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Aug. 30, 2022

Steelers Add Malik Reed to Linebacking Corps

Steelers Add Malik Reed to Linebacking Corps

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded with the Denver Broncos for outside linebacker Malik Reed, an undrafted 4th year player.  Reed started only 8 games his rookie season and has started 13 games the last 2... with 5 sacks last year.  He has flashes of a play maker - forcing 3 fumbles and logging 13 sacks the past 2 years.  However, his stats last year seemed to take a step back from his sophomore outing.  Perhaps this is why Denver is parting ways with Reed for the small price of a late round draft pick (2023 - 6th round).  

My feeling is that he was headed for the scrap heap as it was because Denver is looking to move to a younger defense... it's probably a safe bet that Reed won't summon the ghost of #59 in a Steelers uniform this year.

I'll give a small, barely audible golf clap to the Steelers for this dumpster dive, but whether or not it's successful in the long run... or like this season... is questionable.  What it does tell me is that clearly the Steelers are trying just about anything they can to get someone on the other edge to compliment TJ Watt or plug the gaping hole that Devin Bush presents when he is on the field.

This pick-up screams that the Steelers defensive holes are probably as big as we feared... and they are very aware of it.

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