the chicken back with them. The chicken is still living with them happily, I guess. Very nice. Alright and we have a we have a a listener joke that I'm just going to be courteous and get in. Why can't you trust in Adam? Because an atom makes up everything.
Thank you, Bob.
We appreciate it. So, the chicken rode the road. The chicken rode the road. Alright.
Story that ended well. Well, it's a happy story actually. Well, I know that very bad. Did the chicken actually make it home? Or did they murder him on the way back? Did he fly first class? I don't know. I don't know. Alright. Next headline on headlines, it means something. Mark. Put it up there.
Woman gets petty revenge on neighbors by playing Who Let the Dogs Out for six hours.
So, situation here a neighbor was just letting her dogs bark all night. This is like, you know, 3 AM in the morning. She looks like a pretty mean neighbor. She does. She she's got kids. Are you sure she wasn't the one singing it? No. She's got kids who go to school. She said their sleep was disrupted. She taught tried to talk to the neighbor. The neighbor said, hey, look, they're old. Just you know, deal with it. And the lady just said, you know what? You're screwing up my life.
I'm going to screw up your life. And she got a boombox out and played like on loop. Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who? You know? For six hours straight. And then apparently the neighbor who wasn't able to sleep shot the boombox. Got the message and stopped the dogs from barking. So basically there might be like a time here or there where maybe like the dogs might bark but she says it never lasts more than like 10 minutes now. So, the woman actually could call the dog back in to stop barking.
And So, it worked. So, it's been five months and she's not been bothered anymore.
Well, it's you all. I don't think it would have ended that way in the United States by the way. I noticed that was a, I think that would have ended in some gun violence. Oh, yeah, yeah. It was in the United States. There's that's definitely an active shooter situation.
Let's let's not say those words. Okay. I'm sorry.
Alright, my headline was one that I just, you know me. I just, like, I, it's just the irony.
Uh, man shoots woman in neck but bullet passes through her and kills him instead.
Well, how did it see this woman here? And he was like, like that? I, I, I, I, listen. All I can say is please don't shoot yourself.
You know, I, I, I read this article and I will tell you, that in this article, what they explained was, the police found these two in the car. The woman was alive.
She, she basically said, he shot me in the neck and hit and he died and they still have yet to figure out exactly how that happened.
Well, he could've grabbed her and then tried to shoot her, went like through her, through her neck and right in the head. Yeah, it's possible. Like, if he had her like that, like. Yeah. Yeah. Serial killer playbook. He knows, he knows, he knows how not to shoot people. I, I, I, I, I, I, I don't know, but it, it, it just never ceases to amaze me. Um. Well, he deserve for what he got.
Yeah. I mean, you know. I guess it's considered a suicide then, right? I, yeah. Damn. I think it was a homicide. I think he he homicided himself. Yeah. I don't know but I want to thank Fox News for that headline. Man shoots women in neck but bullet bullet passes through her and kills him instead. Maybe it's kind of like the old magic bullet thing and the JFK thing. You know. I think we'll be talking about this in future episodes.
Most likely. Yeah. Most likely. Hopefully. Under the conspiracy beam.
alright. Next next next next part of the show. Okay. So, last week, we wrapped up the top seven what were they? Top seven action. Six, five, and four. Oh, no, no. Two weeks ago, we wrapped up the top seven action here of all time. Last week, we started our top seven albums of all time. Uh Steve, you want to give us the criteria for this? So, the album criteria is it cannot be a greatest hits album.
the most important thing that you need to know. This takes out a lot of albums. It does. A lot. It does. It does. A lot. And they're albums that are personal. So, we're not looking at like WDVE's top 100 songs of all time. Right. It's what meant something to us. Uh one quick comments, CD says, quote of the week, he homicided himself. Thank you. It is. That is a great, that is a great one. That is a great, great quote. So, hopefully, he doesn't have to use that as an ER doctor. The last week, we did number seven, six, and five This week, we're going to do numbers four and number three. So, we're going to start with Steve again.
Number four, top album of all time.
