May 04, 2023
Buccos Report - Fog on the high seas!

The Pirates lose game 2 in TB and third straight. They are still in first place. Errors did them in on this one! 1. Fog on the Seas: Buccos Lose to Tampa Bay 2. Buccos Report for 3rd of May: Loss to Tampa Bay 3. Buccos Record Falls to 20-11 After Loss to Tampa Bay 4. Bucs Defense Costs Them in Loss to Tampa Bay 5. Mitch Keller's Line in Loss to Tampa Bay 6. Tampa …

The Pirates lose game 2 in TB and third straight. They are still in first place. Errors did them in on this one!

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Buccos Report - Fog on the high seas!

00:00 Chris - TD Good evening, Buccos fans. This is your technical director, TD, and this is your Buccos report for the 3rd of May, 2023. Yes, as the title says, and the picture says, there is fog on the seas. The Buccos lose to Tampa Bay, 8-1. Their record falls to 20 and 11.

Now the nice thing is they're still kind of in first place. And Tampa Bay is a good team, there's no doubt about it. I mean, their bats are hot, they've got some good young players.

What's more impressive is their pitching, their number one pitcher, McClanahan, who's now 6-0, gave up one earned run on six innings, pitched with nine strikeouts and two walks.

But guys, listen, I want you to listen to this line, okay? Mitch Keller, who's now, he dropped a 3-1, his line, five innings pitched, one earned run, eight Ks and one walk. Not that much different from McClanahan.

However, however, they did score four other runs due to fielding errors. So Keller's line, five innings pitched, one run, eight Ks, one walk, it wasn't the pitching. Now the relief pitching gave up a couple of homers, and these are guys that we're not hopefully gonna count on all year.

The other guys were getting a rest. Cutch himself had a home run. Bay threw in his usual two stolen bases, but the errors by Castro and Bae, this is really what opened the game up and kind of took the wind out of the pirate sails.

Are we in trouble? No, not necessarily. We can't blame this loss on the pitching. We blame this loss on the defense and the fact that, you know, other than scattering a few hits here in Cutch's home run, they couldn't generate any more offense than that. And they are playing against a good team, but a similar team to themselves in that it's a young team with some unknown players that are playing very, very well.

So that being said, third straight loss for the Buccos tonight. There is fog on the seas. Not sure how we're gonna get through this, but hope is not lost yet. The bats gotta get hot, and hopefully we can come out tomorrow with a win because as I said, we don't wanna get swept.

If we can come out of Tampa Bay with one win and then maybe pull two out in Toronto and come out of this six game set with these two teams at .500, I'll consider that a small victory.

So that being said, once again, I forgot to say this at the beginning of the podcast. Thank you for listening to the Sports Porch on the iHeartRadio app, Apple Podcast, Spotify, anywhere you get your podcasts. And of course on American Busker iHeartRadio every Sunday at 4 p.m. Eastern. And you can catch us on,,

Leave us a review, follow the podcast. We would really appreciate it. And I'll be back tomorrow with another Buckeyes Report. Now, I am down in the Cayman Islands, still on vacation, and we're going to someplace called Sea Ray City, or what are those things called? Sea Rays, you know what I'm talking about. Sea Ray City or something in the afternoon during the game. So I'm gonna try to keep updated on it on my phone, but if I can't, I'll have to analyze the box score in the video.

But again, fielding did us in this game, so I wouldn't throw it away yet. We still have a winning record, and the starting pitchers still look pretty good. So we gotta hope that these bats, they get hot for us.

So once again, fans, thanks for listening to the Sports Porch Podcast. Really appreciate it, and let's go Bucs!