July 20, 2022

The Porch is HOT - and so is NHL Free Agency

Hop on up on our porch and join us as we continue to debate the Ketchup Bottle Massacre (at the Field Formerly Known as Heinz), NHL free agency, headlines that mean something and more. Welcome to the Porch!

Hop on up on our porch and join us as we continue to debate the Ketchup Bottle Massacre (at the Field Formerly Known as Heinz), NHL free agency, headlines that mean something and more. Welcome to the Porch!

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It's incredible. Thank you and welcome back to the sports porch. Uh absolutely love it. Just love it. And if you're listening to us on American Busker iHeartRadio, thank you for being here and we want to thank Auntie Hawn and American Busker iHeartRadio. They they tell me I have trouble say saying Busker. I don't think. Sounds like Busker. No, I don't. Am I saying it? It's Buster. It's Buster. I hear Buster. Buster.
American Buster. I Heart Radio Nation. Thank you so much. Yeah. Uh want to want to just tell you we are grateful. So, let's just launch right into the sports sports right now. Yeah, we we got so much going on right here. Wanna say we have a we have an injury in our mix. So, you know, apologize ahead of time and wish Steve a happy recovery. This is better. Had to have a tooth pulled out.
Yeah. but he's still here. I'm doing your show. Yeah. I'm missing a tooth but hey, hockey players do it. I can do it. Yeah, this is a couple hours ago. I mean, this is dedication. Uh exactly 2 hours ago. Very good, Mark. Yeah. So, drop a comment and let McGillen. We are we are we are here and we are going to talk hockey because free agency is heating up and then of course we have some Steelers talk.
Everybody knows the big news there. We're going to move on to Major League Baseball.
Controversy at the home run derby. Uh we've got our headlines that mean something. We've got what we are watching. This show is packed tonight and we are just incredibly psyched to be here. I do realize that a pinned comment up there is mentioning the wrong show. So, I'm going to take care of that. So, why don't you start us off with some of the Penns moves and and NHL around the league. Let's talk there. NHL. Well, I mean, there's so many moves but yet, it seems like the team hasn't changed.
Right. You know, basically, the Penguins kept their core. So, you know, they got the big four up the middle still. Yes, I'm I'm I'm calling Bluger part of the big four. Blueger's part of the big four? Sure. Yeah. Why not? I mean, he's the super up that you gotta have, you gotta have a center on that fourth line, right? So. Yeah. So, Bluger is great. Um but yeah, I mean, they kept the first line intact. They got Rust I got Jake. They got Sid. After that, they kept Raquel. So, he's going to stay on the second line and they kept the Zucker. They didn't buy him out. So, they got him. The all the changes really were done on the defense.
The defense is what really changed a lot. They actually traded Marino.
Uh they're at. Now, yes. That must be very upsetting for you. You're a big Marino guy. So, I was a huge Merino guy. His rookie season, I was like, this guy is going to replace Chris LeTang. Mm. And you know what? eat it. Oh. So you turn, you turned on. No, no, I didn't turn on him. It's just like they signed him at that salary level to be the replacement for LeTang.
When he's not, he's gotta go. Mm. Who'd he who'd he go to? Um so, they traded him for they they traded him to New Jersey. Oh. Of all places. Actually, by the way, I think sleeper pick, I like jersey a lot this year. I think they're going to be great. But we'll we'll get into that one. Yeah. When hockey season comes, you know, we're not worried about that right now.
But yeah, they traded him basically for a nobody.
Ty Smith who's a twenty-two year old defenseman who really hasn't panned out. He actually made like the all rookie team. Yeah. Couple years ago. But that doesn't mean anything. No. Uh and he hasn't really played too well then. Um so So yeah. We can still hear you, Steve. Okay, let's see what they can hear you. Yeah. Hey, as long as they can. Try to get back in. Yeah, try to get back in.
Yeah. So, so basically, what what what happened is they traded him and it was a salary though. They needed this base. They they got rid of it. So, because they they wanted to sign Petrie. Uh huh. From from Montreal. I'm sure on the blank there for a second. So, that's where all their changes have been. It's been on defense. They got Petrie. They went out and got Ruta. Yan Ruta.
R U U T A. You know it. Ruta.
Great hockey man. It's a great it is a great hockey name. And so they went and got him. And they don't even actually we don't even really know. Like they right right now.
Matheson right? Right? They they they traded an Aftheson so So, so he's gone. Mm hmm. So, they needed to replace him with somebody. Mm hmm. So, so, essentially, that leaves your defense pairs as probably Ruta. Although, everybody thinks that maybe Ruta is going to be buying for the third spot. They still have Pederson and they have Petrie and probably POJ, everybody wants to see him play, probably going to be vying for that third position.
The thing with Ruta is he shoots right but he can't play the left position which is weird. Normally in hockey, when you have a left-handed defenseman, they play on the left side Mm hmm. But he can actually play the left side as a right-handed shot. So, that gives him a little bit more little bit more balance I think that way but I mean, you got LeTang still, Dumo.
There is actually some thoughts that Dumo might not make it. Like Dumo, they might try and trade Dumo. If they can, if they can get rid of him, that basically means that they would want to play both Ty Smith and POJ. Which is a little risky because you're talking about 27 year olds on a team that now is averaging years old. Mm hmm. So, the one thing they did get is really old.