So, this was the probably the hardest one for me to pick. For those of you who don't know, that is a Taylor Swift album color cup cover and it's folklore. I actually had this debate with my daughter about I really wanted to name folklore in Evermore as one album but she denied that it is one album. It is absolutely two albums. I actually think of them as one album but since I had to pick between those two, I picked folklore.
It's it's not her latest one but it's definitely by far her best one. Even Mark would like this one. It took, it took everybody through COVID. She won lots of awards because of it. Um it by far technically is our best album. I had to choose between this one, and Red and I chose this one. Taylor Swift, one of the best artists of our time. I know you guys don't listen to her but you really should.
I like the I like the the early Taylor Swift, the kind of more country Taylor Swift. Right. Mark's the Taylor at Country Taylor Swift fan. I respect that. I respect that. McGraw song. I like that. Well, you know, Tim McGraw actually sings with her on some some of her new stuff if you would listen to it. So, you know, you might want to a try. Alright, number four for Steve.
Folklore, Taylor Swift. Okay, moving on. Mark, I have a feeling we're not going to hear Taylor Swift in your top four.
No, but we are going to stick with a similar theme. Okay.
Now, I think to say it but this is somebody you should have a man crush on, Chris Klein. I do. Yeah.
I have many man crushes. This is a good-looking guy. I must say. What's what? Who is it, Mark? This is, this is Keith Urban and this is his breakout album called Golden Road. And what I really like about Keith Urban is you know I really think actually a lot of these acts that you see now that are kind of a little bit more somewhat crossover into rock like a Florida Georgia line or like a a Jason Aldean. Really Keith Urban is kind of where it started. You know like he he basically sort of blended you know the electric guitar with country music.
And and this is one of those albums where like almost every single song is good on it. Probably his four best songs.
Uh you know you'll think of Me, Raining on Sunday. Raining on Sunday classic. Who wouldn't want to be me? You know it it it's got somebody like you. Yep. You look good in my shirt. You know that's a good one from ladies. Thanks Robert. Um so it it it's an awesome. I mean and here's the thing. Like you know you probably would never think this but I've seen a lot of guitar players in my life and I've seen Keith Urban in concert twice and I will tell you, he is the best guitar player I've ever seen.
Ever. Huh? You'd be surprised. Like, it's not like he just like, you know, sings and just like, you know, plays a little rhythm guitar. Like, he sings and he does every guitar solo in his songs and it's pretty damn. Maybe there's another list right there. And I think that Nicole Kid would agree as well. Yes and I do have a man crush on Nicole Kidman. Alright. She does look good in his shirt by the way.
She does look good in that shirt. Uh okay, number four for Mark was Keith Urban. Uh I'm totally going in a different direction with my number four. Uh this is a throwback but I I love every song in this album. This was the album that did it for me with these particular artists.
The police. So. Oh yeah. Wow.
Is that on this one? No. No. That's That's like from me. No. No. No. That's the. That's dire strain. Oh no, that's dire strain. That's right. That's right. Yeah, that's right. No, how can you, how can you go wrong with this album? This album turned the police into megastars. Every single song is good. I I love staying in this. Uh I love the whole band. Uh Mike Lawrence says, Schwab likes Keith Urban because he has a hot wife.
Um Sorry about that guys. I wanted to go back there. But I I just I just found this this album to me it just brings back so many memories. Uh and again it's one of those albums where I looked at it as can I listen to every song? Do I think every song is is is at a minimum better than good or great. And is it an album that I listen to over and over and over again like to the point where it drove everybody around me crazy.
And the answer was yes. And I still listened to it to this day. So number four for me. What what songs are on it? Is it like Roxanne? No. Every breath you take. Every breath you take. Synchronicity. Mhm. Um I the rest of them are escaping me. Walking on the moon. Walking on the moon. Yeah. Walking on the moon's on there. An area in the coal mine. Uh no.
