May 09, 2023
Buccos Report - Finally... a win!

Mitch Keller shines in a victory over the Rockies to stop the Pirates losing streak.

Mitch Keller shines in a victory over the Rockies to stop the Pirates losing streak.

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Buccos Report - Finally… a win!

00:00 Chris Yes, yes. Welcome to the Buccos report. The Buccos report on the sports courts Pittsburgh. And thank you for listening to the sports courts Pittsburgh on the I heart radio app Apple podcast Spotify. For anywhere you get your podcasts and you should catch us on the porches live dot com the porches live dot com. The porch is live dot com. Every pirate's game the Buccos report. Let's just talk about this. Shall we? Let's talk about this. Finally. Finally, after seven straight losses, the pirates are off the Schneid. They get a win. But more importantly, how about this? How about Mitch Keller? Mitch Keller, nine innings pitched a complete game. No runs, eight K's, one walk. He is now four and one. And dare I say, dare I say that was a quality start. Oh, I like that kind of party. Yep, absolutely. I like that kind of party. So, you know, after seven straight losses, of course, the wind was coming out of the sails. The ship was sinking. The pirates go back to twenty one and fifteen. Looks like they're going to retain first place in the division for now, for now. And Mitch Keller just pitched a gem. Is he turning into the pitcher? We need him to be. Is he the number one starter? Is he the guy that when you were on the Schneid, he comes in and stops it? He was tonight. He was tonight. KeBryan Hayes moves back in the leadoff spot two for three. Reynolds bats cooled off. McCutchen is back in there, cooled off. But all we needed, all we needed was a home run from Castro, a two RBI home run. And we won the game. So listen, guys, we talked about this earlier on the Sports Porch podcast. And, you know, it's it's a good thing. They got the streaks over. What else can I say? As long as they tread water from here on out. Looks good. They got another one against them, two more against the Rockies. Let's try to win this series series by series. I would have liked to have seen the bats come alive a little bit more. We really didn't solve the problem on the hitting side on the offensive side of the base paths here. But when it comes to the defense, we finally had a guy on the mound step up literally and throw a complete game and shut down the other team. So the losing streak is over. And I would say we're going to move on to the next Buccos report, which will be, I believe, tomorrow night, I believe. And keep the faith, Buccos fans. Keep the faith. Thank you for listening to the I Heart or excuse me to the Sports Porch podcast on the I Heart radio app or anywhere you get your podcast. Please subscribe. Leave us a review. We would love that. Catch us on the,, And we will see you tomorrow night. Let's go Bucs.