They're now the oldest team in the league. Yeah, that was going to be my question. They, it's kind of like they're they're bringing back the band for one more and if they would happen to win a Stanley Cup in the next couple years with these guys. Wouldn't it be the one of the oldest teams to win the cup? Uh yeah, there was there was some talk about who who was the oldest team, the last win it and I think I think they had to go back to like the nineteen sixty-seven Toronto.
The last time Toronto won by the way. Yeah. Uh but they you know, back then, there were only 12 or thirteen teams in the league so. Yeah. Yeah. In the modern era, yeah. So, in, so that's that's the problem, right? Right? So, and I guess it depends on how they feel, fill out the bottom. I mean, they still have McGinn and Zucker and who knows if they kept Cappy, they kept Kapanen.
Um so, but the question is, is they actually going to sign him? It could go to arbitration and if it goes to arbitration, then the Penguins could say, well, we don't want to pay that and they just let loose. So, what were what was the outcome the last 2 years? We know this year was a first-round loss. Was it also the same last year? First round loss. So, two first-round losses or was that three years in a row? First round loss.
Oh, three years. Three years in a row. Island. 4 years. First round loss. Well, who was it? Is it? Is it? Who would say won the cup? They had nothing in the first round. So, they've had, who was the first of the four Pete first round? Are you really going to make me? Yes. Yes. I don't think that. I really, I really don't. It's important to me It's important to me.
I really don't want to. It's somebody, Islanders, Islanders, Rangers, right? Yes. Okay. So, basically, what you're looking at though is the the the question is, four first year first-round lawsuits. It was months in a row in the Montreal. Yeah, yeah. That was the worst. Yeah. So, thank you for not mentioning that but I have to mention. Yeah. Well, you mentioned it anyway. Yeah. Four first-round losses in a row.
Why bring back the same team? Really, why do we have to bring up the old old news? move forward with this. Forward. Yeah. Actually, if, if, if you're interested, I can give you, I guess you would consider this positive news from a Penguins perspective. Thank you. I will take positive news. Because flyers are just an absolute dumpster fire right now.
I love that term. Yeah. Do you want to know what? Who's a dumpster fire? That a flyer? Flyers. Oh, yeah. They are. The Flyers. So, so. They're they are dumb. So, so listen to me. And this brings a smile to mine. So, listen to this. Now, the one thing I like was their choice of coach but outside of that, we all know the players make the team. What gets the most out of the players? Maybe so.
That he can keep. So, going in going into free agency, basically, Chuck Fletcher, their general manager, said, we gotta get younger and we need guys with more skill, okay? Just so happens that Johnny Goudreau, Johnny Goudreau of the Calgary Flame, Johnny Hockey, who scored a 14 points last year. Yup. Okay. He's probably, I'd say he's five player in the league. He was the biggest get in free agents.
Okay. 00%. Right. Okay.
He wants to go to the Flyers so bad that he's publicly campaigning for it. He grew up in Cherry Hill which is just right over the bridge to Philadelphia. It's been a Flyers fan his entire life. He's got all these pictures of him and flyers outfits from a little kid. He tells the flyers. He wants to play for the Flyers. He's their number one choice.
Okay? So, the the Flyers decide and this is what the Flyers have to do together. They gotta unload JVR's contract, James Vandering site. Right. Okay. Get rid of him. That's what they gotta do. So, you got rid of them, right? Right? It's it's a no-brainer. Yeah. Right? But you know, these other teams, they know they've, you know, got something on the Flyers. So, they're saying, we'll take em but we want your first-round pick next year, okay? I think you do it. You do it, right? Well. I don't know. Well, now, here's the thing. Okay, but first round picks are big. Now, before Penguins give em away like candy but. But now but. But now before you say that, the the defenseman that they just signed, Tony Amante.
they gave away a second, a third, and a fourth round pick. I hear you, okay? And he's not Johnny Goudreau. He's not Johnny Hockey. Yeah. Right? Mm hmm. So, they say no. Right. And they go out and they bring in a fourth line tough guy who's thirty-one and sign him to like a four-year deal.
And that's It's pretty pathetic, isn't it? I mean, it's just, it's just a joke. It's absolutely. The one thing I will, the one thing I will warn you about though is amongst Flyers fans, the biggest concern is that there's no real owner anymore.
Their own, their owned by Comcast. Yeah, yeah. And if their owner, Ed Snyder, was around, believe me, they would have Johnny Hockey on the team. Yeah, yeah. You know, and it's just, it's all corporate. It's all about, you know, like they're more concerned with what are what is gritty going to do this year. You know, their silly mascot. How many commercials game. Right, right. As to who's on the team. So, you know, they're in a real bad spot and it's very sad to see but it's very good for Penguins fans.
I mean, Flyers aren't getting close for quite some time. And DG's in the house. He says, greetings, gentlemen. So, thanks for being here. Fiji. Good to see you. All Beach Gardens, Florida. So, yeah, I guess, I guess the the whole question here is, you know, it looks like the Flyers, believe it or not, actually got worse. Um pens I think best-case scenario, they might have gotten a little better. You know, they did sign Ricard Raquel which he thought they would.
Yeah, I like Raquel. I think he's a good, a good keep for Gino on the second line. Plus, he gives you somebody to move up to the first line. We already know that Rust and and Gino play well together. So, if they want to juggle those guys around a lot, I think that's good. The concern is the the the age but look, when you sign your thirty-five, thirty-six, and year guys to six-year contracts essentially, you're stuck.
