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May 4, 2023

The Slide Continues - Buccos Report

The Slide Continues - Buccos Report


Pirates need to sweep Toronto

As a devoted fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, I am concerned about the team's recent four-game losing streak. After dropping three games to the Tampa Bay Rays, the Pirates have a record of 20-12 and have not given up any ground in the Central Division. Unfortunately, starting pitcher Velasquez left the game with elbow discomfort and the pitching overall gave up five hits, eight strikeouts, four walks, and three runs, all of which came from home runs.

The Pirates need to turn their fortunes around and the upcoming series against the Toronto Blue Jays presents a great opportunity to do so. Toronto has a batting average of .254 and an ERA of 4.12, and the Pirates will not have to face Gausman, the strikeout machine, who has 54 strikeouts. Instead, they will face Bassett with a 5.58 ERA, Berrios with a 5.29 ERA, and Kikuchi with a 4.02 ERA.

It is important for the Pirates to take advantage of this opportunity and sweep the Toronto series or at least get 2 wins. If they can do so, they will be able to get back on track and maintain their position in the Central Division. The Pirates need to show their resilience and prove that their four-game losing streak was just a blip in an otherwise successful season.

The Pirates need to stay positive and not lose faith. They may be taking on a little water, but it is not a leak that can't be plugged. With the right attitude and a bit of luck, the Pirates can turn their fortunes around and come out of the Toronto series with two victories. Let's go Bucs!