May 03, 2023
Hockey Jesus Round 2 Part 2

In this Episode of the Sports Porch, Hockey Jesus discusses two upcoming playoff series - the Carolina New Jersey series and the Vegas Golden Knights at the Edmonton Oilers. He believes the Carolina New Jersey series is evenly matched and that New Jersey relies on a system of trapping to win. He expects the series to go to a 7th and believes Carolina has the edge due to t…

Analysis and predictions CAR v NJD & VGK v EDM round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

1. "Carolina vs. New Jersey: Who Will Come Out on Top?"

2. "Vegas vs. Edmonton: Can the Golden Knights Steal a Win?"

3. "Analyzing the Carolina New Jersey Series"

4. "Schmidt: Wild Card in the Carolina New Jersey Series"

5. "Carolina's Disciplined Play Could be the Difference"

6. "Edmonton Oilers: Speed and Power Play Could be Key"

7. "The Unpredictable NHL Playoffs: Who Will Win the Cup?"

8. "Dallas Stars: Can They Win the Cup Again?"

9. "Vegas Golden Knights: Penalty Kill Could be the Difference"

10. "Is Skinner the Guy for Edmonton Oilers?"

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Hockey Jesus Round 2 Part 2

00:00 Hockey Jesus Hey sports Porchers, it's your hockey Jesus and I'm back for round two, part two. We're talking tonight about the Carolina New Jersey series and the Vegas Golden Knights at the Edmonton Oilers.

Well, this is going to be a very interesting two series. I actually think that the Carolina New Jersey series is pretty evenly matched. There's only one wild card in the whole kit and caboodle and that's Mr. Schmid. Mr. Schmid comes to the NHL. He came out of nowhere in the first round honestly. Nobody saw this coming and he had a .951 save percentage and that's what took out the New York Rangers to be honest with you.

New Jersey hasn't really been scoring too many goals and they've played a system of a trap game which is so esque. It's so New Jersey-esque when it comes down to it. That's how they won their cups last time they trapped and they have good goalie play. But this New Jersey team is a little bit more talented than that. I mean clearly Holla's got it going on, Hershier and Hughes. Neither of them have a lot of points. Holla only has six, Hershier only has five. Hughes has three goals. He's got five points. But I mean they didn't really show how fast they can skate. And honestly I don't think they're going to be able to do that against Carolina.

Carolina plays a much more disciplined game than the Rangers. So it actually could get slowed down even a little bit more. The question is can Schmidt keep Carolina out of the net? Carolina once again they don't score a lot of points. You're talking about two teams who don't score the fewest amount of goals for New Jersey's 17, Carolina's 16. I know Carolina didn't go to a game 7. So they probably have a better goal scoring advantage over the Devils. But they only gave up 15 goals. That's the second smallest. It's the best in the East. Second smallest.

Carolina's power penalty killing is top notch. 94.4 best so far in the NHL playoffs. But New Jersey doesn't really rely on too many power play goals. They just rely on playing their system which is weird to say because that's exactly what Carolina does right now. Carolina's got Aho. Burns has been really good for Carolina. This is a really tough one. I think this one's going 7 to be honest with you. I don't see how it can't go 7. Carolina's going to stay disciplined and if they do they'll stick to their game. I think New Jersey's still clutch.

There's really no advantage when it comes to scoring or the power play or even the goalies when you bring in Schmidt. Santee Ronta had 3 of the 4 wins. Anderson came in and got the 4th win for Carolina. If New Jersey can open it up, I think, and if they rely on Schmidt a lot, I think that they can really take advantage of Carolina. They're going to have to try and win one in Carolina. I think that's going to be important. Carolina's been so good at home over not just these playoffs but last few years at home. They've been really top notch at home. New Jersey can still win at home. I think they got a chance. But I don't know. Just something about the way Carolina plays their system. I like them. I think it's going to go 7.

I think it's going to be a 4-3 Carolina win. But gosh that could go either way. I really like this team. I think it's going to be a good series even though I think it's going to be a lot of 2-1, 3-2 games. I still think there's going to be a lot of action.

If Schmidt can stay on his game, New Jersey can easily steal this series no doubt about it. But I'm going to go with Carolina. I'm going to go with the little bit more experienced team. Not the more older team. The older teams are out. All the old teams are out. So there are no older teams left in these series. It's good to see a bunch of new teams.