You're stuck. I mean, in in Carter got signed throughout the year and he's going to be thirty-eight. So, I mean, when you have that many old guys and key physicians, you you it's impossible to get younger. You know what I'm saying? Right. So, there's just no way. So, does the skill because even though Sydney is is now on the older edge of the scale as far as age goes.
Skill wise, he's still probably one of the most, if not, on any given night, the most skilled player on the ice.
Does the fact that his skill and experience combined with the experience and above average skill of a lot of these other players? Does that put them in a plus the signings? You know, now Ricard Raquel, he's going to play a whole season presumably. He will. Um you know, they did they did pick up another goaltender. Uh they, you know, defense probably got a little bit better. They got some real defenseman in there I think. Um. Well, the defense gotten bigger. So, Patrick. Which is what they needed. Petrie can actually, he's got a booming shot.
He can definitely play the second power play unit which I think they were sorely lacking. Marino was just not a scorer. He just wasn't a scorer. So, I I think that's that's a good get from that from that standpoint but they did lose Matheson but the good thing is is they lost Matheson and why do I say that? Matheson was great when he was great but when he was bad, he was really bad. So, DG says they lost a decent goalie that they need to replace. Well, he's probably talking about Smith.
He's probably, he's probably. No, the Smith resigned. No, he didn't.
Talking about our our goalie that won all of our games in our playoffs. Yeah. We did make. Yeah. He went to the Rangers. Well, he's a third. He's, hey, David. He's on the way. He's he's been in the league for a while. Let the Rangers have them. If if goes down and gotta play Louie Doming. They're not going to win their first round either. Yeah. That is true. True. And they probably won't even win three games.
Um alright. So, you know, as. So, I guess I have a lot of skepticism about having a team so old because they just don't win Stanley Cups but. Wow. It makes this regular season more fun because now, we can say, wow, look, Gino is going to play in his thousandth game. He's going to score his thousand thousands point, you know? I think all that stuff plays into the psyche of who the Penguins are.
It's it's now become a place where you come to retire style. And one one last comment I have on this and Schwab made this comment, you know, where he said, Comcast owns the Flyers. So, there's not one particular driving force behind the direction of the team when you don't have an owner, a singular owner. So, Fenway Sports Group, not a singular owner.
Well, you know, do they fall into that same trap? Are they trying to fill the seats next year? So, we, we, yes, they are. Right. We want to make as much money as they can. They're a corporation. We get that. We understand that. We know it best with our which we don't need to go there. Well, we will go there later. Me too.
I will. I'll be happy to go on a rant about our buckos. Yes. But no, Fenway Sports Group has never owned a hockey team before. So, we don't know. Alright. We know that that that the teams that they do own, they pay a lot of money for their players. They want world-class players and they have world-class talent on all their teams.
So, I think that's a positive and they all already said like, look, we want to stick around. So, clearly, they still want Mario to be the face of this game. Yeah. Um and why wouldn't you? I mean, the guy is super popular. He could he could be mayor of this city probably tomorrow. Tomorrow and for the rest of the time he's on this Earth.
He could do no worse than any of the mayors we've had in recent history. So, you know, but that's a whole other thing. Yeah, the sports show. Yeah, sorry. Sports. This is a sports show. Sports and politics never mixed. Sometimes, well, I mean. Do they, Herschel Walker. So, alright. So, you know, Again, we are still, we we talked about earlier this week about the dead zone kind of rolling away, rolling back a little bit but honestly, we're we're still in the dead zone right now for a lot of this.
We got another week. Another week. We got another week. Well, next week will still be in the dead zone when we when we're on air but the week after that, yes, it's finally have camp time. Training camp. We'll be talking about that. I won't have this behind me in a couple weeks but. That's right. Le Trobe. That's right. I won't be in Lay Trobe either.
Um alright. So, let's let's move on to our next segment right now.
Steve kind of made this comment before the before the show. The Buckos well, they are unwatchable. However, however, we did get close to seeing Steve wearing a Pirates hat. So close. They did win four in a row. Mm. They did win four in a row. Five. And somehow, they're still in third place which right now in that division means nothing because third place puts them twenty games back.
I think they're like nine and a half games from the Wildcard. Yeah. Yeah. Which is not insurmountable but for this team, pretty you see they sent Swalinski down? That's ridiculous. You know like better home run hitter. Yeah, because. Come on. Right. Because they they need to control him for one more year. Right. You know what I mean? Your payroll's like nothing. I mean, you could pay one guy if you really wanted to.
Yeah. I mean, come on. Yeah, true. You know. True. Yeah. But they don't need him. He's a bum. Oh, no. You're a bum. O'Neill Cruz is seems to be coming back to Earth. We talked about this. Uh he definitely has some skills. I mean, he's got a hell of an arm. Well, he's very hype throughout the league. I mean, yeah. People are talking about him.
So, I guess, you know, maybe another year, I don't see him sticking up that much longer. Um I will say, however, my Orioles are making it look like, you know, they might be on the rebound. Yeah. They did. They picked up five pitchers in the Major League Draft. So, that tells me that they're trying to stock up to make a run maybe in a year or two but. Okay. You know, what are you going to do? The the big news, however, is we're in the all-star break right now. Mm hmm. And of course, baseball would not be baseball without a controversy and thank you.