Did she just make that up? That's a real. Oh okay. That's a real police. I thought so. Uh anyway so the police secret is city. Okay. So, we got another comment in here. Love it Klein. Back to the eighties. You know it's CD. You know it. The 80s were great. They were a great decade for music. Um Okay. So, where are we now? We are number three for Steve. Um I can't argue with it. This is not on my top 10 list but I I can't or top 7 list. I can't argue with it.
It might have been on a top 10 list.
The hotel California.
Gotta go with the greatest band of all time, the Eagles. I mean, what's there to say? I mean, just great the one of the greatest all-time songs in Hotel California and they ended with the last resort. Maybe, I think their best popular song of all time. And in between you got you got you got wasted time. I mean. Yeah. It's just from head to toe.
It's just just an excellent album. Just once again the Eagles are a classic seventies, 80s, nineties. They're they're clad. They're timeless. They're they're music. Yeah. Ascend sign time. Even though they started in the seventies. Um they're just just a great band. I actually I know that their greatest hits albums is their number one seller of all time but I think this one is by far their best work and certainly worthy of a number three.
Definitely. And also, one of the greatest comebacks of all time because the quote from Don Henley, do you think the Eagles will ever get back together again? And he said, when Helfreze is over, and then a few later, a few years later? It took a deck out back together again and the tour was called the When Hell Freezes Over Tour. There it is. When hell can't beat that. Yeah. And I saw them twice and I will never tell the story about that.
Ever. I saw him with Pat, our friend Pat I never saw that. I was there for one of the shows but you probably don't remember. Uh I remember very little of it. So, Daniel Rupert says the Eagles Rock, CD says, too bad you couldn't go greatest hits but Good Eagles inclusion. Thank you very much. Um let's move on to for Mark, number three, the number, his number three top album of all time.
Oh, did you see that? Hotel California. No, and I I corrected. That is the red hot chili peppers, blood sugar sex magic. So, this is this is the the chili peppers album that put them on the map. Um great album. Some of their best songs are on here. Probably their best. Keep it away. Keep it away and then. Um you got let's see. Um Suck My Kiss is on here.
Suck my kiss. You suck your what? Suck my kiss. Suck my kiss. Yeah. Uh you've got give it away now. Give it away now. Give it away now. So, I mean and it's one of those where like every single song is good and and and I think really too like with the Under the Bridge song and there's also another slow song that's just kind of escaping me right now but you also could really see that like he can really sing.
Oh yeah.
Can really sing. He can. You know, because and and and they're just a very interesting kind of unusual band because it really is sort of like a mix of rap and blues and rock. Yeah. You know. Um so very very different kind of music and actually the the chili peppers have really grown on me over the years. They're probably like my second favorite band at this point.
Ha. I would have never figured that. Yeah. But I do have other than the edge from you two they have do have one of the greatest names for a band member. Flea. Flea. Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yeah, I mean, and they're also great in concert. I saw them once in concert, unbelievable show, like all that stuff you see, like when you see 'em on TV, like, with the jumping up and down, like, they actually do that in all the shows.
So, it was, it was a great show and actually, believe it or not, I almost, I almost put another chili peppers album in my top seven but I I I refrain. You decided to. Right. I I pulled back. Stay. Stay on. Common sense prevailed Uh here you go. Mojido Kung is back in the house in Chicago. Thank you Moji and California.
That's a California.
That's a great album. Absolutely. Couldn't agree with you more. I I enjoy the chili peppers. Not in my top seven but definitely worthy of a top list somewhere. So, number three for me is one we've already seen and I I think I'll just put it up there. Oct Tongue. You two octong baby. For me, I I I struggled just like Steve did last week. Uh Joshua Tree versus Octung Um Joshua Tree was like it was the the voice of that generation.
Yeah. You know what I mean? It was it was the voice of that movement.
It was it's almost like the Joshua Tree for me as a YouTube fan had transcends albums. The Joshua Tree is a message. It's not an album. Mm. Yeah.
Yeah. So, it's almost like in this ethereal plane. Hmm. But as as far as albums go, Octone Baby met my criteria. Every single song I loved and I played that. I don't know if you guys remember. Oh, yes. I remember. You remember that? I associate Up Tongue Baby with you. Yes. And you alone.