Everybody who hasn't won the Cup in a while, maybe even ever in the case of Vegas and Toronto hasn't won it forever. Florida has never won it. Dallas has never won it. Seattle has never won it. That's not true. Dallas did win it. But Seattle never won it. So I just love this about the playoffs. It's going to be very unpredictable from here on out. But tonight, I'm taking Carolina in the seventh game.

Let's move out to the West. Well, the West is really interesting. You know, I really am a big fan of the Edmonton Oilers this year. I thought they were going to wipe up the LA Kings, but they didn't. They had to suffer through a very long series just like everybody else did. But they came through in six. The stars started to shine. And they wore them down. You know, Edmonton took it to the Vegas Golden Knights 3-1 during the regular season. I think Vegas has got to definitely stay out of the box. They got a couple three goalies. Who they could play? Brissau is their guy. He's got 2.80 goals against, which isn't great. A 9-15 save percentage.

It's not that great, but it's probably good enough. But is it good enough against Edmonton? Edmonton, do I even have to say it?  Draisaitl with 10 points. McDavid with 10 points. And you know, their defenseman Bouchard is just crazy good on that power play. Their power plays are scoring at 56.3%. 56.3%! Better than half the chance when they get on the power play that they're going to score a goal. That's ridiculous.

Vegas Golden Knights. Their penalty kill is awful. It's worst. It's the worst of everybody that's left. 58.3. Vegas is going to have to find a way to sure up that power play. If they do, I think they can steal a game or two from Edmonton and they can stay in this. But that's a big ask against this Edmonton team. One of the best power play teams I've seen in a long while. Look, if Edmonton can just hold serve at home the first two games. Don't let Vegas steal a game. I think they're going to be in good shape.

I think Edmonton is maybe the team to beat at this point. Their speed. They got to figure out if Skinner's the guy. I know he's got three of their wins. Campbell had a win in the first. I just like their edge on the power play. Their scoring. I like their edge. Vegas has got some pretty good defenseman though. If they can bring their A game and they can keep Edmonton from getting into the slots and getting into places where it gets a little greasy for them, keep them to the boards. Who cares if they're skating out around the boards and behind the net and the whole way around and doing their circles. Vegas isn't going to care thing one about that.

But if they let them in the slot, it's going to be a problem. That's where the battle is going to be won. It's going to be in the slot. Watch for the defenseman to try and keep all that speed to the outside and try and get a stick whenever dry saddle goes to shoot it. I like Edmonton. I think they're going to win 4-1. I don't know though. I'll be honest with you. These games are really difficult because you're talking about teams who haven't won the Stanley Cup in a while. There's going to be a lot of passion out on that ice. I don't think it's going to get too bloody but I think it's going to get pretty physical. Especially Vegas. They want to get physical. Stevenson has been pretty good for them. He's got 8 points in stone. He's back. He's got 8 points. I think they've got enough scoring power not to stay with Edmonton but if they can stay out of the penalty box, I think they've got a chance. They've only scored 19 goals for while Edmonton scored 25.

And Edmonton gives up a lot of goals. So it might be easy for Vegas to score a couple of early goals. If they score a couple of early goals, then they can kind of back off and not let Edmonton take that speed advantage to them. But I do. I like Edmonton. So just a recap here. In round two, night two, part two, I like Carolina in a seven game series and I like Edmonton. I can't call for a sweep just because I don't think there are going to be any sweeps anymore. It's just too predictable. These teams who have not been in the playoffs, they're going to play with passion at home. I think they're always going to win a game at home for their fans. And I think that's the way it's going to be. I think Edmonton is going to win 4-1.

So as a total recap for both nights, I have Toronto winning 4-1, Dallas winning 4-2, Carolina in a seven game series against the New Jersey Devils 4-3, and Edmonton, I think they're going to take it to the Vegas Golden Knights 4-1.

That's it for your Hockey Jesus in round two. I will be back to give you previews of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals after the ends of round two. So I look forward to it. Enjoy the hockey. Hey, if these all go seven game series, I'll be perfectly happy with that. I'm not a big fan of the sweep, but you know, when teams get hot, it's really hard to come down off of that high. And actually, most Stanley Cup winners usually do end up sweeping one of these series. So look forward to that maybe.

That's it for the Hockey Jesus tonight. You catch us here on the sports porch, We got it all going on for your hockey playoffs, pleasures. And until we meet again in the Western and Eastern Conference Finals, let's go, Pens! Oh, I miss saying that so much. I guess I can't say it. They're not in the playoffs, but catch you in the Conference Finals.