Apparently, and DG says it's a shame that an all-star game is no real reason for Pirates fans. It's fans to celebrate.
Shane. It's exactly right but you know, and of course, they lost the ability to count. I guess the the abacus was not available last night for the home run derby and they they couldn't count em and they screwed a whole bunch of people out of millions of dollars on all the betting platform. Right. You know. Well, yeah, that's the I guess that's the thing. It's with the betting is where it's it means something. Follow money switch. I mean, like, you know, because here's the thing, I mean, you know, I'm a Phillies fan.
So, I I'd be rooting for Kyle Schwarber. Of course. Now, look, it's the home run derby. I mean, like, I couldn't have cared less when he lost to Pujols. I thought, good for Pujos. It's the last time he goes another round. He's an old man. Whatever. Old man. You know, I I I could honestly could not have cared less but then you wake up the next morning and you see that he actually really won and you're kind of like that's a little weird.
You know, but you know, it's interesting though because when I look back on it, I did kind of notice as they were counting the home runs like it didn't seem like they were registering each one. You know, it seemed like it went like way too fast. Well, what was in and I did actually watch some of it. I don't know why I was watching it just because I figured, ah, why not? Let's turn it on.
And by the way, I do like the format of the whatever it is. Yeah, it's pretty good. 4 minutes. So, you know, they get one time out. So, they can hit as many as they can in that time frame. I think that's a, that's a good way to go about it. Mm hmm. When they used to do those outs, I always thought that was kind of stupid. Oh, that's an out. It's a foul ball. It's an out.
Right. If it's nothing but a home run, it's an out. Yeah. I thought that was dumb. So, I'm I'm I'm thankful for the new format but I like what ESP, I think it was ESPN did it. They they put the, you know, the blue box and then it was a home run, the blue box, and the home run. That's all they had to do. They didn't need to count on top of that. Like, right.
Why didn't they just let that be like the that's it. That's what's keeping track of of what it is. Yeah.
Meanwhile, that number, you're right. It would be like behind you, you'd be like, didn't he just hit a home run? Why didn't that change? Right, right. Right. Then, it would be like four seconds would go by. Right. It's like they were using like the old cards that like. Right. Fenway where it's like, oh, we gotta change this. So, we gotta hurry up and go out there and move the card again. You know, it's like with technology, people. I know. I know. I know. And Tim Palmetto Pomato from Palmetto says now the winner gets a sweet million.
Should they pay these guys for winning the home run derby at the all-star game? I actually heard that the Julio Rodriguez who was runner up. Mhm. And it makes less than $1 million dollars. Oh wow. So it would have been a big paycheck for him. I'll tell you what he was the best. I love him. He was the best.
34 in Yeah. He had sixty 68 or 82. Yeah. Yeah. in the first in the first in the first. It was crushing. Yeah. He looks so comfortable up there. I think he got tired. Yeah. Yeah. What do you guys think about the fact that if the all-star games at a tie, they go to a home run Derby to see who wins. I think it's kind of dumb. Yeah. But but but you know like I you know the whole thing is is that the whole controversy with the all-star game was when it was years ago.
It might have been like 10 years ago at this point. Where they decided to end the game in a tie because all the teams had used all their pitches. Oh right. Yeah. Right. And so then they decided you know like the the next year. Great lockout. Um the next year it was going to be something to motivate people to win. So, whichever league wins, gets home field advantage in the World Series which also makes no sense at all because if you got the best record, you should have the the the home field, right? Agreed.
And so now, you know, now, that doesn't determine who gets home field in the World Series but they just decided instead of playing extra innings, let's just do a mini home run derby because the fans will like it.
but the bottom line is really the chance that it's going to be a tie game after nine is still kind of slim. Oh, I think it'll happen. But it it's like, do they want it to happen? Are they going to make it happen, right? Yes. Yeah, right. That that's where I was going because all the the only thing I can think about this entire time when I heard that news was, okay, so they're going to engineer a tie so we get another home run derby.
Right. You know what I'm getting flashbacks from? What? I'm getting flashbacks from the Raiders San Diego game where it was like, there's no way that this could possibly end in a tie. That was a crazy It should have ended at the time. Yeah. And and I'm thinking like of course, they've designed it so. Right. Right. Right. Right. They won a home run. Yes. Contest at the end. You know why? So, people will talk about it.
That's exactly right. Right. And I feel like it's trying too hard. I do too. Dude, it's a game that has no. Right. No meaning. Why not make a stupid ending to a game that has no. Of all the all-star games though and I want to get this comment in real quick by from Richard. I think he's in Mechanicsburg but I could be wrong about that. Uh says it's like a hockey shootout.
And that that's kind of what it ends up exactly. But if all the all-star games and all the sports, I think the two biggest for history's sake have always been the Major League Baseball all-star game. When we were growing up in the olden times, like we, like we'd like to say, on off the grid, you know, the all-star game was huge. We watch it all the time. Yeah. And the Pro Bowl still wasn't that big.
It was bigger, but it wasn't that big. And the NBA all-star game. We watched that. And now these games are starting to be, they're, they're, their impact is so diminished. Yeah. You know, but it's the money. It's always follow the money. How do we get the money? Right. I think any all-star game that is in mid season is going to be better because you're following some superstars. They're having a good season.