Uh and basically, you know, put yourself into a college apartment with, you know, 6 guys. Facts. These are. Uh and we each have our own room. Uh pretty from 1 AM to 4 AM.
Uh this was being played on high blast. Uh and there was a lot of activity in the room. What are you talking about? Mark, Mark, you forgot and also in the Psalm nine eleven, wherever you would go, blasting out the moonroof, baby. Mm hmm. Yep. You got it, baby. No, the Psalm 9 00, not the Psalm nine eleven. Now, it's the, the, the, the, the, the testament to me without the thing for me with Octone Baby, is it so good that I can remove myself from those images and memories? And still enjoy it.
I'm glad you got, I'm glad you guys yeah, I'm glad I didn't ruin it for you. So, for those of you catching we were we were roommates in college and yes, I played this album 24/ 7 on repeat at at the highest level we could take. For a year. I didn't get for a good year and I didn't care. Who cared? But it was so good that everybody enjoyed it and I have no idea what activities you're.
We did. I mean, it it would be like 3: 30 AM and I, you know, part of me would wake up and just say like, oh god, darn, I want to sleep but then the other part would be like, oh, this is a great Right.
Exactly. Exactly. Never done that. Yep. Alright. Last segment of the show. Uh we are already there. Let's take the take the ticker down for that. Uh we're going to move on to something called what we're watching. Um this is what we are currently streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, free V, Peacock, whatever you want to call it. Uh just some shows you may have heard of of them. You may not. But this is what we're right now. Steve, we're going to start off with Steve again.
Steve is currently watching.
Better call Saul. You get, if you're not watching the final seasons, I mean, you're really missing out. Last week's was just incredible and they, they kind of, I'm not going to, I'm not going to ruin it for you guys because I know you you're all going to be watching it. So, I'm not going to ruin it for you but I can just say there's some curve balls in there, You know, better call Saul's supposed to be the prequel to Breaking Bad, right? Yup.
It's not Just the prequel and that's all I'm going to say. That's all I'm going to say. That's all I'm going to say. You're going to have to watch all the episodes that to to know what I know but just well done. The the the writing in it is just been fantastic. The story line's incredible. Um if you're not watching better, call Saul and you watch Breaking Bad.
You're just, you're missing out on on just the deepness of of of the whole episode from beginning to end. I gotta get back to it. I mean, I I watched the first three seasons and some reason I just sort of went off it. But it was it was a while ago. It was like when I this was like way back when I had to like still have like a Netflix CD sent to my house.
Right. Wow.
It was that long ago. Where the hell have you been? Oh long time. Yeah. That was a long time ago. Still. Yeah. I mean.
Paul I just want to know is that all you have to say Steve? I'm good. Yeah. That's I mean everybody knows what better call solvent is. Make sure that was all he had to say. Um Same thing for me Schwabber. Of course, I wasn't having the Netflix CDs delivered but I watched the the first three seasons.
I loved Michael McKeon. Like, is that a title? Is that a tidal wave, Steve? There's always some.
I think the aliens are landing, dude. I really. No, you know what it was. It was Saul's brother, the electricity.
Really? Yeah, go get your tin foil on that, Steve. That was weird. That was weird. Anyway, so yeah, I kind of, I, it's not that I lost interest. I just, I just stopped watching it. Yeah. Cuz I had to watch it last season 3 on. Yeah. Yeah, I haven't either but I should get back. I'm going to pick that up. I am. I'm going to I and I'm telling you about it. Aliens are landing here, boys. I'm going up. Alright, we'll see. Hey Well, listen. Tell tell I said hi. Um alright. Number not number, sorry.
Mark is a Mark's what we're watching is.
Always sunny in Philadelphia. No, I'm actually really surprised that you guys have not watched. I have never watched this show. You know, I've heard a lot of people. Yeah. Did you know that the disc show has more seasons than any other TV sitcom comedy? No. In a history I know they have one. Yeah. Not including The Simpsons. Well, yeah, but but that's a cartoon. But didn't they get dropped? Didn't they get dropped and then somebody else picked them up? Well, no, they, well, they were on FX and then they went to FXX.
