May 08, 2023
Buccos Report - What the #*$&! is going on??

Yep... reversion to the mean. Which is pretty low, and pretty mean. Pirates drop 7th straight and the ship doesn't just sink, it cracks in half.

Yep... reversion to the mean. Which is pretty low, and pretty mean. Pirates drop 7th straight and the ship doesn't just sink, it cracks in half.

After returning from a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands, Chris is disappointed with the Pirates' 7 straight losses and their just over five hundred stats. He analyzes the game against Toronto, Reynolds' batting and the upcoming games against Colorado and Baltimore. The Pirates need to make a turnaround to stop the losses and get back on track.

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Swell AI Transcript: Buccos Report - What the #*$&! is going on??

00:00 Chris  - things are not looking they are not looking good for the pirates this is your Buccos report from the porch the sports for the porches live dot com the porches live dot com the porches live dot com and your technical director chris and i am back from vacation and i am not happy with what i'm seeing

uh… things are just going from bad to worse they're going from bad to worse Buccos report may seventh twenty twenty three uh… they managed a blistering one run on eight hits they had one error they lost again to Toronto in embarrassing fashion ten to one they are now twenty and fifteen this is their seventh straight loss the only redeeming thing about the seven straight losses is that they had seven straight wins and they're still over five hundred and you still get to hear my Buccos reports if you can consider that a redeeming quality you know i don't even want to look i didn't want to talk about the game last night i was in the charlotte Douglas international airport coming back from the Cayman islands which my wife because she's such a superstar was able to take us on this incredible trip and i watched the pirates lose the the bad thing about the the trip was that every night was a pirate's loss uh… you know i really had some hope for this team i really did and i know i know the naysayers out there everybody out there oh come on chris yeah there it's a reversion to the mean i couldn't say that last night i couldn't even get the word reversion out of my mouth in the airport i was so tired it was a layover in charlotte i was so tired but you know haze tonight two for four with a run santana one for three batted him in big deal big deal okay reynolds oh for five hundred million dollar man his bat starting to cool off but you gotta expect that okay you gotta expect that contrarious pitched five innings gave up five earned runs on nine hits with three walks and four strikeouts where is the command what is going on uh… you know the good part of the bullpen moretta and hernandez came in and shut him down for two innings so there was only five you know they were up five to one i mean you still have a chance but who is this guy dejon who is he i i i haven't done enough research on him first to admit uh… two innings pitched five runs on two home runs i mean where were we going with that i mean we got bednar is working yesterday i know there was no reason to bring him in uh… it is a miracle they are still in first place they're three and seven in their last ten thankfully the rest of this division is been playing pretty piss poor lately and uh… you know i gotta tell you uh… we did not pass the test okay we did not pass the test uh… the bats are absolutely silent uh… the uh… pitching the starting pitching especially uh… don't know what's going on there well we've had some defensive lapses uh… and because of this week can't be as aggressive on the base paths and uh… you know tampa bay and uh… toronto took it to us they took it to us so who's next who's next well you know dare i say colorado but i said this about toronto's pitching colorado comes into a town for town for three games set they're batting two fifty fours a team they have a four ninety three team e r a you know we we we beat the piss out of the last time we played him uh… i don't know you know could we turn it around sure because after that we play baltimore my favorite team well my favorite team growing up the owes who are on an upswing playing well good young team different than the pirates much different much more talent in my opinion in my opinion now if you argue that fact hop on the show on tomorrow night on monday nights at seven thirty p m hop on live on face book on you to monlink din on twitter pretty soon on rumble and everywhere else okay and drop a comment or go to the porches live dot com the porches live dot com that is our website and you can actually leave us a voicemail message okay and remember if you subscribe to the podcast and i want to thank you for that on the i heart radio app uh… apple podcast spotify stitcher google uh… overcast anywhere you get your podcast leave us a review leave us a review we would really appreciate that so fourteen and twenty one is colorado's record coming and we got mitch keller pitching somebody in between because what's his face is out of the last quiz with elbow he's on the fifteen day ir and uh… then we got hill coming in can keller put a stop to this keller has been the one real bright spot in pitching here because he's the guy that we had we had all these aspirations for can keller put a stop to it can the bats come alive can we play baseball in pittsburgh again because that's what we were doing we were playing baseball i don't know three games set with colorado here in pittsburgh and then we go to baltimore where uh… it's very possible we will lose three straight then we have a two game set in detroit before we come back home uh… detroit is not having a great year so you know you're talking three six eight games look can we get four wins can we get four wins let's tread water for a little while that's what i've been talking about let's tread water give me a chance to regroup after this vacation uh… and why don't you shut your mouth i'm sorry schwaubere you know it's all i can do you know to just to just stick with this so i promise these buckos reports every night until they at least go under five hundred i'm gonna keep them going as long as i can because this is the sportsports and this is pittsburgh and we want to thank you for listening to the buckos report i am td your technical director and you can find a sports porch pittsburgh on the i heart radio app apple podcast spotify anywhere you get your podcast you can also catch our website at the the the porch is live dot com and every monday night at seven thirty p.m eastern across all social media it's a live show join us drop your comments argue with us have fun with us talk about why you love pittsburgh sports and also american busker i heart radio every sunday at four p.m eastern time that is it your td is out let's go bucks