You want to see them rewarded somewhere in the middle. So, I think that's why the football has always been a joke. Yeah. Because they're not going to, they're not going to stop at eight games and then do an all-star game. That's just stupid. I actually think they shouldn't even have a pro ball thinking about getting rid of. They should name the Pro Bowl, you know, players. That will, that will upset the thirty fans that watch the game.
Cuz it's, you know, it's practically like two-hand touch now. They should actually have the Pro Bowl players go out there and like play flag football or something. Right. Instead. Right. It would be more fun. Yeah. Well, you know, like I said, I I can't remember ever watching it. I I actually it's not true. The only Pro Bowl I ever watched was the one Sean Taylor was in where he leveled the punter.
And to that was the best play in the Pro Bowl game ever. Yes either. They don't do that. But yeah, I agree with you. I think, you know, definitely the NBA is second but. Yeah. Well, and the base and the Major League Baseball one used to be the all the because even even. Yes. If you go back even further, there was a time when American League didn't play National League only in the World Series.
Mm hmm. So, that was like your chance to have, you know, like a Roger Clemens pitch to Mike Schmidt. Good point. You know. Yeah. Uh and you just don't really have that anymore. Since you have the interdivisional that's been really watered down. Right. It makes it like less of a novelty. Right. Cuz it's just a novelty game. That's all it is. Yeah. Yeah. So, before we go on here, I want to thank everybody for listening to the Sports Porch on American Busker iHeartRadio.
We appreciate being. We appreciate you being here. Uh one of these days, I'll get my speech pattern sorted out. We like that you listen to us. There you go. That's exactly right. Pleasant voices. And we're grateful iHeartRadio and American Husker for having us on as always. Uh we're going to move on to a show part of the show right now that we've absolutely love because it just it just brings us closer to the world in a way that truly truly matters and we call this headlines that mean something.
We scour the internet. Uh week to week to try to find something that's going to mean something to you and hopefully you can learn something from it. Uh let's start start this with Mark's headline? Sure. Hello.
Police are coming for us. Well, obviously, we broke some records. Yes. Bad boys, bad boys. What you going to do? What you going to do? And that's what happens when you get on the porch. You just, know what noise is. Run. Run. Relax. Well, we are in Monroeville. They're behind the car. Uh Mark's headline.
Florida woman surprised by uninvited iguana in her toilet.
What You know, I've heard once before of and this happened in Pittsburgh, I actually know somebody that once in a finished basement did find a rat in their toilet. I thought you were going to say iguana for a second. A rat. Wow. A wreck. But jeez, for an iguana to get into your toilet. I mean, that must be some some special iguana.
what an iguana's doing. Maybe a motivated iguana. I guess an iguana just somehow, you know, found his way through the pipe, you know, just kind of getting some water, swimming, went down the wrong pipe, coming up, up. Here I am. I mean, it wasn't a Pedagon. It just was some random. No, he was like a random iguana. Did she did she a live iguana? Now, now if the mad pooper was involved, that iguana would have been in trouble. Hm, yeah. Our previous show, we had the Mad Pooper on and that's another headline for another day. Mm hmm. But Florida Woman Super by her uninvited iguana by uninvited iguana in her toilet.
Someone invite an iguana in their toilet. Before you sit down, take a look. You never know what's there. That is true. That's sound advice. Yeah. So, Mark says, watch the potty. That's what you learn. Absolutely. Or maybe a watch pot never boils. So, alright. Moving on to another headline that means something. This meant something to Steve obviously and you know, I kind of agree and and I find this is one of the most useless things you can spend your time but that means I would probably do it.
A man sets a record for pushing a peanut up a mountain using his nose. Wow. Now, that's something I've often thought of doing. Have you? Yeah, I always think to myself, why not push a peanut with my nose up a mountain? There were three things in particular.
three things in particular that really struck me about this. What's that? One, the man was actually 52 years old. Alright. Kind of our age. So, he's an old guy, right? Mm hmm. You know what mountain it was? What mountain? Gas. Just gas. In the United States. It is in the United States. Mount Rainier. No. Uh I'm going to go with Come on. The one that had the explosion. No. It was Pikes Peak. Not saying no.
No way. It was. Pikes. Pikes.
he go the whole way? That's that's what the record. So, first of all, some other person has already done it because there was a record that already existed, right? Yeah, yeah. And the record I believe was 8 days. He shattered the record and did it in 7 days. Wow. Can you imagine pushing a peanut a Bikes Peak? We were at Pikes Peak. I know. We drove up Pikes Peak, right? It took forever and I almost died.
Now, they did. And I was driving. 7 days. Did he take breaks at night? Like, 10 up. So, his strategy was his strategy. He had a strategy. Yeah. Do most of it at night because during the day, too hot. Mm hmm. You know, woulda had sunstroke, would have died of you know, too much. I don't know if he actually had to like sleep next to the peanut. That was, that was, that was not covered in the article.
Wait. But that's what I was, that's what I was envisioning. Like, here's a guy pushing his peanut. It's like he gets tired and then he just, that's it, falls. Here's the question. Did did the peanut, did the peanut have contact with the ground at all times or could you do like an upward motion and send the peanut flying upwards? So, it's not. It's risky. It's risky. It's not in this picture but he actually did have like a a metal insert on his nose that he was using to nudge the peanut.
