The Pirates drop their 5th straight to Toronto at home, 4-0.

The Buccos had yet another disappointing game in their fifth loss in a row with 4 hits, no errors, and no runs scored. Bae attempted to steal two more bases, but only succeeded on one, adding to his total of 14. McCutchen had the night off and Suwinski, who was 0-4 with three strikeouts, lacked patience with the plate. The Pirates have 20 wins for the season, but their hitting slump needs to be addressed if their starting pitching  is going to persevere.

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Swell AI Transcript: Buccos Report - Loss to Toronto is 5th Straight

00:00 Chris Hey sports porchers and buccos fans. Yes this is your technical director with tonight's Bucco's report now. I promised everybody that I would keep doing this until the buckos fell under 500 and They are not under 500 despite dropping their fifth straight Yes, their fifth straight at home To Toronto tonight their record is still 20 and 13 and their record at home is still 9 and 5 so that being said I don't think we thought or anyone thought we would see the Pirates in the position. They're in right now with 20 wins at this point in the season. It doesn't make up for a five game skid and I think there are some reasons for that.

We're gonna go into that right now. So They lose to the Blue Jays four to nothing at home. They scored no runs on only four hits, No errors in the game. Reynolds, Castro, Marcano, and Hedges each had a hit, Reynolds with a double and hey didn't score any runs. Now, Bae again tried to steal two more bases - got caught on one, successful on another - 14 stolen bases for this kid Bae, so That's gonna be an interesting thing. He batted lead off tonight. I'd like to see his on base percentage a little higher I'd like to see him a little more patient at the plate He did get a walk, but at least the aggressiveness is still there But you know McCutchen had the night off Suwinski 0 for four with three strikeouts You know, there were only four walks in the game Bae, Santana, Castro, Marcano - we need a little bit more patience patience at the plate and and the Pirates hitters are pressing now.

They're pressing And I think it's because they're trying to make up for the fact that you know the starting pitching It hasn't been horrible, but it's kind of falling down a little bit He'll five and a third innings pitched four runs all of them earned on eight hits with five K's which isn't bad Again not a terrible line for a pitcher for a starting pitcher. Okay, Moretta I think it's de Jong and and Bednar had to get some work in look after the fifth inning these guys came down and they shut down the other team the bullpen continues to remain strong and the starting pitching is Pretty much doing its job except for the other night You know against the Nationals when they gave up a whole bunch of runs in that game so, you know five straight Yeah, the ship is taking on water now But really the issue is the hitting the hitting is that the bats are just not there And this one is what happens in baseball.

So the Pirates are going into a little hitting slump You have to hope that the pitching doesn't follow suit because you want everything to kind of be in sync So this was a game that I think they they could have won but they just couldn't get the bat on the ball and anything they did hit did not drop their way.

Tomorrow nightToronto is back. The expected starters are Barrios and Aviado Barrios again has that over five ERA look if there's any time for these bats to get hot Now is the time now is the time so I always forget to say this in the beginning of the buck goes report But I'm gonna say it at the end now Thank you for listening to the sports porch podcast on the I heart radio app or anywhere you get your podcasts, Apple podcasts, Spotify, stitcher, overcast, and Visit our website at,, We put up a blog post of these reports after the show every night and Catch us live on social media every Monday night at 730 p.m Eastern time Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn. We're on all of them every Monday night Join the show live get your comments in have a discussion with us And you can always catch us on American busker. I heart radio every Sunday at 4 p.m. Eastern Thank you so much Will the tomorrow might be a little tough tomorrow is a travel day For me, so I don't know if I'll get to the buck goes report if if during my layover I'm able to do it. I will if not, I'll follow it up on Sunday morning. So once again guys, this is Chris Your technical director. Thanks for listening in really appreciate it and let's go bucs!