Uh what's the difference? Uh, they're two different stations. One owns the other. Okay. Yeah, they they just, they basically said like, you know, always sunny and Philadelphia is our number one show. We want to create a new channel and we're calling it FXX. So, we need our number one show to bring people with us. To bring people up. Okay Alright. Whatever. Yeah. Whatever. Alright. But it's it's a great show. Um for those of you who don't know, it's it's about three guys who were buddies, you know, from high school and one of them's sister and Danny DeVito actually plays a father to two of them and basically, they're kind of like guys who haven't really done much with their lives and you know, it's it's not too long after college and they buy an Irish pub called, you know, Patty's Pub and it's it's it's very similar to you know not the same thing but very much kind of Seinfeldish in in that it's like a show about nothing.
You know so like the the episodes are about you know, basically, how we're going to get revenge on these people or how we're going to humiliate these people or you know, it it it's just a bunch of crazy stuff. It's just, it's just crazy and and at the time, now, imagine, this this came out in the early 2 thousands So, at the time, I remember like, you probably wouldn't think this so much now but at the time, like, you know, the people, you know, I was work watching it a lot.
It was really work. Edgy, right? Yeah, like, it was like, it was like, wow, like, this is just raw, man. Just raw. Yeah, you know. Um and you know, Charlie Day is, he's kind of like the guy sort of become a pretty big star out of it. Yeah. He's in a lot of movies. A lot of movies with Jason Bates. Yeah, he becomes friends. He's he's hilarious in it. Um and There's so many things to watch in the show.
Now, I will say this. Like, you know, you know, it's still good. I wouldn't say it's great as the seasons get longer and longer but like certainly like the first eight seasons are like excellent.
Unbelievable. Alright. And you'll you'll you'll definitely die laughing. I mean, like, like, here's an example. Like, one episode is called Dennis and Dee get high on crack.
You know, so it's like, you know, that kind. It's like, that's what the episodes are like. It's just a lot of fun and Moji chimes in says, could be like that seventies show. Um I never really watched that. I I watched that. It's it's not bad but it that's that's like, you know, that's like a mainstream. Yeah, it's a little softer, right? Soft shot, right? But a lot of lot of stars came out of that.
Right. True. Very. Lot of stars. Okay.
Lastly, and I'm going to repeat from our earlier show. This is a show I picked up on Netflix just in the last couple days. Uh it's been around since two thousand 17. It only has one season. It's limited series but I the first three episodes are incredible. It's called Godless. It stars Sam Waterston, Jeff Daniels, Scoot McNary, and basically, it is about a mining town in Colorado that had a mining accident and all of the men were killed and the only man men left in the town are the sheriff played by Scoot McNary who was in Narcos.
He was one of the DEA agents in Narcos, one of the main characters with the mustache And and this kid this kid named I can't even remember his name now. Uh Brody Sangston. Uh some anyway and and his deputy.
Jeff Daniels plays this like western gang leader who basically uses religion to go and and steal from mining towns and blow the town up and kill people and Sam Waterston who is Jack McCoy and Typecast as as the district attorney in law and order actually plays a marshal in the Old West and and and all these women and it and and and just the the scenery is incredible.
The story is is really great and I can't believe that I didn't know this show existed. Uh just kind of picked it up. Godless on Netflix. Uh if you haven't watched Steve, you'd probably enjoy it. Schwab, are you playing? Sounds good. I'm going to check that out. Yeah. Yup. Yeah. Yup. Godless on Netflix. So, alright guys. Well, looks like once again, we've put another another great show in the books.
Another one in the books. So, I want to take this time to I think we should queue up that I think we should cue up that music. I heart that music. Crank it up, baby. You got it, baby. I want to thank American Busker iHeartRadio for having us on. Thank you. To us on American Musker iHeartRadio. Catch our podcast anywhere. Thanks so much, guys. We will all be back next week on the Sports Sports.
Whoo. We're signing off Stay real. Love you all.