Yeah. So, he had a uniform. I don't know. Is that cheating? I don't know but he broke the record and it's a record that Guinness said, it's good. I guess you're allowed to have, you know, a little bit of a thing on your no And speaking of cheating, DG says, do most of it at night because it's easier to cheat. I think the person that had to follow him up and document this deserves a record of their own.
No, I'm sure the person who had to do that, Bryce said, you're wearing this GoPro. Send me the phone. You're wearing this GoPro. Yeah. Yeah. Well, and the other thing is you asked about like, did he eat or anything? Was he able to replace the peanut? Like, kind of like, could you put like a golf marker down there and then like he would eat the peanut. Yeah.
put a new peanut down. It says peanut singular. I'm thinking it was the same peanut. So one peanut would make it up 13, 000 feet. Do we know what it did? Do we know what kind of peanuts? I'm assuming it was you know just your standard peanut with the shell. Was it in the shell or it's going to be it's going to be in the shell. So it wasn't a pistachio. Yeah. No. That's not a peanut. A peanut. A pistachio is a pistachio. It's a peanut. It's a form of peanut. It's in a peanut pistachios or peanuts. It's in the peanut guys. Guys we have to stop talking about nuts because that's how my tooth cracked.
No more talking about nuts. Alright, one more comment about this for me anyway. All I can say is as soon as you said he shattered a record, I thought to myself, look, pushing a peanut like through my backyard, 10 feet with my nose should be a freaking record. I can't eat the who thinks of this stuff? I mean, we have some time on our hands. I don't think we have seven days where we would want to take to push a peanut. Did he get a sweet million for it though? Uh I think the answer to that is no. Okay. Well then, I I won't be pushing peanuts anytime soon. Alright, moving on. Headlines it means something and once again, thank you for listening to us on American Pusker iHeartRadio.
I'm just going to let, I'm just going to let this headline speak for itself.
Uh man allegedly killed friend while fishing because he fought the victim would feed him to Bigfoot. I saw that. This is a great title for you. Yes. This has so many things going on. I know. Killing. I mean you're not a big fisher guy but Bigfoot killing conspiracy theory and a very untrustworthy friend. The guy looks a little mad. And a little sad. I mean this is.
And a little paranoid. This friend, this friend screwed him over quite a few times. Yeah, yeah. So, you can kind of see where he's getting this. Did he? I mean, were they good friends or was just like his fishing boat? I just want to know. Yeah. You can have the fishing buddy but are you really friends? Probably not. You just like to fish. Cuz you know, when you're fishing, you're not having too much conversation.
I'm still trying to, I'm still trying to connect the dots here. Like, you're fishing and you're putting worm or bait or flies on a hook. Mm hmm. You're with your buddy. Mm hmm. And all of a sudden, it dawns on you. He's. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I know why I'm here, okay? This guy has had it out for me for years. Yeah. And he is going to turn me into Bigfoot Food.
I'm going to have to kill him. I don't know where that comes from. Do we know how we killed him? Uh no, I I did not get a chance. The article did not talk about Howie Cole. Yeah. It's interesting how a lot of these articles. It could still be an open case. You don't want to leave too much out there. Right. You gotta get the jury together. You don't like it off.
Yeah, DG says this story has bad thoughts written all over it. Excellent point. You're right. You're right. I'm going to commit a faux paw according to Mark. I'm going to go back to a previous story where DG said on the nuts, what if a squirrel or some varmint swipes the nut ten feet from the finish? Oh. Well, then you don't break the record. Yeah. You don't. Yeah, it's part of the risk.
There aren't a lot of squirrels at near the top of Pikes Peak. I can tell you that. Part of it is squirrel maneuvering. Yeah. At least in the lower portions, I bet he had. Yes sir. Study, you study the squirrels to learn their Actions. Well. Happens. Now now here's the thing. This is a record. Is it a Guinness record? It just said a record. It did not.
So there is a distinction. There is a distinction. There was one time where I was involved with a local organization that wanted to set a record. Mm. Uh a Guinness Book of World's Records and they approached me about doing some promotion stuff for it. So we actually reached out to Guinness and said we want to set this record and explained it all and Guinness gave us a list of of like four things you had to accomplish for it to be considered a record even if you actually just accomplished it if you didn't hit the checklist it wasn't a record.
Yeah. Dumbest thing I ever. So Guinness are like record stops. They are. Total record stops. Yeah. They probably had like a path you had to go up and all that. Right. Uh it was yeah I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. So, alright. Well, moving on. Uh seems like we're we're kind of ahead of schedule today but on the lighter side. Yeah, you know why? We didn't talk about the Steelers.
That's true. But there's nothing to talk about on this game. Well, maybe we should. Let's let's move on to a little bit of Steelers stuff because. Let's do that. The burning question here is Obviously, Heinz Field. Oh. And the ketchups are coming down. Yeah. Uh I I figured you're right on time. No more red zone. The field formerly known as Heinz. Um no more red zone. David was right on right on pace.
Like we're paying him to do this. Yeah. And we're not.
He's actually been paying us to do this. Yeah. When either way. When the Steelers are inside the twenty yard line. Are they in the Aquashore zone? They took down the ketchup bottle They're all gone boys.
Were you did you shed a tear? I did. No tears. I did think it was I it was pretty fast though. I didn't see it coming that fast. Hey. Yeah. They paid for it. They paid for it. They get to do whatever they want. Yep. They say take that down now. I I did see the pictures of the bottles and it did.
It was kind of big. And it also looked like there might actually be real old ketchup in the bottle. Did you notice that? Would be awesome.
I think sure needs to find themselves a mascot. You know, so we can incorporate it in the stadium. Kinda like the Aflac duck.
Maybe they, maybe they will have some cars. They need, they need, they they need, yeah, they need a mascot. You know, we don't need to beat up Ackersure. They gave a lot of money to the Steelers. It's money that it's going to be well spent in the stadium for sure. Actually, as as as anybody really know where the bottles are going though? I don't know but they can put money away. Yes. Behind history music. That's another thing. They need to put them outside. Yeah, right. Somewhere. Yeah. Where there's gold posts are. Well, that's where they have the the Heinz 57 sign now. Right. Yeah.
Yeah. So. Yeah. It go there. Maybe put them on the roof.
I don't know. Maybe outside the front doors. It's like, you know, All I know is we're getting ready to debut a new top seven at 730 list next week. And all I can think about is we were talking about maybe greatest guitarist, greatest rock album. We'll we'll we'll tease it up next week. But I was watching Dave DG says Chris you might be able to pick up a ketchup bottle cheap for Christmas lawn art. That's a great idea. If you had if you had one of those out on your lawn. Yeah. You would never get people away from your house.
I could sell admission. Right.
Right. I can put a big screen TV up. They probably, you know, come down here but you know, I was watching Prince play the guitar and all I could think about while I was watching that is I will never call Heinz Field Ackersure but I will respect the Steelers organization for making a decision that was a business decision and it will forever be known as the field formerly known as Heinz.
Formerly known as. That's what we're going to call it on the sport. That was the day when Pittsburgh got accursed. You got, I'm definitely calling it Accu stadium. Yeah. I 100% love. I'm calling it the app. I'm all in on it. Blows my mind. Does it blow your mind? It is. A little bit. Guys, move on. It's done. Done. Just a day. Guys, I'm telling you. I want to see, I want to see them raise a trophy in that state.
I'm telling you, it's going to be called the act. Like, hey, guys. I'll see you down at the act. Alright, we'll see. The the field formerly known as. It's kind of like Lincoln Financial Field. I'll see you at the link. Right. The field formerly known. It is fines. People get over that. More on that as we, more on that as the off season goes on. Moving on to the next segment of our show.
Uh we call this what we're watching. A very complicated name and I'm sure it explains itself. What are we watching? And we're going to go right into this. Uh this one we're going to start with Mark. Alright. Mark's show this week. What are you streaming? It is.
What is that? Black Summer. It's a zombie show. It's a zombie show. It's Black Summer. It's on Netflix. It's only two seasons. And it's kind of fun. It you know it's it's it's a different it's just a Different zombie feel as compared to the Walking Dead and I would say that the biggest difference is that the zombies on Black Summer are extremely fast. Oh. Yeah.
We talked a little bit about that. They're extremely fast. They are the best. Yeah. They're very Z fast, right? Yeah, theirs were like super fast. Yeah, they're extremely fast. Yeah, yeah. And it's just, it's just kind of cool. Um, but it's just something fun. You know, you want to get through something in like, you know, like two weeks and watch one a night. You know, Black So it's a pretty good one.
Not too many people know. Yeah, I saw it.
You knew, huh? You saw it first season? Yeah, I did watch it. Oh, and the other thing about it. I don't. Yeah. I don't know if this is on. I don't know if this happened in the first or the second season but there was actually one piece of Black Summer that was like way more raw than The Walking Dead. Oh. Where they really took it to another level.
Wow. Like and you're just like, wow. Wouldn't this get eaten by that zone? Like, did not even that. It's just like, whoa, what these people are doing? You was more than fashion skulls with with a bat. Yeah. Lots of love. Lots of blood. Did you ever notice? I want to I want to segue here to The Walking Dead. First season The Walking Dead.
First couple shows. Zombies. Super fast.
They slowed down. They did slow down. I think they realized like dumber I think. Yeah. They slowed down. They I think they realized. Yeah because this is it was more of a hoard at the beginning. Well this is this is sort of like what the Walking Dead does. It's like when they're on own, they're slow. But then when they're in numbers, they're fast. Right. You can't stop. Right, you just can't stop them. You know, because like you fight one off with three swings, the next one's on you.
Yeah, yeah. You know what I mean? Great about that. Yeah. Just thought I'd just thought I'd bring that up. Something that I, something that I, I noticed early on. Okay, Steve, what are we watching? Steve, what are you watching right now? You are watching. I am watching DB Cooper. Where are you? Oh, what does that mean Do you know who DP Cooper? I do not. So, DB Cooper was a man who basically built Seattle, the Seattle banks out of 200, 000.
Did I get that right? Yes, 2 hundred thousand. $200, 000. In the early seventies. In the early seventies like nineteen seventy-one. He he basically said, he got on a plane. This was the night before Thanksgiving. Big travel night, right? Okay. Got on a plane, gave a note to the stewardess, and said, I have a bomb and I want to sit beside me and basically, he said to the stewardess, I have a bomb.
I want you to take this back to he want he wanted it to land and when he lands, that he wants to have $200, 000 there and four parachutes. So, they got the the money, they got the parachutes, they took off on the plane, went back up, and he jumped out the back and nobody has ever seen him since. Really? Yeah. Yeah and 200 grand back then was worth a million now.
Something like a million in change. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. That's an interesting story and it's been the only, I guess it's, what do they say? It's it's. It's the only unsolved hijack in American history. We're the only one in American history. That's interesting. What channel's that on? It's on Netflix. Is it Netflix? Pretty much everything it watches on Netflix. Is it like a one season thing? Um. Yeah. Yeah.
It's a one season thing. Four or five episodes. Yeah, I think five, five episodes. So, if you don't know it, you might find it very. I I knew a lot about it so. Yeah. I don't know. I I've watched all these old guys. He had zodiac or all the all the old you know son of Sam. I love all that stuff right? Yeah. I found this to be a little light.
I have to say. Yeah. And the reason I say that is is because they didn't really bring out anything new. They picked on one guy in particular that they thought he who it was. Uh huh. And the reality is if it was him, well, he's dead now. So, it doesn't really matter. Uh huh. But there are there are a lot of there are a lot of other things that, you know, say, the guy probably if if according to eyewitnesses, he was 40 some when when he did it.
He's like 95 now. So, he, the guy's gotta be dead. The the thing is, he's like, there are so many people who have come out and said, I was DB Cooper. I was DB. And if you see the composite sketch, yeah. It does look like a lot of people. Like you could say, Chris looks like DB Cooper. I actually, I think. Do you? I think. But I think Is it you? Move looks more like the.
It's not. Bart could be too. Yeah. Yeah. I was like three. So. Mm. It definitely wasn't me. No, it Yeah.
So, I found it, I found it interesting but I'm kind of getting tired of this. They go down the same path again and it takes them four or five episodes to get there. There wasn't anything really new about it. Mm hmm. Um but it's worth it. If you, if you like those things, I think it's definitely worth it. Now, I want to follow that up with DG's comment.
Did DB survive what's the verdict and then Tim Pomato says they have found some of the money, didn't they? So, there is another show that. Part, part of, they cover some of that in you should. Yeah, you should. There is another show where there is a guy who has been chasing DB Cooper for like 20 years and he swears he found him and he's still alive and they actually go and try to interview this guy.
Yeah, yeah, I've seen this. And this guy won't, you know, so. Yeah. He doesn't say any interview. The other guy that they thought it was, he was like, well, am I DB Cooper? Yeah. If you say I am, then I guess I am. Yeah. Yeah. He and and he liked, he liked that, you know, he liked the banner. I and the one guy that actually picked, he was kind of, he did a lot of bad things.
He was kind of hilarious. I actually you like it, I'm sure, because of the conspiracy stuff. Absolutely. Like the FBI and the CIA and probably an army guy, a guy who jumped out of planes and. Yeah. It could do it really. I actually think he did survive the jump honestly. I I I think he got away with the money. I think he did plant some of that money on on the shores just to.
Yeah, well, they compared to serial numbers and they match. So, it was the money. Throw em, throw em off the trail a little bit. Mm hmm I think he hadn't accomplished and they were best friends and that was it. He got away. And I think the guy that they found is DB Cooper. I actually. So David, I think he is alive.
Yeah, I think he's. And I think for sure Davey. Yeah and I and and I think he's living a not-so-quiet life anymore but he was trying to live. Yeah, I think it's very quiet six feet under. So, Alright. So, moving on to what we are watching. My show this week, I went a little lighter. Um it's a show that I'm watching and I'm a huge Apple TV Plus fan.
Mm hmm. It's Loot. Oh, I like Maya Rudolph. Maya Rudolph in Lute on Apple TV Plus. Yes. Uh it's a comedy show. Basically, Maya Rudolph is married to a tech billionaire. Mm hmm. And the tech billionaire decides to leave her for a younger model. Uh so to speak. Uh yes. And she is left to kind of pick up the pieces but the problem is she's literally in their settlement.
She got something like $40 billion dollars. Wow. And now she finds out that she's actually been running a charitable foundation and that and and and her husband got her involved in all the money that the half of the money that she took all these different companies and like she's trying to read their image and come back to the real world. So, she goes to the charitable foundation and decides, well, it's my foundation.
I'm going to put up an office and I'm going to go to work every day. Mm hmm. And it's just, it's just really funny. It's really lighthearted and kind of like, you know, she just thinks things happen. Mm hmm. When they don't happen and she offends the entire world. Mm hmm.
Only the way Maya Rudolph can. Maya Rudolph. Yeah. Yeah. And I think the supporting cat, you know, you get in this corny humor shows and sometimes you're like, that's too campy. Mm hmm. Or whatever and I I just I I kind of enjoy it. I'm I'm enjoying it. Is it is it the season? Half an hour type? It is around. Yeah. It's like forty-five. I think the longest episode was like 40 minutes. Yeah. Okay. So, it's real quick. Yeah. It's real quick. So, I enjoy it. Luke on Apple TV Plus.
Very nice. Alright, guys. You know, I I think we're actually we're ahead of schedule tonight but we are on an off night. We're generally on Monday nights and then tonight, we're on Tuesday but I want to thank everybody who was being here and everybody that supports us. Uh I really appreciate it. And I also want to thank Nancy Hahn and American Busker and iHeartRadio. Uh for having us on. We really appreciate it. And we hope you can catch us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 PM. And that being said guys anything before we close out? Nope.
Thank you iHeartRadio for welcoming us into your home.
Next week.
We'll catch you later.